Truth be told I already knew the Hot 97 Summer Jam line-up before it was announced last Thursday. The inside info is a benefit for being one of the sponsors of the popular New York event. But any true follower of this always controversial occasion knows it's not just about the infamous Summer Jam screen and who's slated to perform. It's about artists using their clout to get other big artists to come out during their set. A few years ago, Fat Joe dropped "Lean Back" during Lil Jon's performance time and practically stole the show.

Now while today's invited MCs and singers are frantically reaching out to others for a favor for a favor, YN has his crystal ball out and is ready to make some predictions. I've studied the line-up like the true rap scholar that I am and here's who I think will touch the stage and who I wish would. Don't bet against me. Like I said, I'm a winner, you frozen turkey dinners.

Mary J Blige

Bring 'Em Out: Jay-Z.
Ole girl always does favors for him—he owes her.
Wish she would Bring 'Em Out: K-Ci from Jodeci.
Those two got unfinished business. That would be interesting.

Busta Rhymes

Bring 'Em Out: Nas
You know what it is right now. Dude is cool with the QB soldier and his wife.
Wish he would Bring 'Em Out: Dr. Dre
Can't Doc get off his legendary ass and hop on a flight every once in awhile.


Bring 'Em Out: Ludacris
United Southern Nations.
Wish he would Bring 'Em Out: Q-Tip
He could assist him on his swagger-jackin' second single.

Dip Set

Bring 'Em Out: Lil Wayne
Stop hatin' Ebro. Like Yung Joc, it's goin' down.
Wish they would Bring 'Em Out: KRS-One
The mighty Dip and the great BDP. Flee!

Chris Brown

Bring 'Em Out: Juelz Santana
He's already on the bill. Damn the lawsuit Killa, let the little nigga
help the other little nigga out.
Wish he would Bring 'Em Out: Usher
The little fucker would pass out like a groupie.

Young Jeezy

Bring 'Em Out: UGK
Big pimpin' with the Texas duo up in NYC.
Wish he would Bring 'Em Out: Mariah Carey
Ma would probably pop out her slinky top and give you internet thugs a thrill.

Mobb Deep

Bring 'Em Out: Lloyd Banks
He wants his spot back. It's Blue!
Wish they would Bring 'Em Out: 50 Cent
Don't see the boss man fittin' it in his movie-makin' schedule.

Sean Paul

Bring 'Em Out: I don't know.
Who really gives a fuck?
Wish he would Bring 'Em Out: Beyonce
"Baby Boy," baby. You ready, B?

Jermaine Dupri and Dem Franchise Boyz

Bring 'Em Out: Ying Yang Twins and Bubba Sparxxx.
Booty booty booty everywhere!
Wish they would Bring 'Em Out: Janet Jackson
Want see how much junk shawty really has in her trunk.

Three 6 Mafia

Bring 'Em Out: Their Oscars.
These cats can't leave their hardware on the shelf.
Wish they would Bring 'Em Out: Terrence Howard
Wanna see Crunchy Black stomp his punk ass out.


Bring 'Em Out: Ghostface
Prepare to get upstaged, young'n.
Wish he would Bring 'Em Out: Peedi Peedi
It's Crakk, bitch! Where you been?

Remy Ma

Bring 'Em Out: Shawnna
Rap ladies need to stick together.
Wish she would Bring 'Em Out: Keyshia Cole
We know why the hood rat sings. Ha! I don't even know what that means. I got love for Ms. Oaktown and Def Jam's shining star. They're together on the cover of the new Hip-Hop Soul btw. Shameless plug: On sale May 23.

Correction: My guru Jefferson Mao pointed out the error in YN's ways. Here's missing link to my last MJ post. Enjoy yourself.

Michael Jackson feat. Eve "Butterflies (Trackmasters Remix)" (2001)