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Fuck a rap critic/He talk about it while I live it.”—Method Man

Method Man doesn’t like me. Scratch that, he doesn’t like me and people like me. People who sit behind desks finger strikin’ their keyboards pontificating on what’s good and bad in hip-hop. Hip-hop journalists and urban radio programmers? The scum of the Earth. We don’t spit so we don’t know shit. What qualifies us to judge him or any artist for that matter? If we ain’t got nothing nice to say then shut the hell up.

It was all so simple back in 1993, we all loved the Wu-Tang Clan and Method Man was our undisputed favorite. He was the wittiest, hungriest and most charismatic member by far. I love that bootleg of them overseas where I think they’re on Tim Westwood’s show, and when his fellow Clansmen won’t participate in the spirited freestyle session, Meth challenges them all for their per diems. Classic.

Then he went solo on that ass—first. “Bring The Pain” is classic. “All I Need” will always satisfy the ladies. The original Tical, despite being one of the world’s most poorly engineered records, still holds up and is pretty enjoyable. But then things went awry in the following years as the Wu’s status slipped (Bad Boy!) and no one was affected more than Johnny Blaze. By the time he came with album number two in 1998, Meth had an uphill road to climb and he stumbled. Redemption was found in the successful pairing with Redman a year later. “Da Rockwilder” has earned its rightful spot on the concert set list. Still Meth and Red would later become more known for Hollywood swinging and a god-awful TV show than for puttin’ out the hits.

In 2004, Meth returned to the rap game ironically in the shadows of fellow Wu member/Def Jam artist, Ghostface who clearly in the last half decade has become a bigger critic’s darling than Meth ever was. To put in nicely, Methical’s album was sub-par, and trashed by rap writers all over (including the fine folks at XXL). But if you think it’s all over for Clifford Smith, well you got another thing coming.

We’ve gotten our hands on a new Method Man song and guess what me and the rap critics ’round here got our thumbs up. We’re feelin’ it like Jay-Z’s first album. It’s produced by Erick Sermon and features Lauryn Hill. That’s right, 3 artists who’ve taken their fair share of magazine lump lumps through the years. We’ll they’ve all had it up to here like Queen Latifah and they’re gonna let us know about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy. Don’t sleep on these crotchety rap vets. It’s a banger. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Method Man feat. Lauryn Hill “Things They Say” (2006)

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  • Lefty 2Gunz

    This joint is so so. Sounds more like it should be a Lauryn Hill record featuring Meth.

    Probably would have liked it better like that.

    It’s hard for me to feel anything Meth does that doesn’t have that Wu-Tang flair.

    Blame it on “Bring the Pain” but after that anything else is just bubblemgum to sale records and not that real Wu-Tang sound.

    (except the joint with D-Angelo,…where is that cat these days anyway?)

  • Zilla

    Oh Meth, what have you done!??!

    It’s obvious Meth is one of the best MC’s of all time, his flow and charisma are influential and undeniable, his verses on Wu albums are fire.
    BUT…where Ghost has succeeded and Meth has failed is that Tony Starks found his sound and embraced it. You know when you put on a Ghost album, you’re gonna get 70′s samples and hip hop bangers. Method Man had on “Tical” the epitome of bluntedinthebasement Wu beats. And Johnny Blaze hasn’t sounded at home on anything after it.
    I’m all for expanding and experimenting–I actually LIKED the song and video for “Judgement Day.” Meth should take a cue from Talib Kweli–get back to where you belong. Kweli belongs on Hi-Tek beats, not Neptunes/Just Blaze tracks (they’re too big for his voice). I hope RZA did lock him in the studio for his next album and will bring back the grimy, snot-nosed panty raider we wall worshipped from ’93-’98. Otherwise, there won’t be much separation between Ticallion Stallion and U-God.

  • khal

    best of all time? That’s a lil lofty… he wouldn’t make my top 10 or top 20 honestly.

    I think it’s odd how peope hate rap critics when they aren’t the critics’ darlings. Shame on a NUH! Tical was a classics. The rest of that shit is garbage. Tical 2 had like 5 or 6 bangers, the rest was clangers… Tical 0′s only saving grace is “Afterparty” with Ghost.

  • Danja29

    Well… if all that criticism is what it takes for Meth to drop a song like this, then GOOD. This shit trumps anything on that last album.

  • The Dza

    yeah…method man needs to grow some balls. If he puts out wack shit then he has to expect people to call him out on it. His last album was indeed a sloppy attempt at commercial attempt. I think homie is just jealous of Ghostface. This song is decent tho. A bit too much bitching and complaining tho.

  • Ian

    Meh…I find Lauryn to be distracting on the verse and the beat’s pretty typical Sermon.

  • Amier Starr

    Perhaps it’s because I studied journalism in college, but I always find it funny (and a little pathetic) when rappers attack the critics. Most people haven’t starred in or directed a movie, so by Meth’s standards, they have no right to say Eyes Wide Shut sucked (it really was a horrible movie). And do rappers think that the public is so blind that the only research we do on an album is reading a critic’s column? The reason your album doesn’t sell is cause my man Dirty Red on Marcy & Macdonough copped the bootleg, and he told the whole crew your album sucks!! No, it wasn’t lack of promotion by the label. No, it wasn’t the critics. It was YOU!!!! You didn’t make a hot album! You think it’s hot, and your babymoms thinks it’s da shit, but that’s it!! Don’t be mad cause we don’t share your opinion.

    BTW, this song is mediocre, I’ve heard worse, but it doesn’t make me thirsty for a new Meth album. And when is someone gonna take E. Sermon out into a field and shoot him. He sucks. Your EPMD glory days are long gone!!

  • SamsoN jR.

    I’m glad to hear that my boy Method Man came back hard with this last one… personally i really enjoyed it and he really aired out those who has been hating on him… I think the callabos with E-dub and ms.Hill were strong efforts in making a very good song…. I would like to hear my boy get grimey-er on his next solo effort and Tical-O is not as bad as people say i found it nice but not what i wanted from him… i liked atleast 7 joints on his last one…Judgement day was the ish to me…. so like Meth fuck all the hataz…watch my nigga come with it!

  • Some Guy

    “Method Man doesn’t like me. Scratch that, he doesn’t like me and people like me. People who sit behind desks finger strikin’ their keyboards pontificating on what’s good and bad in hip-hop. ”

    You know who he likes? Kim Osario

  • bkswagger

    this was wack when kanye west did it three or four years ago with “All Falls Down”.. Cmon. Everyone knows Meth is only dope on guest appearances on Clan Albums.

  • rubyspirit

    Method Man is definitely Wu Brother #1. If you don’t see it, you don’t know hip hop. If you don’t see 1998 Judgement Day as a classic, your 3rd eye is closed . Woe is you and others like you. Its unforunate, but its reality.

  • Shortylightskin

    Im feelin this. A little different sound for Meth,but i know he’s got another classic in em. He just gotta be hungry and maybe let hollywood take a back seat for a bit. By the way he and Redman opened the Hard Knock Life tour and they blew everybody off the stage, ill never forget that shit. Big ups Meth and Red,we need both yall back in the game!Peace

  • http://yahoo the narrator

    this is whats up my peps. a trio that beleivable. you know what i mean. get it real fam.

  • http://WU truguy

    I don’t know what everyone’s talkin about! Production on some of his past albums may not have been the best, but on the lyrical tip.. Method man has NEVER lost even one step from his first joint! I sure hope all these Meth Critics dont own even one 50 Cent album or that other one he runs with “The Game” cause these guys?? Their “BEST” joints couldn’t stand next to one of Meth’s worst joints lyrically… But rap doesn’t evenseem to be about lyrics anymore anyway, so what do I know.. I’m just an old school head..

  • Shortylightskin

    Yo, Trueguy, i was in highschool during the “golden era”, and lyrics mean alot but u better have some decent beats or ur done, just ask Mic Geronimo. Big fan of Meth, but i think he coulda done better on the last 2 joints, especially the last one. Make that shit even out good lyrics, good beats. There’s so many groups i had High hopes for after their debuts(Mic Geronimo, BoogieMonsters, Souls of Mischief) there sophmore albums were good enough,and the lyrics still on point but beat wise all over the place, it happens alot in hip hop. Every big name producer should be in line to work with Method Man, he deserve’s it.