Check it out. Hate it or Love it…..Holla.

Cannon (Remix)
Also, shouts to Scratch Mag. Check out the upcoming issue with T.I. and DJ Drama. 






DJ Drama

PS- Shout Out To QuestLove – The Original Blog King…..ask somebody

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  • goldfromthe49


    one egg short of the omelette


  • Joe

    Drama, you’re a fucking moron. You don’t scratch, you don’t mix, you don’t even shout moronically and ruin tracks as well as Kay Slay does. And you’re white. Just admit it.

  • Jae Mitch

    Damn Cannon you know can’t let Lil Wayne on that beat like that, this lil mafucka straight steals the show on whatever track he touches!! Drama go ahead and tell XXL to keep they check, it’s obvious you ain’t down with this blog shit!! Still patiently waiting on a UGK Legend Series!! Looking foward to Day Two also! Gangsta Grillz you bastards!!


    Joe, you need to shut the fuck up. That’s all.


  • Darryl Williams

    Im gonna have to laugh at you drama:
    Ha ha. Ha. Ha ha ha.


    How did a guy that scratches with Serato end up in scratch magazine..


    i cant hate, u doin yor thing



  • I Am A Hater

    Hey Drama how about on your next mixtape you show us your scratching abilities.

  • DJ Main Event

    yall really dont listen to dudes mixtapes then… peep the saigon joint, he’s scratching on THAT. damn near the whole gangsta grillz series he does the lil tricks you like so much. and dude is mixed, dont let appearances fool you.
    Start producing on ya album tho homie lol.

  • lone Nigerian


    I ain’t mad at ya Drama.
    keep it pushin’.

  • I Am A Hater

    If anyones wondering, i’m not hating on Drama actually, i actually liked the Trap Or Die mixtape, and Can’t Ban The Snowman was aight too.

  • king douche

    Holy Shit. I might never buy scratch again now. This is DEFINITELY going to be thier lowest selling issue in history.

  • Salt


    WOW, There is a lotta mad rap fans out there. Alotta yall niggas need a low sodium diet, with all the salt yall be shakin on niggas.

    hey drama tell these niggas to log on to . (Get The Fuck Outta Here)


    Way to bring da south to the view of the public ma Nigg!!! I’m from the West and I’m glad to see yall doin ya thang…you the Kay Slay, Whoo Kid of the souf….or should I say they tha DJ Drama of the North!! Do ya thang Bruh….it’s yall time!!!

  • Juice Black

    Yo, bro big up on the cover..

    Keep doing your thing…

    Oh yea, and shout out to Chanie C doing her thing in the ATL!

  • Darryl Williams

    “DJ” Drama scratches with a computer program.
    “Take the DJ out ya name Mr. Instant Replay”

  • Strech Lex

    This aint hatin. All I’m saying is I understand what XXL and shit like that is for, but scratch is supposed to be able to keep their integrity in being true to real producers and real DJ’s. And to DJ Main Event, you should know how many samples are out there with all types of different scratches pre-recorded. Drama even admitted himself last go round that he can’t even do a flare (not that its easy or anything), but thats ridiculous.

    But I’m sure all he’ll do is just end up putting out a mixtape with someone “mixing” and “scratching” and then he’ll supposedly be a “real” DJ then. I’m not knocking the hustle, but anything Elliott gets a hold of will eventually get sold out. Its inevitable.

  • Questo


  • 911

    That dedication 2 is beserk damn dog……1

  • H-man

    Give Drama some love yall. U have no idea how hard it is to break through da wall. Its like people are stuck in time. Tic Tock

  • Ogeezy

    Why yall hatin on the whiteboy, hes puttin out the hottest mixtapes right now. Watch out for that Eminem and Drama mixtape white on white.

  • DaVel

    This shit is disgusting….Drama, you ain’t shit son. It’s a sad day when my favourite magazine out right now has to resort to the bullshit hype surrounding the south, and putting this white ass motherfucker on the cover who can’t produce, can’t dj, ruins every possible song he can. get the fuck outta here duke, u ain’t even from the a-town, you traitor ass motherfucker

  • Philly Black

    I don’t listen to any of drama’s mixtapes because I’m not really feeling alot of south shit, but all of you young bucks in the game need to understand that if you don’t promote yourself or find a way to do what works for you then you won’t get very far in the business. DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Revolution both two of the tightest djs I know in the game both use serato. No one would ever say that they are wack. I know many great djs that are very talented but very weak in terms of hustlin & promoting themselves. Stop criticizing someone who’s made it & just focus on YOUR path to success.

  • darby darbouze

    If there’s DRAMA it only makes SENSE I get my CANNON and my APHILLIATES right.

  • darby darbouze

    Where the fuck is a willy the kid mixtape.
    AMG is see you DRAMA


    what da fuck you gon’ do after Willie Da Kid and the Replacementz brick??!find replacements?? I aint heard nothing single worthy or impressing from those dudes yet!!

  • Motelsicks

    someone else deserves your bandwidth dude… you need ghostblogger or something ffs…

    keep it real tho..

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    As far as the cover…..good look, I see you getting your weight up b.

    Now as far as that Dedication Pt.2…
    Straight crack on wax!!! Wayne did the damn thing on that sh!t

  • Brick Man

    c’mon DRAMA when will I be able to download ur ringtones on

    let us know

  • Nassau2Ca$hville

    THese niggas steady hatin on you Dram. Don’t worry bout dat. Keep droppin these tapes. Dat Yo Gotti (I told you so) and dat Wayne (dedication 2) got me through a 24 hour Greyhound ride. Both are classics. I need somethin else now though. Keep em comin.

  • Kevin Wade

    fuck all yall hatin ass niggas mad cause a white nigga gettin bread. dont listen to tha shit haters. gobuy a boring ass DJ Clue album. DRAMATIC NIGGA. Do ya thing.

  • AntGwop

    I’m a fan of Drama too, but as stated above, it’s obvious he isnt really with the blog game. Promotion is all good but don’t slack on the part regarding delivering an interesting post.

  • PreppyJ

    DJ drama..let me tell u like dis man..I got all ya mixtapes and u be doin da damn thing..I dnt give a damn if ya azz was green..u delivering nothing but da realest crunkest beats..b4 yall start hating on my man go pick a gangsta grillz cd, go get dat dro day one..DJ drama aint giving us nothing but da tightest shawty fuk des hataz and jus keep putting dat shit out 4 me 2 ride 2..We love ya down here in da A man and pretty soon da world gone b bumpin DJ Drama…much love!!!!!

  • King of the O

    What it iz Drama, First off huge fan doggy. Iv been cosignin since the Bun legend series (pure fire). waitin for that Scarface legend series. And fuck all these haters out here, they hate to see someone doin good. Keep pushin them gangsta grillz, and “Im st888888888!!!!!!!!!!!!!” one hunid

  • Shanti

    >>Stop criticizing someone who’s made it & just focus on YOUR path to success.

    ^^Seriously let Dram do his thing. There’s a lot of “crabs in a barrel”
    type of niggas on here.

  • nation of thugacation

    you know when rappers and celebrities go on tv/media and thank the fans, and insult the haters. and we think theyre exagerating.. well theyre not. you may think its harmless to come on here and insult this guy, but you guys are genuine haters. what did dj drama do to you. give the man respect, i dont see any of you guys putting up your cover issue of scratch. damn just cuz the man is accessible people think hes a nobody or something. keep doing your thing

  • TIs_Motivation

    why ya’ll hating on the man he has came out with so many hot mixtapes in the past few years

    DRAMA is doing his thing and Dedication 2 was crazy

    Fuck The Haters

  • Morgan

    Stop hating on Drama. The whole Aphilliates clique is the TRUTH!!!

  • Darryl Williams

    Stop dickriding this idiot. I’ll stop hating when he takes the DJ out of his name.

  • Wil B

    Wow, I really can’t believe that this many people hate on DJ Drama. Drama has been putting out the hottest mixtapes this past year. All people do is hate instead of actually listenin to his work. To all the haters keep hatin and Drama gonna keep stackin his paper and puttin out high quality mixtapes. Don’t be mad cuz you can barely pay your internet bill get your weight up!

  • gunemdown

    ur bitch come at me fo wood and i’m the lumber jack…nuff said…drama grill these hatas

  • Southern Soldier

    Itz Da Aphilliates Pay Attention

  • marcus

    drama nigga u cool and halarius u need 2 holl at me and my boi but u iz tha best wen it cum 2 tha dj u aint gotta scrath jus keep sayin dat funny shit u b talkin

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  • P.I.M.P C

    dj drama is the best dj of all time.

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