Rap Is Getting A Little Too “Fly”

Kanye200.jpgKanye West got off the hook for being “different”.
jimjones200.jpgDip Set Capo Jimmy “Blanco” Jones got a pass for being “hood” (photo courtesy of URB).
We nervously laughed off the whole Jiggaman chencletas with jeans sandals scandal.
(Listen to “Jeans & Cencletas” by Jimmy Valentine)
50cent200.jpgThen 50 “I Run and/or Destroyed NY” Cent started to raise a few eyebrows after his GQ photoshoot.
But when Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map, your favorite trappers’ favorite trapper, Mr. 16.5 17.5 18.5 a brick comes to 106 & Park looking like a Dolce & Gabanna ad out of Men’s Vogue, that’s where I draw the proverbial line. I can’t hip-hop go out like that.

The 2005 King Of New York stopped by the home that AJ & Free built yesterday to show support for a struggling Cannon-less Christina Milian. Jeezy must’ve thought that dressing in a tight Ed Hardy muscle shirt with the matching jeans probably would appeal to his R&B fans. Or maybe his stylist gassed him to put down the Snowman shirts with matching shades and cross the trapstar over with a new “fashion forward” image.
See, the uniqueness with this is Hip-Hop has always had their own interpretation of fashion. Yes, we rocked clothing from weird gay Euro-American designers named Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Gianni Versace, but we rocked it with our own oversized style. Run-DMC made the first sell out song about a brand with their anti-Nike anthem “My Adidas”. We boosted Polo and turned into a gang symbol (Lo-Lives). We took Timberland, a modest middle-American-Right-Wing construction boot company and bastardized it. Then when we realized that these companies really despised us and didn’t care about our business, rappers created their own clothing lines to cater to their own demographic. It was beautiful.
But then those tricky clothing executives got smart. Somebody (possibly Steve Stoute) told them that instead of fighting with the hip hop community; they should embrace them and use the new found urban influence to sell more clothing. From then on its been going downhill. Mitchell & Ness gave anyone and everyone who could spit a 16 a Alex English throwback jersey. Jay-Z dropped the infamous “I Don’t Wear Jerseys, I’m 30 Plus, Gimmie A Crisp Pair Of Jeans and a Button Up” and destroyed hip-hop fashion as we know it. Hip-Hop junkies from Brooklyn to Bejing threw their throwbacks in the bon fire. The toughest nigga in your hood had a few blazers and a mean suit in his closet. But we still rocked it with a fitted hat and some dunks so it was all good, until now.
I’ve been hearing more and more raps name dropping Seven and True Religion jeans like they’re doing a Sex In The City promo. Three 6 Mafia, a group who usually represents spinners sizzurp and devil worship, now can’t stay fly-y-y-y-y-y-y enough with tight muscle shirts and Christian Dior stunner shades. Not to mention all the other trends that our popping up on our favorite neighborhood drug singers: Motorcycle chains, 34 slim jeans, rhinestone tees, golf polo vest (See T.I’s new video), trucker hats, open shirts, PINK, plus many many more fashion abominations.
It seems that we all owe Q-Tip, Common and Andre 3000 an apology

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  • WeissCakes

    a picture says a thousand words

  • BlackBoy

    Question… If the music goes incycles, why can’t the fashion as well?

    You say you’re an 80′s baby, well I was born in ’81 and can remember a time when folks in my neighborhood dresseds however the fuck they wanted to because they couldn’t afford to be consistently fly.

    It was hand-me-downs- shit everywhere. And everybody wore everything kinda tight. In fact they didn’t wear anything baggy (including Lo-Lifes) until ’90-91 after Hammer brought about those ridiculous genie pants.

    I’m kinda happy people are being a bit more unique nowadays, cuz everybody looking the same, rockin the same fit is kinda lame. You hood niggas are starting to be fascists for real.

    Let them do them, you do you….

  • Belize

    that shit kanye be rockin makes qtip, andre and common look like real hood niggaz

  • http://www.myspace.com/wanted_dstny Larry

    “It seems that we all owe Q-Tip, Common and Andre 3000 an apology!” Yes sir… Jeezy in an Ed Hardy shirt… not a hip hop fan anymore, but thats just scary!

  • T-Boye

    Yaooooo, I give respect to Kanye & them they’re true innovators

  • soso

    you got to realize that we are not in the 90s anymore.pop culture is moving away from the 90s era.but rappers are taking it too far.they claim they do this on the streets ,but turn around dressing like they lived in the suburbs all their lives.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hekxed34 CAPS

    What happened to hoodys and timbs? On soem real shit, I just think Kanye fashion statements are kinda wack, Hes been looking through those glasses on acid too much.

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    All them dudes (common, andre 3000, q-tip) were on they own shit back then, so of course people were gonna be like “wtf you call this FASHION???” Holla @ Black Thought of The Roots though, dude had the style locked down on the low for a hot minute.
    oh yeah, these niggas aint exactly terminator types either so all that tight shirt wearing… NOT poppin. get in where you fit in.


  • Danja29

    I kinda dig it, cause it’s startin’ to be a “do you” type thing, as opposed to that “designated hip-hop look” era that’s been goin’ on for years. But shit’s also gettin’ to the point where self-proclaimed “hood niggas” are poppin’ up lookin’ like Babyface and shit. I’m pretty yay/nay on this.

  • Nay Nimley

    Funny that you wrote this, I’ve been away from NYC (living wise) for about 11 months, and last time I was in NYC, this past Feb. eybody was rockin tight jeans, which i dont mind at all. but anyway, as i ironed my Seven jeans (putting a Houston crease in them so they would be more slim fitting) this morning getting ready for work i happened to the see the first 3 vids of 106 as usual, and I noticed Jeezy had some slim fitting jeans on, I think it isnt the tight jeans, but rather the price tag, because all these jeans are what they call “designer jeans”. But i personally dont mind, thugs in 86 wore skin tights, (didnt they?? i was born in 85). Plus grown men shouldnt be wearin the same clothes as the ones in high school anyway. Its time we grow up, the clothes dont make the man, but if eyone starts rocking tight stuff, I’ma be mad too. Jus be free and dress how you feel.

  • ThatDude

    Somebody needs to bring back the black Champion Hoodies and shuckers. These rappers are focusing too much on there looks instead of focusing on there rhymes. Especially NYC, they should spend more time in the studio making anthems and less time with there stylists

  • http://www.myspace.com/dareal_mahoganyjones Mahogany Jones

    This new XXL piece about is very interesting. In my opinion it touches on the duplicity of “shine” and “grime”. Hip Hop is supposed to be the culture of “self identity”, but we still can’t get past the impact of euro influences in fashion and other mediums….OR… is the look of hip hop today a reflection of the evolution of hip hop culture -moving and growing in different directions becoming multi-facetted in style – our style or their style ??? Should we remain fixated to the perception of how hip hop supposed to look? Eventhough hip hop (black culture) has made a tremendous impact in today’s fashion (and overall pop culture), why do we continuously latch on to what “they” think is fashionable??

    Good Look Sick



    • foolio_iglesias

      There in,as they say,lies the rub.See the thing is,just cuz you live in the hood doesn’t mean you ARE hip hop.You may LISTEN to hip hop,but that doesn’t mean you PRACTICE hip hop.See,ghetto(hood) culture isn’t mutually exclusive to Black culture,but so many people seem to think so.Black culture has been around before hip hop’s inception,and hopefully when rap finally dies(in the mainstream)we can focus on what’s really important;figuring how to get rid of the hood itself…

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    This is simply all a part of the bizzare cycle of whites’ stealing black speak/swagger, and blacks’ stealing white fashion/women.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    P.S. Great column.

    LOL @ “It seems that we all owe Q-Tip, Common and Andre 3000 an apology.”

  • john cochran

    I think people makin a big deal about rappers dressin like grown men just show how homophobic our community is. Whats wrong with a grown man wearin whatever the hell he wants. We need individually like that in the game.

  • Proverbial

    I think it is safe to say that these styles/fads that my man Sick has discussed cannot be easily attributed to an overall “caution status” in hip hop(as it pertains to fashion). The problem is
    a.the ridiculous abridgements and misplacements of the garments being rocked.

  • Proverbial

    b. the fact that the “daring heads” try “too” hard because most of these okie doke cat’s don’t try….time changes so does the uniform….and it goes in cycles…but minus a thing or two……dudes are rockin cazals, diors(retro specs,etc…) again…..but thank god the membersonly piece is still collectin’ moth-balls. It’s as simple as this…Style is the key to all forms of rockin……said by someone else of course but words to live by in any Skool….new school need 2 learn though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/ombiant Taurean

    I agree that some rappers are not being themselves, but there are some who are being genuine. Hip Hop along with every other thing is becoming more global, so there are more influences. Back in the day you wouldnt know what’s the trend over in Japan, but nowadays you just left Japan. It is easier to change your style up and now there are more people in hip hop making some real money, there for you can’t come into a corporate boardroom sporting a jersey.

  • Belize


    • foolio_iglesias

      I thought unfitteds(adjustable)hats and truckers(unfitteds)were the same style of hat…

  • blackman

    this is a bullshit blog.First off If I remember correctly Africa bambatta were dressing like Rick James,and all those old school cats had their own style. Run-Dmc had the tight leather gear along with Kool moe dee. Big daddy kane had the silk suits,some of those old school niggas would even wear spandex shorts,and Hammer with those parachute pants. So why do you think all brothers that rap should wear timbs, and baggy jeans. Everybody always crying about rappers not being original and as soon as some one does something different they are criticized.

    Ps I don’t believe men should be wearing all that pink like camron.



  • NsaniT

    The face of hip hop changes constantly, fashion is just starting to change as well, this is (sadly) a step forward. This celebrates diversity. Not everyone is gonna take off their timbs for chencletas (or at least i hope not!) but those who do, Shit. do you man. And havent you considered they get PAID to wear these ridic. outfits? in my opinion, no1 you’d classify as “hood” would be seen rockin a tight ass muscle shirt where it hurts to breathe, and flashy clothing.. i dont got a problem with that. Me? Personally i prefer an italian dress shirt and a pair of dickies to golf vests and slim 34′s but shit.. do you.

  • LiL Goku

    What it boils down to think about all this shit, is to dress whutever u want, and juss be youself. Who care if that person dress like fashion style. If cam’ron wants to wear pink, then wear pink. And i bet he gets hella pussy for wearing pink too from it.

  • http://www.mikenice.com/ Mike Nice

    What, you’d rather see people rocking a 5xXL white tee down to their knees that looks like a dress instead of clothes that fit? I couldn’t be happier that the fashion styles are FINALLY moving towards clothes that are more fitted instead of three times too big. The look that Naughty By Nature brought in in 1991 had a hell of a good run (fourteen years by my count), but the styles were bound to change eventually. And I for one date far more often now that I wear clothes that fit me instead of making me look like I weigh twenty pounds more than I actually do.

  • sunshyne

    I’m kinda with Sick on this. I can respect Jay-Z for doing the grown man thing cuz he’s like 40 or whatever, but all this GQ stuff is not hip-hop. It’s cool to try new things, but make it your own. Hip-Hop is not a trend.

  • mathew

    i think Kanye needs to step his fashion game up. the MJ look doesnt cut it…


    bout time niggas stopped wearing oversized everything. that shiii is so 90′s. its an evolution dummies. i hate ignorant homophobic bloggers who cant except anything even slightly differant from whats considered the norm.
    oh yeah and BLACKMAN…pink is fly homie.

  • fuck homos

    bring back the white tees, hoodys & timbs. jeezy is clown. trapper of the yr yet hes dressed like some cracka from europe? fuck outta here

    and fuck all this ed hardy white boy shit. keep that shit in the suburbs. t.i. is looking mad foolish rocking that polo vest tied around his neck like if hes carlton banks.

  • http://www.sojones.com ROD

    I’ve been said this man. We talk about it in our forum all day and try to explain it to people

    We create something we can have and now we basically giving it back.. only way I see tit working as if we change our lines to fit this new style and let it cross over into those other genres.

    A lot of this stuff they trying to play as ‘old school’ is not old school and looks lame to me. But same time, some people know the right look and it is fly.

    I saw some bloods of New York throwing up the Dip Set sign…

    ^ If this ain’t the most homo shit i’ve seen in a while……..

    I can’t get mad at people for getting money like 50 Cent doing ad covers and all that but damn, they need to learn to definitely show support of urban designers.. the real ones and not hte ones that became urban basically once the big spenders (minorities) started shopping so hard with it.

    Cats is rocking Abecrombie and fitch, American Eagle, and all this other shit.. they have me tripping…. Abecrombie and Fitch wouldn’t hire people with color in their skin.. black / hispanic / asian….t hat’s crazy people would even consider wearing it.

    Its so much depth I can go into with this but I’m good on it for now b/c we talk about Urban & Hip-Hop fashion all day on SoJones.com, the first hip-hop fashion site.


  • Jimmy Valentime

    I did jean and chancallates the song

    thank you so much Dj Sickamore for posting my song

    I hope people notice am being sarcastic and witty with it


  • gluvnast

    hiphop is suppose to be indiviudality and self-expression.

    besides, even before run-dmc emerged, alot of the pioneering rappers wore outrageous stuff during shows…alot of futuristic p-funk material and ect….

    also, the late 80′s represented outrageous fashion and style, but it was all part of hiphop…and it always will evolve from one thing to the next….

    so let it be

  • Jimmy Valentime

    Thank you for posting my song

    I can give you more stuff in the same vain

    just holla at me man


    Plus grown men shouldnt be wearin the same clothes as the ones in high school anyway. Its time we grow up, the clothes dont make the man,

    now look at the picture!:


  • Miami Monica

    Sick is THE TRUTH!!!! Why cant everyone just dress like you? LOL…. Im feeling your style Sick…. ;-)

    Some of these “Hip Hop” niggas really is over doing it…. The collered shirts and button downs was clean and right lookin…. But the belts with all them rhinestones in them (Jim Jones, Juelz, DIP SET etc.) is just GAY!!!! Yeah i said it…. GAY!!!! (Sorry Kanye…. LOL)

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    i still rock timbs. i bought a new pair last week.

    i can’t get into that fitted lifestyle. that’s good for hats but not for pants… fucking SLIM!?!? ew. i need room.

  • http://sickamore.xxlmag.com Sicker

    gluvnast Says:
    May 17th, 2006 at 7:26 am

    hiphop is suppose to be indiviudality and self-expression.

    Get the f outta here! Hip-Hop is and as always been about being the coolest

  • ManFrizzLe

    Love the column, just wanted to mention how Young Jeezy and T.I., no matter if they’re on top of rap as we know it, can never be considered kings of NY…the contradiction comes about because the King of NY often gets confused with the King of rap, period. But when 50 was running this rap shit 3 years ago, he wasnt the king of atlanta…

  • hurricanegame12


  • mathew

    Kanye is definetely a closet homosexual,like Luther just watch his actions and comments(e.g on MTV) and thats fuckd UP! he has talent on the beats though.

  • Real Nigga

    I don’t know how yall do up north, but in the south we been wearing polo before Kanye came out. That is the norm.

  • Slapjack Tripper

    ^^^ He was raised by a woman who told him that he could be anything that he wanted to be. He was bound to turn out a fudge.

  • JML5150

    I like that preppy shit. It shows some dudes actually care about how they look. Kanye takes it too far sometimes like at the Grammys, and 50′s GQ cover with the come hiter look (straight brokeback). Wearing a 5x tall white tee is not fresh, it looks like a damn dress. Once you start to make a substatial amount of money you have to reflect that in your appearance and gear, not just 15 iced out chains.

  • Livin Legend 85


  • Blaq Thought

    I don’t know why every one is tripping. Rappers have been wearing funny shit since Sugar Hill. Those cats from Rapper’s Delight (who stole Grandmaster Caz rhymes) wore bell bottomed, nut crunching tight Lee fitted jeans and that shit was cool in the late 70′s thru early 80′s. i just can’t get with this massive gay movement. Everybody dressing broke back is WACK!!! I’m in a button up and slacks right now. And you wanna know why . . . .CUZ I’M AT WORK, DAMMNIT! I hate dress down clubs are becoming far and between. I don’t want to grind on a chick while I’m wearing my work clothes. When Common, Dre and Qtip stared dressing their way, i thought it was broke back but it was exceptable because they were fucking Erica Badu at the time (heard her p*ssy is like a bad acid trip – once you hit it you’ll be feeling the effects days, weeks and years from now and dress like a bamma). The only advise I can give is do you and only you.

  • The Real Don P.

    C’mon now let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. RAP IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE!!! In this day and age rap is nothing more than entertainment…if rappers did even half the sh#t they talk about or say they do their career would not last too long. They’d either be behind bars or six feet under. Let’s face it rap has turned into nothing more than a marketing mechanism to fuel the urban economy. How many time’s did you hear Big Daddy Kane, who happens to be one of my favorite MC’s of all time, talk about his new line of liquor he is selling, or for that matter how many rappers back then even had their own clothing line, sneakers, liquor, and god knows what else rappers sell these days. Sean John, RocaWear, Todd Smith formally known as FUBU, Diplomats,and a myriad of other clothing lines/endorsement deals. Even Fab, who I am a big fan of, basically spit 16 as a commercial for Bacardi. I mean are you serious?!?
    It all comes with the territory, rather the society that we live in, which happens to be one that models the epitome of capitalism. Everyone is out to make a buck, even your favorite, most gangster, “I’ll kill your whole family” rapper. In closing, just realize that in rap, as in life, believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. Oh yeah, and I’m all for rappers dressing GQ’d out. I been rockin armani in my hood for quite some time. Holla at ya boy!

  • fosterakahunter

    Not for nothing, but, Hilfiger and Lauren aren’t homosexuals. Versace, now, that’s another matter.

  • http://www.itsbaltimorebaby.com C Love

    Could you have found and posted gay-er pics?

    but one you forgot…since we are picking on rappers….what about Wizzy’s source cover??? mhhhhhh???

  • E.C. Killz Piru block MOB

    Fuck all u niggaz I stay wearing red rags, white tees, chucks, and khakis.
    CK 4 Life!

  • Hustle Hard

    jeezy is NOT king of new york.

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  • e

    NO HOMO at fashion discussion

  • fuck a button up

    Fuck a button, fuck a collar shirt. That shit is for fags in highlight or pretty preppy niggas.

    I like the dipset look better than that collared shit because its fitted yet wild and dangerous. Thats style stems from the rock and roll\punk world.

    What do you think is crazier,wilder and bad boy-ish, A dude in a collared shirt button down ,looking like he wants to audition for a bitch ass ambercrombie and fitch ad(or however you spell that bullshit) OOOOOOOR

    A crazy punk rocker dude with tattoos that comes through with his leather, his bike chain on his jeans, And A harley bike.


  • tommytorres

    what the fuck is this shit, grown men talkin about grown men’s fuckin clothin. i’ve been in the juvenile hell, done lock up with the big boy’s for several months, and what the fuck a nig was wearin was the least of a motherfuckers worries. come to d.c., you will see many motherfuckers wearin jeans that fit, and those same cats in tight jeans and v-necks will be the niggas that relieve you of those baggy jeans, air forces, what have you. i did a year and a half for armed robbery (got out early for good behavior, and completing dap, vap, and rap classes) im 17 and ima wear tight jeans and jays, cuz aint nothing better than when ur running from the police. p.s. why the fuck do grown men care what other grown men wear, look at females, in the pen thats cock watchin, and that’ll get ur face deuced diced. fashion is for white people with ends to spend on names of clothing brands and nothin else, wear what the fuck u want and wat u can cop, and if a nigg calls u on it, split his shit par. shorties get respect for knowledge, not nikes.

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  • Zay from da ATL

    Well being that I’m a ATL nigga, Im dowmn wit Lil Wayne, he kills all these other niggas when it cums down to dis fashion shyt.TI got good fashion sense too. On da real, them niggas Juelz and Jim Jones be doin da damn thang too.

  • E.F. repp

    Blackboy speaks tru shit people . . .
    these niggas . . . ummm . . . .idk . . . “like to try new shit”? Its a man with the most moey shows it thing people . . . i thought yall new . . . and as for that lil gay ass Jay Z diss record thing. . . why u watchin Hovie so hard for huh? Y u screwballin the nigga so hard that u sat and wrote a whole song for HIM.Faggot ass no bass havin ass nigga need to get his money right wit some hit single like Jigga had in his days and maybe he can afford to say he got a pair of them Jigga sandals.

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  • Naishi G.

    I must say to all the readers try not to put yourself in a box or the rappers. Basically dont be squared. Hip-hop is changing jusst like the world. Most of the time its just old fashion happening again. Its just that its fresh to the newborns. Anyways im happy for all the artist out there thats doing things differently. Not everybody is gonna be dressing like they in the “hood”, it’ll get played out quicker. Besides if you havent notice “gangsta” rap is slowly fading. These rappers are smart in trying to appeal to more of a bigger audiance. They’re doing what they have to to make that bread!

  • lucky

    just saw that jim jones video…quick question what in the fuck name brand of clothing is that that he rocks. fits him but I been seeing more an more folks following his style. aight yall holla…


    why do it gotta be baggy as hell or tight as hell what about somewhere in the middle????? i personally need a t shirt dat comes down at least 2 my elbows nothing higher and jeans dat are baggy and comfortable and dont make me feel like a walking stick figure, i personally think jim jones clothin style would be dope if it was jus looser cuz he look dum as hell sagging tight jeans and as for the preppy stuff there a time n place 4 every outfit nah mean??? the biker chains..ehhhhh whatever not so bad, but the v necks need 2 go ESPECIALLY wen jones wears a v neck over a regular t of the different color it looks ridiculous, every1 wants somethin 2 claim their own i guess but i doubt this tight clothing is gonna last very long, far as rappers go altho 50 killed rap i like him and g unit clothing style choices it represents nyc the best 2 me, and fab can dress (except the occasional tight ass thermal) another thing trippin is ny nggs rockin dickies haha go move 2 cali if u love da style so much any ny nggz my age (22) who grew up in the 90′s era of “fckk cali style” can agree wit me its jus straight timbs or sneakers depends on the situation, baggy jeans or sweats again depending on the situation and hoodies usually wit a baggy t underneath 2 cover your damn underwear and the occasional sweater or polo type shirt is as far as i go 2 preppyness


    “It seems that we all owe Q-Tip, Common and Andre 3000 an apology”

    Hell no i dont owe them fools shit!if all these rappers wanna come out the closet and start actin gay and dressing gay thats on them,but ill be damn if i play sheep and follow suit!!!If thats where HipHop is going i think i wont be into HipHop next year.

  • Maelaan

    Talk about people stuck! Hip-Hop has grown from our local hood gatherings of house parties and block huggin’, to a multi-billion dollar industry that has spread across the globe! First, Black folks complain about not gettin’ any recognition, and now when our culture gets not only recognized and embraced by the world, we complain about not sticking to our local hood attire.

    Grow up, free your minds from small thinking and realize that as other global regions become a part of our culture, things will evolve. Fashion will evolve. I only wish that our talk of hustlin’ and drugs would also evolve, because it’s obvious that this is the only thing that remains the same. The lyrics.

  • jot

    Jersey were hot need to bring jerseys back and jean jackets.

  • yobrotha

    this is stupid, grillz are stupid, 5 xxl shirts are stupid, baggy jeans down past your ass is stupid!! its about time some rappers started to try to actually look nice, rather than freakin idiots! just because you wear pants that fit and a nice shirt doesnt mean your not “gangster”. Half these rappers are just wanna be gangsters anyway!!

  • Rsizzle

    I dont c a problem wit fitted clothing. Besides girls 20 and over would perfer dat den baggy clothin

  • Hurricane Game

    Damn Kanye looks gay as SO does Common.
    Jim Jones isnt half as gay as kanye.
    He can still fit money in his pockets.
    Me Im not into the whole ghey tight bs.
    Give me some oversized shit anyday.

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  • http://brthehottesttopics.info/bookmarks/ Sean Tommie

    Is definitely blogengine better than live journal in some manner? Has to be because it is becoming more popluar nowadays.