Boycott McDonalds

First of all, I’m assuming that Jay-Z’s boycott of Cristal is basically over. As far as I know, Jay has yet to release an official statement since his initial announcement that Cristal would no longer be served at the 40/40 Club, or, um, at Jay-Z’s house.

Most likely, Jay-Z realized this entire incident was caused by bad reporting at AllHipHop and has decided to back off to save face. He’ll keep his head down for another week or so while this all blows over. If he hasn’t already, he may even go back to drinking Cristal.

I heard that shit was good.

I wasn’t too hot on the idea of boycotting Cristal back before I realized it was bullshit, but I do kinda like the idea, come to think of it, of the hip-hop community boycotting something. What better way to display our economic might and political force without actually doing anything.

One of the main reasons a lot of so-called hip-hop activism has failed up until this point is because it all hinged on people doing something, i.e. marching out in the street, voting for the Democrats and what have you. The genius of a boycott is that you don’t for real have to do shit.

It was suggested recently, albeit in a spam email, that one way we might be able to stop the oil industry from driving up prices is to pick one chain of gas stations and boycott the shit out of it. As far as I’m concerned, this was brilliant because it sent out a message without requiring much effort.

I wonder if such a protest wouldn’t work for hip-hop. For example, what if the hip-hop community decided to stop eating at McDonalds? It wouldn’t cause anyone too much hardship because you could always get a burger somewhere else, but it would definitely send out a message.

The thing about the Cristal boycott was that the vast majority of the hip-hop community didn’t have any real way to participate. We could help spread the word, but you can only stop drinking Cristal if you actually drank Cristal in the first place.

On the contrary, I can’t imagine very many hip-hop kids not eating at McDonalds. The very communities hip-hop is borne out of are veritably riddled with golden arches. I bet even rich rappers who can afford otherwise, like Jay-Z, sometimes get a hankerin’ for those fries.

He is, after all, still black.

McDonalds purposely targets black communities with its advertising and its uber-popular Dollar Menu. It’s even been suggested by some that McDonalds sells the $1 Big and Tasty at a loss to purposely spread heart disease in the black community.

Just think: A hip-hop led boycott of McDonalds could “ether” the biggest fast food restaurant in history.

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  • Rags

    I just ate McDonald’s today. I got the ghetto Big Mac-double cheeseburger that I read about somewhere on the internets (probably from one of your blogs) and a large fry.

    Ridiculon9000 in the delicious department.

    Oh, and first.

  • I Fux

    Wonderful I dont eat that shit anyways, one morning i was in a slumber after a long night in Tijuana where 10dollar whores are in abundance, anyways I digress so I decided to cop one of those breakfast sandwiches that are like two pancakes stuffed with eggs cheese or whatever,I kill it in two bites then no longer than two minutes go by when I need to take a Massive shit (Nullus)I thought it was just mere coinsidence so the next week when I Groundhog dayed my Tijuana outing, as soon as I was done with my first bite of said breakfast sammich my colon was invaded, that morning I decided to boycott Mcdonalds forever, needless to say its been two years since said day and I am 15pounds lighter and no extra daily physical activity … yup true story

  • Stinger Bell

    They don’t sell dollar Big N’ Tasty’s in NY… another reason why we suck

  • d rock

    BOL, what the fuck is wrong with you. Did you order some bad fries from Mcdonalds or something?? Get off they dick. Ronald Mcdonald is not the hood with a gun in his hand making fools buy his food. You gotta actually go inside at buy a burger. How bout you focus on the real cause of this shit. THE BLACK COMMUNITY IT SELF. Can we boycott ourselves?

  • no big tigger

    d rock –
    that is definitely one of the stupidest things i have read all week.

  • GOD

    bol, you’re a crazy whiteboy.

  • J


    I co-sign that notion..

  • eauhellzgnaw

    >”It’s even been suggested by some that McDonalds sells the $1 Big and Tasty at a loss to purposely spread heart disease in the black community.”

    The sad part is, folks actually believe this shit. What kind of sense does it make to kill off your most loyal customers?

  • Rey

    Bol, you must be bored as fuck.

  • khal

    i do not agree.

    mcdonald’s is that crack.

    big & tasty.

  • Tray

    McDonald’s is garbage, anyone who eats it is some sort of low-class scum. Not only is it cheap, it’s bad for you.

  • BlackBoy

    the phrase “Big & Tasty” should ALWAYS require a nullus.

    new rule.

  • BlackBoy

    …and I almost typed “anullus” which is just wrong. but kinda funny.

  • The ON1E

    bol your mom loves putting my big and tasty in her mouth…

  • I Am A Hater

    McDonalds is crack!!

  • Ashley Parker Angel

    Aight you wack internet (wannabe) journalist, I can take your racist rantings on Mexicans, your constant use of the word “nullus” which I assume means ‘no homo’, and the slightly perverted touch that you give other topics of real importance, but got damn… if you mention McDonald’s again I’m a have to kill me a bald-headed ugly-boy. The fuck you got against a Double Cheeseburger Value Meal? If I wanna supersize that shit, I dare anyone to stop me! It ain’t for no one to say where I can eat, much less where I can stare at the cute little Latinas working behind the counter and rub one out while sitting across the way on one of the stools. And if I wanna peek out the crack in the bathroom door at the mid-40s mother with the low cut tank top eating with her kids and rub another one out, I have that right, too, damn it! Just as long as I keep it in my pants, brother! Don’t fucks with the Mickey-Ds, we’z deep in this bitch. How about we boycott crack instead b/c it seems a lot of blacks are able to afford that shit–let’s start with the really negative stuff, then move on to the best eating establishment since ya mama’s kitchen later. Peace out–P.A.

  • D Money

    Like the boy Buggin out in Do the Right Thing suggested to ole boy,”lets boycott Sal’s”,my man replied,”boycott Sal’s?shit,I’m bout to get me a slice from that mufuckaa RIGHT KNOW!!!”

    That is what most of this generation of hiphoppers think of boycotting the golden arches,as they pull through the drive-thru asking,”yo,what all yall got on that dollar menu?”

  • khal

    dont even fuck with the dollar menu. grab the big and tasty (nullus) and cop those chicken selects. big meal.

  • McKornphlake

    Well Bol I think they missed the point. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see much of an attack on McDonalds there, more of a call to arms so that America can see the true buying power of the hiphop community. One more thing, why have you not spoken about all the loss of net neutrality hooplah. If anyone can make it sound like a good thing it has to be you.

  • Combat Jack

    I stopped eating Mc Donald’s 2 years ago after watching “Super Size Me”. Yo, I’m not a vegan or anything ghey like that, but after seeing what goes into a Big & Tasty, no thank you. Mc Donald’s = Cancerous Growths and Heart Attacks.

  • bigballavic

    stupid idea, nice article but
    mcdonanlds c’mon, where else we gon
    get the most delicious fries on earth, anyway,i never drank cristal
    but i still wanna try it some day
    see what all da fuss about,


  • Amier Starr

    Bol, what is your problem dude. 1st what more of an announcement does Jay-Z have to make? He said he ain’t drinkin da shit and it won’t be in the 40/40. What more needs to be done or said on the matter? Were you expecting a press conference? Why are you hating on Jay again? I saw your blog yesterday, but I can’t remember all that gibberish.
    2nd. I don’t eat McDonalds alot, but now you wanna boycott a fast food chain based on a silly ass urban myth. Did you suggest we boycott Denny’s when they were accused of racism? And what message does boycotting McDonalds send? What’s your point? Let’s boycott cause we can? Let’s show McDonalds how much they need niggas? OK, but what have we proved, how have we improved the state of black people in America by boycotting McDonalds? Perhaps you should have picked a cause and suggested we boycott to affect a real change as opposed to boycotting for the hell of it and because you’re bored at home and desperate for hits on this blog.

  • Rome

    bol your mom loves putting my big and tasty in her mouth…

  • Rome

    Sometimes I hop on Marta just to get me a big and tasty(no homo). How can you not love the dollar menu.

  • Amier Starr

    Let’s boycott Bol’s silly ass.

  • Ashley Parker Angel (Marta Rider)

    Shi… Sometimes I hop on MARTA just to meet crazy people. EVERY time I hop on MARTA I see a crazy person! This doesn’t count the time I hopped on this woman named Marta who wasn’t crazy, but she gave me some crazy cranial copulation fo sho… She also makes tamales.

  • Gutta

    “If we’re going to boycott something, why not boycott something we can actually afford?” if we are going to convince people to stop buying somethin how about something a little more important or somethin that affects people more serious like crack and any other drug thats cripples a person more than any mcdonalds burger….but that would never happen because the hip hop community embraces drug dealers..(young jeezy,TI,camron,juelz santana,lil wayne)all rappers who openly have their hands in the drug game who glorify sellin drugs,whats more important?

  • MotelSicks

    My theory for dealing with McDonalds is a bit stronger than a boycott, and it involves “doing” something (no hetero).. what i think should be done is people get really into window smashing and other forms of corporate sabotage… fuck em in their wallets (no bareback)… think on it.. what is more fun (for young men at least(no pedo)) than throwing a brick through a window? or spray painting “ronald mc nugget and the clogged arteries” (no devo) on the wall of said shitty fast food establishment… I suggest that you, Bol (no hair), get your troop of layabout bloggers to spread the word.. . good ol’ property damage is back in style brotha’ now you go tear up their flower beds (do american mc.donalds have those lame flower beds outside?)and write something about what you did?

  • KR

    “The thing about the Cristal boycott was that the vast majority of the hip-hop community didn’t have any real way to participate.”

    So Bol finally understood his last blog was pointless.

  • jimi

    dude, this entry had the reverse affect, money. It made me so hungry I ran out and bought a chicken select meal with a double cheese-burger to go. That shit was boycottilicious!

  • icon

    LOL @ “boycottilicious”

  • 5%er

    “No Big Tigger” is super silly…LOL. This shit is 2 stupid 4 me 2 comment on…What happened 2 the Mc DLT and Mc Rib???(No mad cow)…

  • Scorpio

    Did you all see Super Size Me? McDonald’s refers to their customer base as “users” in THEIR company literature. They call people who eat there several times a week “habitual users”. What other behavior do we describe with those terms? If that isn’t sign enough, I quit. Eat that garbage all you want. They used to put sugar in their fry grease (watch people start doing that now). They stop at nothing to cut costs and maximize profit. Do you think they really look at anything as too bad to serve a customer? I doubt it.

  • cementprint


  • prodigynius

    i wrote this months ago…Aight niggas, I’ve officially decided that the McDonald’s dollar menu is the government’s final solution. (that was an allusion to Hitler’s Final Solution) Back in the 1980′s J. Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I. purchased a large quantity of a then new narcotic substance known as freebase, which is now known as crack. This was purchased with the intent of destroying the black communities across America. The F.B.I. allowed cartel to push as much of the stuff into the ghettos as they wanted with no repercussions. The F.B.I. believed that if they could get all of America’s ghettos on crack, then we would go insane and commit genocide on ourselves and thus keeping the government from actually offing all minorities themselves. Unfortunately for the government, crack wasn’t just used by people in the ghetto and soon their plan backfired when people of all demographics got hooked on the shit. Hence, the horrible state of our society now a days. Now I am sure that this is what McDonald’s is doing now, but instead of crack, they are using processed foods pumped full of trans fats, starches, and processed materials that when added to black people’s most common ailments (high blood sugar and diabetes) makes for a death cocktail. Did you know that McDonalds is now making more profits off of their dollar menu than the rest of the menu combined! Also, have you noticed the number of McDonald’s commercial on BET and TV One? This isn’t a coincidence, trust me. Their is a MCDonalds on every corner in the hood and that is why black people are getting cancers and disorders at an alarming rate currently. Now they have a breakfast dollar menu which will set in stone the fate of our people. We need to ban this damn menu, no matter how tasty or cheap the damn food is because it is killing our damn people. You saw Soul Food, look at big momma! That is what happens when you eat food that is bad for you damnit. quit eating that shit cuz it’s makin us fatter and broker than we have ever been before.

  • http://heyyou jiggy watson

    it’s about having unity so policy and law makers will stop thinking we are a bunch of jungle bunnie without a care in the world. thats whats wrong with us, we lack unity. but we are abound in stupidity.

  • odiyiaa

    hdybbhtiry atohrquzw jtxielsre


    As someone who used to work for McDonald’s ,I can tell you 1st hand that what was shown on Supersize Me is true.But @ the same time,who is REALLY going to go out in the HOOD to boycott a Mickey D’s? We should be boycotting Schlitz,Miller,Colt54 (I know itz 45,but its that liquid crack!)& all that OTHER crap thats bringing us down! Cristal …. I don’t know ANYBODY who can afford that shyt or knows what it tastes like! I do know what a Filet-O-Fish & Fries taste like!! Anyway, if we boycott Mickey D’s then how many teenagers,high school dropouts & so forth will we be boycotting out of a job? (No disrespect to any of the aforementioned groups)

  • blaze

    You know that black people are really running out of shit to complain about when they start believing that McDonalds has a conspiracy against the urban community. The last time I was in “the hood”, I found plenty of liquor stores, fried chicken, pawn shops, ect., where the fuck was the McDonalds at dog?

  • Smokin Trees like I was Drunk

    Fuck that boycott Taco Bell firts fuck, that shit is, well shit!

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