I’ve never been good at introductions so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. On these mean internet streets I’m known as Fresh. Of course that isn’t my government but all of the good names were already taken. Besides, when I become a famous mixtape personality I plan on calling myself DJ “The Fuck” Fresh. Until then I blog about the latest in negrotainment news and gossip over at Crunk and Disorderly. But enough about me, let’s get on with it.

Field Mob invited ancient vaginal dryer Kay Slay  (and one of the most influential people in music according to New York Magazine) to a listening session for their upcoming album. Footage of the duo dissin’ East Coast rappers had message boards all around the internet hot. The duo then released a statement saying that they were falsely depicting on the DVD.

If its any consolation to rappers who felt slighted by the disses Shawn Jay’s leg was broken after being ran over by a police car in Jacksonville, Florida. Its not a bullet but at least its something. And Smoke? Well . . .

He should really be careful about who he smokes after. It’s all fun and games with the P$C King until you end up at the clinic.

Let’s face it, Khia is one delusional bitch. I don‘t believe shit that leaves her hot, tainted mouth. It’s bad enough she is running around calling herself the Queen of the South now she’s making claims that don‘t seem to be true. Khia has been reporting on her shitty excuse of a website www.KhiaGangstress.com that she will appear on Janet Jackson’s first single “So Excited.” Now it looks like Janet’s label has snatched that cat back.

What kind of fool does Khia take us for? If Janet herself has yet to name an official single why in the blue hell would I take her word for it? Hoe sit down. And take your tentative album cover with you.