jay1.jpgIt’s official. Atlanta is the New New York. Sorry Slay and Green, you tried your best but Gotham is a city going nowhere. Jeezy, T.I.P. and Wayne are the new Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas. Luda’s the millennium Redman. It’s like 1995 all over again…but for those below the Dixie line. And everything that I’ve been saying on this blog about Jay-Z, Jeezy and fashion just got justified on this “Hustlin' (Remix)”.

One-Take Hov could’ve used a couple of dry run-throughs on his verse. He decided to come with his most lackluster verse in recent history on the wrong track at the wrong time.

I guess Jada was right, real men don’t play no homo.

At the end of the day, rap is a young man’s sport. Sometimes the new phenom gets the best of you. Kobe vs. Jordan at the 2002 All-Star Game. Lebron vs. The Pistons last night in Detroit. Snowman just came out swinging with 2 bar couplets and bunch lines that made Jay look out of touch and remind Rick Ross remember where he got his whole new style from:

“I Know Big Meech, The Real Big Meech
Its over for you clowns as soon as my nigga hits the streets”

“Hit the Dodge Out I Must’ve copped 6 Magnums
Marriott Suites I must’ve used 6 Magnums
Feds on my tail you know the boy 6 Flagging
Got A Testarossa Right, Took Them On A Coaster Ride
G-Mix, Remix Still Talking White Bricks
2 Million Records Sold And I’m Still Talking White Shit”

-The New King Of New York

“It ain’t no coincidence that my age is a kilo”

No Jay, its not.