Ma$e Snaps Out of It

In a recent nearly 45 minute long interview, Mase opened up like he was sitting across from Diane Sawyer. He discussed everything from his one problem with Diddy (“he did business and called it family”) to the different things random people yell at him when they see him on the street (“Dipset!”).

During the interview he makes it clear that he will no longer answer any more questions about Cam’ron or Jim Jones. Yeah okay. He also alludes that the main reason the feud ever started between himself and the Dips was because Cam’ron had a hard time falling back and playing the sidekick role.

“Cam was always like an extraordinaire basketball player. I was always a hard working basketball player.” said Mase. “So I was always under Cam. You know Cam was the flyest nigga in high school. I was the dirty nigga, you know what I’m sayin’? I was the nigga that didn’t have much.”

Like the good toy soldier that he is, Mase also took the time out to shower his new found gang with compliments. “I would only be places that have the balls to back whatever a man say. I’m not with G-Unit for protection. I chose G-Unit because I felt like that’s the place where the people would be more supportive of a person that is considered a rebel.” Mobb Deep take note, that’s the proper way to suck off 50 and give an interview simultaneously.

If there is one underlining theme of the whole interview its that he’s done with Harlem. In fact, he is now saying that he is from Atlanta. He even gives an impromptu snap performance. Take a listen for yourself.

It’s bad enough we have some nigga who calls himself Jizzal Man representing for the home team, now you? Listen Mase, you embarrass me. And you embarrass yourself.

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  • Belize

    IM LOVING IT!!!!!! Fresh, pleasee dont go the bol route…haaa…..real shit though, Ma$e is a fukin hypocrite…did anybody read his book??? It was spirtually great…then he backtracks on evry word he WROTE…u know what fuk it and that ni99a, he still gotta go judjment day just like the rest of us…..chuuuchhh my baby mama fresh …pleeeseeee..haaaa

  • dolla

    Ma$e sux. Go head wit’ da A, but stay outta the NYC. You’s a traitor Ma$e. You know what nig, just go back to church aight? Stay away from rap, and stay away from NY, how bout dat cuz, aiight shouty? F*** da AAAAYYYYYEEE!

  • Mrs Damian Marley

    Perfect example of a clown.

  • cash moooneyy

    i’m wit dol, he right. Ma$e, Murda, or Betha, whatever the hell you call yoself, stay outta Harlem ait. You’s a liar, a sell out, and a traitor. you falseclaimin and all. you goin to church, quittin rap, and comin back five years later. talking bout rap’s the devil. i’ll never buy another mase cd or mix. you wanna come back after all deez years, then turn on puff the man on the stuff diddy, for a lame nig like fiddy? you and fiddy desrve each other, y’all both snitches. i heard the int on the radio, you talkin bout exposin the secrets of the rap world. STAY OUT OF HNY, since you from da AAAAAAYYYYYYYE

  • Therapist

    that snap session is ridiculous…

    where can we hear the whole audio?

  • rellmo84


  • mathew

    I have no time for him. Please refrain from interviweing Mason Betha in future.

  • F**k Th@t

    Mase is and will always be a bitch

    back than p diddy’s bitch

    now 50cent’s bitch

  • E-man (South c)

    Ma$e gatta be de most Confused But talented artist,Either way he getting cash so I can’t hate on dat nigga.I just have to save it and hustle up for mine,so do the same haters.

  • G-Unot Killa

    stop hatin low life ass niggas get a job an stiop hatin on niggas that doin sumthin, fuck niggas all haters must die ASAP

  • xathug

    fuck the haters its g-unit bitches they will always be on top.

    we got money!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GGG GG-unit

  • Zilla

    You know what’s funny–even to this day, Ma$e has moved more units than Cam’ron. And you KNOW that it’s eating at Cam, hence all the disses and venom spit directly at Betha. Cam could get Dr. Dre to give him a beat with R. Kelly on the hook, shoot a video where he nails Halle Berry while doing his own new dance and he STILL won’t be as big as Ma$e was in ’97-’98.

  • Jhop

    Yessir perfect example of how to comeback and still be a loser

  • From the A

    I just want to know when did this supposed interview took place and where. If it really happend this is REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY old. Come on. Do beter than that. The Mase now has more clever dialect than that. 4 Real!!!

  • R U Serious

    Good shit Fresh…

    @ From The A
    How old could this be, genius?? He doin the snap dance…

    This is sad on so many levels. Sad that Mase is a grown man actually thinkin he can change the city he’s from. YOUR FROM HARLEM, CLOWN!! Just because you fucked up and now you can’t go back…doesn’t mean you can change that.

    Even sadder is the G-UNIT clowns fans who still take up for this nigga. Like, “yo he got money”, and “yall just hatin”. C’mon man. this nigga went from “murder mase” to shiny suits for a dollar. took a little time and went to church (where he started acting holier than thou) and then went to G-Unit for a buck. This nigga is the worst. And now he can’t go home…

    I’m not a Mase, G-Unit, or Cam fan. This shit is just sad…

  • Гандон

    Mase is the biggest clown ever. I don’t know bigger cunt than he is

  • http://............. Yo

    LOL at the haters…while dude is makin money and makin moves, y’all on computers talkin shit cause u know u would never say shit to his face…

    heres a link to the full interview and if u still hate on him after this than your a bitchmade fool for

  • allnice

    Cats love to write shit without thinking about what flys out of their mouth. Let Pastor Mase do what he wants. He is good for a few laughs, but his careers if for him to decide. If he want to be from Atlanta, then he’s gonna do just that. At least he isn’t 9-5 work slaving like most of the posters on this blog.

  • Blaq Mamba not Cash Money


  • Prodigy

    >>Mobb Deep take note, that’s the proper way to suck off 50 and give an interview simultaneously


    Oh yea duns, its the Infamous yo.

  • Ironman[USA]

    Anyway remember when Ma$e used to be nice as hell. As Murda Ma$e and rolled with Big L being apart of the Children of the Corn. Can’t bring back the past fuck Mase these dayz.

  • Rizoh

    ayo at the picture, lol

  • T

    yo whoever made the article obviously on dipset payroll aka suckin cam dick for a ride in his pink panther mobile

    how you gonna put an audio clip so it seems like he sayin somethin else and you cut out the rest of his statement you bitch made nigga

    yall check out the real interview here, he explains everything you wanna know and doesnt dodge 1 question

  • tC


  • fresh

    Last time I checked I wasn’t on the Dips payroll or suckin Cam’s dick.

    You must be a G-Unit fan, no?

  • p-hizzo

    “You must be a G-Unit fan, no?”

    yo fresh, that statement alone showed that u kinda don’t like duke cuz let’s face it…when u think of g-unit mase isn’t even’t da 6th thing that pops in your mind..

    and he came correct in da interview…and imma die hard dipset fan.

  • Ushersqueeze

    Mase doesn’t deserve 2 b with G-Unit. He’s 2 corny 4 that. If anything he needs 2 go 2 a bubble gum label because G-Unit (is supposedly)2 gangsta 4 him

  • SouthernStyleChick

    Honestly, I think Mase is a clown. And I say this cause I know dude PERSONALLY. The “new” Mase is not articulate, he still slow as hell and he still says shit that your average Reverend does not say. I just kicked it with the nigga last weekend, and he was eyeballin my homegirls titties and crotch like the Lord’s Prayer was spray painted on them. Nigga struck me as a clown when he first decided to dedicate his life to God and then he felt he had the authority to dog out other niggas…and THEN he signed back with Diddy.

  • Styles

    Mase was hot. I just say wait until his album come out to judge him.

  • SIX

    I Ain’t Gonna Judge The Man’s Personal Life. But, Lyrically He’s A Murderer. Bottomline.

  • young_traffik

    wat is goin down, im in da sota, and when you go to GOD dont turn around. you holded his hand and let it go. you FAKE, G_UNOT blackwall street. I could’ve seen if you was a christian rapper. but naw folk. you false


    i feel Mase on the Cam shit. don no bout the Harlem to Atl shit. fucked up on that one.

  • P.B

    Mase is a fake ass faggot, and for all you faggots sayin that we wont say it 2 his face, mother fuckers bring his pussy ass and all of gunot and ill spit in their faces and call em faggots dunt believe me? try me!!

  • Moses Sentongo

    Y’all stop hatin on Mase. even dough he my favorite rapper. Yall people run your f****n mouth, so Stop hatin on Mase, G-unit, and 50.

  • XXL?

    dont interview this chump or i will stop supporting you guys

  • big b

    all u niggas need to stop hating on him who gives a shit about his personal issues bootom line the nigga can your fucking ears and listen and guess what no matter what any of us think HE GOT MONEY and ain’t shit nobody can say or do to change. So stop hating losers and find a hooby.

  • PJeezy

    Thatz 50centz second girlfriend. Ma$e iz fuckin garbage. Gay-ass nigga sound like he got down-syndrome.

  • Southern Hospitality

    Dont be trying to claim the A, fuck you lame ass nigga. The A aint gonna accept you nigga. Shit, fuck this faggot ass nigga. He trying to say he from the A because thats whats poppin in the streets now. Fuck “Murda” Mase lol

  • Dion From (detroit)delray on vanderbilt

    mase is the definition of “sell your soul for a dollar” but nigahs dont have any problem with that i can tell by what someone said about he makin money and errbody hatin so i gues he would sell his soul for a buck

  • Brandon

    I heard tha lil voice comment,it sounds like he is just playing around.He still reps NYC.

  • Brandon

    I heard tha lil voice comment,it sounds like he is just playing around.He still reps NYC.

  • Dade County 305

    im feelin that nigga Mase,u NY niggaz dont wanna fuck wit him so he reppin the south now…u NY niggaz still dont get it! last time i checked,the GREATEST rapper ever stop reppin NY(2PAC)… 50 fuck wit niggaz from the south & all over.50 said he wont sign anotha rapper from NY.niggaz need 2 stop talkin bout Mase gotta meet his maker.we all do!!! we all live our lives & we all gotta meet the big man one point is,look in the mirror b4 put judgement on sum1…this is hip hop people.this is our music!!! gangsta,trap music,snap,etc… oh yeah,dipset is straight shiiiiiiiit!!! them nigaaz suck!!!

  • Jett

    lol yall niggas up north heard that!!! the south takin ova nigga.. he’s from the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You will be the same way next year! G UNIT! WE GOT MONEY IN THE BANK!

  • doctor69

    hey gay county 305 shut your bicth ass the goat of hip hop is still rakim allah then krs -one pac was great but he lost freestyle battles to no name dudes in the bx when he was alive and news flash pac was born and from nyc and used to call himself mc new york you country cornball with hayyo up your nose and to close this fuck pastor/murder/ma$e you a fucking heathon people like him make people leave the church and thrid fuck g unot and the fag set cam-ron stil a bicth

  • ma$e 4lyf

    man ya fucken niggas betta shut da fuck up before i fuck u up homie u tlk to M A DOLLA SIGN E da way u r now da whole g clan fuck ya nigga’s up and dont think g unit is gud nor fiddy but still dis niggas get da money in da bank lyk ma nigga ma$e say yea kid harlem n da rise and I DONT GIV A FUK ABOUT U GUYS MA$e IS DA BEST RAPPER IN DA WORLD I DONT CARE WHO HE IS WID BUT DIS NIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGA KICK ASS IM OUT MUTHA FUCKN NIGGA

  • Six

    I’m So Sick Of Hearing Muthaphuckkaz Who Probably Been To Church Themselves & Then Back On The Block Slanging Dope, Fuckin’ Sum Bitch, Beating Somebody Down The Next Day Hating On Mase. We All Sinners And Ya’ll Crucify This Man For What? Smiling, Making Some Money?!? He Told Ya’ll In The Beginning:”I Wuz Murda, P.Diddy Named Me Pretty, Did It For The Money, Now Can You Get Wit Me?” The Boy Wuz A Grimey Lyricist From The Start. Said He Wuz “Murda For 5 Years Seen No Cream From It Dropped Murda Off Mase Woke Up At Teen Summit.” He Did What He Had 2 Do To Get Paid And I Don’t Think He Sold Himself Out In The Process. You Can’t Tell Me Harlem World Was’nt A Classic Album. Why You Think Biggie Wuz “Bumping Mase Shit”? Ya’ll Forgot This Young Brotha Made People Enjoy Hiphop After The Loss Of Pac & Big. Made Kids Dance & Ya’ll Hate Him? Look In The Mirror. Are You So Righteous? Have You Ever Promised God You Would’nt Do Something & Do It The Next Day? I Have. Don’t Knock The Brotha For Finding God. And Don’t Knock Him For Wanting The Same Things We All Want. He’s Confused, That’s Obvious, But Are’nt We All? I Ain’t Tryin’ 2 Preach, But Damn Let The Man Live. Dubside. Church.

  • Rob

    why everyone hatin’ on mase? we all try to do good, and end up doing some bad. you all act like you now him personally. 2pac and dmx did spiritual songs too then beat down some dude the next day. i don’t know mase either but you all talkin’ some serious shit about someone you don’t even know. what happened to hip hop being about some positive shit?

  • MikeMacs


  • d-shott!

    from the A! duke is from j’ville, florida..

  • BDoT

    Mase i jus dnt gt y he left bad boy in da first plc bt stil either way he stil dat same mase no matter wht deez haterz say n he stil gettin paid so boi


    what d fuc mase needs 2 really find himself and dat snap shit is going 2 play out,it about dat real gutter shit out here.Like my folks ZOE,DC-6,BOYZ-N-DA-HOOD.TRE’S UP