Mike Shinoda, cracka-ass cracka

Is everyone here aware that Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album has sold 19 million albums to date? That’s just insane. I read that the other day at Wikipedia and had to do a double take. I don’t even think Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em sold that many copies.

For a while there, it looked like Mike Shinoda’s solo project would be a relatively monumental flop. It was executive produced (read cosigned) by Jay-Z, and there was a mixtape by, um, some mixtape DJ, but the shit didn’t move very many units at all its first week. The video for “Petrified” waved bye bye to MTV like that.

I reviewed it on my own site at the time and found it to be aiight bordering on kinda wack. The production was interesting in parts, but Shinoda’s flow is extra cracka-ish (with a hint of Japanese) and motherfucking Styles on Beyond are on like half the tracks. You can’t have a very good album if Styles of Beyond are on half the tracks.

I notice Jay-Z couldn’t be bothered to drop a verse, even though his name appears as the album’s official cosigner. You would think that with them having been boys, from doing that Collision Course album together, that Jay would help him out. But I guess it makes sense, since Fort Minor is down with Warner Bros. and not Def Jam.

As it turns out, the Fort Minor album is doing much better than it has any right to, Jay-Z verse or not. I notice both the album and the single for “Where’d You Go?” have been at the top of iTunes’ hip-hop charts, as you can see on the front page of this site, for as long as this site’s been up, and probably a while longer than that.

“Where’d You Go” seems to be on the radio at least half the times I get into my car. I can hardly drive to work without hearing it. And since Mike Shinoda is a crackety-crack, his shit gets played on three or four “rock” (read white) stations, rather than the “urban music” ghetto that pretty much all black artists are relegated to.

On the one hand, I think it’s cool that Mike Shinoda is bringing “backpacker rap,” which I enjoy, to the masses. But on the other hand, I can’t help but think that if he was black, he wouldn’t be nearly as successful. Talib Kweli has been putting out similarly wack shit for years, and you don’t hear him on any radio station.

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  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    If I was a Samuel L. Jackson lookalike with the musical taste of a 14 year old girl in 1994, I would hate everything too. You still make me laugh though.


  • http://33jones.com jones

    There’s a slight possibility Shinoda’s success with Fort Minor is a result of his already-established fan base of 19 million, rather than the fact that he isn’t black.

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    Shit.. Jones had a way better response than I did.

    Altho’, in my defense, I meant to say that Bol (nullus) had the taste of a 14 year old WHITE girl in 1994.

    My bad.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >There’s a slight possibility Shinoda’s success with Fort Minor is a result of his already-established fan base of 19 million, rather than the fact that he isn’t black.

    If that’s the case, how do we account for his shit bricking its first week out?

    How many rap metal kids do you really think are feeling “Where’d You Go?”

    >Altho’, in my defense, I meant to say that Bol (nullus) had the taste of a 14 year old WHITE girl in 1994.

    Amusingly enough, I went to a middle school that was like 85% white in 1994 and the most popular artist at the time was Boyz II Men. It says so right there in the year book.

    What is it that I listen to that white girls were listening to in 1994?

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    Dude (yes, I said dude), you openly name check the Gin Blossoms, Matthew Sweet, Better than Ezra, Ben Folds 5 (that would be 15 year old girls in 1998, actually)… That’s a little bit “teh ghey.”

    I mean, maybe that’s just part of your shtick that I don’t get, but to knock dudes like Kanye, Kweli, Common, & Mos (granted, I’m just as into loud ignorant rap as I am “conscious” rap) is just, I dunno, kinda one big affectation. Like the first guy that decided to hate Puffy in 1997 cuz of the “Benjamins” remix. Hating the rappers that are doing music “the right way” just seems to be the new Diddy-bashing.

    But in any event, you’re entertaining as hell, and I dig your shtick (no homo, i mean.. no cam’ron), so keep it up.

    One point I’ll definitely dis agree with you on is Boyz II Men. Best..Singing..Group..Ever. Nullus.


    PS-Thanks for acknowledging my comments. You’re the first *almost* celebrity I’ve ever corresponded with. Um.. Nullus, just cuz at some point that catch phrase is gonna be huge and I wanna be right there at the fore-front of it.

  • gluvnast

    i see the real issue is and i understand where you are coming from. a known fact that anyone that’s white that has an equal talent in emceeing as a black man will make more dough.

    it’s been that way since the very beginning, since the emergence of the beastie boys. not taking away from them and their monumental debut, but it wouldn’t of been the highest selling rap album in the 80′s had it been if they were a black group

    samething with vanilla’s ice success, which he manipulated to his advantage and got caught

    and the majority of white rappers that came and went, it was easier for them to go platinum, including respectable groups like 3rd bass and house of pain

    the real reason is the fact that the majority of the people that BUY rap are white. and whether you like it or not, subconsciously a RACE WILL ROOT for their race over somebody else’s…black people root for blacks all the time, just because they are black

    and of course the underdog feeling set in, because even though the majority of consumers are white, the majority of artist…a VAST majority are BLACK, and it’s always been the stereotype that “white people can’t rap” so any white rapper with A LITTLE bit of talent, they’re root for that “great white hope”

    why you think eminem is so cherished today? and he even acknowledge that if his skin color was different that he wouldn’t be nowhere NEAR that successful

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    In retrospect: Saying “shtick” twice is definitely a bit “teh ghey.”

    My bad.

  • M


  • http://33jones.com jones

    My guess is the Fort Minor album didn’t sell a lot the first week because it came out two days before Thanksgiving. Most of the college kids who would have bought it were probably too busy returning home for the holiday.

    As for whether the linkin park kids are actually into Fort Minor…maybe. From the few songs I’ve heard of Linkin Park, it sounded similar enough to Fort Minor, just with a lot more screaming on the tracks by the lead singer.

    I’m guessing its a similar situation to No Doubt’s punk and ska fans who went out and bought Gwen Stefani’s solo album even though the music was a lot different from what they were used to hearing from No Doubt.

  • http://www.crooked-soul.com Zilla

    The Fort Minor album is now picking up because “Where Did You Go” is a Linkin Park song – Chester screaming + Shinoda’s boring ass flow for 48 bars instead of 8 or 12. I liked the music on his album but he has absolutely ZERO charisma or flow. His verses on “High Voltage” from the LP remix album was fire, as was his verse on the “Block Party” song from that rap/rock mixtape with Green Lantern. But when it comes time to move units, he wheeled out the old “I’m so alone and confused and you hurt me and I don’t know why but I’m lost now and you are gone” schtick that pushed “Hybride Theory” passed “II The Extreme.” 15 year olds eat that shit up.

  • The ON1E

    I like those tracks he did with lupe fiasco and apathy on the mixtape. Lupe is fire, (no bol)can’t wait for the disc to drop

  • http://www.miamiheat.com dwanye wade

    your an idiot and furthermore a bigot, your mentally impaired man, Mike’s cd is dope, john legend is on it and NOT TO MENTION COMMON a ill rapper is on it, NOT TO MENTION BLACK THOUGHT, so your a complete moron, you should stop writing these columns and get an education

  • http://siketrike.com goodwillsidis

    I don’t understand why a smart guy like you, Bol, thinks there’s anything insightful about saying that Shinoda wouldn’t sell as many records if he was black– that’s been a fact in this country since the first records were sold. There are more than 6x as many white people in this country than blacks, and I doubt simply shaming them over which CDs they buy is a very effective route to a colorblind society.

    In fact, I don’t think any actual solutions to our country’s legacy of racism are going to revolve around people’s consumer choice— shit has to be more than about the right to make X million more dollars in the recording industry. Like it or not, until somebody dedicated to this issue dares to actually BEFRIEND the legions of ignorant crackers between the coasts, those ignorant crackers are not going to see any reason to change the way they think.

  • BlackBoy

    …you forgot to mention that ghey-ass shit they force me to sit through OVER AND OVER when trying to watch the NBA playoffs.

    I don’t know why I’m watching the playoffs this year either…

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    Dammit, I had a great comment to make and this stupid thing won’t let me. I think Boll-Weevil is mad I *ahem* “ethered” him.

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    In any event, this whole racism aspect is hi-friggin-larious considering M. Shinoda is half japanese, and has a song on the album speaking out against the government’s policy of putting Japanese-Americans in internment camps during world war II. You tell me what caucasian rap thug is desperate to buy THAT to bump in his Maxima.

    Wait–Too much knowledge. Lemme fix that: DIPSET ALL DAY YO!


  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    …Not that I like the dipset at all, I was just being facetious…

  • eauhellzgnaw

    You’re right on, but you’re not breaking any new ground. The thing is, white artists are at a disadvantage when fans are looking for “authenticity” (read: “ghetto”-ness), but outside of this, they clean up over their more talented (or equally talent-less) black counterparts. This is even more pronounced in the underground.

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Damn it Bol I’m disappointed in you!!!
    Give me something I can get pissed off about. Who gives 2
    sh!ts about Mike Shinoda?

    I’d rather you b!tch and complain about the southern rap or the d bags over in Iraq. At least I’d have something to release my anger about for the day!!

    You didn’t even mention a certain PCP smoking AK toting thug in this one!! Shame on you! ( Oh yeah, I forgot wearing fur coats in the summer)

    I NEVER EVER EVER EVER thought I’d say it but……… go back to talkin sh!t!! At least that’s entertaining.


  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Some of you have it all wrong:

    Quoth GLUVNAST:

    “a known fact that anyone that’s white that has an equal talent in emceeing as a black man will make more dough.”

    C’mon, let’s be realistic.

    What really is a known fact is that there are many additional factors than just skill level and race when determining the success of a given emcee (though they do play a role).

    Under your logic, D4L and DFB would’ve sold more records if they were white. Get real.

    The game is 1 part talent, and 9 parts business. While race does play a part, it is all about HOW your label and plays the race card.


  • Tray

    It’s garbage, how can anyone buy this?

  • Darryl Williams

    Quote by Rey:
    “Altho’, in my defense, I meant to say that Bol (nullus) had the taste of a 14 year old WHITE girl in 1994.”

    How contradicting…
    If you enjoy Fort Minor, you have the musical taste of a 14 year old white girl in 2006.
    I agree 100% with Bol. Mike Shinoda is a part of the “Im a backpacker, ‘cept I don’t know what MC skillz are” group.
    To be honest, I could walk up to a deaf person, ask them to rap, and i’d get a better flow then Shinoda.
    He has no wordplay, No multies, No flow… He has no skillz period. Yes he has “Emotional” lyrics. Did they take any talent to write? Nah.

    Quote by “Dwayne Wade”:
    “your an idiot and furthermore a bigot, your mentally impaired man, Mike’s cd is dope, john legend is on it and NOT TO MENTION COMMON a ill rapper is on it, NOT TO MENTION BLACK THOUGHT, so your a complete moron, you should stop writing these columns and get an education”

    A big “LOL” to that. Try capitalizing your sentences, and using proper Grammar before you tell someone to get an education you jackass.
    This guy makes a good point though, the album features Common, John Legend, and Black Thought! Thus making Mike Shinoda a good rapper! *Sarcasm*

    Quote by Bol:
    “Talib Kweli has been putting out similarly wack shit for years, and you don’t hear him on any radio station.”
    That just confuses me, the criticizing of Mikes flow gives off a “he knows what skillz are” vibe.
    But then you say Talib Kweli is wack. A man with clever wordplay, fluent multies, and a very decent flow. This could very well mean, that like 95% of the music bloggers out there, they throw the word “Flow” out randomly, not knowing the meaning, and hoping no one will see threw it. Hopefully this isn’t the case.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    if Shinoda was a jig, he’d be on the underground, pushing 300,000 units, standard.

    That Fort Minor is shit. The only people buying it is white people — I don’t know any black people aside from Bol and myself who actually followed this LP. It’s garbage.

  • Kornphlake

    You are the lil emotional kid that nobody likes. “Someday I’ll show them all” as you sit in your room and watch everybody play without you. Your pic uptop shows a grown ass man, that can’t be your childish ass. It’s too bad that the dude in the pic is gonna get beat up someday because the world (by this I mean the 25 people who read your lousy blogs) thinks he is you. Why are you still employed by XXL?

  • G Off

    Bol, will you give Rey a hug so he will stop writing love notes? Thanks.

  • I Am A Hater

    Mike Shinoda sucks ass.

  • The ON1E

    I AM A HATER sucks ass

  • I Am A Hater

    Hey the on1e, i’m sorry i pissed you off because i made fun of your boyfriend.

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    You know what? I think we could all use a hug.

    C’mere G Off, I’m straight, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I’ll hug a gay dude.

    (why you’d want a name so close to “jerk off” is beyond me, but hey, I got no beef with queers)

  • suckitmarshall

    Fort Minor has sold 265,000 units and is moving about 20 a week…this is not a success by any stretch, Bol. Gnarls Barkely will probably outsell it. Shit, Mobb Deep and Cam might even outsell it, and they are monumental flops.

  • Swangdehlichandong

    I always wondered when you’d talk about LP or Mike. Maybe you have in the past, I don’t keep up.

    I definitely think that Mike’s success is due to a mixture of his LP fanbase, with lots of them being girls who think he’s hot, and just exposure from all the stations that are allowed to play his music, non-stop.

    I think his album didn’t sell as great as Hybrid Theory, for obvious reasons, like it’s a hip-hop album by a bunch of mediocre rappers, and because many of Mike’s LP fans have “grown up.” It’s been so long since Linkin Park last released an album, and all their hardcore fans are waiting on that, and not some bullshit substitute. But sadly many of us now have like 6 more years of music experience under our belts since we first heard them and it just won’t be the same.

  • http://www.miamiheat.com dwanye wade

    First off, this is not a six page anthropology paper due next week. I do not have to properly structure my sentences, nor do I have to give in to the masses. Shinoda is a good MC, his production is great and the cd rides. Hip-hop is horrible at this point in time. Lil Wayne, Game, Nas are the only narrators/relevant rappers left, and this southern movement ( except for Wayne and Chamillionare) is a disgrace to the world. Therefore, Shinoda’s cd is a breath of fresh air and I know if he was black we woulndt be having this debate

  • Katari

    You really have a job besides this.

  • T

    Rey where is ya blog?

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    (Hmm… Could be a trap.. I’ll answer it anyway)

    Well, Mr. T, I don’t have one. I’ve been thinking about it though. Just think, I could have literally DOZENS of complete strangers sh!tting on my opinions!

    (I really hope I didn’t just walk into some kind of “ethering” by answering that)

    PS-I agree with D. Wade 3 spots up from here. NHJIC.

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    To Darryl Williams:

    Shit. Consider me “ethered.” Touche.

  • Evan

    He didnt do good because hes not black its becasue his hit single is good you fucking good you retards. Dude rap is rap and when you hear the song on the radio you cant tell skin colour anyway. you could be Stupid mCretard a french indonisian american could make a song but if its good the song sells, look at fat joe hes a fat fucking retard whos whiter than me and though i fucking hate him he still sells good

  • Another what about….

    “Talib Kweli has been putting out similarly wack shit for years, and you don’t hear him on any radio station.”

    killin me man, funniest shit i heard all week.

  • b

    ur a fuckn joke man, i’m not sure if ya tryin to be the 50 cent of bloggers, since ya’ll are on his nuts anyway, or if ur really that much of a cocksuckn bitch. u don’t know shit bout hiphop and def don’t deserve to be writin bout it if you have the balls to say KWELI makes wack music in any way-FUCK YOU

  • http://www.myspace.com/soulkhansenses Soul Khan

    Let the record show that Talib Kweli couldn’t stay on beat from 1997 until 2001, at which point he exchanged rapping off beat for shittier lyrics.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp RoxStar

    FUCK LINKIN PARK! u want REAL rap/rock- check out The Anti-Corp. http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp ENJOY!

  • Hanch

    bol your an idiot yes i said idiot maybe the established fan base had a lot to do with it. Well Ill tell you why he didnt put up huge numbers his first week is because if i didnt even know that it came out untill now then i expect that half hell 90 percent of his linkin park fan base didnt know about it its first week im a huge linkin park and didnt know anything about it untill the other day i just think your a reverse racist and a flamming idiot

  • Hanch

    and bye the way who the hell grows up and say I want to be a blogger what the fuck is a blogger

  • John

    You are the most racist f*ck in the world. If you think for one MINUTE that Shinoda only made it big because he’s white, then you are the dumbest shit in the world. Just because there are pansies like Vanilla Ice that squeak into the industry due to the people in charge of the labels, doesn’t mean that every white guy to ever rap is only successful because he’s white. In FACT, Mike’s at a disadvantage because the “URBAN” hip-hop stations wouldn’t carry his first two RAP singles, so he had to rely on a non-traditional, rock-influenced song to get airplay on the rock (“white”) stations. So before you start with your “cracka-ty ass cracka” BULLS*IT, realize the FACTS and dont fool yourself with your own racist crap. Just because his album doesnt talk about stereotypical “black” things like 30 inch rims and shooting purp while having sex with money, doesnt mean its not a halfway decent album… and its not only because hes white.

  • Tha Blueprint

    Bol you are one ignorant brother and a wack critic. You said cracker one to many times in this article so go take a prozac and calm down. Talib Kweli isone of the best mc’s hip hop has to offer. I think you crack just to do it.

  • New York Nigga

    i got that shit and mike iz fIYA on da mic he betta than a lo9t of rappers out now BITCHES AHAH!

  • Garbage

    His shit is better than most of these garbage rappers these days. Most of Dip Set crew can’t even rap, without the hot beats most Juelz and Jim Jones won’t be shit.

  • Big Jay

    Sales don’t mean sheit.. sales demographics don’t account for too many black folks out there buying music.. you know the first chance we get we cop the bootleg.

    Granted, Mike Shinoda’s mic skillz leave much to be desired, but when 80% (or more) of rap music is bought up by whyte america, it really does not take simple math to figure out why he has sold 19million albums.

  • hakka

    race is still and issue in hiphop because its still and issue if a black man is applying for a job or tryin to get a loan..or damn well vote in florida.


    Why does hiphop have to be this fake united colors of benetton bullshit.

    this is real life nukka

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    fuck that mike shinoda and his fort minor wigga squad.this honkey bitch need to go fuck himself.BLACK POWER

  • Face Phoenix

    Bol This Time Like Dres Once Said You Get The Finger. Talib’s Quality was the Better Than 99% crap “Real MC’s” produce. “Beautiful Struggle” was Aiight but, The Man Is No Where NEAR Garbage. PS Mike Shinoda ain’t half bad, check LP’s Reanimation for proof.

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    rap is 4 black folks only

  • “The White Man”

    Hey, I hate Mike Shinoda’s dumbass “Rappins da new Boy-band” bullshit, too, and think he needs to shut the fuck up. But you do too. You and your “crackity-criz-cracka-crack-smoker” shit. You put so much emphasis on being white, I bet your the whitest white boy anyones ever seen. I bet your name is jethro and your part of Future Albino Klannies of America. I bet your at a rally right now. And if you really are black, report this post as a hate crime and win back the blackness that the lord hath taken from thee.

    Well, I’d love to stay longer, but this cracka-ass whiteboy’s got some world rulin to do (yeah, we all know eachother). All us white people are gonna meet (at the white house, duh) to decide on more ways to keep the black man down.

    Peace Owt Dawg!! Sharpton fo Prez!!!!!

  • The White Man

    Oh, my post isn’t gonna show up? Are you scared Bol? Well, you should be, because all us white fokes iz crazey! Did u no that we all think exactly the same? Yessirree! And that’s the reason I’m posting, is because there is no other thought in my head except for keepin down the black man! Hey, did you know that only white people can be racist? Yep. It’s because we all owe black people for their ancestors. And all white peoples ancestors were slave owners. Yep, no lie. And all the irish and jews who say they were slaves are liers! Oh, crap! ive spilled the secrets of the White Hand! Aww, man i am so out of the club.

  • The White Man

    Ok, now that ive got all that off my chest, heres the origional post:
    Hey, I hate Mike Shinoda’s dumbass “Rappins da new Boy-band” bullshit, too, and think he needs to shut the fuck up. But you do too. You and your “crackity-criz-cracka-crack-smoker” shit. You put so much emphasis on being white, I bet your the whitest white boy anyones ever seen. I bet your name is jethro and your part of Future Albino Klannies of America. I bet your at a rally right now. And if you really are black, report this post as a hate crime and win back the blackness that the lord hath taken from thee.

    Well, I’d love to stay longer, but this cracka-ass whiteboy’s got some world rulin to do (yeah, we all know eachother). All us white people are gonna meet (at the white house, duh) to decide on more ways to keep the black man down.

    Peace Owt Dawg!! Sharpton fo Prez!!!!!

  • The White Man

    Okay, now you can all go back to making fun of white people and playing the gay card, because it doesn’t look like anyones gonna really say anything anymore.

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    how dis mike shinonda goen be in some gay honkey fag rock band den turn around and be some straight up wigger fuck fort minor dey fake as fuck

  • JB

    wigga hata is gay and his dad is a shit fucker.

    there’s nothing more to it

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    JB sucks horses dicks in his free time and fucks cows in there assholes.get off my dick u fucken faggot

  • jason

    damn….you are so stupid that its funny…FM project is doing well cause of the 30 million fan base he has with linkin park, not the fact hes white/japanese you racist son of a bitch

    xxl should be ashamed for actually hosting this kinda crap

  • qwerty

    well maybe the reason white people buy this rap instead of black rap is cos they dont want to hear ‘nigga’ being reapeated 58 fucking times in one song

  • South Side (Martin Luther King Dr., Houston)

    i think it is his high response in Linkin Park.

    Fort Minors not rap.

  • on2zion

    Lets be real. Mike Shinoda does not hold a candle to most if any of his contemporaries. To put it mildly he is wack and the author of the writer hits it on the head(albiet harshly). can any of you honestly say that whered you go shit was hot? that third grade flow is an embarassment to b-boys and girls everywhere. I dont care how many units dude move–garbage can go daimond (Vanillia Ice, Backstreet boys, etc). he knows he sucks and will have to live with that or get better.

  • A Sensible Human Being

    I swear, the ignorance of people on the internet is no more apparent than right here.

    To the guy who said the writer of this article is a “reverse-racist”…. umm, WTF?


    Example: Hitler was a racist because he hated Jews (which is hilarious cuz he basically hated himself, lol).

    In my lifetime I’ve seen more black people acting racist towards white people than the opposite. I dislike some black guys at my work, yes, but it’s only cuz they pick at me, acting like they’re better than me, and won’t leave me the f**k alone when I’m trying to do my job. On the other hand, 2 of my mannagers are black, I like them very much, and we joke around a lot.

    In conclusion, anyone who contradicts A SINGLE WORD I just said has utterly no capacity for abstract thought.

  • K0DE

    All The People That Commented On This Talkin Shit Bout Mike N That, GO FUCK URSELF’S STUPID DUMB ASS FAGGOTS.

    The Rising Tied Was The ONLY Yes ONLY Album That Didn’t Sound The Same As The Rest Of The Lame Ass Nigga Shit That Was Released That Year From Other Artist. Talkin Bout Ur Fuckin Bling, Ur Fuckin Bitches N Fuckin Sayin That They Are Better Than Every1 Else Plus The Nigga This N Nigga That Crap. Who Whud Really Wanna Giv 2 Shits Bout That?

    The Rising Tied Was A Gr8 Album Not 2 Mention Really Gd Guests As Well Includin Styles Of Beyond, Lupe Fiasco, John Legend, Common, Black Thought N More.

    The Only Reason That The Rising Tied Didn’t Sell As Much As It Did Cause Their 1st Single Remember The Name Didn’t Get Played Much On TV & Radio Stations Untill They Released The Where’d You Go Song N Got Them Alot More Noticed.


  • Scipio

    Well, all I have to say is that it doesnt matter if Mike Shinoda’s white or not. He is still a terrible rapper, a stain upon the face of hip hop no doubt. There are bad black rappers too, but I guess they dont get noticed as much, because they are black. Thats just been the consensus in hip hop for a long time now, white people cant rap, which isnt true. I like eminem’s stuff and vanilla ice is okay but Mike Shinoda’s boy band shit makes me sick but all the other kids 12 and under in the world are eatin it up like candy. Hes not bad cuz hes white, hes just bad at rapping period.

  • K0DE

    WTF? Vanilla Ice Was The Biggest Piece Of Shit Ever Period. Who Would Ever Wanna Support That Motherfucker Anyway, His Shit Was Really Wack. He’s A Walking Piece Of Bullshit, His Song’s & Albums Totally Sucked Ass. Mike Shinoda Has Got Better Songs, More Respect N Doesn’t Act Like A Dumb Ass Motherfucker. God Eminem Is The Best White Rapper Ever N Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, Mike Shinoda, Apathy & Celph Titled R Jus Gr8 White Rappers Out There In The Game. Vanilla Ice Doesn’t Even Deserve 2 B In Hip-Hop…DIE VANILLA ICE, DIE MOTHERFUCKER.

  • Not needed..

    bol, ur a fag

  • stereotype

    First, Mike is not a wigger. He’s asian. Also, his album is way better than most of the crap that rap music has sold these days. Fuck BEP, Daddy Yankee, DFB, D4L, Mike Jones, and those assholes. Mike doesn’t rap about that candy bullshit. You hate him because he’s not black and is in a rock band. Black people don’t have to have rap music. Their are black people in rock music (see KSE or Sevendust). Besides, Bol is a fag stereotype

  • coldfire101

    huh! it isn’t true that da lp fan base did anythin’ to improve the FM recrd. sales,i’m an lp fan but wasn’t aware of the release until 2 weeks later…..and anyway u consider a song good or an artist cool if u like the music and i liked the music though i couldn’t say mike’s da best rapper…..or any other racist stuff…..why the bitchy arguments????

  • K-Lillz

    You might hear alot of fort minor, but to me its either rihanna or my chemical romance.

  • Prateek

    First of all, let me just start out by saying that Bol, you really disappoint me.

    Alright i understand that mike shinoda count never fit into the urban “black music” like ey baby bay or whatever crap people listen to nowadays. But if you are a true rap fan, tracks such as Red to Black,Never lies, and Wanna be somebody are awesome songs. These Songs actully have meaning and deep connection.

    Bol, you are just mad because Mike shinoda doesnt make bump music like BITCH let me skeet in your face all day or some crap that comes out of lil waynes mouth everyday. If you are looking for crap go listen to aritists such as, R.Kelly, lil wayne, or any other gettho rapper.

    Mike shinoda is an extremly talented rapper compared to the greats of lupe, Jz and another asortment of rappers.

    Please, if you are looking for attention just to diss people, atleast sound intelligent.

  • lp fort rock


  • ritchizzle

    anyone posting on here actually know anything about shinoda’s background? he was into hip-hop from an early age hence being the emcee in linkin park so i dunno why people are talking like fort minor came out of nowhere, if you hear his earlier work/demos he uses faster/more complex flows than he does today so i’d guess the more simplistic flows he uses today are due to record label intervention, and as for the more known stuff e.g. even jay-z himself took a good few takes to hit the right pace on faint if you watch the collision course dvd, which has gotta show some skill surely? apart from anything no-one has mentioned much about his production which is actually pretty sick – alot of the boom bap sound that KRS would be proud of

  • http://www.xxlmag.com thahandyman

    shinoda go harder than all yall u heard tha Hybrid Theory EP?

  • http://myspace.com/FM0211 FM0211

    you guys are all fuckin NIGGERS shut the fuck up thats including the motherfucker that wrote this shit, whoever is payin you needs to stop wasting money on some fuckin nigger who doesnt know shit about music

  • Don’tWorryAboutIt

    The previous comment was a little unecessary, but Mike Shinoda is part Japanese. Black people aren’t the only minority in the United States. Other minorities have to deal with a lot of shit, too.

  • Impulse 187 a.k.a. King of Kings

    Despite him bieng white, he’s actually been pushing more units than half of them garbage rappers have themself. But then again I liked it, and half of the niggas ive hung with dont mind it either. And dont expect him to be the next Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent, cus he cant exactly sit there rapping about shootin nigga’s and fuckin ho’s and that type shit, but he can definitely rap.

    them niggas “wigga_hater” and bol, i hope your both proud of yourselves, undoing what Martin Luther King has died trying to change, just by calling them whitey, honkey, wigga, or cracka, or cracka ass cracka.

    Maybe you both should grow up and stop with the racist shit.

  • http://kristhomas.webs.com/ K.T.

    I like MOST of the Fort Minor tape…some of it is kinda wack…but “Dedicated” “Red to Black” “Hard Way”…good shit. I personally HATE that the way music is, you have to LOOK LIKE YOU SHOULD SOUND to do well…read that again – not LOOK HOW YOU SOUND, look how you should sound . Flo-ida look “g” but makes hits for high school white girls (no offense…posh girls too) and no black man can sell and talk about something Good unless you look like a future teacher or preacher…

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