Just a quick note since this site's been down all fuckin' day(A). Mr. Big Mouth broke his recent anti-press stance(B) and went to Sirius radio last night and taped an interview with the Latin cats who run mixtapekings.com. I got to say those vatos got me open like Dru Ha's expense account and I revealed way more than I thought I would. So if you wanna hear me big-up this website a million times, plug Hip-Hop Soul, and come clean on what the next 3 covers of XXL are gonna be(C), I strongly suggest you guzzle down a Red Bull or two and tune in tonight from Midnight to 2AM EST(D). CC, I see you!

Sidebar: Those N'awlins firemen sure love to rhyme like Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Lil Wayne "Workin Em"

Maybe Dip Set will cover "Baby Got Back" one day and bring NY back.
(A) Maybe the Hamburger Helper got his War Games on—Hack-saw Jim Duggan style! C'mon dude, that ain't playing fair. No Internet tricks. Or maybe that Busta/Stevie Wonder collabo really had the computer boys goin' crazy.

(B) My hands are still stinging from catching that XXL Raps brick (Current SoundScan stats: 29,838) Cheer up Hav and P, you sold more than me.

(C) Let me swagger-jack the God Rakim like Hova once did: Competition is none. I remain on top like the sun.

(D) Or you can just hope someone else does and they put an mp3 up on a forum somewhere.