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  • Dell

    lol that’s hilarious

  • L’andre farrell-andrews

    Dear mr. elliot”king of this rap mag shit” wilson,
    I just wanted to let you know im coming for your job. I Landre Farrell-andrews(remember the name!!!) am going to take your job. Lincoln university has just accepted me ,into their nice school where i’ll major in journalism , upon completion i’m going to do whatever it takes to work for the best hip-hop magazine in the world(you already know) and plan to take your spot.just wanted you to know
    L’andre Farrell-andrews

  • outda954

    HAHA that’s sick. Say I-I-I-I-I-I!

  • Danja29

    this is, this is, this iiiiiiis

  • J. Biz

    Awesome.. I am going to post this on…look out for my username: pckid88

  • nation of thugacation

    damn this coulda been a decent song, did cool and dre have to re-use the hate it or love it baseline? wtv shes hot so its all good