Yesterday I posted a blog about Rick Ross' "Hustlin Remix" with Jay-Z and The 2005 King Of New York. I ever so humbly stated that T.I., Young Jeezy and the self-proclaimed Rap’s Kobe Bryant Lil’ Wayne are the new southern version of Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas trinity in the mid 90’s. This is innocent statement single-handedly made me the new Bol (even he was in an uproar!). I heard it all from the peanut gallery: "You don't know shit about music!" "You're crazy!" "F The 80's Babies!" "Atlantic should drop you!" "XXL should drop you!!!" "What kind of A&R are you?!" "I love you Jay-Z!"

The problem here is that the ever so intelligent readers of XXLMag.com took he statement out of context. Some are plainly in denial of the Southern dominance of today's hip-hop. Others are just such huge Jay-Hova worshippers and Roc-A-Fella parishioners that they wanted to take the attention off of their god’s lame verse. So let break it down even iller for the R-O-Congregation who cry blasphemy and want the head of the Judas.

Atlanta, Georgia is the New New York City. They has quite a few platinum artists (T.I., Jeezy, Ludacris, Lil John, etc), a new draft of rappers knocking at the door (DFB, Yung Joc, etc), the hottest mixtape DJ in the country and even the biggest name in today's R&B screaming "Peace Up, A Town Doowwwwnnn". They're strip clubs are breaking a new song every other day all the while doing it with a sense of U.N.I.T.Y. that as played out in NY with Queen Latifah.

New York City was once like this in the mid 90s. Our regions were boroughs where we had rappers from Brooklyn (B.I.G., Boot Camp Click, Jay), Queens (Nas, Mob Deep, C-N-N), Harlem (Big L, Ma$e), The Bronx (Fat Joe), Staten Island (Wu-Tang Clan, millions of Wu affiliates) and anyone else who ended up on Clue tapes. Our clubs were on fire AND breaking talent (The Tunnel) like how the South is now. And when the smoke all cleared there was the Holy Trinity: Frank White, Iceberg Slim and Esco.

Now the rest of the country could care less about the 5 boroughs of death because they have their own regions. They have places holding it down like New Orleans (Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, B Gizzle), Houston (Mike Jones, UGK, Paul Wall, Slim Thugger, etc), Miami (Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Plies, Cool & Dre, etc) and Ten-A-Ki (Three 6 “I Got A Oscar Now Lemme In The Club Bitch” Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, Young Buck) all determined to make the South's run longer than Pippen’s arms. Don’t even get me started on The Clipse’s comeback. But when the smoke clears the 3 rappers leading the movement is T.I.P., Snowman and Weezy F. Baby.

Long story short, the South is how New York once was in the mid-90’s. And T.I., Jeezy & Wayne are holding it down for them and are their new heroes. Not comparing their skills or legendary stature, just the facts and the state of affairs. The South is running this rap shit and showing no signs of slowing down. Deal with it.