Sorry, I've been slacking on my blog mackin. Simpin on my update pimpin. But I got a good excuse! I started my first "job" a couple weeks ago. Real job, not a summer youth like in High School or the mixtapes. I'm talking about offices, focus groups, marketing meetings, travel and expenses,

My business card states Director Of A&R at Atlantic Records. I really think Atlantic is dopest place for me to be, especially coming off of T.I.'s success and Lupe's buzz. Of course I'm working on Saigon's project, Greatest Story Never Told. And I'm straight going Hollywood with this HBO Entourage Soundtrack.

The main thing now is adjusting to office life. Don't wear no hard bottoms, just some creative recreations, Y-3's or dunks. Louie Knapsack where I'm holding all my demos at. I aint gotta act hard ’cause I'm only 21 with a corporate card. A benefit package that's usually reserved for Microsoft execs. And I don't mountain climb or play the electric guitar. The GZA would be so proud.

But your not a real 80's Baby unless your the CEO/President/Boss/HNIC of some small side hustle company. I thank the 70's Babies of the tunnel generation (Puff, Dame, Irv, etc) for imbedding us with that 40-Acres-And-A-Maybach mentality. That being said, I still run my company I Can Make You Famous Consulting. For those who didn't know, that's the artist development firm I run with such clients as Saigon, Tru-Life, Sky Balla, Spot, Jokaman and more.

Plus I'm dropping the second installment of my Street Power 30. That's the tape where I rank the top new artists without an album out 1 to 30 based on skill and buzz. I'm going to post my explanations of each rank over the course of the week.

Okay, enough shameless promotion on my part. Due to popular demand, I'll update my blog a little more often. I'm not a blogger I just write a lot. Oh! And I'm taking applications for the 80's Baby Executive Club. Next time Ill hit y'all with the exact criteria on how to join, member duties (like slap someone who was born in 1974!), code of ethics and our official logo. Make it the 2007 skulls or something. Til next time...

-Founder of The Famous 80's Babies