Crack Rap: A self-fulfilling prophecy?

To listen to the radio these days, you’d think this was some new halcyon era of crack dealing. Every rapper and his mother is “into distribution.” You hear more songs about slinging yay, in fact, than you did during the original crack era of the late ’80s/early ’90s.

Meanwhile, statistics show that actual crime, including drug dealing, is way down these days. Unless you live in the kind of neighborhood featured in the “awesome” straight-to-DVD film Havoc, you don’t see crack vials lining the streets and junkies blowing mothefuckers on the sidewalk like you did back in the day.

That said, I wonder if this current fascination with all things crack might herald the return of rock smoking to America’s ghettos. If Young Jeezy and the Clipse can get young jigs to walk around with advertisements for crack on their t-shirts, what’s there to say that they can’t get them to walk around with actual crack in their pockets?

I rarely venture into America’s ghettos myself, for the safety of my car, but it could be the case that this phenomenon is already beginning to take root. We know for a fact that something like 70% of black male high school dropouts are out of a job. They’ve gotta be doing something to make money, right?

Indeed it was suggested recently, in an op-ed in the New York Times, that rap music is one of the main reasons why young black men are drifting further and further from the mainstream in an era when other groups are making strides. Why waste all that money on a college degree that’s not gonna be worth a shit anyway when you can deal crack?

Crack dealers, after all, get a lot of pussy. A brother with a college degree (read debt out the ass), meanwhile? Not as much as you’d like.

Back in the ’70s and ’80s you had a lot of black dudes dealing drugs because there weren’t as many viable ways to make a living. While that’s still true to a certain degree, I get the idea that a lot of kids today are getting wrapped up in that shit because it’s the thing to do.

Here’s hoping they all get raped in prison.

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  • RoxStar


  • thoreauly77

    i am currently working on my phd; i think when i am a professor emeritus i will teach college students the merits of smoking crack. hey, its the new vanilla.

  • d.GUTTA

    4 real, sum of these young black men need to wake up and quit being such stupid asses. if ur selling CRACK because u heard young jeezys album or u just wanna get the latest NIKES, u are truley an idiot and probably deserve a good butt f*ck.

  • 2chéLupe

    Kids at my old high school did a lot of dumb things to b cool. One girl pretended to be pregnant, one gay. Some sold dope to b cool, but they heavyweights dealt 4 dough. I knew a nigga nuts wit tha cane called him Mr. Planters

    ….FNF Up
    Album in stores the 27th (US)

  • lee

    this is one of the few times i agree with you wtf.

  • bxconnect

    ronald reagan was the best thing that ever happened for a 80s baby and let me tell you there are a lot of hustlers that wish we can turn back the hands of was like night of the living crack heads.building in the bronx were getting was crazy.out of out on the west coast and bol you aint seen shit to you seen this meth slash glass out its comming to the midwest and east stay in school get a good education and do something positive with your

  • ProjectNRM

    Amen to that, Bol.

    If these “rappers” were having so much fun slinging crack, why are they making music these days instead of still doin’ their old hustle?

  • Sarutama

    I hope crack becomes popular. Anyone that smokes crack because its the “in” thing to do deserves to end up sucking dick for their next fix.

    I also hope its becomes really cool to sell crack, because that means that white kids will start doing it in droves and I think the niggas in jail need some new white meat to run up in.

  • gluvnast

    the end result of these 80′s born crack babies…but if you want to look for a source of this shameless promotion of glorifying crack dealing, you can go no further than jay-z…

    lets be honest, even though THESE days he would want to retract that he never glorify selling crack with bullshit excuses like “no! hov did that so hopefully you won’t have to go thru that”…the fact he constantly bragged about how he’s a successful dope dealer, influenced most of these rappers that dream to be that next jay-z

    it’s the mental ignorance that the white media and white controlled music industry want to stress as being “cool”…

    bragging about how we poison our OWN people to cop those 24 inch rims, while never peddled dope in your life is a sad situation to today’s black youth in hiphop…

    back in ’88/89 new york got together and collaborated and spoke about “self destruction”…today, the mentally of the black youth is so detrimental, and we’re walking backwards instead of forward, while the U.S. government is slowly reinstating a new operation of slavery into the america….

    from getting caught with a whip and latched to a chain to WANTING to cop a whip and be latched to a chain

    and the massa’s still laughing at us, because we have no clue….

    rappers, continue to glorify DOPE dealing…be the spokepersons to a revised self-destruction

  • dj mad wax

    agreed 100%.


    CRACK IS WACK!!! Look wot its doin to DMX….
    black people r not too bright…destroyin yor neighborhood jus for a pair of new sneaks….

  • gees dat dude

    dont get shit twisted crack is alive and well mafuckas and its young niggas smokin that shit now too. and like the other nigga said crack babies is now crack young adults and these young niggas is wild.

  • Katari

    BOL its true you have a relevant point in this article. But how many people will actually be for the sale of crack in the black community (I mean look at our parents, we know its bad).

  • Ogeezy

    Its the attraction of fast money, when one has never had shit they want shit, its that damn simple. BOL, sometimes you are a fucking disgrace. Only bitches like you get raped in prison, and what up with all the gay references in your blogs? You must be bending over? You put down one thing that you call negative then you knock whats supposed to be positive. You are worse than a house nigga, you a house nigga still paying rent. Make massa bitch and go away.

  • gluvnast

    usually i disagree with Bol’s statements, but homie, PROMOTING crack distribution is a bitch move…why fantasize poisoning your own community so you can purchase materialistic items so it can make YOU feel secure???

    there was a time where hiphop took a BOLD stance against the poison that stripped away the ghettos throughout america….it was the thing in hiphop to have pride and knowledge of self and uplift your brother…

    “live it up to me, i be living proof/ to kick the truth to the young black youth/ but shorties running wild, smoking sess, drinking beer/ and ain’t trying to hear whut i’m kicking to his ear”- REBEL INS from “c.r.e.a.m.”

    and that’s the exact problem…the youth DON’T wanna feed on healthy fruit and want to eat that GARBAGE everyday…and look at the end result!! and this is from the ARTISTS they they look up to as “keeping it real”….a long line of unneccessary DEATH…

    kids look at the flash and get amazed with all the bullshit bling and want that fast money, fast women and live the fast life..but all that fast living equals a fast death…

    people that slow down and prioritize and strive for self-successful goals will end up HAVING that riches along with the self-esteem…

    back to jay-z on the positive tip, yea he gain quick money by selling crack and was good at whut he done, but look at where he’s at now, by legitimizing himself the legal way…

    people need to focus on THAT…

    people should look at scarface in a different perspective from how he’s glorified…and that’s is sure he got that money quick, but it ended up in a short life and a violent death…

    or look at the godfather series…from whut vito coleone dreamt of having his family going legit to michael finalizing that dream by the 3rd installement and the family were worth 500 million…with ALL the seeds sharing the wealth…

    selling crack and the attributes that goes with it is MICROWAVE SHIT…something short to cook up, but not good for you at all…

    while the powers that be pass on their legacy to their sons and daughters…they’re LAUGHING at us because we’re too selfish to plan ahead…

    we look at whut’s there NOW, and strive to get those extreme materialistic bullshit…and claim “we made it”..until someone shoots you or you get locked up and be worst off than you started…

    muthafuckaz are retarded…and these 80′s crack-born rappers out are their voice…

  • mighty d/r

    ogeezy reread your statement you are a dumbass//if we need jordans to feel important we still got that slave mentality dummy like cube said why it’s more niggas in the pen than in college…….p.s. fuck the system

  • 2chéLupe

    It is always that UGmo nigga sellin the white, gettin all the light skinnded hoes..(sigh)
    ………LFFL coming to the states on the 27th

  • Ian

    Most these niggaz that say they sold crack s bullshitting. Chances are either they record sales were in the toilet or they were new and so the execs told them “Be a d-biy rapper.” If they did do it, most of which I doubt even know how to make crack, then they need to stop rapping about it on records b/c they snitching on themselves.

  • Ogeezy

    Mighty D/R, I didn’t say shit about Jordans makin you feel important, first off materialism is the American way so when you have an impressionable child being bombarded with that shit who doesn’t have a sense of self then people being lost in the fast life is what you get. The mighty D/R must mean mighty dumb redneck because you have no idea what you are talking about, you’re just quoting a rapper who helped bring this lifestyle to mainstream America,and he really never lived it. I have D/R and I’ll speak on it when I want to.
    With that said, in a sense I agree with BOL on certain aspects of this but I also think he is way over the top with some of his disrespectful bullshit.
    P.S. Fuck you and the system you don’t understand

  • hahaha

    jay-z a positive role model? he doesnt shut up about selling coke. hes the one that paved the way for clipse and everyone else to do what they do

  • gluvnast

    @ haha

    that’s whut i said in the 1st post, that he’s the blame for this trend for glorifying and exaggeration his past hustle.

    but on the flipside, when he grinded the legal way along with mapping out this goals along the way for a long future, he ended up being the richest man in hiphop currently…

    people need to learn how to flip whut they learn from the streets and take it wallstreet…make moves and help bring your brother up so you all can be successful…

    as long you want to glorify the negativity of the streets, and hide behind your insecurities thru materialism, you will ALWAYS be a puppet!!!

    you gotta question yourself, who set-up these projects? who’s the one ALLOWING that poison to hit the streets, who OWN the distribution of these rap records where blinded ignorance is continuing to be taught into these streets? and why be proud of the “trap” when the police force run it like “slave masters”???

    unlike the early 90′s with CMW, spice 1, NWA, geto boys and so forth…these so-called hood rappers today are AFRIAD to speak the truth of all the posion that goes on in the ghetto, or too ignorant to even KNOW!!!

    that’s why people need to listen to CUBE’s latest album…

  • lone1

    “Here’s hoping they get raped in prison”

    Ha ha ha ha ha…type funny yo…good writes.

  • Dr. Colossus

    All these rappers that rap about pushin yay and shit are just pimping themselves out for the white man. The are putting out negative images to their own people while they help the owners of these record companies make millions. It seems like it’s too good to be true for white people who want to keep us down, beacuse we are all to eager to stay down while giving up our money for stupid shit.

  • DJ Main Event

    lmao @ that last statement… i think the drug numbers went down because people are actually talking about it in raps. and about that thing you stated about “just doing it because its the thing to do”?

    i agree 100%. same thing with rapping in general, no specific purpose people are just doing it because its the ‘in’ thing to do.

  • alleyeCNtower

    there is some truth to this twisted insight.

    rap is fucking out of control.

  • john cochran

    As always, I dont fully agree with you. Since you said you dont come in the hood, let me tell you whats goin down. Most of us see it as just what it is, music. We can listen to that shit and not take it serious, cause we know rappers nowadays are bout as fake as wrestlers. If we like the beat and shit, we bump it. But we not believin that shit.

  • gluvnast

    here’s the problem with just saying “fuck it” it just music is for one, alot of the young listeners believe that shit and look at these rappers as role models and aspire to be “street” like them

    also whether you realize it or not, music, if listened repeatedly does leak into your subconscious and you tend to become the personality of whut the music that’s been feeding you…you do become a product of whut you listen to

    if alot of positivity is fed into the heads of the listeners, i promise you that their reactions would be of a positive nature…

    if political and militant music is fed into the minds of the listeners, then their reactions would eventually respond to that…

    no different to anything you listen to…so if you feed poison, the people that gravitate to it would consume it and become that poison eventually….

    do the knowledge

  • Giangaby..Haciendo Ruido Fam

    yo! I see ur point, 1st shit still the same in the hood, we just got more rehab places that let u stay for free… n we have way to many cops trying to put u on jail, 2nd I have to be the one to admit that some rappers take to the left field w the lyrics the only thing get accomplish other than sale records is planting a bad seed in our junior woppers minds… 2 things is going to happens, either this kid will absorb the positive or they will think their r down by following the negative….time will tell… but even though i saw many get slauther sometimes even by the own boyz n i was a victim of this mentality back home i want better for my son… n if that means supervise the music that he listen too, so be it… i will plant my seed right n the rest later on in life is up to him….yo we need to make a better job leading n mentoring our people n there is no doubt about it.

  • Salt

    crack is back!!!! drugs are like fashion. they come back in waves

  • DCMadeMan

    “I rarely venture into America’s ghettos myself, for the safety of my car”. Damn Bol you’s a scary muthafucka. Where you from Idaho or some shit

  • bhillboy

    (fake)rick ross is a bum. he can’t rap for shit. and then he takes the name of the real freeway. he knows pablo and noriega. that’s some bullshit. fiends ain’t even smokin like they did back in the day.

  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    This is the first time I’ve read your column and on this topic you are absolutely right. I don’t purchase or actively listen to this particular kind of rap but I’ve heard some of this shit. My biggest question was “who still sells crack”? All the big crack dudes I knew from the hood are either working 9-5′s or in the pen. Only dudes I still see selling crack in the hood is 15 and 16 yr old kids. You’d be hard-pressed to see crack heads nowadays. Shit when I wanted some amusement I would drive thru the hood looking for c-heads walking like extras from Dawn of the Dead, but no such luck….I guess they are hiding in rabbit holes like Saddam. All jokes aside, death to “crack music”. We need more positive influences for our youth.




  • El Jefe de Floss

    Yo, I knew this bitch that was addicted to crack once for real. She would show dudes her titties for $5 just so she could go to her dealer and get a fix. She would show her tits to anyone with $5 and she used to not look half bad. She let a couple of niggas hit that shit for $50 bucks each. She was one fucked up Jewish girl, that’s fo’ sho’!

  • Tru Wanksta

    I agree… black people got alot of shit to figure out if they are going to make it.

  • juztin

    White People Ruined Rap so Stop getting on these websites and listening to the music thats what I would do if I were a Black Person all this slave stuff shut up dont wanna hear about you people having it so bad cuz which is it the white mans trying to start a new slavery or these white kids buying into the same shit as you real crak babies from the 80′s

  • gluvnast

    it’s bigger than whut you think, music is reactionary, therefore the ignorance that being feed came from ignorance, it’s impossible for someone that speaks knowledge to people and those people translate that to ignorance…they can ignore whut’s being taught, but if they listen to whut’s being fed, repeatedly, then eventually they represent it…it’s impossible to have an opposite effect…

    same way that it’s impossible to teach ignorance and the people listening translate that to righteousness…

    it really have nothing to with race, if you’re miseducated then you’re miseducated…so white people that feed into that poison is just as much disillusioned as the rest that feeds into that poison…

    another issue with that, however, is that there’s never a CONCERN when that poison is being marketed into the inner-city streets, the ghettos, even the trailer homes, or any low-incomed urbanized area

    but once it reaches the SUBURBS then it’s a PROBLEM…that’s when congress gets involved and new restrictions that are racists in manner are implemented

  • Tru Wanksta

    “but once it reaches the SUBURBS then it’s a PROBLEM…that’s when congress gets involved and new restrictions that are racists in manner are implemented”

    Now that shit is right on point.

  • superficial

    very very clever and intriguing. I fall in and out of your writings sometimes BOL but this one (along with some others) struck a sensitive chord and I found it to be very involving. Thanks

  • JML5150

    GOOD TOPIC! Why should these young dudes want to go to college when the FUCKIN SNOWMAN just bought ten more iced out chains and is able to pay some big booty broad to be his human money clip. They claim to be happy to be out of a life of crime, but glorify it and force feed it to the masses. These kids see money, cars, blunts, and bitches, not prison food, collect calls denied, and constant ass rape.The real Freeway Rick Ross, Rich Porters, and the like were the real coke/crack kingpins. There is no money like that anymore, and if you get close to that status the feds shut you down and give you life and a day. Ask Big Meech and the BMF, them dudes were just too flamboyant and that shit caught up.Rappers are fucking these kids heads up and inspiring them to the pen.

  • Fred

    Reading these here commetns it’s evident that most of you are probablly already hitting the pipe hard … main stream rap is commericial so if licking ass gets to be the new fad all these “hards core” but already down low rappers will happily start spitin about that. Wake up it’s a business no one cares who gets their ass violated for possesion as long as the records sell … it’s money, greed is good teach the children.

  • hustla

    ayo dealing crack is good…….
    i was hustlin since i was 14 and i make alot of money shit i make ove 800 a week so in a 2 weeks i make about 1600 dollars dats more then all u mofuckers make in a month yo iam if u want to hustle you better think about it real hard because u might get caught by da popo.all these fake ass niggas gettin caught they get too caught up in it and forget that it is illegal dats y they get caught i sell it and i noe iam illefal 24/7 my bank account has over 3 million dollars so fuck u all haters i noe u wannna make dis cash :}

  • Young Scain

    “Hard” Blacks selling “hard white” to get cold, “hard” green…

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Crack cocaine is POISON. Folks don’t drink bleach…it’s POISONOUS to LIFE. Folks don’t eat nail polish…it’s POISONOUS to life.

    STOP selling POISON to Blacks in the name of bringing up Blacks to greater status – I consider that reasoning to be blasphemous to us African Americans striving to lead lives our children will honor and respect us for.

    STOP being the person that literally SELLS our lives away…slaves to a POISON.

    STOP being IGNORANT about OUR lives.
    STOP being IGNORANT in the name of the HOOD!

  • jusme

    these muthafuckin white boyz wunna bring back slavery now dat someshit fuck the system dat bullshit makes u wonder why people are how they are againt dem white ppl

  • Prescriptions Man

    When will the people that listen to Limbaugh quit drinking his poison Kool-aid . Wake up people. WBR LeoP

  • Sammy P.

    Shit mutha fuckas is still smokin crack like it’s goin out of style and heron’ is back.Not to glamorize the hood but maybe if you “ventured” into the ghetto more often you would see that. Don’t judge that which you don’t understand.Dudes rap about what they know you can’t blame them, this is real life homie not a DVD.