Are hip-hop videos causing black women to be perceived as bitches and hoes, or are black women causing hip-hop videos to portray them as bitches and hoes?

Maybe a month ago, on my own site, I predicted that ironic white man on black woman sex would be the next wave in hipsterdom - the new trucker hat, if you will. Lo and behold, last week there was this article at MSNBC about how black women can hardly these days go anywhere without white dudes wanting to get their tip drill on.

To wit:

They go to a party, a concert, a nightclub. Twenty-somethings of all colors are flirting and dancing. And then it happens.

Inevitably, a woman says, a white man asks her to dance erotically while he watches. Or he grabs her rear end. Or asks for sex, in graphic detail, without bothering to ask her name.

I don't mean to suggest that I'm so good that I can predict these things, but there you go. That said, what I neglected to mention in my own post is whatever effect the media - hip-hop, especially - may have had on this phenomenon.

From the article:

Black women stew about the narrow, negative ways they are nearly always portrayed. They are either quick-tempered and full of attitude like Tyler Perry’s Madea character or the comedian Mo’Nique, or they are barely dressed and brazenly sexual like the women mimicking strippers in so many music videos.

You mean that's not true?

No, but seriously, the thing about stereotypes is that they always contain a certain grain of truth, or else they wouldn't be an issue one way or the other. They might be true half the time or 90% of the time, but the key here - the take home point, if you will - is that no one just made this shit up out of thin air.

A while ago, there was a special on VH1 (a really hot one!) about the problem with the way women are portrayed in rap videos. Infamous rap industry jizz jar Superhead was featured and had the sheer balls to blame the situation on rappers, rather than herself. As if Ja Rule forced her at gun point to go down on half the jigs in hip-hop[1].

It's worth noting that in many cases, these broads aren't even getting paid to dance half naked in these videos. If you take away the old putting yourself through college defense, then what's left? In that sense, you can hardly blame a guy for seeing a black chick in a club and thinking she might be able to make it clap.

She probably can.


[1] At least, I'm assuming he didn't.