Daddy’s Angel, Kanye’s Hankie and A Bad Case of Gun Envy

Poor Chingy, he still thinks that he is relevant. He keeps showing up to different industry events trying to flash his grill for additional camera time, shouting out his “get it boys“, showing off his Daddy’s Angel tattoo, and succeeding in making himself look like an complete ass. He should really consider a lucrative career over at BET hosting a 30-minute program. If all else fails he could always move to Georgia and become my weed carrier.

Word on the streets is that Snoop will soon be getting his President Carter on over at Capitol Records. He is also planning on making Chingy his personal project by executive producing his upcoming album. I’m not sure how I should feel about this. Chingy has already managed to fall off like a bad batch of dope on his own, I don’t think he needs any help.

Snoop recently settled a royalties lawsuit with one of his former Doggy’s Angel. Big Chan claimed that once the group disbanded in 2002 she was left homeless. I may not care much for the guy but I would hate to hear about Chingy sleeping in a Festiva with J-Kwon.

Last year Jim Jones made some not so flattering comments about Kanye’s choice in clothing.

“Man Kanye’s spaced out. That shit ain’t right what he be wearing. That shit be borderline homo. I can still fit 20/30 thou [sand] in one jean pocket, he can’t fit two singles in his.”

Would this picture be considered borderline homo? I’m just saying. While Jim is the last person who should speak on someone else’s appearance, I would love to hear what he has to say not only about Ye’s new Pet Smart handkerchief but his performance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. You can catch Kanye and his sumptuous bag along with Pharrell in the new video for “Number 1” which should be released some time soon.

No hobo?

By now you’ve probably heard the news about Star being fired from Power 105 for making racist and sexual threats against DJ Envy’s family. Star basically took a page out of the “Mike Tyson Guide To Saying Crazy Shit You’ll Later Regret” and blasted Envy and his family on air. The shit he said was past crazy. The only thing that was missing from his little bitch session was him praising Allah at the end. So if you see him out in the club, lean on em. Push a refrigerator off a building on that nigga.

Star isn’t the only one in hot water over all this however. What you won’t read in the paper is that Hot 97 has also taken action again Envy by suspending him for allegedly going after Star with a gun. The station is trying to avoid any more gun drama around the studio so they are suspending Envy until things cool down. Somebody (preferably from Gravy’s camp) needs to shoot both of them in the ass. Problem solved.

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  • Ian

    “That shit ain’t right what he be wearing.”

    Jim Jones would definitely be Head Buckaroo at the Grammar Rodeo.

  • Ninjagirrl

    MR. HANKIE!!!!

    Booooooooooo on Star, R.Kellyism is WACK!
    uh….Chingy…..your career is a done deal when you have to be made a “personal project”

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    You shouldn’t have started your first post off on Chingy, not a very good look (I think even mentioning this clown is giving him more attention than he deserves).

    Doesn’t Cam rock a pink scarf from time to time? Wonder what JJ would think of that?

  • eskay

    “So if you see him out in the club, lean on em. Push a refrigerator off a building on that nigga.”

    word to Raspy

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    P.S. Still a decent column though, mildy refreshing.

  • J. Biz

    don’t alot of homosexual males get I.B.S.???

  • Mr. Me Too


  • Ru

    “Somebody (preferably from Gravy’s camp) needs to shoot both of them in the ass. Problem solved.”

    LMAO@!!!!!! that made my head hurt.

    IBS is irritable bowels syndrome..they get it cuz they get poked in the…oh wait, never mind.

  • rastalove

    Hey, Mikey, this is Fresh’s second post. So “You shouldn’t have started your first post off” by being incorrect. Just saying. She’s funny as fuck and XXL was wise to add her to the site.

    Star is always mad ignorant, but this time he took it too far. And Chingy really should reach out and ask Luda to forgive him.

  • G Off

    Wow. That’s all I can say about Chingalingaling’s tattoo. Wow.

  • Southernbread

    Fresh… I’m so happy to see you on XXL, if anyone is familiar with your blog.. I am… Your writing style is refreshing with a sense of humor that is one of the kind. Congrats on the new gig..

  • rellmo84

    Fuck kanye.Its cool to be stylish and pull out some gucci or armani but kanye do be on that gay shit str8 up

  • Harrisburg

    I don’t understand how anyone who would affiliate themselves with Cam’ron would talk shit on what other rappers are wearing, regardless of how “borderline homo” they may or may not look.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN


    “P.S. Still a decent column though, mildy refreshing.”

    P.P.S. J.Biz-that sounds like some inside information there.

  • M

    i’m still pissed that chingy is working on his 3rd album, but big daddy kane can’t even get a single released.

  • CamRan

    Who is buying Chingys bullshit albums!?

  • calichick

    “…Ye’s new Pet Smart handkerchief…”

    LOL! Girl, why does that really look like the handkerchiefs that Pet Smart gives my dog?! Is Kanye stealing Pet Smart’s swagger?

  • iw11

    whutdabout his buddy camille i mean cam’ron. pun intended. isn’t wearing pink homo?

  • XRAY3000

    Who is Chingy?? Oh that one cat that left his rap career when he left DTP..that pic was horrid..he aint look to great “RIGHT DERR”…lol..

  • XRAY3000

    OMG! I just clicked on the link..and saw that tat!! Kanye is boarderline homo…

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  • Mz Feezy

    We recently got them cats, Star and Buck, for the Power99 morning show in “da M” (that’s Memphis for folks that don’t know). Anyway, the first time I heard them, I was repulsed, disgusted, embarrased, infuriated, and nauseated, that the Clear Chanel and the FCC allowed them FOOLS to be on the air. A lot of the shyt they said was too overly-outrageous. But this recent shyt takes the cake. I hope he goes to jail, and a big, buff dude named Debo, sticks a hot broom stick up is azz. Straight OZ-style.

  • BootsyJ

    Cats worry too much about what other people are doing. Let Kanye worry about Kanye, and Jim Jones needs to worry about Jim Jones.

  • DCMadeMan

    Shout out to DJ Envy! I don’t blame you dawg, I’d be trying pistol whip Star’s bitch ass too.

  • Browse

    I agree with Bootsy cause cats need to stay focused on themselves. Jimmy is my dude but every since than he been getting his clothes European cut too so he walking round like a Versace model on a regular now. I don’t f with Kanye and the backpack look but hey let his neo soul ass do him and Chingy is just garbage. Envy needs to stop acting tough cause we already know how Hammer chumped all them cats but Star went overboard so he got what was coming and J Biz is droppin that knowledge on cats but dont get black balled doing it! If yall want to see what’s really poppin go to

  • DexStarG

    The only thing that was missing from his little bitch session was him praising Allah at the end.

    That shyt was hamas-esqe.

  • khal

    wtf is the Daddy’s Angel thing about? that’s kind of fruit loop-ish. And that grill just makes his teeth look ridiculous.

  • X-ceptional1

    the butterfly tat got Game some exposure being that it was a super homo tat mayby that is what chingy was after. Game covered his up i dont know how Chingy can cover that one though.

    i have commented on what i would do to every woman in a niccas fam if they talked about my seed like Star did Envy’s on other blogs BUT if anybody desereves such heartless disgusting things being said about there loved ones it’s Envy. he desereves that pain time the number of people who died in the Tsunami he and his camp felt was a joking matter and made the “Tsunami song” after.

    Someone needs to handcuff both of these cats and let multiple colonies of fire ants infest there anal cavities.

  • Belize

    Fresh, i think im in love…marry me or be my baby moms….we can make 500 belizean kids…haaaaaaaa…fo real thou, im feelin ur post, just dont go BOL on us, cool…what up with dem kids ma?????

  • Texas Chain Saw

    What Tha Hell? Daddy’s Angel? He might as well have gotten a damn butterfly on his face. Rappers portray some much testosterone and do the gayest shit. Jim Jones nigga please I’ve seen pictures of this cat dressed like a white boi. Don’t get me wrong I could give a bout Kanye’s bitch azz look like somebody farted in that niggaz mouth and cheeks inflate but how is the Dip set going to call a nigga gay when for like a year or two they were rocking pink, pink furs at that. KNOWWHATIMTALKINBOUT

  • john cochran

    First off, chingy aint even worth dicussin. That nigga done. Second, how Jones gone front on kanye when them niggas in his camp be wearin all kinds of fruity shit,(ANYBODY SEE SANTANA ON 106 WITH THAT GLITTERY SHIT ON?)

  • john cochran

    Envy need to clap that nigga star in broad daylight.

  • nsaniT

    I heard what Star (of star and buckwild) said about DJ Envy’s four yr old daughter. While it was hilarious, it still shouldnt have been said. It took power 99 QUITE a couple days to fire his ass, and they only fired him after some asian civil servant got his rice paddie panties in a bunch. This story about Star & Envy was even on Bill O Reily’s show. You remember O’Reilly right? The idiot who tried to get a bunch of middle aged white people to boycott a ludacris “Pepsi Smash” concert? Anyway, Mr. O’Reilly got his panties in a bunch over this, and had DJ Envy’s wife on there almost in tears(or @ least it looked like it out of her lazy right eye). This whole thing got blown out of proportion and Troy Torrain (DJ Star) is currently out of a job. Well thats what you get when you say you want to “Rkelly his seed”. Idiot.

  • SCAN


  • Prodigy

    Yo Chingy a fag for real dun.

  • sxx

    star was the king of the morning shows. Why isn’t anyone saying anything about dj envy’s bitchfests on hot97 all week long. how he was coming at star all week long. that nigga is a bitch, he should have stepped to star like a man and not let his wife do his dirty work. i heard that he took a week off of the radio because of a death in the family. yeah, the death of his manhood. he talked alot of shit about star, him and ms. jaws(ms. jones), but nobody says anything about that. they were jealous because star was killing them in the ratings. their morning show is the worst. clear channel knew who they were signing when they offered star the contract, and they were rewarded with the number one morning show on the airwaves. they will lose big time with that coon ass nigga tigger on now. what a bunch of idiots. dj envy is a bitch.

  • illwill

    yo jim jomes cant talk with them small ass t-shirts.pussy ass nigga dont know what style is

  • k dizzle

    Chingy will be good. one thing I can say he definitely reps the hood and has helped many other local artist, don’t hate the player hate the game!