Confessions of an OutKast Stan on the Verge of Tears


Hello, my name is Fresh and I’m a recovering OutKast Stan.

I kept chanting the chorus to “Aquemini” in my head when I would read online stories about their break up. I can’t continue to lie to myself. I’ve finally come to accept that the sun is about to set on my favorite group of all time. It hurts no doubt but I can’t say that I didn’t see this one coming. Rumors have been circulating down here about their split for years.

Last night while I was doing some much needed housework I came across a box full of old ‘Kast memorabilia that was once displayed on my walls. I shook my head and cursed to myself a little before shoving the box in a spare closet. I’m still trying to keep hope alive like Jesse Jackson.

My resume as a fan is pretty damn impressive if I must say so myself. From 1994 to 2003 I’ve stayed on the muthafuckin’ job. Its damn near sickening. I’ve collected almost all of the magazines they have appeared in, stayed home from school so I wouldn‘t miss the premiere of a new video, recorded hours of television appearances, and spent my first entire paycheck on buying shirts from the clothing line. Hell, even after wrecking my first car I had my Dad make sure that my OutKast license plate was still okay. And it was.

If that’s not a Stan I don’t know what is.

I’ve been a fan since their first album dropped during my 4th grade year (Sickamore isn’t the only 80’s baby you know). The first time I heard their voices echo the walls of my house I was immediately intrigued. I fell in love within a matter of minutes. Later on that night I snuck into my unsuspecting brother’s room and grabbed his Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik cassette tape (remember those?) and dubbed myself a copy. Since both of my parents were bona fied holy rollers at the time, I had to put up the front that I was listening to the DC Talk album that they brought for Christmas in my Minnie Mouse walkman.

To make a long story short everything in my world changed that night. I eventually tossed all my “booty music” out and started to listen to my older brother’s music collection. From then on out I was hooked on hip hop.

I guess I was too deep in my Georgia pride to pay the rumors any mind. Besides, people grow up and grow apart everyday. Do I actually think they’re going to break up? I can’t say. Until then I’ll just have to be content with my mp3 of “The Mighty O” and hope that Idlewind isn’t the first brick they catch.


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  • Casey

    Word…I hope Andre actually raps again.

  • eskay

    damn, I had no idea you were such a huge ‘Kast stalker

    *puts arm around Fresh*

    it’ll be ok, at least we have Idlewild right?

  • GeorgiaP

    Great post Fresh. I love OutKast two. They will never break up. Only seek their own identies. That’s cool with me. They have to grow too as individuals.

  • fresh

    Its not easy being an Kast Stanyiette. I can make it through the rain.

  • Alicia

    The real question is…how could you not be an Outkast stan? Of course, my level of Stanimity (I coined that, y’all) doesn’t begin to match yours…but it’ll be all right, Fresh. Their music will last forever…forever-ever? Forever-ever..even if Outkast as a partnership does not.

  • Monique

    I feel you Fresh! I am not a bonifide Kast-stan but I can remember the first time I heard “me and you” in the Atl as a teenager. Chin up homie !

  • Danja29

    if what they say is “nothing is forever”, then what makes, then what makes, than what makes, than what makes… ‘Kast the exception?

    So why oh why oh, why oh why oh why oh, are we so in denial when we know they’re not happy here?

    Damn shame it is tho’, right?

  • Phil

    “Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die, horoscopes often lie;

    But sometimes why, nothin’ is fa sho’, nothin is for certain, nothin’ last forever, but until they close that curtain;

    It’s him and I, Aquemeni…”

    It’s all good folk, everybody in The A will forever be an Outkast stan. Just because they may be going there separate ways, doesn’t mean ATLiens will sound any different in the pioneer. If you really wanna know about that gangsta shit, you still know where to go…

    Beautiful article my man…

    -Phil from A Dirty South Perspective

  • fresh

    *whispers* I’m a female. But thanks anyway.

  • suckitmarshall

    jesus christ, you were in 4th grade in 1994?

  • fresh

    Yea, I’m barely legal.

  • Mrs Damian Marley

    You will get over it. I felt the same about the Wu, it took a while but I survived


    good ish, bout to go bump atliens…in my wheels of steel….still want u to marry me fresh!!!! lol

  • ronald

    It kinda kills me when DJ Drama, or whatever his name is; keeps defending these new Southern artist. I’m east coast till I die, but I’m a Outkast, TLC, Goodie Mob, Scarface, fanatic. I own these artist albums, and the new era is not that good. Sub-par even. I hope Outkast keeps recording together & apart, they have a unique gift.

  • el afro jamaicano

    hey saw ur post on myspace bout this so i thought i’d read it. it’s very well written. u know alot of these people who have websites can post pictures and add little comments,but can’t write a paragraph!!(thats not u u have talent) im still an outkast fan and i hope theyd un break up!!!

  • Monique

    LOL! @ Fresh (The “new” whispersong to Phil “I’m a female”).

  • rayyyna

    FRESH, Like I’ve told you before we are CUT from the same DAMN cloth. I love Outkast too hard and the rumors are killing me. The very thing that makes them great is what is pulling them apart? It just aint right!! You have come to the road of acceptance, but i cannot, Keep HOPE Alive!!

  • Saun

    You’re not the only one. My love for Outkast keeps me in denial every day. I was just bumpin’ Players Ball yesterday. I’ve upgraded to a CD but I still have my cassette in the collection.

  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    Well I guess it’s about growth…it seems like they’ve just grown apart artistically. Hopefully they can salvage their friendship. Fuck Dream Girls..I’m excited about Idlewild.

  • Katari

    I would hate it if OUTKAST broke up but less face it. Andre i strange ass nigga and Big boi probably don’t want to hand around him anymore.

  • DJ Ren “The Checkwriter”

    It sorta sad to see a “supergroup” split. But the only thing sadder, is the extents my man(no homo) went through for them.

  • sunshyne

    wow, I remember DC Talk from my elementary days

    are they still around??

  • Bunny

    Girl, I FEEL u…Andre is my sould mate. The first time I heard Playas Ball I was hooked…the 3 time I heard it, I knew all the words…hell, I damn near know all the songs BACKWARDS…u feel me??!?! But as long as I can bump Funky Ride and Gangsta Shit, call me Gloria Gaynor cuz I will survive…unless they actually break up.

  • THE HOMIE REDD FLAGG 212 516 100

    how yall talkin all this break up shit when them boys was together two nights ago pluggin a new cd and movie stop listening to rumors man ppl love drama i tell ya i hope they sell another ten million joints and smash it again GA

  • uneek

    out kast fell the fuck off after atliens and gthats the truth so fuck all yall

  • trae bizzo

    uneek Says:
    out kast fell the fuck off after atliens and gthats the truth so fuck all yall.

    Back to reality, they just have different ideas. They can express themselves solo and still do the outkast thing. they aint joined at the hip.





  • D

    Andre doesnt need to rap, the music he makes ill admit is different but to me thats wut makes it good…he has other talents, i think theyve come to far to split up now