Like all relationships you’re going to have your disagreements and bad moments. As much as we love to put our favorite celebrities on a special pedestal they are still regular people. Beyonce and Jay supposedly got into a lover’s spat in Miami a couple of weeks ago which left Beyonce to hang out in a pool alone. Oh wow, let’s act like Cam’ron and hold a fucking press conference about it. Maybe Jay just had to put her ass on time out.

You have to give it to some gossip sites. They’ll come up with anything to generate hits and attention when they are having a slow day. I’ve been at this long enough to know how to separate fact from bullshit. And this my friend is Grade A fuckery.

The latest round of fiction involving Bey-Z is a good one though. At a recent Nets game Beyonce allegedly stormed off after Jay held a 15 minute phone conversation with Rihanna. There are also reports circulating that while Beyonce was away filming "Dream Girls" the two enjoyed each other’s company by dining at Cipriani's and the 40/40 Club.

Every time Jigga has his picture snapped with another female gossip immediately surfaces that he is out cheating on B. It never fails. The list of women who have been linked to him include Mya, T.Error Mari, Christina Milian, Free (who supposedly had his "baby"), and Def Jam Exec. Tracey Waples. Black Brad Pitt? Not any more. He’s lucky if he can get out of his purse holding duties for Beyonce to have a drink with Ty Ty.

David Banner has a certain quality to him that some women find irresistible. His lips may be a little ashy sometimes but I’m willing to overlook that. Banner looks like he would give it to you "Belly" style (my ladies already know) if you asked for it.

So when I heard that his girlfriend is acting up it makes me want to punch her in the jaw. Apparently David’s lady has been changing his personality and turning off the people who have been close with him for years. Having met Mr. Mississippi before I can say that he is sweet as pie. This chick better get some act right in her system quick.

All of these relationship woes can leave anybody with a throbbing headache. Lil’ Wayne has been suffering from migraines so intense lately that he’s been missing tour dates and making frequent trips to the doctor.

While the source of his migraines remains a mystery I blame Trina. Anyone who has heard "The Glamorest Life" would agree that its enough to put the healthiest man in ICU. I hope that Weezy F. feels well enough to perform next Thursday at a show in Jacksonville, Florida. I purchased my ticket yesterday and I would hate for my $40 to go to waste. I was saving up for a nice pair of chancletas.