Banks is currently busy putting the finishing touches on his new album “Rotten Apple.” The sophomore effort will include an attempt to finally ether Fat Joe and The Lox titled “Death Wish.” When the song finally leaks out (and you know it will) it will have the internet goin’ nuts no doubt. Alicia Keys will also make a cameo on the disc for a song called “Addictive.” The song hasn’t been completed just yet since AK is busy in Africa getting her Angelina Jolie on.

What, no Olivia? Bitch must have been busy keeping her electrolysis and hormone replacement therapy appointments and passed. She should've never started doing those steroids with 50.

It looks like Mike Jones isn't the only rapper over at Swisha House who is trying to cut ties with the label. Paul Wall has allegedly been busy making calls to people within the industry asking how he can get out of his current situation.

Paul Wall will always hold a special place in my heart. He not only married a black girl but it's a prominent member of Team Chunk. That alone should forgive any sins he may commit when he steps inside of a vocal booth. Every rapper doesn't need an entourage or clique to keep their career going strong but I can't imagine Paul flying solo. But jumping ship isn't exactly easy. One step in the wrong direction and it's a wrap.

Paul seems like a nice enough guy. Should he throw on a pair of Gucci loafers and join the rest of the G.O.O.D. metrosexuals? Or should he tap into Dip Set's cult following? Whatever Paul decides next he should remember a quote from the esteemed Bishop Don Magic Juan: let your next move be your best move. Which crew do you think he should roll with next? Holla back in the comments section. I'll be fine with whoever he decides to roll with just as long as this doesn't happen any more: