Jay-Z is planning a brand new takeover and it won’t be on one of your favorite rappers. He will reportedly change the Cristal-referencing lyrics of “Dead Presidents,” “Can’t Knock the Hustle”, “Brooklyn’s Finest”, and “Feelin’ It” this Sunday at the concert marking the 10th anniversary of “Reasonable Doubt.”

From the beginning of “Cristal Gate” everyone has been lending their two cents about President Carter boycotting the bubbly beverage, so I decided that my opinion was long over due.

I could give two fucks about any this. Really. If you guys want to get technical, I’ve been boycotting Cristal for about a decade now. I can’t afford the shit, so I choose not to drink it. End of story. And after pictures of Kimora Lee Simmons soaking her little piggies in the drink surfaced earlier this year, that sealed the deal for me.

Jay may need to come up with a new favorite beverage, especially since him and Beyonce are keeping Mr. and Mrs. Jones company nowdays. The rappers and their women caught a special live Prince show this past Friday.I’m assuming that this was a special treat for Beyonce since she was ambushed at lunch by those crazy ass PETA folks the day before. After watching the footage, I immediately started to speculate in my mind what would have happened if Hova was with her. He probably would’ve thrown his diamond in the sky before attempting to grab the camera.