The Not So Wonderful World of Cease-A-Leo

Here in the midwest, we don’t have smelly Africans posted up on street corners selling mixtapes, bootleg DVDs, and remaindered copies of Al Sharpton’s Al on America. In fact, I’m not even sure why that’s allowed in New York. (Seriously, wtf?) Therefore, I’m not as up on my bootleg rap DVD game as I would be otherwise.

Fortunately, it was somehow arranged that Showtime would make the Chronicles of Junior Mafia DVD available as part of their On Demand service, which is where I caught it last night. Here are a few things I learned.

1. Biggie sold his publishing to Diddy in 1995 for $200,000. Last year, when the Lox were on Hot 97 begging for their own publishing back, Little Cease called up and mentioned that Diddy still owns Biggie’s shit. Next thing you know, Biggie’s moms was calling up talking about, Little Cease doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hence we can presume she also received $200,000.

2. 2Pac was a lying bitch. Similarly, I wasn’t fully up on this issue until I read about it in Ethan Brown’s Queens Reigns Supreme. 2Pac didn’t get shot five times when he was robbed in the Quad Studios lobby, as he would brag in subsequent interviews. In fact, he was only shot twice and one was a self-inflected gunshot wound in the groin. After he got shot, he jumped up and took the elevator up to Little Cease’s floor to beg for a square. They wouldn’t give him one, which is why he got all pissed.

3. Biggie wrote all of the Junior Mafia album. I suppose this might have been obvious all along, but it still seems like a waste. As adamant as Biggie was about seeing that his crew made money in the music biz, most of them never really received much. Junior Mafia’s checks were cut 9 ways, even though there were never more than three or four people in the group who actually rapped. Diddy, on the other hand, received a check for $175,000 for his “work” on the album. Also, Diddy would do shit like insist that they go to the Bahamas to record, knowing good and well he was the only one who could afford a vacation.

4. This was all Diddy’s fault. In the month before he was killed, Biggie was out in LA doing some promotional shit for the new album – shooting videos, giving interviews and what have you. He wanted to head back to New York, but Diddy made him stay out there to work on Diddy’s own album. While he was there he recorded “Victory” and the “All About the Benjamins” remix. Biggie was going to catch a flight back to New York the day before he was killed, but Diddy insisted he stay out there so he could “show his face” at that Vibe magazine party.

5. In the end, Biggie peed his pants. There was a hospital about two blocks from where Biggie was shot, but the dudes Diddy had driving didn’t know their way around LA. Instead, they took Biggie to Cedars-Sinai, which is a nice little hike. By the time they got there, Biggie had peed his pants, which is how Cease knew it was all over. He didn’t bother to follow Biggie into the hospital. Within a matter of hours, Diddy had hopped a plane back to New York, leaving Cease and Junior Mafia to pick Biggie’s mother up at the airport the next morning and help her make arrangements to bring Biggie back to New York.

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  • silva

    la PRIMERA lives

    damn, puff is in the order of the serpentine for real. he flew out hrs after big died? things that make you go hmmm

  • ogleboy2000


  • me

    First…that is all.

  • Belize

    Isnt this suppose to be in the review section (wtf?)…anyways decent review, at least u ended the week on a better note than the last blogs….ONE

  • fresh

    “Here in the midwest, we don’t have smelly Africans posted up on street corners selling mixtapes, bootleg DVDs, and remaindered copies of Al Sharpton’s Al on America.”

    I can’t even read the rest since I’m crying from laughter.

  • GI JOE

    Puffmeister is a hoe ass nigga. he set-up pac and biggie. he set-up shyne. he’s afraid of danger being to close to him, so why not milk the arstist for money, and run’em off later. the bitch muhfucka is an evil genius…a fuckin’ genius!

  • Belize

    >>>>>the bitch muhfucka is an evil genius…a fuckin’ genius!

    ^^^^hilarious, for some odd reason i keep hearing “the evil genius” from green lantern in my head

  • khal

    you were right — this was all Diddy’s fault. Big shouldn’t have even been in CA anymore.

    I just saw this on Starz! Black a few weeks ago myself… I don’t get how you have a crew of 9 people making an album when only 4 of them rhyme? Talk about a group of weed carriers!

  • The ON1E

    Boycott puffy, thats a hoe ass jigga, straight up

  • d rock

    that is dam shame, how puff gone leave big like that and make JM plan for his funeral and stuff. And how in the hell you gone have drivers who dont know the area. I mean it probably still wouldn’t have made a difference but still. Puff is a evil as nigga, why you think he dont have ne more artist.

  • I Fux

    puff is a piece shit i absolutely dispise the brotha “who is trying to maintain his sexy” selfish ass nigga

    wonderful world of Cease a Leo was a decent album

  • Duncan Hines

    Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Poof Daddy, whatever the fuck, is a cunt.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga, bol

  • Enlightened

    Why the obvious hate of Pac? If he did lie, why does he have to be a lying “bitch?” I guess, like 50 Cent, he’s referring to the number of wounds – not bullets. Did you read the police report that says 50 Cent was shot 3 times – not 9?
    Secondly, you’re obviously one of these people still suffering from post-Pac syndrome because of how he annihilated your little rap heroes.
    The story doesn’t even sound right: what person in his right mind – unless he has extreme hate for somebody – would deny him a cigarette after he got shot if they actually had one? That sounds stupid right. Remember: Biggie, Puffy, Cease and everybody else denied they had any ill will towards Pac like “some bitches.”
    I hope you’re not a real writer because not only have you lost all credibility – BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN WRITE.

  • Scorpio

    Thanks for alluding to these few of many problems I have we everything about Bad Boy and its head. One at a time is how I will proceed.
    1. It is worst than him simply buying the publishing rights. The staple artist of his roster went to ask for a loan because he could not play his bills and feed his daughter. Puffy took advantage of this and bought the rights at that moment of weakness, when he probably owed him that to begin with. Would anyone care about an ugly R & B female group that could not sing (Total) or would a run of the mill Male R & B group (112) have been as relevant if Biggie didn’t co-sign on the FIRST singles. Not to mention Faith, but she would have made it regardless.
    2. Yes, Tupac did exaggerate quite a bit of that story. He was an ACTOR. God bless the dead.
    3. Junior Mafia was more of a fraud than Milli Vanilli. Biggie not only wrote all of their verses, he had to breakdown syllable by syllable because they couldn’t even say it right. Just like Big Daddy had to do for Biz Markie back in the day (ie Vapors). More on them later.
    4. The murder was arranged from the moment the chain was stolen in Atlanta. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please read any number of books on the subject.
    5. I live in LA. Cedars was the best place for him to go. Same place they took Kanye after his accident, by the way. They may not have known the best way to get there, but it is the best hospital in LA and was only 5 minutes away at that time of night, if you are in a hurry.
    Not mentioned in the DVD, are a few things people need to know.
    1. Puffy has as little to do with his producing as his does lyrics. From Tony Dofat in the beginning, to Nashiem, D-Dot and any number of other people, Puffy takes credit for little if any work on tracks. He is worse than Dr. Dre in this respect. When Puffy used the beat from Crack Commandments that Premier produced on SWV’s song, Premier didn’t know until he heard it on the radio. He did the same thing to EZ Mo Bee.
    2. As of this moment, Lil’ Cease should either not be discussed or be referred to as bitch ass snitch for what he did to Kim. You all must understand the woman who supported his non-talented ass after Biggie died is in jail solely because of HIS testimony. I am done. Never will I mention him again. I WISH he was on your weed carrier list published recently.
    3. Why did Puffy block the release of Mase’s tell all book? Let me take you back to when they met. This is the way it was described BY Puffy. I saw him across the room at a party in Atlanta where he was trying to meet JD. I liked his style and the way he carried himself. I went over and introduced myself. I DIDN”T EVEN KNOW IF HE RAPPED. Does that sound like searching for a future artist to you? Where is Wendy Williams when you need her?
    I think that is enough for now. I won’t even talk about Loon, G-Dep and anymore about Ma$e.
    Sorry for taking up so much space. Thanks for bringing this up BOL. I always appreciate the communication, even at times when we disagree (ie yesterday).

  • Mathew

    Bol, you’ve taken the cake with this one…let it rest. Whining won’t bring the rap greats back. Yes, this guy did this and that guy did that. So what, you can’t change history. And if you know so much, then please, why not solve the case for all of us. Please, Bol. Write something that will benefit people instead of trying to rekindle old beefs.

  • Adam22

    sorry for being dumb but what does “square” mean in regards to the 2pac comment?

  • Scorpio

    square is a cigarette.

  • Definiton_of_sqare
  • DJ Main Event

    *rolling laughing* i love the breakdowns. and diddy is both really a FUCKED up person based on this AND more clever than people ever give him credit for.

  • Belize


  • prodigynius

    why would pac ask for a cig when he rolled up a blunt and smoked it waiting for the ambulance to come?

  • I Am A Hater

    >>Here in the midwest, we don’t have smelly Africans posted up on street corners selling mixtapes, bootleg DVDs, and remaindered copies of Al Sharpton’s Al on America. In fact, I’m not even sure why that’s allowed in New York. (Seriously, wtf?) Therefore, I’m not as up on my bootleg rap DVD game as I would be otherwise.

    HaHa!! So true!

  • Dre

    “Here in the midwest, we don’t have smelly Africans posted up on street corners. ”

    Bit we do have your mother’s stinking pussy on the track.

  • start sntiching

    Why the fuck do people say first?

    I do not get that shit.
    That shit will never make sense.

    Anyway, I think Bol got inspired by those 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    Drop some more hip-hop illuminati knowledge.

  • Kornphlake

    You’re the next mr. irreverent. When is xxl gonna see that you are not a good columnist, anyone can write a bunch of shocking comments. You should be worried about the boy Eskay, you are gonna be upstaged. You only got 25 responses to some really inflammatory shit. What is the point of your blog again if you can’t even get a response with hate like that?

  • micguevara

    lil ceaser can not be belived

  • Guillermo

    1. “It’s called show business, not friend business”. Jerry McGuire. BIG sold his shit because he was like fuck it. I”m going to make more shit. Same as when cats do a publishing deal.

    2. As for why B.I.G was shot, the word on the street was he went to some 60′s (crips) for security from Suge’s squad. reniged on payment & they made an example out of him. Although that is irrelevent. He didn’t deserve that.

    3. Pac, B.I.G.,& Shyne set themselves. Big on that publishing shit. He really didn’t LIKE puff, which is ironic because people feel like cat was callous when he passed. They used each other. Pac was a rider! a dick rider , that is. He used to act like he whooped ass & was calling shots. Pleezdon’tbeleevit! As for Shyne, he started shooting in Club NY, trying to get a rep & some stripes. Someone should’ve told him, they don’t put stripes on jumpsuits anymore.

  • EnglandRepresent

    RIP Frank White – the greatest to ever do it. Whoever wacked son needs to have they head put in a vice and have it slowly squeezed

    ‘Big Poppa throwin niggas offa cliffs/ Smokin spliffs with my bitch/ Disappear in the Mitsubishi Eclipse/ Read my lips/ I kill you/ Let blood spill through/ Did I say thank you/ I grant you 3 wishes cos I be the genie/ Niggas is ass out like fat bitches in bikinis’.

    Oh yeah and Bol, you got a snooker ball for a head nigga, get that shit sorted out you an ugly ass nigga.

  • DCMadeMan


    Why the fuck would you even pay any attention to a dvd made by a snitch? Don’t nobody fuck with Lil Cease in the industry so he trying to do anything he can to get some attention. Then you going call Pac a bitch because he didn’t get shot five times?? Dawg won’t you get shot one time and see how that shit feels. Getting shot is getting shot,point blank. There aint no sugar coating that. But don’t disrespect the man’s name homie. P.S.-KILL YOURSELF, you and lil cease!!

  • dontworryboutthat!

    DON’T forget the infamous”CITY COLLEGE9″ where 9 people DIED!!At PUFF & HEavy D’s TRAGIC celebrity basketball game where 9 did i say 9
    people Died(CRUSHED IN THE STAIRCASE,SECURITY closed the doors on them)ask DOUGIE FRESH,LL COOL J,NICE & SMOOTH,THEY was there!!!@ CITY COLLEGE in Harlem world U.S.A. in 1991!!!(including JUSTIN’S mother MISA”s Good freind @ the Time!!!)
    C $ Yurr self @
    The Movie coming out Soon!!!
    JESSICA ROSENBLUM from STRESS ent.was involved too!!(N.Y.C.THE TUNNEL)

  • dontworryboutthat!

    MISA’s friend DIED!!!!!
    and THE TWO GREATEST M.C.’s to ever touch a mic are BOTH from N.Y. BIGGIE(B.K.) 2Pac(BX)…So all them other coasts talking SHHH…RESPECT THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

  • PTP


  • BabyGirl

    Look I got a few things I been wanting to say since the whole EAST/WEST COAST thing happened or started. If you think about it who had the most to gain from the demise of both deaths? DIDDY and Suge but Suge fucked himself up.(think about it) With Biggie out of the way Diddy could keep collecting check after check after check ain’t that what he’s doing? Suge got rid of Pac because Pac was leaving after he finished his deal which was coming up pretty soon.(think about it) Diddy did have something to do with the whole thing. it was the PERFECT crime play that “BEST FRIEND” role. In some way each Bad Boy artist has gotten fucked. Total(totally crossed out),Craig Mack(doing ProActiv commercials), Mase( going straight to hell) Add up the evidence PUFFY COMBS is a snake. If he was so-call BIG’S boy why he never see Biggie kids?huh? That niggas a bitch and a coward!!! And as far as Pac not being shot 5 times he did nigga research before you print dirt!!!!!! Can you answer this one question is HOOPZ fuckin’ every nigga in the game now? She need to leave T.I. alone before TINY beat that ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! BabyMama’s ain’t nothin’ to fuck with!!!

  • Enigma

    i havent watched the dvd yet but im definetley going to now.First of all its obvious puffys a snake, but on the other hand who the fuk is cease to be talking about shit really ?
    and even though he wasnt the hardest rapper out there
    im sure 2pac is more gangsta than most of these punk rappers today and you wouldnt say that shit to his face if he was alive.
    except for biggie bad boy has always kept a roster of expendable and disposable artists, so people shouldnt be suprised when they get screwed over with weak promotion and have puffy all over there shit.
    why dont you go and get yaself shot and see if you don’t piss yourself.
    your very disrespectful for a nobody who definatley doesnt know all the facts.
    im sure you wrote this blog chilling at home and you have never been in the presence of any of these people you talk so callously about.Your just a nerd with a computer and an oppinion, get out once in a while nigga, go out on your block (if you live in a hood) and you’ll learn something . 1: keep ya mouth shut unless you know what your talking about. Theres no need for a number 2

    (energy nobley invested gettin mine always)

    i wanna be a journalist , i should take your job cuz u just ain’t doing what your supposed to.

  • The Director

    The Police were at fault in a bIg way during The Heavy D – Puff Daddy Celeb game!!! They chilled outside while the crowd bent a light post and broke the glass to the door to get into the staircase…

    The people that Died were in the staircase waiting for them to open it back up “after Jessica Rosenblum closed the door and ran with the Money…” So they say in my Documentary ” ” The biggest wack thing Puff and them did was make up a Bogus Aids Foundation and said they were donating proceeds to… That foundation was never found.

  • I Was There

    FYI Jessica was NOT the last one through the door. There were at least 3 workers people behind her & none of them could have stopped to close the doors. 5 thousand people came through those doors after them – any person in that stampede could have closed the doors. In addition, the only person who got any money from that game was Puffy – who made sure to pay all his friends/employees who were supposed to be managing the crowd. Jessica was simply hired to collect tickets last minute. Puffy didn’t even tell her take cash to let people in until after she got to CCNY – which is extra wack because he knew that he had already sold more tickets than people he could accomodate even before the day of the event. Get your facts straight.

    • I remember

      Jessica ran and hide in Isreal afterwards. I remember.

  • I Was There

    And, The cops were instructed to step aside so FOI could calm the crowd – good job they did. In all fairness, no one could have predicted what happened. There were just too many people & too much hype – (Puff & Heavy on KISS FM overpromoting the event all day long). The crowd dramatically outnumbered the cops, the Fruit Of Islam & the Pinkerton guards combined. We, as Black People, need to think about what we worship. All I saw that day was a whole bunch of folks desperate to see “stars”. People went nuts every time an entertainer walked past the ropes – trying to touch them and stuff. People died on a mission of idolatry. That was that saddest thing about it.

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  • Jon

    big didn’t pee on himself, my sister was a nurse in the er room when big died. Big was dead upon arrival. And puff did leave, he stayed there for 2 hours

  • Ayigansta


    See is THAT brand new shit on the Internet. They need brainless MTFKR like U to write the most senseless and outrageous shit to attract the most readers. When that is accomplished will become the MAIN place Records Company and Rappers with stuff to promote will go to.
    Now their conditions will be very clear: we are ready to take the fair critics if we do something worth shooting down, but there’s gonna be beef if baboon-looking S.O.B like “SAM-BOL” keep comin’ with those poor man’s Howard Stern shit on your web site attacking our Artists and Brands.
    We know he need to support his crack addiction but he won’t do we with our Benjamins. by attacking ‘Pac like that.
    To quote Spiderman a.k.a Peter Parker’s uncle: “ With great power comes great responsibilities”
    Tracking XXL Mag’s history, when its comes to taking over the # 1 Spot Harris Publications is very smart.
    And then you’ll end up on the street corner selling bootlegs just like your “smelly Africans” cousins.
    By the way you can ape Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh as much as you please. Your ass will still be shot 41 times on the Streets of New York City even if you try to reach for wallet with a White Boy accent. POOR LOST THING.


  • Ayigansta

    Please, explain why my response is in the bottom of the pile.Aren’t new posts suppose to be on top?
    It’s there any disguise censorship going on around here?
    How anybody gon’ read my shit if posted after a September 6th, 2006 shit?

  • KaizerSozzay

    OK. You young folks need to calm down. First, calling Cease a snitch is a little bit of a stretch. The DA had VIDEO. Seeing video of the event and claiming you didn’t do it only works for cops in LA. Kim played herself and paid the price. Whether or not BIG pissed himself is an unecessary comment. Who cares? Puff left LA as soon as possible. OK. If they shot BIG already. Why in the world would the man stay in Cali knowing the chances of them trying to find him was a possibility? That isn’t a punk move to leave. That is smart! There is no nobility in getting murdered. Once you are gone, that’s it. YOU ARE GONE! No point in staying to guarantee that life is over for you. All you hardcore, gangsta kids need to understand grown folks business. Puff’s job as a label exec is to make money for himself. There isn’t any friends in business. It’s GET MONEY! Every rapper knows it. Every rapper tries it. And every rappers fans get upset everytime the rapper isn’t getting paid as much as the label head. Get real!. Think about your job at McDonalds. Are you getting as much as the manager? Is the manager getting as much as the owner? Is the owner getting as much as the CEO of Ronald McDonald INC.? That is business. and anyone that believes otherwise needs to go to school.

  • joey doe

    Thanks for telling me everything iknew 2 years ago when i bought it at Vics music Hut in westchester square. The more i read XXL the more i come to realize I dont need to read this shit! I can write the chicken scratch you idiots put together allday everyday as a matter of fact i think im going to come out with my own magazine. Im going to make use of my night and go listen to Nina Simone on my Zune.

  • T.O.

    talk about crack pot journalism Bol. If you want to sharpen up your game, cause you definitely arent the sharpest knife in the shed, then you should check the New York Hospital records for the 2Pac shooting. 5 bullets, all the same caliber. 5 different bullet wounds. That being said, Id say, give your work some thought before you wish to listen to your own voice next time.