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  • Puerto-Black

    Never read the qu’ran or other scriptures (sp)/only Psalms I read was on the arms of my nigga

    This is food for thought u do the dishes

  • Zilla

    I like how almost every post from Elliot’s back catalogue of songs sampled in hip hop contain the catchy loop within the first 10 seconds on the song. Instant gratification.

  • skdamc

    I’m like Stevie Wonder with braids under the doo rag…..

  • Danja29

    you gotta pardon a nigga…

    good find- i’da listened to this song and never thought to sample that.

  • J Ball

    I move wit biscuits…to stop the heart of niggas actin too suspicious…this is…food for thought…you do the dishes

  • BABY!!!!

    why didn’t Just sample the end also, that part would have been dope. He probably just listened to the begining of the song. i hate when producers do that

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