beanie7vs.jpgAs you probably already have heard Beanie Sigel was shot during a robbery attempt earlier this morning. Isn't this shit getting a little redundant? There are threads being created on message boards asking who is going to be the next rapper to get shot. Cassidy better continue keeping a low profile in Philly since the cats out there aren't scared to step to rappers. The Full Surface rapper recently got out of prison for providing the guns that were used to murder Philly resident Desmond Hawkins. Even if Cass didn't actually pull the trigger, word on the street is that he's been keeping a very low profile in Philly lately because Hawkins was a very popular dude. City of Brotherly Love? Ya'll all need hugs. I'm always accepting weed carrier applications, Cassidy. Feel free to stop by the office and pick one up.

With every passing media event Remy Ma continues to show up looking like she just hit the clearance rack at Fashion Bug. On the song "Conceited" she said that she looks at herself in the mirror "like what the fuck." I couldn't agree more since that's the exact same thing that goes through my mind.

Contrary to popular belief I actually like Remy. I just think she is a little misdirected when it comes to expressing herself through fashion. I blame most of her wardrobe malfunctions on her team of stylists. These are the people who are responsible for turning her into Cognac Jack.

Exhibit A - 106 Impossible I guess one of her yes women had the brilliant vision for her to show up looking like a sexy UPS delivery woman. Its not helping that later on she goes full on tranny during her photo op. I hope she didn't make that Sprite bottle disappear in her mouth since it's already been done.

Exhibit B - BET's Spring Bling You definitely won't find this on the last page of King as a backshot.

Exhibit C - Hip-Hop Summit Action Network "Get Your Money Right" Financial Summit in Miami I don't know about you but I'm down with taking financial advice from someone who looks like they probably smell like an ounce of weed and Hennessey. What the fuck, did she not get the memo? The Rick James hairstyle could've been excusable if she would've paired it with some casual business attire. But this is Remy Ma we're talking about.

Why hasn't anybody pulled her over to the sideline and told her she looks like a damn fool? And Knowing is half the battle.

At any rate she has definitely been a great fill in for H.A.M. spectators while Lil' Kim is away. But Kimberly may be snatching back her crown very soon. There is some speculation that she may be getting out of feds early next month just in time for Summer Jam.