My Top 10 DJ List

Okay, I’m bored with this blog shit. This ain’t my chamber. Rantin’ and ravin’ to get a response from ya’ll. I caught a great deal of flack for my top ten lists, so I figured I’d try it again!!! Funny, one dude said, “Why should we even respect this dude’s opinion?” Hilarious, I tell you.

10) DJ Mark Ronson – On the party tip, dude is a fuckin beast. Very innovative. I’ve seen him do shit that was crazy and go to so many different genres of music in 3 hours!! Crazy!!
9) DJ Scratch – Tthere are a lot of DJ turn Producers that are the shit (Pete Rock, Premier, Dr. Dre, list is endless). But Scratch is still really known as a DJ as well. Bol is nice as shit and is a tour dj master. And his cut game is viscious.
8) DJ Clue – Not so much on actual dj skill, but u can’t take shit away from Clue. No mixtape DJ (except maybe Capri) was able to accomish what he did and change the game the way he did. Times have changed in the mixtape world so his influence isn’t felt as much but there is a reason why Mr. Question Mark is a household name.
7) DJ Grandmaster Flash – I was a lil young when Flash had his hey day but of couse I’ve seen wild styles and the art of break beats was revolutinized by this man. He of course is a DJ elder so I have to pay respects to the man. Thanks Flash.
6) DJ Q-Bert – See u geeks proly thought I aint kno my shit… Yeah the bol Q-Bert I would say brought “turntablism” to the forefront along with Mixmaster Mike, Babu, etc. I spent about 6 months trynin to learn the flare scratch but go dammit I never got it!! That’s why I focused on the mixtapes! Ha!
5) DJ FunkMaster Flex – The branding machine. Wow, who’s bigger in the world than Flex. Say what u want but he took his abilities and turn them into powers!! He is a marketing genius that never ceases to amaze me.
4) DJ Green Lantern – The most creative, innovative, and one of the most infuential mixtape DJs to come in the game…
3) DJ Kool Herc – The Godfather
Say no More.
2) DJ Kid Capri – Where would we be without the Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Capri!! Parties, mixtapes, tv appearances, album, etc, u name it, he did it.
1) DJ Jazzy Jeff – I might be biased cuz I’m from philly but I hold Jeff at the top. It was cuz of him that I stop usin records and began to use Serato. I mean if a master like him uses it well….
  So there u go. Peace out. Dedication 2 May 23rd.


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  • Harrisburg

    I thought you were going to quit after you got butthurt on Bol’s blog.

  • god


  • Phat Matt 187

    me too

  • Lyle

    Gangsta Grillz > “Bol’s Blog”

  • steve

    yea drama give it up your blog is the weakest, you need a ghostwriter. the ipod king?? ok…

  • silva

    yall are some haters. fuck a bol. anyway that’s interesting that you’d put green and jazzy jeff so high, but everyone got their own reasons and opinions..i think capri is #1 personally

  • RandomName

    I always love it when people give Jeff his props.

    Good list.


  • Barkley

    FUCK BOL, HE’S A FAG…..anyway I agree with you that Jeff is #1, but what about DJ Marvelous, he’s a legend, he should at least get a honorable mention.

  • DL

    Too, too. too much bomber hats… go good guys.

  • jones

    Flex and Clue are great at promoting themselves, but top 10 djs? Nah.

    I’d put Mixmaster Mike and someone from the X-Men/X-Cutioners in their spots on the list.

  • skdamc

    Thanks for recognizing Jazzy Jeff. You know New York had the MC’s but Philly had the DJ’s. Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Spinbad, Lightnin’ Rich, D.J. Miz, Cosmic Kev, Robbie B., And all them catz down at Armands, and Sound of 11th street.

  • bkswagger

    youre a douchebag this list sucks

  • king douche

    they should take this blog away from you. you’re the worst writer.

  • 1st Down

    No DJ Shadow? Please…

  • khal

    @Silva — why is it funny he put Jeff up there? Jeff is internationally known as a don on the 1s and 2s, and his production game is off the hook!

    Big up including Green Lantern, he’s the MAN right now.

  • bxconnect

    good list you just forgot jam master jay.i aint mad at you.scratch will always be remembered for taking his shirt off whyle cutting.

  • Jae Mitch


  • DJ Main Event

    thats a legit list. i keep thinking that dudes only see what they themselves are doing. And MAYBE an honorable mention to the people that inspired them.
    Halfway expected some Dylan shit like *Throws on Dylan/Chappelle accent*
    “De top 5 DJ’s are Drama, Drama, CANNON, Sense and Drama. Yuh too close mon!”

  • Animal Chin

    this list is crap

    where is grand wizard theodore the inventor of the scratch, the l brothers used to own.

    green lantern is better than q-bert grandmaster flash and dj scratch???

    get the fuck outta here

    fuckin noob

  • Prodigy

    Your list ain’t bad, i’m wondering where Jam Master Jay is though.




  • uP

    just by reading this list you should remove the “DJ” from your name.

    “I spent about 6 months trynin to learn the flare scratch but go dammit I never got it!! That’s why I focused on the mixtapes! Ha!”

    “He is a marketing genius that never ceases to amaze me.”

    dude, hate to break it to you, but you are part of the disease.

  • kakk

    red alert?

  • Fobbyjao

    J.Rocc, Melo-D, Diplo, Z-Trip?

  • Amier Starr

    I ain’t mad at you Dram.

    But I think Jazzy Jeff made #1 cause you’re from Philly. I do think he should be on the list, he did invent the damn transformer scratch, but #1 is pushing it. Like Janet said, “what da fuck you dun 4 me lately?” Plus you left out Red Alert, cum on man, you couldn’t have a hip hop video back in the day without Red Alert. And what about DJ Dirty Harry? I’m curious what your opinion of dude’s skills are, get back at me with that. I would have put Harry right around Green, but Harry maybe a NYC phenonmenon.

  • Combat Jack

    DJ Drama

    I don’t believe you, you need more people.

  • Lindemann

    Is it too much to ask for a paid blogger to be able to spell?

  • rip round’n rock

    qberts “demolition pumpkin squeeze musik” is probably my favorite mixtape of all time, that was the tape that convinced me to buy turntables

  • jimmy

    i don’t care if i get the explanation from drama-queen herself or not, but what the fuck is an ipod king?

    do you rock parties with an ipod and call yourself a dj?

    props to UP – ‘disease’ is right.

  • Nassau2Ca$hville

    What up Dram. Just wanted to let you know dat Ca$hville fucks wit you hard, but you already know this. I’m waitin on that Dedication 2 for real. First one was a classic. Keep droppin dat heat. His albums ain’t all dat, but I’m sure Luda would make a fire Gangsta Grills too. You need to see bout dat right dere. And oh yea, I know he featured on 3 Gangsta Grills already, but make sure dat nigga Allstar get a tape. He on fire right now!!!!

  • Coop

    Everytime I try to listen to ‘front to back’ you ruin it with your shoutouts. Please stop already.

  • Grand Avenue


  • Truth Speaker

    How the fuck you gonna have some wack ass sucka like Funk Master Flex Ahead of Dj Qbert!?!!? Green Lantern? Kid Capris!?!?!?

  • Nate


  • Hustle Hard

    YES!!!! Scratch made the list!

    YOU FCUKING ROX!1111!!!!

  • young ceaser

    yo its more like 10.Green Lantern 9. funk master flex 8.DJ Whoo Kid 7.DJ Scratch 6.DJ Clue 5.DJ Grandmaster Flash 4.Jam Master Jay 3.DJ Jazzy Jeff
    2.DJ Kool Herc and 1.DJ Kid Capri


    Gunit need to get back wit green lantern because im tired of whoo kid

  • Jason

    this is your best blog…but u miss premo….he’s consider one of the greatest producers of all time…..and if u listen to his music he sctraching hard…he don’t got to be mixtape type dj but he sample reall hood lines…betta then most dj’s can put together…but i give u props man

  • Andrew

    were the fuck is whoo kid

  • VAs Landlord

    Is it jus me or do grandmaster flash look like tyrese and bobby brown had a baby…….

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  • DAVE

    Jazzy jeff is your favorite DJs’ favorite DJ…..