While fellow rappers Yo Gotti and Jim Jones are busy dodging bullets, 5-0 is probably out somewhere in the French Rivera doing crossword puzzles.  

Cannes is a very prestigious non-public film festival that is held every year in France during the month of May. No "Killa Season" type of movies here folks. During this time movie producers premiere upcoming movies and attempt to pitch their films to different distributors from around the world.

One would easily assume that Fiddy would be out of his element among the over pampered movie crowd, but they would be wrong. True, he may be the only rapper in attendance but he's far from being another melanin-rich servant.

Fiddy is currently busy promoting the upcoming movie "Home of the Brave" where he plays an soldier trying to adjust to life after a long tour in Iraq. A majority of his critics (myself included) thought that "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" would be the last time we saw him on the big screen but we were wrong. His acting abilities obviously impressed director Irwin Winkler enough to cast him for this project. When the movie is released next year I will probably go and see it though. For whatever reason I just can't pass up an opportunity watching 50 looking like Ned the Wino from "Good Times".

But its not all work and no play with Curtis.

Yup, that's ya boy hanging out with America's favorite dead eye socialite at a party held for De Grisogono. I'm sure he had lots of fun networking with her. I wouldn't be surprise if he ends up on her new album. Sexual favors can get you a lot of places in life. Ask Superhead. But the randomness doesn't stop here.

Now I'm not that nice in photoshop to put these four together. Before you laugh at Tommy Hilfiger you may want to check pump ya breaks. Tommy recently bitch slapped rocker Axl Rose at a nightclub in Manhattan for moving his girlfriend's drink, nigga. He don't play that shit. Kimora Lee Simmons is probably out trying to fuck everything moving before she gets back with Russell.

There's no denying that the top definitely feels better than the bottom for 50 Cent now.