The Not So Mighty O

So the other day the new OutKast single, “The Mighty O,” was leaked to the Internets. Andre 3000 makes his triumphant return to rappin’ after getting his Morrissey on for most of The Love Below. He claims to be really into Morrissey, right? I think it was the other one who claimed to be a fan of Kate Bush. You see, the fact that they have such eclectic tastes in music shows that they’re thinking!

I was all prepared to either talk about how really good or how really bad the new single is, but as it turns out, it’s neither. “The Mighty O,” instead, is decidedly okay. Assuming this is just some street single released to build buzz for the Idlewild album/soundtrack, I suppose it served its purpose, though it remains to be seen whether they can manage another “Hey Ya,” or even another “Ms. Jackson.”

In the mean time, I thought I’d take a look at an issue that’s been bothering me for some time now. To hear so many kids on the Internets tell it, OutKast has put out – what is it, like five classic albums now? They’re so good, in fact, neither one of them could come up with a bad idea if they wanted to. Andre 3000 even once shitted a solid gold brick.

I wonder how true that is though. So today I figured I’d take a look at the last several OutKast albums and re-rate them using XXL’s patented XXL rating system, which I notice they recently used to give that new Mobb Deep abortion a 4-star rating. Damn.

Southernplayalistic, 1994. This is certainly an assured and accomplished album for a debut, but it’s not the five-mic classic kris ex would have you believe. Organized Noise’s production here is good for what it is, but doesn’t hold up as well compared to some of the other shit they’d put out. From what I understand, 3000 was writing all of Big Boi’s lyrics, and both of their flows were still derivative of a lot of the East Coast shit that was popular at the time.

Rating: XL

ATLiens, 1996. Boooring. I know some dudes on the Internets consider this the best thing they’ve put out to this day, but the thing about the Internets is that for any album you can name (except maybe Blood Money), you can probably find some d-bag that thinks it’s the next Heartbreaker, or whatever. That said, parts of this do show marked development compared to that first album. It’s just that a lot of it is really tepid and tuneless.

Rating: L

Aquemimi, 1998. The first OutKast album that’s really that good. In terms of rappin’, both Andre 3000 and the other one had already begun to make strides on that last album. Andre 3000 was trying to kick knowledge, and Big Boi was even allowed to write some of his own lyrics. But it was on this album where their production really came into its own. That said, I don’t find all of the songwriting here to be as good as it is on “Rosa Parks.” Where as the next album is nails all the way through, this one still has a few tracks that are less than memorable.

Rating: XL

Stankonia, 2000. The best OutKast album, evar. It picks up where Aquemini left off, but ditches a lot of the parts that are just kinda boring. If there’s an issue here, and of course there is, it’s that so much of this is purposely weird when it has no real reason to be. As I recall, this was released during the period when that damn Erykah Badu was doing a real number on Andre 3000′s brain, having him dress like a homeless woman and what have you. A real shame, if you ask me.

Rating: XXL

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, 2003. Better than it has any right to be. As it turns out, Andre 3000 might be better suited for making corny-ass pop records (who knew?), but the real revelation here is that Big Boi can almost carry an album as a solo rapper. For what it’s worth, we’ve yet to see whether Andre 3000 himself has what it takes to carry a solo album, which is one of the reasons why he’s not the greatest rapper of all time, despite what people will tell you. It’s too bad they apparently weren’t getting along at this point. This album could’ve been the shit.

Rating: XL

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  • bxconnect

    bol im the way someone had the nerve to tell me there was just 3 good songs on stankonia.
    one thing is for sure they are the true kings of the south.
    liberation is the greatest outkast my opinion at least.

  • Brendan

    I have to say that ATLiens is my personal favorite outkast album, but i can understand why people would think it’s “boring.”

  • JB

    Man, you need to stop with all of this hating. Most of OutKast’s album’s were Hip-Hop classics. What you need to do is do what Bun B said and step outside to get some sunshine and get your head out of your ass.

  • G Off

    Good stuff, except Aquemini is the XXL album out of them all… it’s the one where they matured as songwriters, but still felt like they were friends and having fun making music together. The second half of that album is their most underrated work.

  • MosBang

    Step your blog game up Bol. This shit isn’t contraversial, it lame. Lets here what u think about Star(your mentor) and his comments. I don’t know if you are purposely trying to tone it down, but get your hate up not your weight up. Or is it that Outkast is that great where it is that hard for u to hate? HHMM

  • Barkley

    Well you just confirmed it with this one, you don’t know shit about hip-hop. How is Southernplayalistic…. not a classic XXL album. Organized Noize brought back the soulful live instruments to the hip hop game with that album, and how was their flow on some east coast shit??? their accents and slang were completely southern. XXl get this clown off of your site, he’s a bad representative for your movement.

  • Belize

    atliens. classic. period.
    not with it-suck a dick and learn HIPOP.
    by the way DJ DRAMA, BUN-B and the whole ATL wants u dead ASAP!

  • Casey

    Wow, Im not the only one feeling Stankonia si their best joint.


    Well I respect your opinion, & ever1 is entitled to 1 but I disagree with U on a few things I defintely think ATLiens was not there worst album, I thought it was better then Southernplay….

  • Zilla

    “Chonky Fire” is the dopest Outkast song EVER! “Stankonia” is probably the last true Outkast album ever. Everything after that is a compromise to keep Dre and Big Boi a group. Andre is my man 50 grand, but he does not want to do hip hop, much less in Outkast. It’s like watching Derrick Coleman play basketball–all the talent, accomplishments out the ass, but dude’s mind isn’t all in it.

  • Sarutama

    Man, the southern rap fans really love to prove bol’s point over and over.

    Bol basically said “All of Outkasts albums are good, I just like some better then others.” and its already “STOP HATING! ATL WANT YOU DEAD!”

    And by the way, I refuse to learn “hipop” whatever the hell that is.

    That being said, I like Outkasts albums better then bol does, but I agree that Stankonia is their best.

  • Ringo

    I can’t believe I actually agree with every word of one of your posts.

  • Therapist

    As I recall, this was released during the period when that damn Erykah Badu was doing a real number on Andre 3000’s brain, having him dress like a homeless woman and what have you.

    damn that was funny as hell

  • Bol

    >I can’t believe I actually agree with every word of one of your posts.

    That’s because I’m right.

  • Belize

    Sarutama can suck bol’s dick. homo

  • DocZeus

    I disagree with your assesment of ATLiens which is ridiculously dope in my opinion. Outkast hasn’t topped ATLiens. I can’t really stand The Love Below and I get bored midway through Aquemini.

  • Danja29

    Wow. You gave ATLIens an L… not that you ain’t entitled to your own opinion. But PLEASE go back and listen to that.

    I don’t agree that all of ‘em are classics (actually, the one you did give a XXL to is the one I liked the least). But they’ve def. put out five albums, all of which are great in their own way. None of the other highly-discussed greatest groups of all time (Wu, Run-DMC, PE, Quest, EPMD, NWA) can say that.

  • Sarutama

    ^PE’s first 4 albums are all great in there own way, two are undeniable 5 star classics. I like Outkast and all but Nation of Millions & Fear of a Black Planet > Outkasts entire catalog.

  • S.

    Your worst post yet Bol. Thanks for not illuminating a damn thing.

  • CoolB

    Ya know, I would respond with a lot of hate and crap that people don’t wanna hear, however that would not solve anything. So instead I’ll just stop coming to the site and not buy the magazine anymore.

  • Combat Jack

    Bol, did DJ Drama’s bitch ass up and quit XXL.COM yet? Its been damn near an effin week since his whiney ass posted anything and I was wondering if he handed in his letter of resignation. If he did, that would be an effin’ first on the Internets. A blogger getting bumped off his site on account of another. Bol ethered DJ Drama.


    bol, we really dont come here to read ur crap, we come here to argue…sorry u suck as a writer!

  • steve

    i tune into your rude rants bc youre not a half wit and can actually write. the incessant hating and attempt to make everyone hate you with your unfiltered opinions is entertaining and so im actually faithful to your posts. i think you were reaching a little too far with this one friend. ATLiens-L?!?!?! Aquemini not a classic? i guess when you dont totally shit on guys its your way of saying you like them? keep it coming, its the blog i love to hate. next post: “jay-z:overrated?” wont hold my breath…

  • raul

    bol ain’t hip hop he is from creve coeur and went to parkway high where there ain’t no black folks.And was a raj glass wearing 300 pound band geek. This ass clown post real world blogs on his website. He said in a blog he likes hootie and the blowfish.They do burger king commercials now. So what does that tell you.That why he writes for a blog and not a publicatio. And that real talk.

  • rellmo84

    I cant believe this bitch nigga! U gone say outksat aint the shit.Every album they come wit go platinum.Fuck the funny clothes ill put my check on any dre against any nigga from the east!Outkast is the only ones from day one talkin that real shit to help black people get they head on right.They always got a message and dont follow the trends.I PROMISE TO GOD U NIGGAZ ARE SOME STR8 UP PURE BITCH ASS HATING NIGGAZ!!!!I could see the hating for d4l or DFB or just snap music in general,but aint NO way yall can hate on KAST!!!!

  • Motelsicks

    rellmo84.. dont you see the hate is just love tempered by disgust.. sheesh


    w/e why am i defending ego strokes (nullus) hahah…
    walk the walk… etc…

    Outcast are aight… so what they do is aiighteous.. and thats my coined term.. you may use it…

    ie. “While politically questionable Kanye’s intention in calling out of president bush was aiighteous”

  • tphoskin

    So is this post 2749 on how music that isn’t from New York ain’t shit. damn, nigga i get it! let it go! find a new crutch, i mean really.

  • Joah

    If you can find any hip-hop duo/group with five better albums, or even four, I’ll start listening. Until then, pay homage to the most consistent hip-hop duo/group ever. When I think of the best duo/groups ever, I’m thinking of Run-DMC, A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast. Obvsiously there are others (i.e. Wu-Tang, De La Soul) but these three are at an elevated level. With Outkast being the tops for the last decade.

  • N.O.SeanPaul

    Bol you are the Rush Limbaugh of Hip Hop!!!

  • DJ Droid

    Every time I read this shit you spout some more bullshit, maybe instead of dismissing ATLiens as something only nerdy “internet” listens would like, maybe you should realize that you are in fact much worse then such fans. For you have a fucking blog and continue to be on some holier then tho shit.

  • benhameen


  • Maximus

    that was OK post, but its kind of funny in that you say ‘Kast aren’t THAT amazing or whatever, then you give all their albums bar one at least an XL rating? Thats pretty consistent. My chlallenge to Bol is what other hip-hop artist/group has been as consistent?

    As for ATLiens, its kind of different in that it seems more like some laid-back mood music or something. Its good for what it is, but its too relaxed or something maybe. Its weird in that it doesnt rock at all, when all their other albums do at least some of the time. That said, ATLiens and Wheelz of Steel are pretty cool.

    Aquemeni IS a classic too, and Speakerboxxx/Love Below is almost 5 mic material. The first album was a damn solid debut.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Yall doo realize he ain’t said that OutKast didn’t suck…he just saying it ain’t as good as people say

    chill out…its just opinionsnot fact…

  • Affili

    I read this post kinda regularly both here and at bols on blog, and have been for a while.

    What the fuck kinda life could Belize possibly have? Every single comment he makes no matter what the subject. Hey Bol I think your next post should be about “cyberthugs” I think that is the correct term for these people. I am willing to bet mt left nut “Belize” if thats his real name lives in mommy’s basement, doesnt have a car , and thinks 50 cent is the realest jig since wayne brady. Belize a little food for thought: Tupac didnt do half of the shit he said,he was a kid who went arts and crafts school with Jada pinkett. Jada is hood and all but thuglife I Dont know. Word to Will SmithNoone white or black gives fuck about some assistant who got shot cuz his boss talked/s a million dollars worth of shit then sicks security on the people hes pissed off,I dont think at least I hope that bol isnt worried about dj drama cuz ive seen this waste of sperm in person And I kinda thinks he wants his self dead actually, the whole I lost my blackberry thats why I didnt help shit is what most if not all fake thugs say when so called real niggas pull up their skirt. So who drama queen wants dead is kinda a moot point cuz If My bag handler just got ethered in real life thats probably where I would send the killers But thats just me and my weird e. saint louis thinking. So in closing No Mo death threats Belize Your Mom Bun B might read them And youll be the next one thats ethered.

    P.S. Im From the midwest Bol And while I agree that Southern rap is ruining HipHop to really find the scourge of the hiphop community if theres a such thing one must go directly to the source……..TUfuckinPAC. After “Pac” niggas started gettin dropped off like young white girls at planned parenthood

  • Belize

    Affili can suck my dick…naw homie, i live dolo, all day, im a grown ass MARINE (hoorrah fukaz), just bored at work, like all the rest off yall faggots,
    im glad Affili give a fuk a bout what i say, so thanks stacker!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Belize

    BY the way Affili, tupac ressurection is a good movie huh? that prob where u got ur info…haaaa…read a book fuka…how bout “holler if you hear me”…maybe u just dont read, prob saw every hip hop documentary…wow Affili..u are sooo smart, i hope i have a daughter just like u…haaaa..pussy

  • BigEd

    My man, I admire your hustle. The whole “go against popular opinion no matter what reality suggests” thing is cute. Say whatever it takes to get under people’s skin and you can build a career out of being a magnet for controversy. Hey, it works for Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. It even worked for Star’s ass for a little while, until he made the mistake of letting his inner pedophile out. Trying to collapse the greatness of Outkast is a genius idea for a shit-talking blogger trying to find his place in the sun. Still, we must all bow down to reality: no hip hop act has had the consistent level of combined commercial success and critical acclaim over the course of a ten plus-year career that Outkast has had. Not Jay-Z, not Nas, not Biggie, not LL, nobody. Each record that they have released has not only gone platinum, but outsold the preceding album. They have shown unprecedented musical growth and willingness to challenge hip hop conventions with each successive release. Most importantly, Outkast has done what no other hip hop act could ever manage: they have evolved from ’round-the-way hood niggas to international rock stars without losing an ounce of street cred. Now how you luv that? Now I happen to believe that each album in the Outkast canon is a classic. Not because every song is a banger, but because every album changed the overall sound of mainstream hip hop at the time that it dropped. Outkast has never made an album that tried to fit into the pocket of what was popular at the moment. Yet they always sell millions. They have yet to fail. Do you really think Jigga could have done videos in genie pants and marching band jackets and still gotten love from the street? Hell no. Music has never seen anything like Outkast and never will again. They are, in my estimation, the greatest hip hop act of all time. “Aquemini” is their masterpiece and “ATLiens” isn’t too far behind. If you really don’t get the fact that the moody, atmospheric sound of “ATLiens” set the stage for the broader acceptance of genres like trip hop while also serving as a precursor to albums like “The Blueprint” and virtually everything Kanye West has done, then you really don’t know as much about music as you pretend to. Peace.

  • christo

    Anyone have any valid proof that andre wrote big boi’s lyrics on the first two albums?

  • BlackBoy

    Damn, Bol. The reading comprehension skills displayed by some of the folks who comment here REALLY make me scared for the future.

    We in trouble y’all…

  • BlackBoy

    Damn, Bol. The reading comprehension skills displayed by some of the folks who comment here REALLY makes me scared for the future.

    We in trouble y’all…

  • christo

    Right on. I dont see why everyon thinks hes dissin kast so badly. As for me, I was just observing this: “From what I understand, 3000 was writing all of Big Boi’s lyrics, “(Southernplaya…) Its just something i never knew and was wondering if anyone could validate??

  • Jaja

    DANJA29 and BIGED couldn’t have said it better…When I layed my eyes on this post I knew it deserved some kind of response, but those two guys said everything that I would’ve said and I agree wholeheartedly…Big i know every body’s entitled to their opinion, but damn it seems like you are sleeping on the best group ever in hip hop for whatever reason I don’t know…I mean recognize the South got something, had something to say and will forever have something to say that’s very relevant to this artform…Personally I don’t know that many groups, if any that can even hold a match to what these guys did for this art…When you speak of hip hop as the artform and how they leap boundaries with the music and never lost a fan on the way it’s just plain genuis…Much respect do Big, but get yo blogs together.

  • bob

    Did andre really write big boi’s lyrics on the first couple albums?

  • Morgan Cox

    Whoever you are who wrote this article on OutKast has no idea what OutKast is about. Vibe should be ashamed of letting your pen touch paper by reviewing hip-hop music. Your re-rates are based on hip-hop standards of today and not from the time OutKast released the albums. ATLiens was the dopest because who else in the industry was making creative music at all at that time, and the fact that they were southern set them apart. Not from the West Coast or at the time Cris poping East Coast. Just hard creative shit. These cats care about the essence of hip-hop and not the material shit. You as a journalist should find out why so many people follow OutKast and stop focussing on why you don’t get it.

  • TMB

    Sometimes I really wish you’d just die. Do you listen to lyrics? Obviously not. Is anything sacred? Damn, your bitter ass needs to get some …

  • Tyler Durden

    I can’t beleive this lame…he just says shit for attention…he looks like a broke ass sadat x

  • Ms Jackson

    Hrm..I’ve never seen an opinion quite like this. I don’t agree with it, but everyone is entitled to thier own. I just wanted to point out a few things..If you look at all of the rappers that have ever come out, like someone stated below, few of them has had the same consistant success of Outkast. I suppose if they were talkin about shoot a nigga bang a nigga you would be more interested? Or maybe if they were talkin about candy paint and switchin lanes. In ALL of their songs. The same Sh*t that everyone else is talkin about, and everyone seems to be so amazed by. They are the one of enterainment groups/people that come out and talk about different things other than the same sh*t we hear 50 cent the “thug” that is so frickin mainstream talkin about. I have never heard a group that talks about politics so much in my life. Or is the american people’s brain so small and corrupted that they can’t bare to listen to it. All most Americans want to hear about is stupid crap that IS NOT REALITY.They aren’t scared to be different. And I agree with whoever said Jay Z couldn’t walk around and do the same stuff that they do and get away with it. The statement “Are people just telling themselves that..” was so hypocritical in and of itself. Clearly if everyone is telling themselves that than it must be true to THEM. So yea I guess people are right to feel that they have 5 classic albums. If you don’t think so, no one cares. All that matters is what the people themselves think. Like I said earlier, you have the right to have your own opinion, and so do we. So don’t try to dispute it, and gon on about yo business.

  • Hydro Flame

    You’re acting like a bitch right now.

  • MACK

    Who tha hell is this guy? He knows nothing about hip-hop everything outkasts drops is CLASSIC. We got another STAN sucking the EAST COAST DICK.

  • Street

    Damn dude, r u fuckin deaf. Atliens and Aquemini is by far better than anything released so far this decade. Even Stankonia and Speakerbox/LoveBelow are some of the best albums that dropped this decade. In the 90′s I never thought Outkast could drop a wack verse let alone a wack album. I know one thing it is better than the gun and crack talk New Yorker rappers talk about and I’m a east coast fan.

  • Oski

    Nigga is you crazy? You must be from New York.

  • CH

    How you manage to give ATliens a L and Stankonia XXL is beyond me. Swwitch them around and you on point.

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  • D-style

    This the funniest shit ever…sound like a 2 year old talkin bout some hip hop here…go back to suckin dem franchize boyz dick, cuz a group like Outkast be way over ya head…”oh i think dey like me!”

  • http://XXL Bossofallboss’s

    Man you a straight up HATER. That’s why we can’t have SHIT as a generation now, because some PUSSY like you always hating trying to bring other blacks down. I respect your opinion, but the piece came off like you were shitting on them. Like Pac said “why we scared to let each other fly” Krazy- Makaveli 1996

  • sleepwalker

    still though 4 albums getting 4/5 and one 3/5 is probably the best catalogue of anyone in hip-hop and yet you still managed to write the entire article in an incredibly patronizing and condescending way, congratulations on that piece of journalism. You also write your blog as if you think people that use the internet regularly and listen to hip-hop are somehow beneath your opinion yet you manage to bang out this blog pretty regularly, irony anybody? how about instead of writing an article about how Outkast aren’t quite as brilliant as everyone says they are you write something negative about music you really think is shit like the new Mobb Deep album

  • Rodzilla

    I have to agree with Barkley and Blackboy. You obviously have a horrible idea of what is good and what isn’t. Stankonia was the worst of the Outkast albums while ATLiens was definitely one of the best. I can’t believe XXL let you post this nonsense. That article made me want to pick up a source. XXL, you just lost the little shred of credibility you had left with me.

  • bornnrasiedinthafuckinsouth

    Outkast is one of tha best rap group ever, there creative. All there albums should be showed tha respect they deserved XXL. I get tired of hearing tha same shit from rappers especially new york rap, thats y they falling off fuck tha north, everybody want to be down with tha south.

  • bornnrasiedinthafuckinsouth

    Outkast or Mobb deep? they shouldn’t even be compared mobb deep sign with 50 a nigga who talk down on them enough said. Outkast come with tha unexpected and tha muthafuckin album is that grown man( to yall north niggas that mean hot album yo). So fuck mobb dicks and respect Outkast, yall gone respect it, cause south is all u see now.

  • Crumblin’ Erb

    BIGED has said everything that needs to be said. Outkast has managed to reinvent themselves every single album. No other artist has undergone this evolution. They’re scared to. It may seem strange or different at first, but that’s part of what makes them so special. Every album is a classic because of what it brought to a stereotypical and redundant rap genre where everything sounded the same. I hate to use a cliche, but they’re like a breath of fresh air. And as far as I’m concerned, no team even comes close to what these two have accomplished. They’ve been putting it down for so long. The greatest group ever. It ain’t about the South. It’s about the real hip hop. Outkast is what rap was, what rap is, and hopefully what rap will be in the future. Foreva pimpin, never slippin. That’s how it is.

  • Crumblin’ Erb

    BIGED has said everything that needs to be said. Outkast has managed to reinvent themselves every single album. No other artist has undergone this evolution. They’re scared to. It may seem strange or different at first, but that’s part of what makes them so special. Every album is a classic because of what it brought to a stereotypical and redundant rap genre where everything sounded the same. I hate to use a cliche, but they’re like a breath of fresh air. And as far as I’m concerned, no team even comes close to what these two have accomplished. They’ve been putting it down for so long. The greatest group ever. It ain’t about the South. It’s about the real hip hop. Outkast is what rap was, what rap is, and hopefully what rap will be in the future. Forever pimpin, never slippin. That’s how it is.

  • kast sucks

    Bol, your overrating outkast. They don’t have one good album. No, not one. Everything they put out is the same. They only imitate underground rappers and try to sound like they got some flow. Outkast is the worst.

  • Jedi

    “though it remains to be seen whether they can manage another “Hey Ya,” or even another “Ms. Jackson.”

    I agree with Ms. Jackson, as well as the majority of a lot of the other people posting comments. Anyone who says they are looking for a nother “Hey Ya,” or “Ms. Jackson,” is either white or doesn’t know much about Outkast or hip hop. It makes me wonder what you think about other artists who actually use content to fuel their lyrics as opposed to creative drug deals and shoot outs. You only show your own ignorance by replying to the post that says you’re right and not the others that make 10x as much sense.

  • servon

    first off southerplayalistic is a classic u must be on crack if you think not. I can almost agree with you on ATLiens except the get creative on that lp. Ok Aquemini is where they show all of hip hop that they are really different from the rest. Stankonia is where they take over and are alone atop of the rap game. The last lp show the uniqueness of the duo and still stay on top. But do they get your respect hell naw cuz ya’ll are a eastcoast based magaazine that is dying for NY to come back and stay hypin for Hova and rest of the cats that are still stuck in 90′s hustle rap. You and others like need to let hip hop evolve.

  • 100%

    who told you that big boi diddnt write his own lyrics?,and do you even listen to outkast other than reviewing an album

  • answer this

    Bol, you arent’t responding to this question. Where the hell did you here that big boi didn’t write his own lyrics. It seems to me you just made that up.

  • Sammy

    Man, the fact that you rated Stankonia as the best album and ATLiens as the worst only goes to show how bad of an ear you have for music. You lost me right there…. I’ve heard people with differing opinions on which album is the best, but yours (which I think is uninformed) is too off-kilter for you to have listened to the albums thoroughly.

    In other words, you suck.

    Respectfully yours,


  • David

    I don’t think you know anything about OutKast. You need to shut the fuck up.

  • Brittany

    Okay forget all that stuff u talking. Im truthfully a Jay-Z fan 4 Life but I had to comment. That Mighty O that is supposedly not so mighty is hot as hell. The shit has u bobbing from strart to finish and pressing the repeat button. The song is fire NOT okay and definitely NOT aight.
    TRY AGAIN!!!

  • AUsSiE cHiK

    My 2cents from down under:
    Outkast kick ass cuz they are so different from all the other main stream RnB/rap music. They have a different sound. Their lyrics are meaningful (not all… but most) unlike all that sleazy shit I hear on the radio’s top 40. You can almost guess (for arguments sake) what ushers next song is going to sound like or what snoops next song is gonna sound like. you know what I mean. Atleast with Outkast, you weren’t expecting ‘Hey ya’ or ‘Roses’. You can hear progress in all their music. You can really hear the two trying out new sounds and styles. Even if the new style is a flop. Atleast they are attempting new stuff.
    (Again for arguments sake) Main stream RnB/rap is like Maccas (Mac donalds) you have had it once, twice, ten times.. you always know that you gonna get the same food with the same ‘standard’ taste. But I want gourmet food. I want more Outkast. RnB/rap hasn’t really progressed/changed much in the last 20 years. As I said before, It’s great to hears some different sounds. As for albumbs, Love Stankonia and Aquemini was awsome. Then again… nothing beats their greatest hits CD. As for their new song The Mighty O, It’s some good shit.
    Brittany, my finger was also on that repeat. button.
    Well that was my 2 cents.
    sEE Ya mAtE.

  • Who the hell you think….

    This dude is on crack. Those first 2 albums changed the rules , period. So , Organized beats were good for what they are ? NOBODY FROM THE EAST COAST COULD MIX A FUCKIN RECORD!!! You cant assume that everybody in the industry was stupid back then. They had the next best thing and the dominance of southern rap is the proof. Mighty – O is THAT. You cant say that not breaking what works is lesst than perfect. I thought it was lost files shit. Andre is top 10 mc material , so that little comment about who writes what was pointless. Homie can write my shit. The first group to go platinum EVERY TIME. This mag of all mags , who tout K West so damn high should be riding OUTKAST BALLS. THERE WOULD BE NO ATLANTA REVOLUTION. Yeah , it would have blew but not the same. Outkast , JD , TLC, its over. I dont like when people dont recognize why what is what. IN THAT TIME

  • tmoney

    Sounds like this writer doesn’t know what true innovation is. Maybe if he stopped listening to todays mindless, uninspired, repetitive shit, he’d understand.

  • C-Mac

    Yo man you are some serious bull homie. You must not know shit bout hip hop because outkast prob. is one of the best groups to hit. no joke. Southernplay at ATLiens diserve way more then what your stupid ass gave them. they are classics and will always be. And on stankonia pretty much every track was a banger (listen to red velvet and you will understand true hip hop). all i gotta say is that everyone of outkast cd’s should be XL and are classic. POINT BLACK, NIGGA

  • Kahron

    This dude is on crack. Every album they’ve done is a straight classic. What I hear, from this guy, is some ‘haterish’ tendencies. How can you give ATLiens a ‘L’? ‘L’? Duke, for real? Large?

    The funny part is the line speaking about 3000 possibly not being able to carry a solo album. This is the thing. Dre helped make Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx what it was. He produced Ghetto Musick and Church, two of the best songs on Big’s joint. If Andre just rapped, he could easily be considered THE preeminent MC of all time – dope delivery, message, lyrical density.

    “Hey Ya” is one of the greatest songs in the history of music.

    Do I need to repeat that?

    I’m harping on Dre, because there is definitely a very strong scent of haterism coming from you, as far as he is concerned. It’s incredible actually. But not totally surprising, I suppose.

    In any case, I’m not going to justify EVERY album. One of the reason why is because you should notice your scores for the albums. Name ONE artist (solo or group) with those scores….with that kind of diversity of audience and consistancy not seen by anyone else on music, save Jay-Z, Radiohead, U2 and and maybe a few others.

    You’ve actually low balled them into greatness, and you didn’t even know it.

  • THE HOMIE REDD FLAGG 212 516 100

    kast been killin it since day one every one of their cd’s is fire. to not know that means you are braindead dre is a genius with the pen nad i know big boi personally he’s a professional money getter nad a playa to the fullest. even back in the day before he moved to the A he was cool as a muthafucka just doin his thing. i hope idlewild is fire too cuase them boys are the truth

  • THE HOMIE REDD FLAGG 212 516 100

    and all them albums that didnt get xl ratings jam from the start to the finish yall xxl mag tricks are some real haters

  • THE HOMIE REDD FLAGG 212 516 100

    and as far as this bol bitch goes one of these days youre gonna get your head cracked ! you will never step foot anywhere in the south espescially not in GA and say that shit your ass will die before you get off the palne nad your lil cheerleadin homebitch ringo can suck a dick too ill beat you bitches till i hurt

  • Who?

    The fuck are you. And why did someone allow you a blog? Atliens Boring?

  • realrecognizereal

    byron crawford-the bill o’reilly of this rap shit.

  • http://I Southern Nicca

    RUN DMC>>UGK>>>>N.W.A.>>OUTKAST>>>>WU-Tang>>>8ball&MJG

  • WTF?!

    Atliens boring?!? Bruh, where were u and what were YOU doing when “Elevators” hit the airwaves?? Everybody I know and their MOMMA (literally) were singing this CeeDee!! “Just two dope boys and a Cadillac!” …sheeeeit! – don’t make me recite this whole damn album! lol

    And Aquemini was pure bliss! That joint got me and my boyz thru many nites on deployment! that and sum ‘yac! :D

  • big-hue

    I think you’re downing ATliens for the sake of a debate.Atliens proved to the Hip-Hop community that the south is home to some true lyricist.OUTKAST made you motherfuckers respect the southernlyricist.

  • big-hue

    By the way Andre 3000 is the greatest lyricist of all time. Disagree get at me

  • CBOX

    Okay, this Bol cat is garbage. The fact that XXL even let you breathe on this website is enough to let me know that there isn’t a true hip-hop fan in that building. Outkast by far is the most prolific duo of all-time in any genre of music. Every single song on every album was a testament to their growth as a duo, as well as individuals. Have you heard Dre spit? Top three all-time as far as flow delivery and lyrical depth. FIRE THIS F^CKING WRITER before your magazine loses its credibility.


    southernplayalistic, speakerboxx/love below – XL

    the rest – XXL

    the writer of this article has probably never stayed in the south to understand the tone, flow of mood of the albums he didnt give XXL’s too. the reason why outkast is so good is because they exemplify the south. to call is boring is to admit that you dont understand outkast

  • Demiks

    >> by the way someone had the nerve to tell me there was just 3 good songs on stankonia.

    That was me. And I still stand by it, my oppinions on ‘Kast records are the opposite of Bol. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik IS better than Stankonia. I liked Kast better before the wigs and parachute pants.

    Just because a glorified internet journalist says something, doesn’t mean its true.

  • bmort

    outkast the greastest rap duo or group ever. who else had all their albums be successful. not one other rap group. of course people are going to have their opinions but bottom line is they have never put out an ablum that didnt do good. wanna question outkast but i bet u quick to say de la soul or off brand ass group like the pharcyde has made classics. stop hating. outkast is not only the kings of the south but of rap in general. they have stayed true to themselves and made the kind of music they want and also the kinda music that people like and want hear. if you cant respect that in this day in age then u just hating bottom line.

  • evaso

    Fam…I hate to make assumptions but I’m assuming that you are not from the south. Outkast was reppin for the south back in the days when we were known for nothing but booty shakin’ music. More important is that they take risks with it and they spit fire about real life issues. Wake up NYC!!!! The hip hop world is tired of that bullshit all hail “The Mighty O”

  • The Other Mike Jones

    At least some people know good music. Outkast is by far, and it appears that most people agree. Stankonia is by far their wackest album and even that shit is better than almost every Jay-Z cd. Isn’t he the greatest rapper of all time? Outkast could release their debut cd right now and easily be better than any bullshit out. I listen to all rap from the franchize boys to mos def and no one compares to outkast. Someone at XXL needs to give me a job cuz i swear whoever gave Idlewild a fuck L is and idiot. A rick ross cd is better than outkast. Shit like that is the reason wack mutherfuckers like jeezy are considered to run shit. YOUNG JEEZY. shit is crazy. Idlewild should get a classic rating just because its outkast. They can put out songs like “makes no sense at all” that literally makes no sense at all and its better than lean wit it rock wit it. Dont get me wrong i bump everything that comes out, with one exception, YUNG JOC’s wack ass, and outkast has solidfied themselves in MUSIC history. One single and out isnt them and never will be. Keep shitting on every Kast cuz i think yall know where u stand. straight from kansas not the south of the north.

  • Macdatruest

    Damn, it feel good to see so many people riding for Kast, cause Outkast ride for the people! They make good music period. Lyrically, and musically above par, and original shit. The biggest commercial artist still can’t compare to Outkast. They got commercial success, respect in the hood, and longevity. International fanbase. Merchendise. Trendsetters(Big Boi started the Mitchell & Ness throwback phase)and innovators. Politically aware, but still down to earth. It damn near seem like dick riding when you run down their contributions to hip hop, but dude looking like Lupe Fiasco with Cancer was just hating too hard. Dude said he heard Andre shitted a solid gold brick but dude look like his career as a credible journalist just turned into a solid gold brick with this post

  • FL_boy850


    Never have I heard a seen a bigger batch of bullshit burn my blinkers (eyeballs, people) than this haystrung bitch-ass bastard named Bol.


    Understand that Outkast not only is the greatest rap duo of all-time, not only the greatest hip-hop duo of all-time…but one of the greatest MUSIC GROUPS PERIOD! What you saw with these cats with that CLASSIC cut “Southernplayalistic” was two of the rawest MCs and lyricists PERIOD. Big Boi with that speedy choppy spit and ‘Dre with that undeniable country twang. That album is not only classic; it’s RELIGION. People STILL live to and OFF OF that LP. ATLiens saw these two transcend the borders of rap game and take the listeners into their realm–which by the way was, as the song goes, “out of this world”. Lyricism, production–all out of this world. “Elevators” and “Mainstream” are the two best cuts of that, in my opinons. “Elevators” had EVERYBODY lifted before John Legend could even try it. Then, just to prove their greatness, they beat the whole world upside the head with “Aquemini”. Just as the title of the album says, these two are intertwined; one is both, and both are one. This is where Dre 3000 began hi personal transformation; and OutKast got better because of it. Who else in thier right mind could dance around with Parliament boots on, football pads and a blond wig and STILL kill it? Meanwhile Big Boi was filling our collective domes with more knowledge than the professors at damn Princeton EVER could. And, as if these two didn’t know of their OWN greatness, I point to this line from Dre’s verse in the CLASSIC untouchable “Rosa Parks”: “that I wanna hear when I’m going down/when all’s said and done and they got a new joe in town/when the record player get to skippin and slowin down/all y’all can say is them niggaz done earned the crown/but until then…”

    WHAT MORE NEED BE SAID ON THAT? (And who knew Dre would be prefacing “chopped and screwed” at the same time?)

    Stankonia lifted these two to a whole ‘nother plateau not a nann nother artist or group can ever HOPE to reach. NONE. This was the evolution of hip-hop, not to mention the evolution of an undescribable sound. With this album, OutKast broke out of every possible hole they could have possibly be pigeoned into. No one expected it, and yet still, EVERYONE ATE IT UP.

    Then came Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, which showed Big can carry an album on his own (and quite masterfully, I might add). Meanwhile, 3000–I can’t even put it into words. He did what he WANTED TO DO and blew the hell out of EVERYONE, and yet can’t nobody deny the skills or the ascent these two made with this album.

    That’s the reason OutKast is hands-down THE GREATEST. The shit they put out 12 YEARS AGO is STILL being broken down today and a lot of it STILL shoots over folks’ heads; that’s just how deep them niggaz was and still is. Each successive album further pushed the boundaries of rap, then hip-hop. Now, you can’t even really classify their music into one genre. And that’s the other thing about OutKast and why they the best: on top of stayin relevant for so long, they’ve also managed to appeal to the masses–hard-core street; casual listener, the rocker, heavey-metal banger–even old white folks alike (tell me if the whole world wasn’t singing “Hey Ya!” when that dropped.)

    I could go on, but there’s no need to, since it’s all been said. People know that, on the mic, few are better (if any) than 3000–and he don’t even have to RAP to show it. Thing about is, Big is RIGHT UP THERE WITH HIM. See how many people try to imitate Big’s flow–ain’t gon happen.

    See Bol…if you opened your east-coast-thickened cranium up and looked into it THAT DEEP, and pulled that same slab of concrete out your east coast/NY-lovin ASS once in a while, you’d know this and could see it for yourself. You probably thought your lil’ blog entry was all roses and stuff. Um…how did that hook from “Roses” go again?

    Enough said.

  • Anth

    Man you don’t konw shit about hip hop or even music at all, big boi has always been the better rapper en he still is, so why the fuck would you think that dre writes for him.
    they were in the same school and had rap battles often which big boi won most of the time, and to call ATLiens boring you really don’t kown shit OutKast is in my book one of the best.

  • repeat

    okay so i guess i’ll go ahead and get this off of my chest, first of all dickhead……and i do mean dickhead. andre 3000 is one of the greatest emcees of all time, easily top five. the reason i say this is because he is one of the most consitent emcees…..lile.for line, for line. he is one of the most ground breaking emcees ever….i’d love to hear someone argue that point. and he is also one of the most creative individuals that ever walked the face of the earth. futhermore you can’t possibly name a group/duo with better chemistry,taking hip-hop to new and never before seen heights,pushing the very envolope that most of you muthafuckas remain trapped in…….and this is the thanx they get? a half assed writer with half baked ideas that probably won’t even spark a fire cracker let alone some thought. so in closing i say……..go do your home work son!!!!!!!

  • AP

    Atliens…boring??? LOL .. all i have to say is what type of music do you listen to? cause that statement worries me ATLiens was an innovative and CLASSIC Album. cut the bullshit.

  • kevbo jenkins

    you should re-listen to the lyrics on Mighty-O
    they’re brilliant,
    much like most of Andre’s rap lyrics


    Outkast is the best rap duo of all time! Why, do you ask? The reason is because they are like no other-individuals. There are rap artists in the game who have similar beats to all of their songs. You don’t even have to hear any lyrics to know who the rap artist(s) is on the song. Also, nowadays, all lyrics are the damn same (I got this, I got that, you ain’t got what I got because you don’t trap like me…so on and so on…) Outkast are just that-outkast-different and unique in every way! Their lyrics are great and their beats are amazing! None of their albums sound the same, which makes them true artists. I could go on about these artists, but buy let their humble attitudes and classic albums speak for themselves…

  • B 4real

    nigga u stupid, u must not be from the south, all them were classics…why? cuase it wasn’t shit else like it out,….different, understand that, and how the FUCK can u verify that Dre was writting Big Boi’s shit, B 4real

  • M B

    Another COCK SUCKER hating the SOUTH. ATLiens boooring? What r u listening to?

  • Cellus

    Okay, whoever Bryon Crawford is, he has just landed in my NO HIP HOP CREDIBILITY list!! How can you even fix your lips to say that “Southernplayalistic” or “ATLiens” were not classic hip hop albums? Organized Noize didnt do their thing?! Are you insane? I personally thing you wrote this bullshyt just to stir up conversation honestly! Big oi writes his OWN RHYMES and so does Dre. They have dropped nothing but classic albums and everyone of them have been creatively diverse and flavorful. They are indeed tha best group in the South.

    Now i do believe that Hip Hop has lost alot of its flair and creative content, but i cant blame the whole south, especially when there is Ludacris, Field Mobb, Goodie Mobb (or probably just Cee Lo) UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Scarface, Devin Tha Dude, and a few other acts that actually have some contetnt in their lyrical delivery and music.

  • Nate

    I’m sorry bro, but I cant just sit back n watch some guy who cant e’en remember Big Boi’s name try n hate on ATLiens. First off, the song ATLiens is they most classic, southernplayalistic shit right there. And they got mad different styles all over the place on this one, Elevators, Jazzy Belle, Wheelz of Steel, Extraterrestial. And dont get me wrong, I love Southernplayalistic and all, but you obviously aint been listenin to the lyrics. It’s on ATLiens that they actually start talkin bout some real shit, whether its social, personal, political or whatever, that’s when they prove they got more to say than pimps and hoes and caddllac do’s (not that that shit aint cool e’ry now and again). They originality, creativity and diversity of both music and lyrics is what make Outkast prolly THE best rap group of da 90s, and if ATLiens bored you, that obviously went right ova yo head.

    “Are you an outkast,” obviously fucking not, as for me “fuck being anything else.”

  • Sammy Champagne

    Who ever wrote this is a fucking hater. I’m not gonna even entertain this… This nigga who wrote this must be from NYC.

  • The Surrealist

    Actually, Bol is from St. Louis. And he routinely hates on NY greats like Jay, Nas, and BIG, so don’t make this a coastal or a side thing.

    What most of you fail to realize is that BOL gets paid to hate on people. He not only hates on the aforementioned MCs, but also dudes like Lupe and Kanye, and even the Roots.

    It’s BOL’s opinion. If he wants to be a D-bag and it gets you riled up, then he’s doing his job.

    With that said…Bol who do you listen to? And who good has EVER come out of St. Louis???

  • cmoney85

    this nigga is going on them dudes shit is funny to me but everyone has an opinion and let them share it .lolololol he still need s to learn

  • eastpoint3000

    he said andre 3000 and the other one, act like u know b4 u disrespect the greatest group in hip hop and the (ANDRE 3000)one of the top 5 lyrcists of all time, considering that they say we(the South) ain’t got lyrical content. Dre doesn’t write shit 4 big boi, that nigga can spit alot of time his skills r overshadowed because Dre is so prolific. Also Atliens was not booring it was the best album 2 date, Dre making corny pop records he is the reason those albums went DIAMOND, because it grabbed a whole different fanbase