Barely Entertaining Television


BET has really been cleaning house lately. First Melyssa Ford and her rented titties now Tigger and Julissa.

Mr. Sensitivity feels underappreciated and angry since he’s been down with the network for so long, which is understandable. Tigger has been the only reason I ever bothered to tune into 106 & Park every since Free and A.J. got the boot. Although he irks the hell out of me sometimes with that “wohhhhhh!” shit I hate to see the guy go. I actually thought that the execs had finally wised up when he started handling the hosting duties of the show.

Julissa will also be relieved of her duties very soon and I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming. Earlier this year angry fans created an online petition to get the poor girl fired.

BET just can’t seem to get shit right. We’re not even going to talk about the replacement killers for Rap City. Madd Linx is fucking annoying. He makes me want to shoot myself in the arm and drive to a hospital. I just want him to sit there and look pretty for me. No conversation necessary. I can‘t describe how happy I was when they finally let that J-Dicks character go. On his debut episode I thought that he was a butch female trying to get his Big Lez on. After watching his first show for about 10 minutes I realized that he was actually born with a penis.

For the record I don’t watch as much Barely Entertaining Television as you may think. Between all the text chat commercials and other BS I usually don’t watch more than an hour per week. However I am anticipating DMX’s new reality show. It’s going to be the greatest display of random crackhead behavior ever since Being Bobby Brown.

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  • janice

    “However I am anticipating DMX’s new reality show. It’s going to be the greatest display of random crackhead behavior ever since Being Bobby Brown.”


  • Scorpio

    Is it me or does BET have the most commercial breaks for the longest amount of time of any network? They play 2 3 minute videos and it’s back to another break. That was reason for me to stop watching right there. If you are wondering. The normal format for a 30 minute show is Titles or intro, 2 minutes of commercial, then 10 minutes, 2 minute comm break, 10 minutes, and end of show. Pay attention and see what I mean.

  • noz

    Bring back Joe Cleezy.

  • Joe Ghetto

    Can I rent Melyssa Ford’s titties??

  • Mrs Damian Marley

    ok just got off the floor crying laughing about the j-nicks thing, on the rare occasions that I do watch BET Julissa is deadly boring and not good at reading the cue cards, Madd Linx, you hit it on the head except he’s not even really all that pretty. Big Tigger although he is irritating, has more character than all the rest. But back up off Dark Man X

  • DJ Main Event

    lmao @ “Melyssa Ford and her rented titties”.

  • Casey

    >He makes me want to shoot myself in the arm and drive to a hospital

    Fuck you.


    lmao @ ” Madd Linx is fucking annoying. He makes me want to shoot myself in the arm and drive to a hospital ” Classic

  • I Am A Hater

    >>Is it me or does BET have the most commercial breaks for the longest amount of time of any network?

    I’ve noticed that also.

    And Mad Linx is a fuckin HOMO!

  • Belize

    LMFAO…. good post….and to think i was worrying about my baby…

  • P~Nizzle

    i thought the same bout j-dicks

  • Shes A Dope One!

    Yoooo, I swear ‘fo God I thought I was the only one who thought J-Nix was a butchbitch! Do you know when Jupissa is gonna be off 106? I dont even fuck with BET at all yo. Its really a shame. BRING VIDEO SOUL BACK! shit!

  • StreetWatcher

    Big Tigger is the most annoying person on T.V. he seems really suspect, fake, gay, and corny

    J-Nicks was just terrible I mean terrible

    Julissa is alright and Melyssa Ford is fine that’s about it

    Madd Linx is’nt as annoying as J-Nicks but he does suck bring back Chris Thomas if he’s still alive..Holla

  • That Guy

    Bring back Joe Clair.

  • That Fuggin Guy

    Bring back Joe Clair.

  • khal

    Fresh, you need to get a DVR. DVR that DMX shit and call it a day. that’s what I did for Kim’s show.

    BET is laughable.

  • Belize

    This is what happpens when u sellout to white coorporate america…coughin..thx….. mr.johnson

  • Ushersqueeze

    That is so tru. BET is getting corny, especailly since AJ and Free left and Julissa took Free’s spot. I personally think Julissa is a retarted Dominican that can’t dress and is waaaaaayyyyyy 2 close 2 tigger when they have celebrities (which she will never be.)

  • mathew

    Julissa, was aiight.Tigga started playin around too much n not takin his work seriosly. Madd Linx looks better suited hostin a country music show, n melyssa is aiight with me coz she fine! BET is bullsh&t. i think they losin maaad fans. they need to bring back REAL hip hop on rap city, enuff of this fake bullsh&t!!! n they need to bring back some soul sh&t. too much bull, wheres my music???

  • mathew

    that DMX sh&t will be mad interestin though, it wont be borin thas 4 sure

  • DCMadeMan

    Fuck BET. J-Nix is a dike, Julissa and Melissa Ford need to be in some uncut videos, Tigger need to get back on the radio, and 106 and park needs to be burnt down. BET has sucked ever since they started 106 and park. Aj and free were annoying as hell. They can kill themselves also. Bring back Joe Cleezy, Big Lez, and Donnie Simpson.

  • bhillboy

    fuck that, julissa skinny ass was lookin good. all i do is look at her gap and dream.

  • mealone

    I don’t watch BET anymore so I missed the whole Tom Cruise coon session. What is going on in that picture??? LMAO!!!

    I do miss Hitz though.

  • mathers

    tom cruise was doin that young joc motorcycle sh&t…

  • Saun

    The only time I watch BET is for Jamie Foxx reruns. BET has fallen off big time. I used to be faithful back in the day but now they are lucky if watch for a hour a week. College Hill is darksided. 106 & Park is the catalyst to the downfall of black youth. That college tour show is a joke. And don’t get me start on the nightly ghetto cinema.

  • Ninjagirrl

    College Hill is darksided.

    You ain’t neva lied Saun.
    I miss Hitz too, he was at least funny and original. Tigger does not move me at all.He puts me to sleep as he has been doing for many years now.
    And Julissa? boooooooooo
    She has the Tyra-Syndrome, her speech patterns change up depending on who she is talking to.

  • mealone

    >She has the Tyra-Syndrome, her speech patterns change up depending on who she is talking to.

    I never noticed that about Tyra (but I don’t really pay her any mind). Now it’s going to aggravate me to death.

  • capsazin

    j’lissa’s out? GOOD. she’s a snake. ssssssssssss.
    tigger’s out? he’ll be a’right at some Power Station somewhere.

  • Ninjagirrl

    For lack of a better way to put it, mealone, Tyra trys to sound “very down” when speaking with black folks,throws in some extra slang, but she Becky’s (LOL-Fresh) it up when she is speaking to YT. I think its stupid to do all that like no one is going to notice, just talk bitch!

  • Tootsie

    When is BET going to realize that its BLACK entertainment. They are so busy trying to reach out to other markets, they’ve forgotten about their own people. Put some BLACK FOLKS on the air. Show some stuff with different black people from around the country. BET SUCKS. And with the CW obviously sabbotaging any black shows chance of survival,BET should step up.

  • Tootie

    I rebuked BET in the name of the Blood back when they took Cita’s World off. I don’t care if she was ghetto and animated, Cita still made the Tootie giggle.

    Mr. Johnson, I’mma need you to please bring back shows people actually watch (read Video Soul & Rap City) and please, for the love of G-d and all that is beautiful and Black, stop with the poorly made ‘hood dramas every day!


    Tootie from the Block

  • http://XXLMAG.COM Shanice

    Ya’ll need to fuckin lay off my girl Julissa and my boy Big Tigger because they are doing thier thing. BET is the best black music channel it is. Don’t get mad because some people is making a living while ya’ll sitting on yo broke down asses!But fo 106 they need to extend the time on the videos and stop having those long ass commercial breaks.

  • dishandlez

    shanice shut tha fuck up bitch julissa sucks fo real man, shes dominican bitch, its supposed to be BET, BET will never be the same, and wats up wit tigger man bring back rap city, get that skinny ass bitch off TV network she aint even funny

  • http://Yahoo Jaime Wilson

    I hate Julissa since day 1. Every time she opens her mouth I want to throw something. She is annoying & boring I san’t stand the bitch. They need to get rid of her. I don’t watch unless she is not on.
    As soon as she comes on I have to change the channel. I feel my sress level go up I hate,hate hate hate hate…………………………………, her with a passion.

  • http://xxl.mag naynay

    Julissa is so lame and Tigga need to be in “a basement.” WHATS GOIN’ON BET!


  • Rey

    Damon Wayans sucked on the BET awards,worse than the movie White Chicks.Tigger should’ve stayed on Rap City.Madd Linx is madd annoying.Melissa Ford is fucking hot,I don’t know why she’s leaving BET Style.Julissa is hot too,she shouldn’t be fired.About the DMX reality show,there’s nothing more entertaining than a crackhead,especially on t.v. And Joe Clair is more annoying than any of these fuckers. Rap City and 106 & Park are just like the radio[Clear Channel]same old shitty videos every day.Hip-Hop Society on International Music Feed channel is a little bit better as far as videos but it’s only half an hour long.

  • Rey

    P.S. Wu-Tang Forever

  • travis

    julissa and madd linx is the only reason i watch bet. Free, AJ, and Tigger are the worst hosts ive even seen. Why the hell are they always laughing at every damn. just read the teleprompter, play the video and shut up. thats what julissa(on the center) and linx do. melyssa sucks; she should do the show bent-over with her backside facing the camera-thats what we all want to see anyway. BET needs to get hosts that only say whats in the script and then they shut the hell up. They need to stop with all the bs freestyle, dancing, make-over crap. They also need to have more, dare i say, educational programming where they discuss current topics in a serious manner, and not no bs democrat cousin jeff. Tavis Smiley would be a perfect person for this role. BET aint supposed to be funny, or cool, its hip-hop, it is what it is. it has a certain style and language, and if you think thats cool, then fine, i grew up with hip-hop, and i dont think its cool, its just a part of life. The people dont need to be black, most of them should be, but they all dont have to be. As black people, we should be the last people to prioritize race. They should show less comedy and expand their christian programming.

  • travis

    btw, forget the stupid live audience bs, and just play the freaking vidoes. and start from 30 and countdown.

  • Rey

    Where the hell is Tiffany from The Center? Why didn’t she get the 106 & Park job as host.

  • travis

    tiffany was good too. please lets all pray that Free and AJ dont come back. Ray J isnt that bad either, he doesnt go off script too much.

  • travis

    julissa is cleary dejected today. i got the perfect replacement for them, Christina Milian.

  • blast

    Bet sold out a long time ago. I stopped watching it shortly after joe clair and big lez went off rap city. After that it was corny ass hell to me. I don’t even know who the fuck ya’ll are talking about. I’ve seen 106 and park a few times before shooting pool at college and I didn’t care for that bullshit either. They really need to bring back the old format they had before they sold out to viacom. shit like Video LP, rap city excedera excedera. Tigga is a fucking bitch his mom is pattie labell what the fuck he know about the streets and real hip hop. And trust me bet isn’t for black people they don’t give a fuck about black people cuz black people don’t own the station. They just do what massa say.

  • travis

    man, that new guy is a real prick.

  • Tony

    Yo man rap right now is bullshit and BET right now is even more bullshit they need to bring back AJ and Free and put tigger back in the basement and let go these country ass niggas like J-nicks and Kinfolk and play some real hip hop like the good old days when Jay-z and Nas and Wu Tang were on top not this gay ass lean wit rock wit bullshit.

  • Whipple

    You are WAY off about Julissa. She did a great job on 106 and park. She was gorgeous, funny and a little quirky (not to mention her sexy voice).

    Julissa is GREAT!

    All the haters can eat a dick!

  • Big Mars

    BET? I don’t know about y’all, but down here in Toronto we got a digital cable channel called “Much Vibe” that plays everything…ALL hip hop including vintage and old school, soul, reggae, r&b. So I don’t even watch BET for videos, it’s a joke. It ain’t nothing but Top 20 on a loop, the only think I watch is Jamie Foxx reruns. BET is clueless when it comes to branding and original programing. Your telling me this network can’t get syndication rights to more black sitcoms than Jamie Foxx, wack ass Wayans Brothers, and Girlfriends??? Where’s the Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Martin, Good Times, What’s Happening, even 227? They don’t know who they want to host what and when, as soon as you get used to someone there gone. BET needs to step their game up big time!

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