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  • Billy Kincaid


  • ras


  • J. Biz

    I love how “back then” they were really “raw” with the material without being explicit. Nowadays its not the case…

  • gluvnast

    lyrics to go….lyrics to go…

  • gluvnast

    yo, i enjoy YN’s breakadays…it reminds people one of the truest essence of hiphop is diggin’ in the crates

    you must remember hiphop was born thru the break of a record

  • mod

    Dilla flipped this on the next level.

  • DANJA29

    daaaamn- shhhhh @ dude who said “lyrics to go”. You blowin’ up YN’s spot like Fred did to Rollo.

  • skdamc

    Ali Shaheed Muhammad flipped this shit the best on “Lyrics to go”. Especially the way he extended her hitting that one long note. That shit still gives me chills.

  • steve

    i’m beginning to suspect every rocafella song is sampled. damn free, hearing the original kinda makes you revoke propers given earlier.

  • kuss the great

    this was the sample for the freeway joint and the unreleased firm song “everyday thing”
    holler back

  • Torry

    They ain’t got it in ‘em to make a classic. you niggas *can’t hold the torch* so why pass it. many others used it as well

  • J-Rock


    Tragedy Khadafi (AKA Inteligent Hoodlum)

    Street Life