Hova’s Sub-Par Verse

So what if Jay came with a sub par verse. Yall should be happy he graced yall with his presence. He don’t owe yall nuthin no more. So what if he used Rick Ross semi simple rhyme pattern to construct his point. So what if you tired of hearin Jeezy and Jay spit together. Def Jam is his movement god dammit and President Carter rides for his cabinet.

One thing I have noticed about his cabinet tho………

Ghostface, Beans, Peedi Peedi, Freeway, Redman, Sam Scarfo, Tru-Life (did I forget any?) are all east coast artists on Def Jam. So far Jay Z has done a Jeezy Remix, Kanye Remix, Bun B song, Ric Ross remix, and Mariah Carey remix with Jeezy (produced by a Southern producer) Wow, 4 South songs, 1 midwest and no remixes for the rappers on his own label from the East….how ironic, The King Of New York…..

Sickamore is right. Tip, Jeezy, and Wayne are the new Jay, Biggie & Nas respectivly. In my Ozone cover story I said the same thing. You fuckin die hard “era critics” who always get stuck in your favorite time period will never admit it but who cares what yall think. Yall were mad when people said Jay-Z was better than Big Daddy Kane.
Just look at this. Whether or not Tip went at Wayne on “I’m Talkin to You”, any real rap fan sat back and imagined what it would be like if those two powerhouses were to Takeover/Ether each other. I mean, real talk, T.I. vs. Wayne is the closest thing to Jay vs. Nas since. Lyrically and monumetally if they were to ever exchange jabs….

And another thing…

Erybody wastin they time dissin snap music needs to shut the fuck up. Shit is for the kids, let em have it…. If snap music is fuckin up hiphop then so is every gun totin crack hustler from the block turnt rapper (which in a way I guess they both are!!!! But didn’t MC Hammer ruin hiphop too… and Puff Daddy?). For every snap song there is a rapper on Smack DVD from the east coast showin his gunz off lookin more like comedy than drama….
Snap Music = Silly Gangster East Coast Rap

The smartest comment in the South vs. East debacle was made by David Banner on Hot 97 Street Soldiers. “Only in hiphop do we divide so someone else can conquer”. You don’t ever hear Rock N Rollers talkin bout “West Coast Rock N Roll is dominatin East Coast Rock N Roll.”.

The shit is dumb. Bring New York back? Where did it go? If the South is enjoying an all time high why does that mean that another coasts relevance is challenged?

I’ll be the first to say, snap music is not my music of choice. I’ve never really supported it on Gangsta Grillz. Check my resume. No disrespect to the artists but that aint my lane. And still, my Down South mixtapes have made they’re way across the country and the world and respected by hoods everywhere.

So maybe someone should tell President Carter to do some songs with some of his East Coast artists to help bring New York back. But I guess they need to make some hits first (does Ghostface “Back Like that” count?)

And what about when New York does make its return? Those of you out there waitin for the next coming, are you also waitin on the South’s downfall?

Keep Dreamin.

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  • Mike

    HA@ that, the south/east shit stop trying to spark it up. When 50 dissed the south for making bullshit music and niggaz following it, NOBODY SAY’D NOTHING. Peep his MTV ARTICLE.

    Lyrically, the south doesn’t want it and the rappers down there know it. TI and Wayne are good rappers, I wouldn’t compare them to JAY BIG OR NAS, though….no way. Jeezy?? How the fuck does he get higher pull then Luda? Yeah Luda might not promote drugs to black youth but that nigga is a MC.

    You say’d no one’s making hits?? Tell T.I. or Wayne to go 5X PLATINUM like 50 did in 05. It will not happen because they aren’t built like that.

    50 says he feels hip-hop needs the new G-Unit releases, as the genre seems to be stuck in a creative rut.

    “A lot of the music that comes out of the South is kind of simplified and I think it’s kinda ’cause they just wanna have a good time,” he explained. “They don’t wanna think about what [they] just said. … They really didn’t make sense, but they made sense in a way and they just wanna hear something while they’re actually partying and it works for them. But when they don’t take the time to make it the highest quality possible, it hurts the actual hip-hop [genre]. People wanna make music they can get away with as opposed to the best possible music they can make.

    “They’ll lower the grade of music,” he continued. “It changes the range you can go and then it causes confusion amongst artists that don’t have their own direction at that point and they all start making music that is similar. Like if the record comes out and it’s a hit and it’s the simplest thing on the planet, all of a sudden the new artists start writing records that are similar to that hit. Their motivation is to have a project that’s successful and that will allow them to move out of the financial situations that they’re in when you’re in the ‘hood or in the ghetto. They make it sound like the record that they hear playin’ on the radio as opposed to just creating their own lane.” -50 CENT

  • bob

    drama dont be stupid man.

  • Mike

    HA@ this east/south talk. The East has better lyricist, so a battle would clearly give The East the win with ease. TI and Wayne….good lyricist but to compare them with Jay and BIG and Nas….no way. Jeezy??C’mon man be for real, I can see if you put Ludacris up there. Ludacris served TI and is a far better TALENT then Jeezy, Ludacris just doesn’t promote drugdealing to black youth like Jeezy does. You can never compare Jeezy to Jay/BIG or Nas are you crazy….lol.

    You say’d no hits? I don’t remember TI or Wayne selling 5x PLATINUM. This is a quote from MTV, in which nobody in the south responded 2 not even the so called KING down there.

    “50 says he feels hip-hop needs the new G-Unit releases, as the genre seems to be stuck in a creative rut.

    A lot of the music that comes out of the South is kind of simplified and I think it’s kinda ’cause they just wanna have a good time,” he explained. “They don’t wanna think about what [they] just said. … They really didn’t make sense, but they made sense in a way and they just wanna hear something while they’re actually partying and it works for them. But when they don’t take the time to make it the highest quality possible, it hurts the actual hip-hop [genre]. People wanna make music they can get away with as opposed to the best possible music they can make.

    “They’ll lower the grade of music,” he continued. “It changes the range you can go and then it causes confusion amongst artists that don’t have their own direction at that point and they all start making music that is similar. Like if the record comes out and it’s a hit and it’s the simplest thing on the planet, all of a sudden the new artists start writing records that are similar to that hit. Their motivation is to have a project that’s successful and that will allow them to move out of the financial situations that they’re in when you’re in the ‘hood or in the ghetto. They make it sound like the record that they hear playin’ on the radio as opposed to just creating their own lane.” -50 CENT

  • Lil Wil

    I hope this column. Good job.
    So when will you put DIRTY on a mixtape or do they chose not to do the mixtape thang

  • Danja29

    I beg to disagree on the part about the TI/Wayne thing, but it did raise some eyebrows tho’.

    But everything else: dead on-point. Alot of people are just not ready to let go of an era that has passed. Big is gone, Jay’s retired, Nas is workin’ on an album that’ll hopefully bring him back to prominence.

    NOBODY is sayin’ that TI/Jeezy/Wayne are better lyrically or have dropped as much classic material as those three. And yes, they’re all relatively new. But the argument could be made that when Jay spit that famous “Biggie, Jay-Z, & Nas” line, THEY hadn’t been around that long either. I’m sure some “traditionalists” of the time couldn’t believe their ears, hearin’ Jay blatantly leave out the legendary people who’d come before them.

    As it stands TODAY, with artists who are CURRENTLY puttin’ out music- the debates I’ve heard are centerin’ around TI, Wayne, and Jeezy. I won’t even say they’re the “new” Big, Jay, and Nas… but it says alot when even people in New York (a notoriously self-centered city as far as hip-hop goes) are bumpin’ their shit too.

  • http://XXLmag.com Brendan

    *patiently waiting for the first ny rapper to do a snap song*

  • Barkley

    Good shit Drama!

  • XRAY3000

    This column was bangin!! I agree with the snap music comment…I mean nobody wasnt really sayn nothin when everybody in the midwest was “ChickenHeadin” or when every body’s kids was on videos “Harlem Shakin” I’m not a fan of Snap Music..but it dont bother me that the south is snappn they fingers..I dont see how Jeezy made his way to be mentioned in the same sentence as Biggie,Jay-Z, or Nas..dude has one CD out and people think he the messiah of hip hop..dude dosent even know if he a rapper *note his constant contridictions.. not sayn hes not good..but his lyrical horizon is not very broad..nice column Drama!!

  • Casey

    >The shit is dumb. Bring New York back? Where did it go?

    >So maybe someone should tell President Carter to do some songs with some of his East Coast artists to help bring New York back.


  • rellmo84

    Thank u drama NUFF said! Church!!!

  • XRAY3000

    one more thing..is it me..or do jeezy look like a big ass kid in that pic..I didn’t know he was that short LOL!

  • blackman

    I do agree with this article Jay-z is only getting on remixes that are on heavy rotation and the New York artist on Def Jam just don’t sell records.When Jay-z was still rapping he was begging niggas to buy his shit selling 3 million albums on the black album his retirement album. Kanye has had that type of success and Black eye Peas have sold more albums. New York niggas are cry babies they didn’t want to support niggas but now they are gone that’s all they talk about,biggie,Pun,Big L. How can niggas be waiting on Nas what else can this nigga say his last album street disciples was wack as fuck and only sold 641,000 copies give some of your young artist a chance.

  • J Ball

    I think for you to do a remix it’s normally a pre requisite to have a hit, or at least a SINGLE. Based on the fact none of the east coast artists have even a single out right now that’s pretty much reason enough to not get on a remix.

    Shit I’m from the south and I’m loving that our artists are winning right now but let’s not be ignorant and blame Jay-Z (of all people) for the east coast’s problems, it runs much deeper than a blaming a retired label head who doesnt have to get on anybody’s song if he dont feel like it. NY need to get off that Smack DVD battle shit and go back to writing SONGS…until then they wont get no burn.

  • NsaniT

    Well you make vaild points BUT Rap is too commercialized anymore. back in the day of nas and big rap was alot different, you think “artists” like d4l, webbie, and the franchize boyz would have been accepted? I think not. Wayne and TI are ill i admit that (Jeezy has the most annyoing voice i ever heard and he looks like george foreman.) but comparing them to such great artists isnt wrong per se.. its just.. false. Wayne and T.I. will be their own artists with their own personas. Now if you were to say they are the southern version of the Big 3 (Big Jay and Nas) i’d agree completley.

  • JML5150

    Jay needs to concentrate getting “Red Gone Wild” out before the bootleggers get it. Nuff respect to TI and Wayne but Jay’s catalog is to deep to say he’s over for one questionable verse for a remix of an artist who probably won’t do anything substantial.

  • The ON1E

    Thats wassup Drama, bol and dickamore are wack

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  • Necromancer

    “Ghostface, Beans, Peedi Peedi, Freeway, Redman, Sam Scarfo, Tru-Life (did I forget any?) are all east coast artists on Def Jam.”

    It’s official. Everyone forgot about Joe Budden. Even Shawn Carter. Just sad.

  • madoskool

    that’s not true. Back in the day, in the punkrock/hardcore scene there was a big divide between DC hardcore bands, Cali bands and NYC hardcore groups. Whenever any non NY groups would come to NY on tour, there would be crazy fights and vice versa. So let’s get it straight, its not just Hip-Hop.

  • young jr

    although jay is the best rapper alive, u do make a good pt about him w/ southern artists. he gotta get out that new sigel and redman out quick
    p.s. u forgot buddens, method man, ll, fab, roots, santana, bleek, young gunz….

  • d rock

    ay drama you doing yo thang with the mixtape right now I applaud you. and you make a good point about jay not trying to mess with any east coast artist right now, except maybe nas. but PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY. TI and Wayne are nowhere near or ever will be in the league of a nas or jay. I wish yall would stop saying that junk. It just sounds stupid.

    PS. why dont alot of yall down south cats dont rep for LUDA. He is by far the illiest out the south?? why no love??



  • sweet jones

    yea that nigga luda is better than all them niggas, wayne t.i. and jeezy and speaking of jeezy his just a spin off of b.g. the stuff he talkin bout baby gangsta was sayin back in 95 when he was 16, a lot of his slang on songs are n.o. not atl.


    wow u said T.I. VS. Lil Wayne=Jay-Z VS. Nas………Hell No wtf. get the fuck out of here. this hip hop shit is so fucked up right now that i can make a record tomorrow and be the illest nigga in the game. matter a fact to all the people who feel like me 2 what im about 2 do and start making music the way u wanna hear it.

    P.S. Yes Snap Music Is Fuckin THe Game Up Horribly Face The Facts.

  • C. White

    These disgruntled New York niggas are funny.

  • Lord Thanatos

    Jeezy is wack, with some good songs. but he’s still wack. Why even put that new rappers have over oook the old ones. You as a dj is going to go where they money is, whats hot. It’s keeps you in business. BUT HE IS STILL WACK. So stop fronting, stop being a bitch, just say it-we all know already. “he’s wack but i’ll spin him because he’s hot down there”.

    look how simple that was?

    Rap-affiliated folks need to stop fronting. lik eyou. money money money thats all that matters. I don tsee no one here cryin gbecause the roots are one of the best things in hip hop but have label issues. Complain a bout that.
    And all ya’ll’s new hero has YOUR KIDS walking around with shirts promoting drugs and yall think thats cool. FUCK JEEZY. CALL ME A HATER, faggots. If i was a dj, i wouldn’t play ANYTHING I considered to be wack- unless i was gettign the cheddar…right drama. Thas all it is bee. new york is finished because everyone’s poor, living on top of each other and we all think rap is gonna get us soem pussy and take us out the hood- so we can get stabbed at our own show. You won hear me crying.

    I love hip hop/rap whatever. I like talent, skills. I DONT LIKE seeing all these youth not knowing the real truth- we are pimping our own kids. TELL THEM THE TRUTH. Its just whateve makes your pockets fatter. Anything to get that cheddar. Yo Drama, if ya kid came home singing “kill that nigga, kill his moms, get the money, piss on a bitch” what will you do, start talking godly to him.Hell nop, tell him he real, sell the poison, get your money, fuck u pay me, and all of that because thats what matters.

    And yes, Jayz wont put out redman because redman gots dem lyrics. He just scared.

    -Lord Thanatos

  • C. White

    And by the way how a nigga who’s album was call GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN gonna talk about niggas makin music to get money. And lowerin the quality of music… This the same nigga who gave us classics like: 21 Questions, BEST FRIEND (w/ olivia), Window Shopper, Candy Shop, Bitch Get In My Car and is single-handedly responsible for Tony Yayo having a record deal. Way to quote a winner…


    Nothin out the East is getting play (except Touch It) and I assume Hov likes to get airplay if he drops some bars. The problem with East coast rap is that it’s just not fun enough and the artists just need to adjust without selling their souls (i.e – Jadakiss doing a Paris Hilton song). Comparing Wayne and T.I. to Jay-Z and Nas is blasphemy lol. I’m a fan of both but you clearly typed that way too fast son. Mentioning Jeezy is laughable and it shows you how weak the rap game got.

    Snap music and Hyphy music are terrible because it makes us look like watermelon smiling coons. The “I Actually Kill Niggas” music makes us look like ignorant and stagnant as a culture. Both need to be cleaned up. Why don’t you take a step in helping during your 15 minutes.

    In conclusion, shut the fuck up and try to solve the problem instead of adding tension.

  • Danja29

    hahahahaha… people are givin’ this snap music waaaay too much power.

    I’ve counted about 3 or 4 hits that have been “snap” songs… if those lil’ 3-4 songs are fukkin’ up all of hip-hop, then I don’t what to tell y’all.

    That shit ain’t fukkin’ up hip-hop anymore than any of the other things people thought were destroyin’ it… and that’s a looooong list.

  • Incilin

    This is the most coherent and thoughtful blog I have ever read on this website.

  • Southern Playa

    nice read drama

  • Damnnn

    This is the most coherent and thoughtful column I ever read…….

  • Pompy

    Youre right Dramatic….but wrong on one thing…i heard a Ray Cash and hova song. Bumpin my music remix….

  • Prodigy

    >>For every snap song there is a rapper on Smack DVD from the east coast showin his gunz off lookin more like comedy than drama….

    Kind of like this smack dvd appearance by Young Jeezy?


  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    drama got it in the bag this time.

  • allnice

    Son, who are you? DJ Drama? Is your name DJ Premier, Pete Rock, or even DJ Clue? Does your opinion even count in the hip hop game? You only famous in ATL homey. Don’t act like you got a voice that counts or sways people’s opinions. Why is it that you and Sickamore leave out LA, Chicago, Houston, Florida, and all the other places on the hip hop map that have way better lyricists and top selling platinum artists than ATL? Do all you ATL dick riders promote your city this hard? I used to have respect for ATL, but this dick riding shit is making me really question how poppin things are out there……

    LA and NYC hip hop may have had beef, but I never heard of no LA/NYC DJ dick riding his city this hard. Maybe in self defense against some cat popping shit, but not on some ATL is the best campaign bullshit you and Sickamore got going. And I know you doing this for shock value, which is silly because it won’t matter if ATL hip hop fizzles the fuck out, which is highly likely.

    Some of these south cats are actually wassup too and they have some talent. You don’t need to dick ride them for cats to appreciate their music. But, how the fuck you gonna compare those three to Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas? Son, the cats you mentioned don’t even have a legacy in their own towns. Only Weezy really has a resume with the Cash Money, which is why I respect how his flow came up. He realized his ass needs to really spit if he wants to be considered nice. Then you fuck around and forget Outkast like them niggaz don’t even exist and haven’t been doing they thing since way back when for ATL.

    Look man, NYC has all types of rappers beyond just lyricists. You think that grillz shit is a new phenomenom? Wu Tang was rocking fangs back in 1993 man. My cousin and I had fangs when we were in junior high. Snowmen? Chef Raekwon and Ghost already covered selling coke in a more elaborate fashion, with better beats, and more creativity than your boy Jeezy. The problem is most of the shit that the south is doing right now has already been done and redone in NYC, LA, and Chicago. The beats just sound different and lyrics are dumbed down.
    I ain’t dissing your precious snap music, but not all acts from ATL or the south are doing songs like this.

    Furthermore, you are trying to tell me that these three cats you mentioned are better than Outkast, Scarface, and Bun B? Cmon man, please wipe the dried nut from your mouth and become a real DJ instead of wasting your time writing blogs, sonny.

  • sweet jones

    all nice nigga that’s chuuch!

  • The Critic

    Drama, I respect your knowledge but Wayne and T.I. cannot shine Jay and Nas shoes. T.I.’s best album trap muzik is not even close to Nas’ fourth best album and Wayne rides Jay’z dick more than Beyonce.

  • Livin Legend 85

    T.I. and Wayne maybe…later….but Jeezy ?? with his slower yeaaaaah’s come on man….comparing him with NAS JAY AND BIG ??….and what a bout Dipset….Cam’ron has come out with 3 albums in a row that are GREAT and i feel dey he aint gettin as much recognition.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    you named the Remixes Jay did, but you failed to note that all of those originals were HOT! Jay ain’t spit on too much “east coast” heat because the east coast sound isn’t popular right now… period.

  • MosBang

    ‘So what if Jay came with a sub par verse. Yall should be happy he graced yall with his presence.’

    Take Jay-z’s cock out of your mouth. When comments like this are said how can ppl wonder why hip hop is lame. We let ppl pass on who they are instead of what they are currently doing. Jay verse was garabage! I ain’t happy about it, and if you had any standards u would too. But you are more into getting checks than checking weak shit in!

    Get this dude out of here!

  • tC


  • youngdelta

    i agree wit khal, its not about where u from its wat u doin!!! i personally feel like rick ross sucks on the highest degree possible!!! but the nigga is hot. jay can’t play biasest and give a semi hot newyork nigga a verse jus cuz he from his state, cuz then there would be a blog about how jay is a regionest. “subpar” hardly not, he def. made sure he shined on that track and yes i agree wit drama, we were lucky to get that!!! big up to drama for showin the blogs love to, that new dedication better be fire to nigga!!!!!1

  • E

    I don’t think that you should gas yourself.

  • rich

    Man drama is on some bullshit, all these sounthern niggaz are everywhere cause the machine (labels, radio, and music channels) are shoving these garbage southern niggaz down our throat but they struggle to go platinum.

    Jeezy is fucking wack and Wayne and TI are avgerage lyrically. The only way NYC will go back on top is when HOT 97 and Power 105.1 decide to put our underground artist in heavy rotation like all the radio stations in other regions due.

    Why is it that niggaz with no label in the South can get there fucking demo played every 20 minutes on there radio station if the street feel it, but NYC cant do that.

    And with all the hate on NYC rappers being called “mixtape rappers” well were the fuck did these southern niggaz get they buzz? FROM FUCKING MIXTAPES and selling MIXTAPES from out the trunk. But yet doing a mixtape scene in the east is a negative but in the south is what gets you put on.


  • king douche

    another shitty ass post from the dumbest dj in america. u make sickamore look smart. wow!

  • MosBang

    U are an embarresment Drama, and DJ Montey’s mixtapes are the hottest in the ATL right now not u and u know it!!!


    fuck all these wack rappers, anit no more good shit out. period. all coast are lame.

  • stop the madness!!!!

    Enough already! Do you all not see what is being set up to happen in the very near future? This east vs south argument is going to eventually escalate into one prominent artist dissing another, which in turn is going to turn into another one of our rap royalty getting murked. This some real cointelpro shit and we are being naive and downright stupid by feeding this ominous monster.

    Everytime I see one of these interviews lately, one of the ignut ass “journalists” is asking one of these artists about this dumb shit adding fuel to the fire. All it is going to take is one off the cuff comment by someone big in the game to set off some shit that is gonna breed an excuse for some informant-ass nigga to pop another one of our heroes. We are ten years after Pac’s death and hip-hop violence is increasing. This bullshit right here is gonna be another excuse, peep my words. Stop it!

    Another point- all of this arguing over who has the best lyricists and who is the next big, jay-z ,nas is some stupid-ass corny junior high shit, straight up. We are beefing over OPINION. Stupid shit. This isnt like sports where the best organization can be measured by championship rings. This is artistry. Opinions are like assholes and you know the rest.

    I already know that alot of east coast heads will never respect the south lyrically and really I dont give a fuck, they have the right to feel how ever they want to feel about it. I ain’t fucked about it at all. Those heads who are truly unbiased recognize real talent and it comes from EVERYWHERE.

    For the record in my OPINION the ny rapper yall need to push is immortal technique. This dude is the truth and he is a true soldier who ain’t just concerned with money and hoes and shit. He is also fire on the mic.

    Andre 3000 has dropped some of the dopest verses hip-hop has heard (my op), and DJ Premier is from Houston. What does that mean? It means that it ain’t where you from its where you’re at. Lets get our minds right or we gonna get our asses left.

    Peace and unity

  • Doc Flav

    Doc Flav Says:

    May 19th, 2006 at 3:32 am
    Young Jeezy-Go Crazy remix
    Rick Ross-Hustlin remix
    Ray Cash-Bumpin My Music remix
    Bun B Get Throwed

    All feature Jay Z

    When is dude gon fuck with up top rappers again LOL

    Flow on this remix was average for dude, yall just thirsty for a verse from Hov, Rick Ross is alright but yall really kill me when yall dis Jeezy, this dude remains a mouthpiece in this game, Christina Milian aint got no problems with dude…”Say I”

    Im glad Im noth the only nigga that think the way I do, keeps me from thinking Im insane…




  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    i dont think yall quite get it. all drama/sickamore is doing is drawing parallels between the NYC Trinity and the ATL/South Trinity. SKILLS ARE NOT BEING QUESTIONED HERE.

  • GodMC

    Wayne is Jay-Z with his hustler flow Jeezy is Biggie with his hustler flow
    T.I. is Nas with his story telling
    And Drama is Right the east and south need to join forces there alot of money out there to be beefing. Jay-Z is fucking smart he’s about his money he has three artist from the south signed to def jam ( Luda,Rick Ross, and Jeezy) and they all making him money. Everybody need to do what Wayne and Juelz is doin and say fuck the East/South war lets do a mixtape together i just can’t wait for that shit to drop I can’t Feel My Face. Holla at me if you got any problems eliceo.dejesus@tyndall.af.mil

  • king douche

    its funny how you only have 8 posts….

  • bxconnect

    nice one drama.your getting the hang of it.

  • mathew

    first of Jeezy is jus a dum a** crackhead who shud stik 2 his day job. MC hammer had better flow. wayne will never be a top MC and neither will T.I…ever! Luda, Outkast n Scarface are the only real dudes out south rite now. don get me wrong the South will always hav its audience but their time is runnin out….NY is lookin to make a huge comeback and so is the West..albums comin R Dogg Pound, Redman, Detox, Nas, Roots, Lupe Fiasco, Saigon,Ice Cube, Papoose, Busta…truss me its ova for the South
    Dj drama is a fool tho…he jus wants dudes to read his post. i think u shud be fired for ever comparing big, jay n nas with whoeva those other dudes were. btw, Drama stay safe in the streets dude…lol

  • its real

    ^^^ hey matthew im gonna give you the run down of how all these albums are gonna sell Dogg Pound gold off of The west coast crowd Redman Wood detox 3x Platinium Nas double wood like his last album roots wood as always lupe fiasco gold barley sagion wood ice cube gold papoose wood and the only person on aftermath to go wood might i add and busta as always will get his weak ass small bang taken off the shelf and the south will still be on top so NY take this shit for what it is all you have is Dipset hova is done and everyone else is wake if you don’t believe me check the sales hommie and i’m gone please some newyorker respond to me

  • bxconnect

    its real if record sales matter to you over quality music i guess you have vanilla ice and all of hammers catalog.

  • Danja29

    This is the East Coast/West Coast shit all over again. Just like back then, when the East was gettin’ mad @ the niggas from the West and started playin’ every card they could- “they can’t rhyme!”, “sales don’t matter!”, “they’re not the originators, we are!”.

    But a big diff btwn back then and now- there WERE artists from the East that were puttin’ out quality albums.

  • http://www.myspace.com/blueflag06 BLUEFLAG06

    I luv this!!! Hip Hop is about creativity and it is a competition. Real Niggas know that there was never really a East/West rivalry….we (the West) were like bosses calling for dialogue. Ja Ru Da Damaja was on it (see VH1′s where are we now for info about him) and that was it from the East. WSC and the Dogg Pound was lettin it be known that the West was here to stay. Tupac never said nuthin bout the East and Biggie never said nuthin bout the West. Bacc to the subject…the South is now calling for dialogue!!! They are runnin Hip Hop just like the West was when we were doin the same thing. It’s cool to cover your ears to Snap Music…it ain’t for every one just like Kanye isn’t, but we must keep our third eye open to Hip Hop. As long as Hip Hop continues to make young Entrepreneurs and Millionaires I’m with it!!! I’ll snap to dat!!!

  • LivinLegend85

    it IS true though…the South is what’s more poppin right now…people love those beats…aint really about the flow..i mean…listen to that bullshit laffy taffy and all that ying yang twins shit mane..but who else is coming out in NY ? other than Dipset…Jayz been a faggot…he abandoned NY for South KUZ THA SOUTH IS MAKIN MO MONEY! u know IM RITE !! ….EASY….

  • big murf

    This is the East Coast/West Coast shit all over again. Just like back then, when the East was gettin’ mad @ the niggas from the West and started playin’ every card they could- “they can’t rhyme!”, “sales don’t matter!”, “they’re not the originators, we are!”.

    But a big diff btwn back then and now- there WERE artists from the East that were puttin’ out quality albums.

    could this be any more true damn preach took da words right out my mouth oh ya I think we all know yall took that out of context drama wasnt comparin ti wayne and jeezy lyrically to jay and big and nas he was jus sayin they are runnin things in da south like biggieand dem were running things in da east

  • Nick.R

    Fuck Wut you heard , TIP , KILLER MIKE , and LIL WAYNE can wreck any crew you put up!

  • Nick.R

    Oh yeah , IF you don’t got tha Dedication 2 you need 2 go get it!

  • AO

    This is real talk

  • Blakie Baby

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive. He too would go 5x platinum if he lived in New York. Yall got like 20 million people in that cramped up mother fucker. So fuck Mike and that snitch ass bitch ass 50 cent. Lil Wayne is worth way more than him.

  • Blakie Baby

    I’m from New Orleans and I realize east coast has better lyricist but wayne is better than anybody from any region right now. People from the east coast don’t like the South’s uprising because it makes them feel threatened. The South is dominating right now and yall east coast niggas just mad cause yall hoez is dancing to our shit. With that said I have a 20GB ipod filled with Lil Wayne , T.I., Chamillionaire, and the rest East Coast rap. I hate that dumb shit South shit but credit has to be given where it is due!!!! Watch out for JR Writer.

  • BWEBB80sbaby

    I think loso is the truth and should get way more pub than any! Note: I feelin these cats but way are ya’ll sleeping on fabolous.

  • prodigynius

    ludacris is the best lyricist in the south, give him some props please. weezy, tip, and jeezy are aight and weezy is a genius in the making but none of them are big, jay, or nas. or pac for that matter. but weezy does create songs as often as pac though, but pac saved his, weezy brings out a mixtape every three weeks.

  • http://www.larcenyentertainment.com Brizzle

    what it is is ya’ll waiting on the west coast… ny has no identity, south is doin it major, so now its time for the west to put they foot back in the game… and its coming in the name of Young Hootie and the movement be LARCENY ENTERTAINMENT

    Get a bar!!!

  • rolo

    NY hataz ,get yo’ thongs out yo azz….South got this shit locked…too much variety….every song don’t sound like some fake azz busta talkin’ over the beat…papoose sucks, 50 suckz, saigon sucks… ya’ll shit out of luck…The King Of Rochester, U need to open yo earz ,bruh…Them niggaz u named are garbage except Cassidy…

  • Da King

    Fuck what they say the verse was hard to me and im not even a jay-z fan. And so what if u think the verse was sub-par he still had the best verse on the song hands down. Which is kinda sad if u think the verse was sub-par that means the song was trash. Jay-z can do whatever he wants when he wants, hands down the best to do it since the late great 2pac. He was just gettin his point across on the song to u kno who (someone who wears pink and purple on a daily basis like a fruit ball). Jay-z is the GOD holla back haters. P.S and i kno all u haters gona cop jay new album if it come out this year. so get the hate out your system.

  • Blakie Baby

    Lil Wayne is God! Listen to thr Dedication 2 he’ll tell ya.

  • I Am A Hater

    If Lil Wayne is “god” than there is no heaven.

  • I Am A Hater

    You know what’s kinda funny in that picture though, Jay looks like he’s taking Jeezy to school.

  • Jae Rellz

    i do agree that we as rappers should stop challenging each other and work together but its shit like this:

    “Sickamore is right. Tip, Jeezy, and Wayne are the new Jay, Biggie & Nas respectivly.”

    that makes me want to tell you to shut the fuck up.

  • Blakie Baby

    Jeezy had the best verse on the remix. Jigga had the second. Rick Ross is bested on his own song.

    Wayne is the BIG of the South.
    He is also more talented.

  • Blakie Baby

    Fabolous is a beast!!!

  • Blakie Baby

    I Am A Hater works well for you!


    Shit I think Jay’s verse was great I mean what the hell was wrong with it. Yea Jeezy did have a good verse but it didnt bury Hova. The impresive part was Ricky Ross actually sticking with a legend and a future legend. Damn the south is running this shit.

  • jonjon–23

    The argument of South, East, and West Coast rap really shows how brainwashed and ignorant we as blacks really are. ‘We all niggas’, yet we want to sit up and go against each other based on our locations. That’s why its a white man’s America. If you don’t believe me look at the average platinum rappers profits and see who gets the biggest cut. They are exploiting our culture and profiting big time, while we go against each other. A lot of New Yorkers diss southern rappers because they think they know what rap is and they think New York is supreme but thats not the case. To me Camron and Young Jeezy are equally shitty rappers with very limited lyrical skills. Camron is looked upon higher because he is from New York, uses New York slangs and tries to rap a little faster. Write an average Camron verse down on paper and read it…And Young Jeezy–Oh my goodness. Elementary schoolyard freestyles–AND HE SPENT TIME TO WRITE THEM! The best rappers are the ones that are intelligent and witty and have a way with words naturally. There are a lot of southern rappers that are looked over when people talk about lyrical skill because the stereotype has been established. This is the same way a lot of whites look at us as being dumb, ignorant, monkeys, bent on self destruction. When you read some of these articles you have to wonder….

  • Pikasso

    pls stop acting like Jay is God and acting like his verses are hot common the south the east whatever. Music is Music if its good its good if its not dont play that shit if its NAs or Ye spitting a hot verse then i will admit it but stop acting like zombies waiting for the next jay verse hip hop is bigger than that i was in NY recently and they have mad talent out there i personally think that there is fear within the big heads(CEOS) in NY they are scared to deal with people from they own city,maybe they feel safer dealing with southern artists i heard a lot of new cats dissing jay and nas in their songs people from queens and BK so maybe is just fear of dealing with your own im telling new york rappers are there and they spit for real fuck all those excuses about being to lyrical or that they dont do club bangers record executives are afraid of these new generation.

  • Katari


  • Katari


  • http://www.hi-flitones.com Brick Man

    YOU PEOPLE CAN’T BE SERIOUS. Stop hating on the south its all love. Check out what we doing down in Atlanta




  • king douche

    Hey Drama,

    Pls go kill yourself. Thx

    the K.D.

  • B REAL

    yo katari, cuz yo sell a lot dont make you the “best”. hat do you mean DONT MENTION THE UNDERGROUND. Thats dumb. the next cat is always gonna be grindin street level. TURN OFF MTV2 and stop pledging allegience to what coporate america (culture vultures) TELLS YOU IS FLY. if that was the case mcdonalds would be the best shit for you…. can any mothaf..a touch pharoahe monch lyrically? Busta makes commercial sh*t, but listen to his joints where he just goes berzerk with the lyrics. lil wayne ill never be nas. EVER. nas writes poetry, has written poetry—weezy’s singin and harmonizing (half singin’) every time I turn around. Listen to Obie Trice’s “Cry Now” and hear REAL lyricism.
    NY ait been right since the mixtape game because people ain’t takin the TIME to put out quality sh*t… They’re more interested in pushing out quantity instead of quality…. and it’s killing the legacy.
    Andre 3000 is a real lyricist. Snap music is dumbing down the game and the ppl who support that garbage should chill, but I aint worried about snap no more than who let the dogs out making a comeback…

    and drama, dont EVER AGAIN disprespect comparing (or even making a parralel) between JEEZY WEEZY AND TI TO BIGGIE PAC AND NAS…

    please… no. PLEASE!

  • Katari

    All im saying B REAL is that a southern rapper like Playa Fly is 10 time better than Pharoah Monche. And besides you didn’t even answer the question i asked anyway. SO please answer the question.

  • Katari

    And also B Real what the difference between snap music and all those old school artists like Kurtis Blow, and Doug E Fresh. Not to hate on the pioneers of the artform but they was just having fun with the music like people making snap music are now. And snap music been out in atlanta for over three years now. Its not are fault it went mainstream. The fact is D4L didnt start rapping knowing they were going to get that popular they was just making music to dance to for the people in Atlanta. And why when southern artists turns popular people reply that they ruining hip hop. The fact is there are numerous unheard rappers from the south, that rap the same. Thats how we rap down here so if you dont like it you dont like. But why must people badmouth music they don’t like. And when i saw people im talking about NY niggas cause yall the most hating ass niggas alive.
    B REAL

  • Katari

    B REAL, do me one favor. Listen to southern artists like
    See if you like these artists. These are what NY niggas call underground artists which equals and we all now that a underground artists is really = a artists that raps but never goes mainstream so know they start believing that the reason that the are not mainstream is that their lyrics are to complex for the majority of the population to understand and not the fact that the majority of the population just doesn’t like them. Nothing personal is just not their style of music.

    B REAL ive listend to pharoah monche and he’s decent.Busta Rhymes, i’ve heard all his albums, just not my type of music. i like Black Star, have all volumes of Soundbombing, I don’t like 7L and Esoteric because they are white.
    I never understood why Biggie was so popular, i think it was more his image. I thought i remember his mother saying he went to private on that VHI behind the music. Im no gangster or thug myself, but it is hard for me to believe that Biggie really lived what or how he rapped. Has anyone seen his first baby mother. I went blind the first time a saw her

  • Hustle Hard

    Point blank, the south is killing hip hop. You people wanna bash new yorkers lack of unity and our so called “falling off” when 50 cent was right all along. The south (along with “snap Music”) is lowering the bar of rap skill. To sum it up:

    Back in the days, the dispute of Music genres was at bay. Now, we got heavy metal and punk rockers telling rappers that Rapping isnt a talent. That rapping is easy to do. Wasnt like that before the south dominated, was it?

  • Katari

    When was rapping ever hard to do.

  • Hakim

    That snap music is garbage!!!!
    These east coast “coke dealing, murderers” are garbage!!!
    Hip hop is gone, it’s a (w)rap now!
    The funniest shit is there are so many rappers talking about guns and drugs, and dj’s and radio stations playing the music, then they act surprised when they man get shot. After that its, “Stop the Violence”
    If you gonna make money talking that shit, then expect somebody with no money to call you on it.

  • Hustle Hard

    “When was rapping ever hard to do.”

    Sience When do questions end in periods?? XD!!

    For real, Hip hop is not an easy genre to accomplish. Let me ask you: Is it easy to make up the lyrics to the song while proforming? Is it easy to have complete rhythem and flow with the beat you’re trying to rap to?? Is it easy to freestyle? Is it easy to come up with brilliant punchlines like ones that Jay Z comes up with?

    If you seriously think rapping takes little to no talent, move on to a “better” type of music. You cant disrespect the rap game and continue to influence it. thats seriously the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard. Are you gonna take the side of the rock-stars, or are you gonna stay true to music, and keep disrespect at bay?

  • Hustle Hard

    Oh and DJ Drama, What is not to diss about snap music?? Its too simple, in my opinion. Its gonna hit the top of the charts, and then someone is gonna write something even more simple and that will hit the top of the charts. Sooner or later, hip hop wont be a genre of music because its gonna keep getting easier. and we need to shut the fuck up for that?? at lease east coast rappers have the talent.

    Dem Franchise boys?? They fucking suck. Young Dro?? Garbage. young Joc?? no skills at all. D4L??? Nigga, Brittany spears can rip all of them in a freestyle.

    and people have the nerve to say Nas and Jay suck when these simple rappers are hitting the charts. I can say joc is Garbage, and people down south will say “ZoMg No hE’S NoT”. they dont wanna believe it.

    snap music fucking sucks because anyone can do it. I wish it was its own genre. then at least hip hop wouldnt be getting the bad wrap for these fools doing simple shit.

  • Katari

    Why is it the only rappers NY people bring up is Jay-Z? And to answer your questions Hustle Hard, it is simple to come up with those “complex punchlines” Jay-z comes up with if you can rap. Me I can’t rap so its hard for me to do. On the otherhand i can play the piano so its easy for me to hear a song and then play it on the piano. But then if Jay-Z was to hear a song he couldn’t play it on the piano just like a couldn’t think of those “complex punchlines” of the top of my head.

  • http://www.myspace.com/eardrummahzwest OnPoint of EarDrummahz Ent.

    The music has changed into many forms and you all should see it as marketing. If you think “True Hip Hop” is dead it is only because you are not listening for what you believe is “True Hip Hop”.

    Yeah, I don’t really like snap music… but I damn sure could get in a line with the rest of my niggahz and “Lean and Rock”. Thats what Prez Jigga would call “sprinkling the album with something to keep the registures ringing.”

    Yeah, shooting and gun music is hurting “True Hip Hop” because is “Gangsta Music” not “True Hip Hop”. Understand it is all about bout marketing. If you want true hip hop, go bang on a few objects and rap til you lungs fall out.

    True hip hop hasn’t found its way to be sold for the masses to play it and you can’t really blame that shit on the DJ’s because not too many people make it.

    The East Coast always been on some beef shit so respect the battle as it is. If they want the top charts they need to develope the market that they destroyed, cause regardless to what anyone wants to say; unless the $$$ is coming in you aint gonna hear shit.

    Try this if you want, but if farting on a beat sold 1 million copies in the first week and the fans were entertained enough to request this new market for sound, everyone would run to it.

    Talib Kweli “Innovative is the Answer”

  • Hustle Hard

    “And to answer your questions Hustle Hard, it is simple to come up with those “complex punchlines” Jay-z comes up with if you can rap.”

    Genre Literacy. If it was easy, there would be more Rappers in the game right now, and the ones you people claim to “fall off” (Jadakiss, Nas, Cassidy) Would still be relesing albums every 10 months like TI does. Yes, i do rap and i know its very hard to come up with complex punchlines that actually make sence. While, On the other hand, You dont because you dont rap. Not only is it hard for you, but you dont know how hard. Plus, you dont have to keep captioning the “Complex punchlines”. Kay?

    “If you think “True Hip Hop” is dead it is only because you are not listening for what you believe is “True Hip Hop”.”

    Nice one. Thats true afterall.

  • Chris Villain

    how can u compare a southern state to NEW YORK…new york got the densest population in america its easier for a New York rapper to go platinum than say a NEW ORLEANS rapper like lil wayne….your constituence has lots to do with your album sales….and dont hate becasue weezy luda and t.i. gettin respect from alot of those northern cats….

  • j-slyk

    mike u a bich 4 ridin 50 bitch ass dick

  • http://donnyslaughter.com $ayso is Donny Slaughter

    Fuck whut 50 did personally, as far as hip hop is concerned, he did tha dayum thang, and NY hatin’ cuz he the only one that can hold it down unless Jay comes outta retirement!!! He’s battle tested and tha nigga sellin’!!! His time will die, probably sooner than later, thanks to tha haters, but after that, then whut???

  • http://donnyslaughter.com $ayso is Donny Slaughter

    Oh yeah, NEWS FLASH!!! Y’all can keep comparin’ everything we hear to Jay, BIG, and Nas, but Big ain’t here, (RIP) and Nas’ will dayum near have to reinvent himself to do any real numbers….wait, whut do his record sales look like in comparison to BIG and JAY, shyt, maybe we should throw Luda in there, he been outsellin’ Nas…or maybe 50!!! U see, Puffy tried to reinvent Nas, but he pulled a Marvin Gaye that backfired and flopped…Whut’s Goin’ On???

  • http://donnyslaughter.com $ayso is Donny Slaughter

    Check out BlaXXXploitations of Donny $laughter on CDBaby.com fo some NEW hot shyt and hear whut DC gotta say bout this shyt!!!!!

  • LE$

    haha NY you MAAAADD!!!!

  • Hustle Hard

    Why was all the recent comments deleted?

  • Daddy B

    To compare T.I. and Wayne to Jay and Nas is ridiculous. Nas came out with Illmatic with just 10 songs that has stomped abutu every double album I’ve ever hard. Jay’s been mulitplatinum for more damn near a decade. I like Wayne and T.I. but they’ve gotta earn their stripes first. Wayne’s been around sine he was 15, but hi stuff wasn’t deep at all, understandably.Young dudes like Papoose, Jae Mllz, Shells Burner and Gravy won’t give ‘em breathing room. They’ll be flooding the charts real soon.

  • http://insurance15.pisem.net/index16.html careers

    Sehr guten site. Alles arbeitet deutlich(klar), schon eben storungsfrei. Wer machte? Vielleicht vom Weg?

  • LOS

    Fuck the played out North/South bullshit niggas love to do. Drama need to stop bullshittin and tell a nigga if Tip was going at Wayne or not cause thats what all the signs lead to

  • EastCoastNiccah

    I thought Jays verse was preety good so what he sampled rick roos a little if you ask me he improved it as far a bringing NY Back it aint went no were did yall for get about 50 he sold 11 mil one year then 6 mill the next if you ask me NY aint went nowere its just the south time to shine right now

  • THe Leak

    Why is 50′s name still being spoken? Hes irrevalent on this level. He might still have some pop muscle. Anywayz just chill on the south…stay in your lane and do u. We not ruining hip hop right now. We aint do shit but our thing and for some reason people run their mouths.

    Also I really hope no one is implying that the south is scared of 50 somehow. That shit is seriously funny. He knows what regions he can fuck wit and what ones he better not.

  • Twan757

    Nas, Biggie, & Hov>>> TI, Jeezey, Lil Wayne. What the hell was he thinking with that comment.

  • Ali

    Im from the south but how can u compare TI, lil wayne and jeezy to nas, jigga, and BIG? That is the UTMOST DISRESPECT. Look Drama if u gon give us props and respect I feel u but if u gon dickride just for a dolla then I cant respect that.I dont feel u mean everything u saying bra.I feel if u wasnt supported u over u, u’d be quick to diss us too!!But since we been holdin u down u bein tight lipped just like a eastcoast nigga aint u from the east anyway?yall all the same

  • TY TY



  • Jason

    nigga what a fucking diss 2 my state…..i’m really pissed off at u now..u really did it…..so fuck if jay doin shit with the south…..that nigga gets diss in his home state cuss he don’t go back 2 his hood so let him leave…..we got niggas really reppin Brooklyn(my birth place) 2 da fullest niggas really making a impact…….the new newyork been started and is never going to stop…..and u said east will not come back or shit like dat when we neva left in the past 2, 3, 4 years we had the most sales………and who number 2 on the billboard charts right now Busta Nigga……and 50 did his thing even though i hate him….and g-unit…..jada did his thing…..RnB wise mary j. holding the torch 4 the whole rnb genre in the east sold mor ethan ciara in a week than about 5 months……. and most the niggas in da south signed to a east coast related record label and have 2 deal with the east….so get a life…and stick to DJing cuss this blog shit ain’t working all it is, is negativety to u……and u really know jay-z verse on hustlin is no where compared to go crazy remix…….he said ” the truth may come 2 the light// so everybody put on your shades cuss your boy that bright// good night”…shit to me that sound like a new york flow and beat…….dats no match to wayne, t.i., or jeezy especially that nigga jeezy…shit u don’t know shit man…… troy ave. on the come up….saigon…pap…jae millz…tru-life…dipset neva left….niggas still doin it in the east man just read the facts…..and don’t just say new york cuss ya’ll rep the ((WHOLE SOUTH)) not just the A so put the ((WHOLE EAST)) to it and we’ll show u the plaques to prove it…..Man get on your new york shit immeadtely cuss u need a trip…cuss we started dis shit and will be there when it finish so get on your knees and pucker up 2 the east cuss we really runnin’ shit….south just making music 2 club 2 not 2 smoke shit 2 no more…or really drive slow 2…and i’m not talking to the H basically from Louisina 2 FL cuss atl is snap now and dats wat i’m really feeling in the club….but when i wanna bang on niggas that reall new york shit get me on that shit hard….so step yo game up on your blogs and i’ll forgive u

  • Jason

    and ALI calm dat all da same shit down…cuss niggas don’t play dat shit over here….that type of talk can leave a nigga whole grill reoved so pop off b

  • Jason

    And i really hope Luda diss this nigga T.I. on that “War with God” track cuss we want a real nigga as king down there…not no fake as claimer to be anything…then a low-life fool who really went to jail 4 parking tickets…..so if it was he’s the new king….cuss he universal baby….not limited to the south like ur hubby….

  • Hustle hard

    It doesnt matter if this dude compares TI, Wayne and Jeezy to The greatest rappers of all time because

    1) TI, Wayne and Jeezy arent Legends

    2) Nor are they Emcee’s

    3) They fucing suck

    4) NY started rap. So make sure the bronx takes all the credit for these wack ass rappers selling hits.

  • The Monsta

    50 says the rap game needs G-unit releases i beg to differ. 50 album the massacre was a flop considering the album catered to the pop hip hop fans who listen to kanye and pharell. Im not bashing g-unit but Lloyd Banks is probably the best out the camp. True the south lyrically is probably not the best but everyone is enjoying it and making it out the hood. 50 is not the best lyricist out but to say the game needs g-unit releases is not the problem the game needs everyone to step their game up and work together and make full albums not 6 good songs on a 19 track cd.

  • Chuck D

    Does anyone else here recognize how White people (ie DJ DRAMA) always come in and try to crete dissention btw us??? DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! This is OUR shit!! Not theirs!!


  • killer Kill

    HIP HOP 101.
    Hip Hop aint jus black ask out PR sisters and Brothers and white too

    Hip Hop was started in New York by a “poor kids” that no one gave a fuck about.

    among its early organizers were Kool Herc a Jamacain immigrant and the Honerable Afrika Bambatta a former Gang mamber.

    now im only a meger southerner but since i have spent my entire life 1983 till present being a “student” (not a chart expert) of Hip Hop. i remember Bamm stating that he and those Kids in the Bronx River Projects
    wanted to spread Break Dance Graffitti DJing and lastly rap across the globe. WELL it worked. it went to the west south back to Jamaica (Hercs Home) and even France China Poland Russia and DONT 4 GET AFRIKA.

    SEE THE PROBLEM AINT US southerners no more than the WEST was a problem. see when Chart historians talk of hip hop history there knowledge all ways starts or ends with: the golden years 88 to say um 93, or they start with the death row bad boy era.

    i issue a challenge go buy Ice T’s 1st album “Rhyme Pays” did u know he supported the ZULU Nation.

    Go get Amerrikkas Most wanted how many Tracks did the Bomb Squad do…?

    ok now Students thats was the pre test
    Go get the Geto Boys Collection and listen to the socio/political stance they were taking.

    also Google Luke Skywaler (uncle luke not the Jedi). read up on his fight against Censorship so all rappers retained the right to speak freely. if it were no contry ass 2live crew to fight 4 us then would we have a HIP HOP Summit NOW?

    b 4 u get bored and i get mad let me offer this the problem with Hip HOP/Rap we abandoned our history too soon.

    so tell me how many of u r ative mambers in the ZULU nation…u attend any Rock Steady events lately oh ill make it easy who wants to get Kane and G Rap on a TRack……??????…..oh…….thats what i thought.

    i aint being to critical im only observeing….see i love east coast west coast and southern hip hop cuz i remember when everyone hated all hip hop. so we had to stay 2gether. oppression breeds unity.

    So please support Real HIP HOP/RAP no matter the coast…i got Music with G Rapp and MOP im getting beats from Premo (hes from Texas 1st). I would love to c the day when argue bout us vs the world and not this GAY ass PEOPLE magazine gossip shit. In the words of the GREATEST Rapper in my Humble Southern Opinion “It aint where u from it where u at”…..thats Rakim Allah 4 all u guys who think Hip Hop started in 92.

  • killer Kill

    oh yeah shouts out to the boy Nick R. the support is glady accepted homie. Grind Time Rap Gang Bang Bang Bang.

  • http://yahoo.com bam bam

    drama no disrespect but you are not making a point when you mention wayne,t.i.and jeezy without luda as said many times above. so you need to shut the fuck up because your not making a point. you are not the best out or one of the best and the south isn’t stopping new york rappers past or present from eating. niggaz just took a break from music to focus on other means of getting money.(clue,green lantern,scoob doo,envy and more have better mixtapes than you) o anfd that started in the north

  • kashflo

    East coast music is good. The south is good but people in the south don’t like evey thing in the south just like people in the east don’t like all east coast rap. At the in of the day people like good music.

  • Hustle Hard

    This is why i dont come to stupidass XXL anymore. All you fucking A&Rs here do is praise the ucking south like they’re gods.

    Yes they sell records.
    Yes they are running the game.

    But stop prattling on like The south is more lyrical than the east because they’re not. The east could sell records easily if we wanted to. We dont because we’re giving the south thier shine. We’d sell records when the pioneers feel like rapping again. People like KRS one, Slick rick, Big daddy kane, Nas, Wu tang, ect.

    Stop praising Lil wayne, Jeezy and TI. They have not been recognized as legends like jay, BIG and nas have. They have not relesed legendary albums lie jay, BIG and nas have. They have not made classic hits like Jay,BIG and nas have.

    Just because they sell doesnt make them good. That makes you a follower. I like what i like. Southern fans these days like what Everyone else likes.

  • kane corleone

    No one cares anymore about your freestyle verses,we are still at war my niggas we got brother and sistas over there gettin they cap peeled back,when i bang my music cuz i wanna escape fro mthat bullshit i see on tv,hear on the news,so when i’m out @ the club nigga i wanna dance ,i wanna pull up on a chick and boogie(cuz gangstas dont dance),last thing i wanna hear is this similie rap that NY has been doin for the past 10 years,(in a whisper voice)”make a song that the nation wants to hear they’ll come”

  • Mr. Anderson

    Make a song that the nation wants to hear and they’ll come. Amen. These niggas is a joke. Jay-Z has fallen off. Everyone jumps on his dick as soon as he makes anything. Now I do understand he was really the first one to do alot of stuff and for that he gets respect, but respect is earned not given. He doesn’t promote his own artists, he jumps on any track that sells more than one copy, and saturates the market with his wack ass proteges until people like it. I was working overnight (yes I actually work for my money, not just sell drugs)n all I heard all day was that nigga Ne-Yo. So sick. I liked his first single, stay with me. ven tho Peedi sounds like a two year old. The point is, he’s signing people that he likes which is cool, but just cause you like em don’t mean it will sell and don’t mean it’s a good business move. Like I said I’m still in the grind and he’s rich so he’s doing something I’m not. This ain’t hate this is observate-ing. N my observation of the game the players and the league is that until I get there shit will never be correct. God told me, so it’s true.