• ras

    any day could be your last in the jungle

    dayum 1924?!

  • http://www.myspace.com/therapistmusic Therapist

    ahhhh you’re the man

    been definately trying to remake this for so long, but couldn’t find the sample

  • RandomName


  • king douche

    wow….illest sample ever

  • Danja29

    how the hell did I not recognize that at first… damn. Come to Queensbridge, muthafucka!

  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    OK WHERE the fuck do u find the record from 1924 flip and make it a classic. QUEENS STAND UP

  • 7dc

    elliot love the-breaks??????????????

  • Casey


  • ess

    YN knows soul-sides
    “the-breaks” probably loves them.

  • dara mack

    Yeah, this cat is a swagger jacker fo real…www.the-breaks.com, you can find all this stuff he posts

  • jeieo

    that loop is flames.


    Nas killed it on that sample.


  • DS_Bounce

    Crazy. that’s soo crazy.

  • http://beatfanatic.com slopfunkdust

    primo is a genius.

  • Tray


  • Dumble

    Premo is the fucking king of flippin samlpes

  • big weneir

    wow, that’s all i gotta say…wow..it took all this time to figure this out…

  • http://www.myspace.com/eabaraccus Ea

    That goes to show you Even records around the 1924 Error Had Fire Breaks

  • bAkBrEaKa

    damn shit like this makes me realize more n more why illmatic is the best rap album eva…Nas holds it down -41st side of things mothafukas QUEENZ STAND THE FUK UP