In a recent nearly 45 minute long interview, Mase opened up like he was sitting across from Diane Sawyer. He discussed everything from his one problem with Diddy ("he did business and called it family") to the different things random people yell at him when they see him on the street ("Dipset!").

During the interview he makes it clear that he will no longer answer any more questions about Cam'ron or Jim Jones. Yeah okay. He also alludes that the main reason the feud ever started between himself and the Dips was because Cam'ron had a hard time falling back and playing the sidekick role.

"Cam was always like an extraordinaire basketball player. I was always a hard working basketball player." said Mase. "So I was always under Cam. You know Cam was the flyest nigga in high school. I was the dirty nigga, you know what I'm sayin'? I was the nigga that didn't have much."

Like the good toy soldier that he is, Mase also took the time out to shower his new found gang with compliments. "I would only be places that have the balls to back whatever a man say. I'm not with G-Unit for protection. I chose G-Unit because I felt like that's the place where the people would be more supportive of a person that is considered a rebel." Mobb Deep take note, that's the proper way to suck off 50 and give an interview simultaneously.

If there is one underlining theme of the whole interview its that he's done with Harlem. In fact, he is now saying that he is from Atlanta. He even gives an impromptu snap performance. Take a listen for yourself.

It's bad enough we have some nigga who calls himself Jizzal Man representing for the home team, now you? Listen Mase, you embarrass me. And you embarrass yourself.