The failed amateur rappers and other assorted douche bags who post in the comments here have a tendency to strike an indignant pose at pretty much anything you write here anyway, but I found the reaction to Sickamore's post yesterday about the song Fat Joe and Jadakiss did with Paris Hilton to be especially ridonkulous and possibly, unintentionally, indicative of some nasty, pathological attitude you see pop up every now and again on hip-hop-related Internets.

"Fightin' over Me" is, to be sure, not the best rap song I've heard this week (though sadly, maybe not the worst, either). But I wonder what it is about it that's causing so many people to declare it the end of Fat Joe and Jadakiss' careers, and the moment when hip-hop officially jumped the shark, and so on and so forth. For what it's worth, I find "Fightin' over Me" somewhat less offensive than the quasi-remake of BDP's "South Bronx" that Jada did with Jennifer Lopez a few years ago; but I notice there wasn't nearly as much outrage about that. I wonder why that is.

An argument can be made that Paris Hilton is not really a singer and is just some rich skank who blew Scott Storch and got him to produce an album for her. And that's all pretty much true. But then a similar argument could be made about Jennifer Lopez, and probably any number of other pop and R&B singers. As I recall, J-Lo had her start as a skanky dancer on "In Living Color" and then as the Puerto Rican love interest in the Wesley Snipes B-movie Money Train. This bitch didn't decide she wanted to be an artist until I was already in college. And it's just as likely that she had to blow P Diddy and Ja Rule to get where she is today.

I suppose one main difference would be that J-Lo comes from the Bronx (there aren't any nice parts of the Bronx, are there?) and Paris Hilton comes from... um, the Paris Hilton. If you're some nouveau riche rapper, it's perfectly okay to flaunt your new-found wealth in the faces of the less fortunate, or even to literally throw money in someone's face. But to be born in the kind of neighborhood where people don't spray paint on shit that doesn't belong to them? That's just wrong. What's that you say, Beyonce, another one of these R&B skanks who frequently collaborates with rappers was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Ricky Rick Schroeder-style? Well that brings me to my next point.

Obviously a lot of this has to do with the fact that Paris Hilton is white. If this ho was the billionaire heiress of BET's Robert Johnson and decided to do a song with Fat Joe and Jadakiss, I can guarantee you there wouldn't be nearly as much feigned outrage. To do a song with a white guy rapper such as Bubba Sparxxx (whose new album is pretty good) or Eminem is one thing, but to do a song with a white female artist is a whole separate issue. If Fat Joe and Jadakiss start doing songs with these white broads, next thing you know they'll start banging them. And then, as Judd Nelson would say, "It'll be anarchy!"