On any given day you can turn to Page Six and see Jay-Z and Beyonce laying poolside with each other in Miami. For understandable reasons the two of them have chosen to keep quiet about their relationship. Unlike most entertainers you will never see either one of them professing their love for one another on Myspace.

A couple of years ago The Roots' drummer ?uestlove was slightly chubbier and trying to keep the flame of his long distance relationship burning by watching movies simultaneously with his girlfriend at the time. I guess being the co-founder of OkayPlayer doesn't automatically qualify you for e-groupie love. Now between studio sessions and shows he finds time to log on to Myspace to leave sweet comments for the new lady in his life who likes to refer to herself as ?uestdove.

The Game recently used the website to announce his engagement to Valeishia Butterfield in an unconventional way - - by posting it on his profile. He must be one very charming negro. Not only did he win the beauty over but he apparently has managed to impress her US Congressmen father. Yup, you read that last sentence right. I'm having a hard time believing it myself but seeing is believing. I don't know how receptive my folks who be to him if he showed up to my door looking like this.

(picture via Concrete Loop)

Before hooking up with Game through the Hip Hop Summit, Valeishia played arm candy for NFL star Julius Peppers. Word has it that after failing at getting Julius to pop the question to her she moved on to Chuck Taylor. All of her ties may not be severed with Peppers since the two of them were allegedly spotted together in Hawaii taking in some sunshine earlier this year. Don't be surprised if the wedding that is scheduled for March 2007 is called off. Besides, Game doesn't know if he's coming or going. All of this shit may just be a phase. Riddle me this Batman, didn't he say that the butterfly tattoo represented a poem his Pops wrote about his Grandmother? The same man who he supposedly hates because he molested his two sisters? I don't get it. Put Jayceon in your prayers tonight.

But everything isn't always grits and gravy once a relationship is put on display for the world to chime in on. Kanye's ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittenden can attest to that. After the url to her profile was posted on different message boards across the internet she quickly became an easy target. Things got so hot that Brooke later went on the defensive and wrote a rant on her profile before making it private. Its been reported that the couple has since then separated. While nobody knows why the two have split after taking a look at Brooke's headline which says " MySpace. Ruining your life, one friendship at a time" you can't help but wonder what role the website played.