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  • MadeInMilwaukee

    Where is this from?

  • Casey

    I was hoping for Simon Says :(

  • Tray

    “Where is this from?”

    The KONY’s new album, of course. Row Boats, Coke Floats, and (something I can’t understand).

  • genisis

    girls cash and cars bitches

  • Young’n

    thats what cam sampled

  • R.Thentic

    J DILLA!!!!!

  • MadeInMilwaukee

    Thats why I didn’t catch it. I didn’t pick that Cam album up.

  • Big James

    Aint this the beat they used for Hustlin.

  • Tray

    Nope… it’s the beat that cam the great used for girls cash cars.