BET has really been cleaning house lately. First Melyssa Ford and her rented titties now Tigger and Julissa.

Mr. Sensitivity feels underappreciated and angry since he’s been down with the network for so long, which is understandable. Tigger has been the only reason I ever bothered to tune into 106 & Park every since Free and A.J. got the boot. Although he irks the hell out of me sometimes with that “wohhhhhh!” shit I hate to see the guy go. I actually thought that the execs had finally wised up when he started handling the hosting duties of the show.

Julissa will also be relieved of her duties very soon and I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming. Earlier this year angry fans created an online petition to get the poor girl fired.

BET just can’t seem to get shit right. We’re not even going to talk about the replacement killers for Rap City. Madd Linx is fucking annoying. He makes me want to shoot myself in the arm and drive to a hospital. I just want him to sit there and look pretty for me. No conversation necessary. I can‘t describe how happy I was when they finally let that J-Dicks character go. On his debut episode I thought that he was a butch female trying to get his Big Lez on. After watching his first show for about 10 minutes I realized that he was actually born with a penis.

For the record I don't watch as much Barely Entertaining Television as you may think. Between all the text chat commercials and other BS I usually don't watch more than an hour per week. However I am anticipating DMX's new reality show. It's going to be the greatest display of random crackhead behavior ever since Being Bobby Brown.