Okay, I'm bored with this blog shit. This ain't my chamber. Rantin' and ravin' to get a response from ya'll. I caught a great deal of flack for my top ten lists, so I figured I'd try it again!!! Funny, one dude said, "Why should we even respect this dude's opinion?" Hilarious, I tell you.

10) DJ Mark Ronson - On the party tip, dude is a fuckin beast. Very innovative. I've seen him do shit that was crazy and go to so many different genres of music in 3 hours!! Crazy!!
9) DJ Scratch - Tthere are a lot of DJ turn Producers that are the shit (Pete Rock, Premier, Dr. Dre, list is endless). But Scratch is still really known as a DJ as well. Bol is nice as shit and is a tour dj master. And his cut game is viscious.
8) DJ Clue - Not so much on actual dj skill, but u can't take shit away from Clue. No mixtape DJ (except maybe Capri) was able to accomish what he did and change the game the way he did. Times have changed in the mixtape world so his influence isn't felt as much but there is a reason why Mr. Question Mark is a household name.
7) DJ Grandmaster Flash - I was a lil young when Flash had his hey day but of couse I've seen wild styles and the art of break beats was revolutinized by this man. He of course is a DJ elder so I have to pay respects to the man. Thanks Flash.
6) DJ Q-Bert - See u geeks proly thought I aint kno my shit... Yeah the bol Q-Bert I would say brought "turntablism" to the forefront along with Mixmaster Mike, Babu, etc. I spent about 6 months trynin to learn the flare scratch but go dammit I never got it!! That's why I focused on the mixtapes! Ha!
5) DJ FunkMaster Flex - The branding machine. Wow, who's bigger in the world than Flex. Say what u want but he took his abilities and turn them into powers!! He is a marketing genius that never ceases to amaze me.
4) DJ Green Lantern - The most creative, innovative, and one of the most infuential mixtape DJs to come in the game...
3) DJ Kool Herc - The Godfather
Say no More.
2) DJ Kid Capri - Where would we be without the Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Capri!! Parties, mixtapes, tv appearances, album, etc, u name it, he did it.
1) DJ Jazzy Jeff - I might be biased cuz I'm from philly but I hold Jeff at the top. It was cuz of him that I stop usin records and began to use Serato. I mean if a master like him uses it well....

So there u go. Peace out. Dedication 2 May 23rd.