Regardless of where you come down on the stop snitching debate, it's probably not a good idea to rat a violent criminal out to the authorities. While it's never hurt my feelings to see some AK-toting PCP addict thrown in prison, the last thing I need is any guns pointed in my face.

That said, there's some cases where it's probably best to just call the cops. For example, XXL's May cover boy Busta Rhymes was very adamant about not talking to the police when his jewelry polisher Israel Ramirez was killed, but he didn't hesitate to dial 911 when some crazy bitch was fucking with his car.

Peep the police documents for yourself:

By the time Bussa Bus called 5-0, this crazy bitch had already done $2,000 worth of damage to his car. Who knows what might have happened to the car if Bus hadn't gotten the authorities involved? Also, if Bus would have done the logical thing and punched her ass, she probably would've called the cops on him and had him locked up.

So you see, snitching is not only okay when the perp in question is a woman, it's also necessary for the protection of a man's property and a man's livelihood. Similarly, I don't see there being much of an issue with a black man calling INS La Migra on an illegal immigrant. In fact, I'm not sure why jigs aren't doing this more often.

As I've mentioned before, both on this site and my own site, illegal immigration seems to have a disproportionately negative effect on black communities. Rents tend to go up when a Mexican family is willing to live 15-to-a-house. Education, meanwhile, tends to suffer when half the kids at school don't even speak English.

Check out the awesome straight-to-DVD movie Havoc, starring one of my favorite white chicks Anne Hathaway, to see what this all will lead to. Not to give anything away, but there's lots of nudity, drug use, and one violent cholo-on-white-girl rape scene. It's awesome.

If I was unfortunate enough to live in one of these ghettos, I'd be calling La Migra like it's going out of style. After all, why sacrifice my property and my livelihood for someone who's not even supposed to be here?

In fact here's the number, just in case you've got someone you need to report.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (INS La Migra): 1-866-347-2423