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The Internet has been goin’ nuts this past week with recaps of Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball. Well at least on the blogs and sites run by women. Anyway, it had me thinking about my ladies in hip-hop—the female rappers. Yeah pound for pound they never sold as well as men but they’ve still made significant contributions to this thing of ours. Who’s gonna ever recognize that and show them any love? It damn sure ain’t gonna be that old rap hater who swagger-jacked Phil Donahue. Seriously couldn’t Latifah have takin’ Ashanti’s spot? Shameful.

But don’t fret YN’s here and I’m a married man with more sensitivity than Ralph T. I’m gonna celebrate my devotion to two X chromosome rap. So, without further adieu, in the words of Finesse and Synquis “Hey sista. Soul sista. Go sista. Soul sista.” Enjoy y’all Memorial Day weekend ladies. Make a nigga give you a foot massage or some shit.

Salt-N-Pepa “A Salt With A Deadly Pepa”(1988)

The Queens from Queens give the drummer some on the title track from their second album.

Mia X “I’ll Take Your Man ’97″ (1997)

No Limit’s murder mami does this classic justice.

Antoinette “Hit Em With This” (1988)

Believe it or not, shorty was once billed as the female Rakim.

Sweet Tee “It’s Like That Y’all” (1989)

Eat your heart out, Run-DMC!

Roxanne Shanté “Big Mama (Large Professor Remix)” (1992)

With Extra P on the beat, Rox runs through her resume and pulls plenty of cards.

MC Lyte “Survival of The Fittest” (1989)

Rare original version of rock-flavored banger from the BK bosslady.

Queen Latifah “Wrath Of My Madness (DJ Premier Remix)” (2001)

Preemo resurrects her royal highness’ career jump-off.

Monie Love “Monie In the Middle” (1990)

Single got us open—too bad the LP was crappola.

Lil Kim “Big Mama Thing (Original)” (1996)

Yup, the Bee Girl stands by her man and blasts Pac on this Hova-less version.

Foxy Brown “Funk Flex Freestyle” (2002)

The raunchy one fires a furious freestyle. Can she go in Gav?

Rah Digga “Tight” (1999)

The Flip Mode femme fatale rides Da Beatminerz’s unorthodox beat to perfection.

Remy Ma “Rapid Fire” (2005)

Mixtape-only, Hindi-sampled song from TS’ problem child.

Ms Jade “Ching Ching” (2002)

More international funk from Timbo’s failed protégé.

Shazzy “Giggahoe” (1990)

Forgotten redbone’s tale of betrayal from her no-good boyfriend.

LeShaun “Wide Open” (1993)

The real “Doin’ It” author reveals her joy of stickin’ her fingers up her man’s booty.

Nikki D “Wasted Pussy” (1991)

Apache’s better half warns her sisters to close their legs.

Trina “Da Club” (2005)

OK, I’ll admit it, I love this Mannie Fresh shit. Shoulda been a single.

Lady of Rage “Afro Puffs” (1994)

With an added feminine touch, Death Row was truly runnin’ this rap shit.

Yo-Yo “You Better Ask Somebody” (1993)

This sexy Westsider bravely stood up to Shante. You go girl!

Lauryn Hill “Final Hour” (1998)

Only song on Miseducation where the MC is truly unleashed.

P.S. Back in 1998, Zenobia Simmons birthed the excellent Fat Beats and Bra Straps series. Do the knowledge and pay homage to this, you chauvinists.

Fat Beats & Bra Straps: New MCs
Fat Beats & Bra Straps: Hip-Hop Classics
Fat Beats & Bra Straps: Battle Rhymes & Posse Cuts

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  • B

    No Boss “Deeper” or Concious Daughters “Funky Expedition”? Shame on you YN

  • Belize

    WERES BAHAMADIA!!!!!!!!! COME ON YN!!!!!!! I know she ugly but u KNOW….matter of fact u FUKIN know she’d tear er’body!!

  • c dot

    show bahamadia somw love

  • k. from around the way

    no “COOKIE CREW” OR “CHOICE” either…do the knowledge, Y.N.

  • exo

    No Left Eye?

    I may have to do a “Most Underrated Female Rapper of All Time” post. Like, seriously.

    Or not.

  • Belize

    R.I..P left eye

  • Lindemann

    “Da Club” got some play on D.C. radio stations. Deservedly so, in my opinion.

  • noz

    what? no hurricane g?!

  • Belize

    DID EVERYBODY (even u YN) forget EVE????????????????????

  • alleyeCNtower

    this is a good list, Elliott.
    hip hop’s female oppression is one of the craziest double standards around… but rap is outta control anyways so whatever, man.

    more men need to let women speak their minds

  • Von Pea

    niggas said hurricane g LMAO

  • Dj HoneyTrap

    You should check

    A much more complete and inclusive list.


    DJ HoneyTrap xx

  • 2tones&tip

    Trina sounds exactly like mia x

  • DHLite

    you know they had to save the best on the list for last

  • Alwyn

    That lil kim track was crazy! WHO SHOT YAH! “maybe nex time ur punk ass will keep ur head up” LOL