While promoting “The Big Bang”, Busta has had some harsh words for the mother of his three children. He has been referring to her as a "man bitch lesbian" during interviews lately. In an attempt to set the record straight, Joanna Woods decided to sit down with the New York Post and give her side of the story.

Over the past four years, Joanne and Busta have been going through a bitter child custody battle. Some of the crazy allegations that have appeared in court documents include that Woods has had lesbian sex in front of the children in the past and is also an absentee parent on drugs.

A Nassau County Family Court decided that Busta was a more fit parent a ruled in his favor in December.

Just because Woods likes to lick-em-low doesn’t necessarily make her a bad person in my opinion. To each it’s own. But there is obviously an underlying issue that isn’t being discussed about why the court decided to side with Busta. I can’t say that the reason the judge decided to grant him custody is because of her sexual orientation, but to rule it out completely would be ignorant. I’m crossing my fingers that she doesn’t decide to get her “Superhead” on and try to gain some sort of recognition off this.

The only people involved in this situation that I feel any sympathy for is the kids.