Young Jeezy is the King of New York


The Location: Brooklyn, New York City. Time: Summer 2005. Its a monumental day in the borough that keeps on taking it, because the hottest rapper in the game is filming his new video right in their backyard. Plus all of NYC’s finest, who usually are too busy making diss songs about each other, came out showing their full support. Tri-Staters Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Foxy Brown, Jim Jones, Tru-Life, Beanie Sigel plus many more who swore they would never be in the same vicinity as one an other. Plus hundreds of other fans gawking at the scene with the new star’s T-shirt on their backs. But the man of the hour has more than a shirt on his back, he has a whole city in the palm of his hand. Ladies and gentlemen, the new king of New York:

Young Jeezy.

That’s riiiiiiight. Who else holds down the core of the Big Apple like Young Gizzle from the bottom of the map? What NYC rapper gets the street love like Mr. 17.5? What other mixtape got more burn than Trap Or Die and Can’t Ban The Snowman at your local African retailer? His PROMOTIONAL T-shirt was so popular that people started bootlegging and making their own versions of it! Who in NYC got that kind of cult following? These people weren’t just wearing it in Georgia, but on 125th, Fulton Street, Jamaica Avenue, etc.

Who’s his competition? Jay-Z put his chencletas up for now, retired from rap with a desk job and in a committed relationship. Nas, also bitten by the love bug, tattooed “that bitch” on his arm and signed to Old Hov in the most shocking truce in hip-hop history. No one really counts 50 as being a New Yorker anymore. Between Dr. Dre and his Cali twang, there’s a strong case 50 Cent might be the King of LA. Cam’Ron had it for about a week with the infamous diss record, but got his crowned revoked with the A-Side B-Side of “Suck It Or Not” and “Wet Wipes”. Jada hasn’t been the same since Interscope Jackson pushed Styles P’s album back to whenever Jesus comes. Fab? Maybe in a couple years.

Here’s the king of new york break downs since 1993:

93: Meth
94: BIG/Nas
95: BIG
96: BIG
97: BIG (R.I.P)
98: Jay-Z
99: Jay-Z
00: Jay-Z
01: Jay-Z
02: Nas
03: 50 Cent
04: Jay-Z
05: Jeezy
06: So far Jeezy…But T.I. Would be a good argument

The South is running this rap shiii. But its not limited to below the Dixie line, they own the Mid West, NYC and Cali. Stay tuned for next time when I give my reasons why T.I.P. Is the king of rap.

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  • eskay

    Great shock post, but just because a couple of 16 year olds rock a snowman t-shirt doesn’t mean he owns the city. And I actually like Jeezy, overrated as he is.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    C’mon, Jeezy? Weak passing trend. He better sell as many records while people are still believing in his gimmick, or until he can’t think of a word to rhyme 6 times in a row. Let me guess, he’s the “King of adlibs”…(technically adilb). Jeezy is simply awful.

  • khal

    LOL I love it… and it’s true. Jeezy gets crazy love in NYC, check that episode of The Shop… they were all over Da Snowman… funny post.

  • sassy

    jeezy a trend? nah, her pleasure condoms are a trend…jeezy is that dude right now sittin side ways wit T.I….muchos kudos sick!


    It seems like everyone is asking where NYC went…
    Do you still need a pass when you cross into a different borough? >Smile

  • esbee

    I’ll agree that Jeezy was popular (prior to T.I’s new release) can’t say much since I’m not in NY to know..still don’t see Fab doing much as far as reigning on the ny proverbial throne..jada got his crown removed after the whole publishing incident..

  • Ant Gwop

    Jeezy came around with a 50-esque buzz. His movement is hard to ignore. TI is nice, but Jeezy has more of a swagger that attracts people to his music moreso

  • for now

    He does have a strong following in nyc, i ain’t even gonna lie. I don’t like the Jeezy, but he could hold NYC down untill Saigon drops with that “Greatest Story Never Told”


    Being that I am from NYC but currently reside in TEX I definetly agree that Jeezy is running thangs down here in the South, He got crazy skill and there are very few Rappers who go as HARD as he do, Anything He touch make everybody Go Crazy. He brightens up everybody else’s tracks!!!!!! Word 2 JEEZY

  • bully

    i think jeezy does his thing, and i know we goin by street cred and all that, but i judge the king for having lyrics and street cred, would any of you actaully put jeezy in ya top five mc’s, but its a good topic nonetheless

  • julia

    C’mon ppl jeezy? so basically y’all is sayin jeezy is betta than nas and jay-z…theres no possible way yall ppl is crazy!!!

  • M.O.E

    I liked the twist you put on this, but you got a point no one could argue with! But Weezy may argue wiyh that king of rap thing. Back to Jeezy tho I like his Swag an everything, but homie can’t realy rap! As far as lyricism is concerned!

  • HG

    your crazy!!! 98 def X
    95 kings of new york with the mobb or raekwon

  • Kaps

    man… i donno, im not from NYC but as a hip hop head i dont think jeezy deserves the crown, hes a passing trend, if you look at the previous kings of NY he doesnt even come close to their prestige

  • G Off

    So, Jay and Nas don’t count because they have wives/ girlfriends? C’mon.

    Props to Jeezy though for even being mentioned here.

  • Loose

    I hope people are realizing he never said Jeezy was better than Jay or Nas…. He is saying that at the moment Jeezy is more popular than both Jay and Nas…. Which for at the moment is true… Jay’s cosign seemed to help the cause for NY, I just hope it doesn’t go from Ti, to Wayne or to now Rick Ross…. Until someone from NY brings some originality and displays hunger… There are a few artist from NY but they are very inconsistent…. And being from BK, NY as a whole needs to stop lookin for the next Jay or Nas, and these radio station need to support our artist …. If you go to to south or mid-west you’ll hear them supporting their artist

  • eskay

    This is an obvious shock post people, check the tracklistings of the last few Sickamore mixtapes and look at the ratio of New York artists to Jeezy and tell me I’m lying:

  • Iced Angel



    Fucking hilarious!!! How bout we just call it New South City.

  • noz

    this is accurate.

  • eskay

    How is this accurate when I’m the only one in my crew who even fucks with Jeezy.

    Again, just cuz the 106th and Park crew’s word of the month is ‘trapstar’ doesn’t mean shit.

  • Rome

    I’m from Atlanta. Grady baby born and raised and i say jeezy can’t be the king of New York even though he might deserve it.

    If someone told me that jay-z or nas were the king of the south, (great as they may be) a fight would break out.

  • Shawn Lawrence James

    I cant argue w/ u there man. I dont like the “new south” but Jeezy is running New York as crazy as that may sound…The next King will not be Papoose, it will not be Busta (lol imagine) it will not be Saigon (sorry Sickamore, Atlantic) It will be a person that’s not trying to “take shit back” but rather move forward and utlize the gems from the past and the present and create a whole new movement. No sped up soul samples, no “hov-like” personas/swagger. none of that shit – just something new… I was raised in the Stuy and I can tell u theres plenty of new and innovative talent in there, A&Rs just dont go and look there – they paying too much attention to soundscan and BDS insted of hitting open mics and looking for talent the old fashion way…But that lucky A&R will find that lucky rapper and all order will be restored…Until then hail King Jeezy!


  • TParris

    Real Talk I repspect opinion, however The Only Way, and I Repeat The Only Way he can be “considered” a canidate for that title ( I cant even say it) is if u sayin that he has the NY backing at this moment….by that i mean he has the young adolescents running round imulating him….. other than that na he is arguably king of the south but KINGOFNY….Cant See it

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  • Blood Hound aka Slum Lord

    Fuck that. I like this thread!

    Go Snowman…

    17.5 a brick? Damn that’s high dude better drop that price some then I’d holla…

  • Marde

    Who ever wrote this must not be from the City. ITs funny how people from other cities are thinking about who is the king of new york. Jeezy does not get palyed on the radio like that up here. The King of New York is in a powerful position that is respected by most. If Jeezy is the most popular (which is not the case) sings his checks Jay-Z currently the king of

  • Marde

    The writer of this article should have somesense smacked into his ass. Punch lines can only go so far. This nigga is rapping about crack like its something knew. ONLY BUILT FOR CUBAN LYNX. Damn these cats need a history lesson. I should AD LIB me an album

  • Bhopal

    T.I. is holding the crown right now.

    Fab is the best out the NY bunch, period. He’s doin’ it but he keep shit on the quiet tip that’s why people ain’t really up on him.
    Rich Yung Clothing is Fire
    LOSO’s Way is Fire…and the next Fab album will follow suite.

    As far as Jeezy.. isn’t this post about 8 months late.

  • nsaniT

    Jeezy, as much as i hate to admit it… is unique. But king of NY? The “King Of NY” isnt king for a year.. the KING has to influence NY music. like hova did, nas, biggie. Jeezy cant be considered King of NY in any sense. There is no true king of NY anymore. a KING stays on top of the game for a long time. or we’d just call him the “Mayor” alright? Not tryna hate, but just because a bunch of people got together with snowman shirts doesnt make hi mthe king. If there is to be a true king of NY? it wont happen for a few years.. but i already have my canidate so to speak. his name is Papoose. He’s the man who can influence NY music (and also all of the east coast!). I usually like these blogs.. but this one? Not so much..

  • Danielle

    I dont agree man – Saigon need to drop already so he can take shit over!!!

  • http://deleted lucky

    Sickamore dosen’t know shit. That why his mix-cds don’t sell and he is like the only mixtape dj not on the radio in New York. Check Hot97 Playlist to see if Jezzy is there. Dumb Nigga!

  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    I never thought I would see the day when, A down south, all I do push birds,ad-libs,hot beats and pushed by Def Jam could make you the king of new york the nigga put out one album and he the KING OF NY. damn so in that case Big jay and nas ruled the muthafuckin world. Last time I checked new york is the center of the world, and if the city checkin for it the world is.

  • Miami Monica

    First all this nigga LUCKY needs to SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!! Talkin’ bout Sickamore doesnt know shit…. Well apparently he does if you reading and analyzing his articles…. Dont be mad cause my man’s is getting money!!!! And you aint…. Anyways back to the question at hand…. Is Jeezy the King of NY? Ill have to disagree because i think Jay is holding that spot down…. But honestly Jeezy is running something i might go as far to say he’s the Prince (right under Jay)…. And everyone who is disagreeing is in denial and doesnt wanna see a nigga from the South get love in NY…. Come on people give love where love is due…. The segregation is OVER!!!! Ha Ha…. Sick you my nigga regardless…. You know that…. ;-)

  • Trouble Maker

    Well i like this post. But not because i agree or disagree that jezzy is the King of NYC, but because it is based on fact unlike the post about Southern artists. Which by the way i got a great laugh out of when the Legend him self “Bun B” got on there and straightened out y’all crooked haters. But what was even more funny than that is that no one replied to anything “Bun B” said as though he was the principal issuing out detension slips to a bunch of middle schoolers…..lmfao!

  • http://nahright dauer

    young will NEVER b the king of NY. 50 CENT is NY. that will NEVER change

  • Southern Boi

    i’ll give it to jeezy he is nice, no his beats are nice. jeezy cant rap S-H-I-T, shit! if you listen to his album, he got mostly simple rhymes, he’ll really put his lyrics to work every once in awhile. But i’ll hand it to him he do got real ill beats and hooks. but as far as being the “King of New York”, hey maybe he is but i’ll have to agree on MIAMI MONICA on that one. he would most likely be the PRINCE. as far as the real king of new york is, i think the busta bust is. as far as the underground king of new york is, that spot will always go to papoose. as far as jeezy goes, he aint even the king of south, but definitely the prince of the south. the king of the south obviously goes to T.I., cause he’s straight raw and its in his name. but jeezy still holdin it down everywhere, just not “KING” holdin it down. BIG ups to young jeezy though ya’ll.

  • Trouble Maker


    Never say never…. 50 is already begining to slip. Why do you think he re-released his album with his DVD? I’ll give it to 50 on a couple of things…he knows that beef sales..thats why he just up and makes random comments about cats. I think he realizes that his “me against the world” position will not last forever so he is branching out and following in the foot steps of The Great Russell Simmons & P.Diddy…G-unit South. Plus he kinda of dug himself a pretty big hole while assulting the NYC hip-hop greats. He isolated himself and soon it will come back to bite him in the ass. A king is someone that can rally the troops. he is a banner that people can follow…50 is not that man. Who wants to be a “toy soldier” esspecially when i know i am expendable…Why do you think there is so much disappointment in everyone that joins with g-unit. 50 made his bed being the bad guy. And now he will have to sleep in it.

  • FL. BOI

    Jeezy is runnin’ shit right now, along w/ his homie Slick Pulla (4th Ward). Jezzy ain’t all that lyrical, but he does say the right things to authenticate himself. He’s a true motivator, kinda like Jigga because he make u realize that u gotta stay on ya grind one way or another (corporate, 9-5 or street).

    Blood Hound is a trip, lol. Everybody knows how many of them shits u gotta buy to get it for that price… Especially if its that new Ghostface Ablum ;)

    “ me paranoid, I think the walls is listening”

    I like T.I but I don’t like his attempt to name himself as King of the South. Thats a honor that the ppl gotta give u not u give yourself.

    I think Jay is still King of NY eventhough he’s “retired”. I think if Jay put out 1 or 2 more albums, just to crush tha competition, that shit’ll go 4x platinum real quick & the radio would be ablaze w/ his music. Point blank – Jigga still got PLENTY of influence in NY. Anybody from NY is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Ricky D

    I dont know about NY but Jeezy was the king of North Cackalacka last summer. Nobody in my hood wanted to hear ANYTHING else. You would have thought there was a 24-hr Jeezy radio station down here.

  • Fait

    Yall niggas is stupid. DMX was DEF King of New York ’98 ’99 ’00 fuck Jay Z

  • she

    ^^^^ too true,i could of sworn i heard his whole album on the radio last year.i like jeezy to a certain point.But he on pause right now.I think yall taking the title to critically.He is more like the king of NYC cause he runnin it right now..

  • d rock

    ok whoa you make a good argument but wrong indeed. who said you have to have an album out to be the king of NY. and for the record BIG is and will always be the king of NY.

  • Mr. Me Too

    95 wasn’t even arguable…B.I.G. definitely reigned supreme over Mobb & Rae..

    98 was debatable…it would’ve been a landslide if Jay didn’t drop Hard Knock Life…X did hold 98 down tho…

  • GGGGG-unot

    jeezy is the voice of all the streets king of the U S A all hoods

  • Southern Boi

    if jay-z were to be the king of ny it would be because he got nas to sign to HIS label. hahahahaha!

    but on the real though, i pretty much do think that jay is kind of the king of the ny, because he owns one of the biggest records labels out right now, (i think) he owns part of the nba, he owns one of the teams in the nba, he’s with one of the flyest girls in the game, he owns one of the hottest international bar/clubs(the 40/40 club), he makin all of this money, and he has one of the wackest rappers to ever be discovered hatin on him.

    so actually he really is the king of ny!

    does anyone think that diddy was ever king of the ny?!? hit me back yo.

  • J. La Rock

    Jeezy?! Seriously? Jeezy thinks his shit is hot but it’s not. I know people in the South who hate on Jeezy’s shit. He’s got no business being in the rap game with those weak rhymes. And everybody is acting like Jeezy brought the hustler/crack thing to the game. As someone mentioned earlier, check Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… And speaking of which, Rae “shined like marble” in NY in 95. The whole Wu was king in 93 and were in 95 as well. And Nas didn’t share no fucking crown with BIG back in 94. Illmatic was much more groundbreaking and lyrically charged than Ready to Die. BIG and Pac are both overrated rappers. As overrated as this so-called “original hustler” Jeezy. In my opinon, Jay’s been ruling NY ever since he came out (although I prefer Nas’ lyrical ability over Jay’s, Nas’ shit was too commercial).
    That’s all.

  • J-Mo

    First off dont u have to be from the city to be king of the city. Dont get me wrong but Jezzy runnin the south and thats just about it. A-towwn

  • louisiana weezy baby

    lil wayne will shit on jeezy and t.i.

  • louisiana weezy baby

    young jeezy is a horrible rapper


    someone from Miami gonna go @ the throne without even knowing it in that case.

  • Southern Boi

    first of all j-mo you dead wrong. jeezy aint runnin shit in the south and he definitely aint runnin shit in the ny. and to louisiana weezy baby, wayne will never shit on t.i. most definitely on jeezy but not on t.i.

  • fatty boy

    the south is running all of hip hop right now. jeezy, t.i., wayne and 36 mafia are the hottest and there all from the south.

  • Kwick

    I just had 2 comment. jeezy is garbage. he has no skills. The nigga cant rap. He corny, he rap like we dumb. Then for somebody 2 say that his swagger is more gudda then T.I. is flat out wrong. The reason he is claiming to be the king of new york is cuz he kno that T.I.will kill him. The new york rappers show him love cuz their dick huggers. g-unit never acts like that. everybody wants friends. thats why they all look soft. 50 cent is the king, that change until he retires. fuck Jeezy, he a backyard rapper.

  • thatbrooklyncat

    NY loves Jeezy cause he rolls with Jay. period.

  • POE hoodlum

    dog you don’t know what da fuck your talkin about jeezy reps atl not nyc how can he be king of new york he is not from new york, he doesn’t rep new york, he doesn’t live in new york so wha you talkin bout. don’t get me wrong he can be king of something but not new york like BIG said there’s rules to dis shit.

  • Big2006

    Fuck Jeezy AND T.I, it’s all about “Lil Wayne”,… like you don’t fucking know!

  • vince


  • vince

    HOW THE FUCK are you gonna say that jeezy is the king of N.Y with him from atlanta that makes no sense to me. it sounds like you don’t want to put jeezy over t.i in the atl so you just make this shit up to not make “the king of the south” mad and make a diss track or never have him talk to xxl magazine again. this shit is wack ass fuck!


    Young Jeezy tight but 50 the best nigga in the rap game then Jeezy but jeezy cant be king of new yorkl he not from there so 50 the king

  • DC Kid

    Man jeezys straight garbage ! I like some of the production backing him but the man adlib every 2 bars. Jeez can’t even touch what NAs, Jay and Biggie did in the 90′s. Tha man is more of a peasant to me .

  • Dan

    How can T.I., who is from the south, be the King of New York? And in 94 Nas was King not Biggie.

  • http://fuckyall Your Father

    Fire whoever came up wit dis retarded idea… you dont know shit about rap.

    JEEZY… PSHHHHHHHHHH your out your god damned mind… king of NY… you got downsyndrome… I dont even gotta say no more… git in touch wit the steet cuz yall been away too long.

  • Harold Douglas aka H-dub

    that dude been the king of new york fam he always hold it down where ever he go and this lil “your father” cat ^don’t know shit about rap jeezy a beast cuz that’s mr.17.5

  • Harold Douglas aka H-dub

    that dude been the king of new york fam he always hold it down where ever he go and this lil “your father” cat ^don’t know shit about rap jeezy a beast cuz that’s still mr magic city lul boi

  • nyc don

    How the hell young jeezy is the king of New York? stop trippin’


    Seems as if people takin this video shoot alil too far. yea, he got some nice t shirts.and he’s in memphis bleek back yard doin a video but i dont see that makin him the king of new york. people only feel his hustle. no one even likes him like his beat choices is very good.lyricly not enough to be the king though.real talk. his album only sells because whos backin him. we all know that.the north is at its all time low.but its not cause the south can rap. no no. its because they have really talented i do like on lyrical note.(lil wayne and t.i.)i wont buy no one else cd though. we might all wanna sit around and listen to music with out the instrumental. then we would see who would really sell. your opinions dont count. the truth is bluntly out there. JERSEY

  • Slumheroes, not from da village

    If Jeezy da king of NY, We da co-dictators of the world. He got a nice flow and overall vibe, but lyrically c’mon duke. Heroes taking it back 2 da essence. BK stand up!

  • J-D

    BK Can Sit The Fuck Down! Its Our Turn, Cant Nobody Out There Fuck With The South Right Now. We Got Jeezy,Trick,T.I.P.,Lil Wayne! Dont Be A Hater I Know U Got Thug Motivation. Bloodraw Whats Happenin And Welcome Home Homeboy!!!!!!!

  • Gutta

    T.I protege can’t be tha king of New York wit them weak lyrics, he got take over tha thrown in tha A-town first.

  • Big O

    What the fuck is wrong with everyone here!! Can Jay-Z say he king of the South? Man NYC has gone soft, Jeezy is my man, but he can be king of the South!! but never King of NYC, that is straight up Disrespect!!Southern catz is laughing at us, I hope yall know that right?!!the columnist who wrote this is SOFT!!!!

  • Adam

    Jeezy king of new york, uuhm, I not quite sure I was hoping you would’ve said Killa or even Gravy but I have noticed a trend of down south rappers building off the styles old head new york dudes like kiss, ghost, and beenie. And down south rappers actually caring and puting into consideration the idea of being “lyrical”. “Strawberry grab ya” If you were to print out some of the best lyrics of off The Carter 2 and Supreme Clientele you would have a hard telling the diffrence. Papoose as good as he is with concepts and “punchlines” I doubt he will ever sound as good and as comfetable just rapping on a beat as Young Joc, or Gucci Mane. As much New York and developed what we call Hip Hop I simpley cant imagine Shea Davis or EVEN Nas making a song “Nextel Chirp”. But then again when New York had it besides Jay and Nas who was doing it nice? Ja Rule!
    Thing gotta change,to push thing foward.

    A.M.P.S remix of Lil Wayne Hustler Music coming this week.

  • Tri-state

    Who the HELL wrote this bull shit?????! LMAOOOO. U cant be serious. LMAOOO. This nigga must want some CONTROVERSY just like the OTHER nigga who said “Southerners quit yer bitchin”. Yall niggas need to be fired. I personally think Jeezy is wack. TIP is WAY better but they rep Georgia, not CALI, not NEW YORK etc. They get LOVE and RESPECT in these places but not the “CROWN” from these places. This nigga done went and lost his mind LMAO

  • Tri-state

    And then this nigga says 50 CENT might be THE KING OF L.A.?? LOL

  • r u serious

    50 run ny not jeezy and if not 50 then nas run ny and if not nas then jay z do not fucking young jeezy shit

  • Poison

    young jeezy dont run shit. that nigga dont know how to ryme. how can any1 truely say that jeezy is da king of new york. that dude is garbage.

  • Airline_General

    Yo let me straighten this out, #1 jeezy is NOT the king of NY because he reps ATL #2 50 is NOT the king of NY because he’s not welcome to his hood in jamica queens #3 there is no “king of New York” as of right now because nobody wants to step up and claim the crown I don’t know what it is because the south is running things in the rap game until then that isn’t goin to change unless niggas like Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, and Wu-Tang come back and take over like they did before and for the future talents like Papoose, Saigon, and the other ones need to come with that hardcore NY shit and spark those other artist up to bring that shit back, that’s how NY cam make a big comeback

  • http://xxlmag nigga 3 fist

    man first of all right now I’m mad at ny.I’m from the midwest and aint nobody feelin shit from ny.its all about the garbage ass south and them week rymes. don’t get me wrong t.i. and weezy are cool but were are the super stars of ny. Where are rappers like wutang gravediggaz nas.I’m sick of people shutin me down when I talk about ny.HELP ME THE FUCK OUT!!!!

  • http://xxlmag nigga 3 fist

    Oh yea jeezy lyrics suck hes just a mediocre rapper with good beats And he aint from ny! Shit if its that easy I’ll be your king tomorrow.

  • michael wallace

    I cant take this shit…Young Jeezy is the wackest nigga to ever hold a microphone…see, thats how you know hip hop id dead like a muthafucka, when niggaz like jeezy get considered for shit like this. I bought T.I.’s King album with the DVD, i watched the DVD, ….do you know this stupid ass nigga Jeezy compared himself to B.I.G?????????? OH THIS NIGGA HAS GOT TO GO SON!!!! I aint no hater not by a long shot, but some of y’ll niggaz need to wake the fuck up man, supporting that bullshit, i cant even listen to the nigga….who ya’ll need to be on is my nigga Weezy F. Baby, now that nigga spit that fire….get ya’ll mind right and stop with this Jeezy cat man, hes T.R.A.S.H.!!!!

  • jp

    dont believe nothin jeezy got to say check out trap or die dvd at that niggas the truth cuz u cant ban the snowman bitch he is mr 17.5 lets get it its real music from ah real nigga thats y niggas is feelin him all the fuck ova the place n in the chi they love this nigga so if he aint the king of new york to yall niggas he the king of everywere else cuz u new york niggas to busy goin at each other throat fuck all that get money

  • SSP

    You can’t be serious. Funk Flex (annoying as he is), Clue, Kay Slay, Star and Wendy run NY! Don’t get it twisted. If you ain’t from this area, you can’t run shit round herre. How’s a visitor or outsider gonna run the GREATEST/MOST POWERFUL/RICHEST CITY IN THE WORLD? oh yeah, most of that Jeezy luv up here is really BMF respect. WORD

  • Micg


    please fix that ish

    some of us where already born in that time frame.

  • B. WEBB

    I got snowman…can’t ban the snowman-hysteria controls america. Shotout to Noreaga (NORE)- track 05 “Melvin Flynt-Da Hustler.” Some of you know!

  • http://Whatever The GMC

    How the fuck Jay the king of 1998? That was X easily. Fuck outta here. Some cracka definitely worte this article

    And how Jeezy’s bitch ass, a southern MC (Wack one at that) the King of New York? Y’all some dumb mothefucking faggots. Don’t know shit about Hip Hop.

  • QB

    I’m from Texas and even I find it absurd that someone would suggest that Jeezy is the King of New York!! Franky Baby!!

  • J.L.

    I’m from Canada, been down to the NYC a couple of times. Fuck Jeezy—he’s not king of anything. Seriously, I agree with all the real cats on here, the Wu in 93, Nas in 94, BIG in 95-96, X in the late 90′s along with Jigga. Right now though, I would say Ghostface, Raekwon, GZA and the Wu is back on the map. Y’all be warned!

  • biggboy619

    first off, jeezy’s not even from ny. and second, ya crazy pickin’ jeezy over ti for king of ’06. for a second, i had to check if i’m on the sauce’s website.

  • Young Rilla

    Jeezy is definately nice. I got much respect for his music and his grind. As an artist I can respect ANY dude that goes out and makes hoods ALL OVER feel him. Jeezy brought GA to G.I. and I’m wit it 1000% but until Jay-Z dies, he will never be King of New York. Also to the NYers on here…….Joe Budden is making ya’ll artists look bad…

  • T-money

    are we forgettin nas BEST RAPPER EVA Afta i herd jeezy’s album I broke da Shit It ws terrible nas will be cnfirmed wn he drops his album nas mo lyrical mo groundbreaking n mo respect dan any rapper in NY (part frm BIG)

  • Infamous Money

    Fuck that there is not gonna be a rapper form a another state running nyc you stupid new york rappers run NY respect where it came from yah outta towners getting besides yourself.Bow down and kiss the muther fucking ring

  • Infamous

    How can young jeezy be the king of New York when he aint even from New York, he not even from the north. Jeezy from Atlanta he reps atlanta you dont ever hear jeezy sing about new york in any of his songs, he raps about drugs usin metaphors and he raps about atlanta. The only reason I see ya’ll say he the king of New York is cause the real king of New York Jay-z signs his checks. If I was to say who the current king of New York was right now it will be Jay-z, and as soon as hes done then Papoose got next, Brooklyn all day everyday.

  • Big O

    Sickamore you really showed how weak you are stating something crazy like this! You must be from out of town, like Crawford, you are weak, and sorry, this is NYC we dont bow down to know one, every other state wants to see NYC bow down on its knees, fuck that, we throw blows not take em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We set trends not follow, we are not followers.

  • paper chaser

    yeay i agree with some of these a out-a-towna gonna run another city?jeezy is holdin it down though.H-TOWN-4-LIFE

  • jon longway

    ya i dont even like the headline: jeezy king of ny! thats just horrible. i like jeezy but how you gonna be the king of somewhere you aint even from i dont care how much of a buzz jeezys got in ny! he’s nice but wait till stat quo drops thats when everyone gets off ti’s nuts!

  • O

    That article iss filled with bullshit, the south poppin commerical wise but seventy-five percent of them couldn’t hold many of theses new york rappers nut in lyrical battle. jeezy is doing his thing, but let remember that most of these artist from the south are following NELLY’s lead with all the country shit. if all those niggas were real big time hustler’s before they got in the game, alot of them need to pick illmatic, or a old rakim album and learn to mix there words like do to cook up crack.

  • KIN

    They way they choose to drop their words has nothing to do with mixin’ dope. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard since Bol’s dumb ass tryin’ ta diss Bun B. Respect the fact that the south got it crackin’ right now. Who’s next? Could be West cause of the Bay shit. Maybe it will be the east. Who gives a fuck. I just want good music.

  • fuck da south (xcept luda)

    wat a joke
    jeezys a joke
    ti’s a joke
    neither can rap
    they both talk on their songs with accents and pass that off as rapping
    o and btw to b the king of new york u actually have to be from new york sad as it is 50 is reiging king rite now 1.2 mill in the first week cant hate

  • AD

    The previous post is why New York is not relevant right now. NY is too worried about whateveryone else is doing, instead of being creative and coming up with something different. To say that T.I is wack and then make fun of his accent, come on dawg, you are showing your ignorance. You do realize most people from the south have an accent. Were not ashamed of it were proud. By the way your accent is strange to us but we still listen to music from up north. Here is a list for you of hot south mc’s

    T.I., Killa Mike, Outkast, Goodie Mob, UGK, 8ball and MJG, Scarface, Trick Daddy, BG, Bubba Sparx, Luda, Field Mob, lil Wayne, chamillionaire, Paul Wall, lil Brother etc………. All these artist are lyrical and change their flow to any track. Stop hating and tell NY to step their game up. We got love for New York, but south mc’s are only going to take these little bitchazz comments and hidden disses for so long.

  • CashFlow(Wizard of Oz)

    Shouts to the south they showin rap can change from that kill em and rob shit… but (no homo) my guy Papoose is on the rise to be King of NY. That Nigga bout to make a splash bigger than Buffie the body’s ass when she get in the tub

  • orlando aka Omega

    Young Jizzy The no flow man aint the rey of nueva york never ny needs to wake and bring it back to 90′s when no one could touch it in rap ! Any one wit tight beats can make a beta even they just mimick nursrey rhymes into a rap fo r real hip hopiz on life support man

  • tha1kiddwhosooflashy

    man youn jeezy u doing it big

  • Leon Francis

    How the hell did Jada fall off since 50 pushed Styles album back? D-Block aired G-Unit straight after Piggy Bank, right now i’d say there is no ‘king’ but a south rapper ain’t taking it

  • brklynsoldier718


  • im so friggin pissed

    no disrespect nas held down nyc for all years..since he been out

  • dem_mn_boyz612

    young jeezy is the real the wait is ova, no onez been thiz real since pac came out. he’z a real dirty souf solja, doin it wit outa doubt, T.i been a snitch, he’z been a bitch, jeezy’z da real trapper, T.I’s just a (w)rapper blowin in the wind, jeezy’z muzik iz all street, sumtin the gamez been missin’, he aint just the king of new york, he’z da king of the A-town, other clownz can bow down, jay seen the power, and movenment he haz in him, hiz muzik iznt commercial or fake im out

  • Doogie

    That has got to be the most ignorant comment editorial or story I have ever read Jeezy first of all reps atlanta but is from macon GA. he is a gimmick rapper how many more times on a record is he gonna tell us how he cut dope run dope sold dope kill for dope rob for dope and the rewards he has recieved from dope that is the reason why white people dont respect us now and choose to sterotype us because we put are people in a certain catergory we can only rap sell dope and play ball. Now on the king of rap shit!!! what about the classics that Ghostface just dropped what about busta and the big bang Jeezy cant out rhyme say a banks (llolyd) or a papoose what about the likes of jae millz, murda mook we as a hip hop culture choose to follow the masses not support classics oh yeah YALL FORGOT ABOUT JERZEY BUDDEN RED MAN COME XXL.

  • bob snow

    Jeezy is ok, but the KING OF NEW YORK IS JAY Z. Dont get a hot mc (for the min)confused with being King. Biggie and Nas were real kings of NY. Since than, its been all Jay Z.

  • bob snow

    ps. the orginal King of NY was Big daddy Kane

  • mathew

    jeezy didnt graduate preschool, so how he gonna be the king of NY? hes the master P of NY with all his f**ing yelling on his trax. he need to stay on his day job, sellin cr*k or wotevva he does 4 a livin. snowman??..get f** outta here!!!

  • Rekboogie

    That nigguh is far from king of NYC..he’s Not even king of the “A” he an underboss…capo if you will…I blame HOT97 for the bullshit thats going on in the NYC..And jigga or should I say JIggaboo cosignin this dude..yeah ..he’s nice and got a little street cred but…lyrically he’s basic, he got good catch phrases and adlibs…but right now..there is no King of NYC…just alot of soldiers wit no leader….

  • da snowman

    jeezy is the shittt stop hatin jayz wasnt the best rapper alive and he wasnt the king of new york he stole all of biggie shitt jazz style and yall callin him best rapper and shitt and the jeezy king of new york i mean he aint from new york so i wouldnt say king of new york king of A-town yes t.i.p (no comment) he need to gain some weight and jezzy aint overratted he the shitt and yall ni@@as hatin it and the real kingssss of new york is and always be is biggie and nas both of them they real and they never STOLE other rapper line shitt either killed jayz azzz he couldnt even respone to that song even when they ask he about it on mtv he still didnt have a answer ha ha ha LET GET IT o by the way i seen sumbody put j tip is the best rapper alive ha ha ha u funny lil weeezy got that he will kill ti with one line

  • young ice

    first off how the fuck can young jeezy be the king of the newyork when he’s on south side.

  • young ice

    i understand that young jeezy fucking got signed to badboys witch is a east side new york record label but the have badboy south for god sakes there where plenty of kings of newyork for god sakes like the firs and best ever king of newyork biggie-then-llcoolj-public enemy-mc hammers’s crew the juice crew-eric.b basically rakim-naughty by nature big daddy kane de la soul kool g rap run dmc grand master flash krs1 dmx nas wu tan clan jay-z i could go on but i do not want to soooooooo whoooooooooo ever said young jeezy is the king of new york get your facts straight buddie.

  • Young_Carter

    isnt it ironic that they r sayin that a man that is reppin ATL is the King of new york? Personally, i dont think that anyone has done anything hot from the east coast since hov left. The south IS taking over but, thats the south. Thats where Jeezy started, Thats where he will finish, Still got mad luv….

  • Snowman

    me and 50 was my boyfriend and you no i had to rep my nigga. he still is fine and has a fine as ass it is so tight we got our own dvd on albino black sheep .com and me an paposse us to fuck behind fifty back tony yayo is my bitch and llody banks is my new york bitch while young buck is my tennesse bitch and i make mobb deep suck my dick

    Can’t ban the snowman bitch

  • the unit

    fuch all ya nizzas. jeezy is not the king of NY. 50 cent is the king period. Fuck yall you G-unit haters


    Jeezy being the King of NY is some real bizzare shit to me but seeing as how the niggas here ain’t doin much, it ain’t that hard to believe.

    I’m moving to Atlanta. That’s where the fine bitches is at, that’s where the airplay is at, That’s where the good food is at…

    Ya’ll niggas got me rollin’ on this Young Jeezy Shit tho…

  • The Criminal

    Jeezy is on a luck streak he’s purely lucky the boy didnt sell anything, he cant rap he talks about the same shit every time and the whole snowman skit is getting old 50 owns new york and jay and shit but an old whashed up bitch

  • http://n/a Sean aka S-Dub Tha Money Mane From St.Louis

    Ay that boy jeezy is speaking that real….In st.louis we still bangin that Trap or Die Shit cuz it was that hot…All or Gangstas and all the dealers is on his shit…Even my grandma be on Jeezy cuz she kno how the streets is….But any way Jeezy is the nigga that made the block the place to be….This is like the 100th someone did that but we always need new faces, plus he from the stree and he got stripes….He ran with the BmF Gang….He was a young Drug Dealer like all the rest of the young guys who want money….Im only 15 and i got 100,000 dollors in the cut right now so ya kno….Snow got me a new Chevy, straight up man….And all the niggas Rick ross and Jeezy all these guys were movers at one point and time….Shit er body was really….My big homie Los was and he gone now butim holding him down and Fuck tha police if they tuning in straight up Cuzzo….REAL NIGGAS AINT THAT EASY TO FIND but it takes a real nigga to figure that…..BUT ANy Way Shouts to Jeezy and The BmF Fam Stay down er body kno ya`ll too damn cool to get boxed up on the real…Hook a nigga up aiight 17.5 8127 frost, 63134 already Hold it Down People ST.Louis MO……Yea Belive that Blow Job but any way snitches can suck my dick (NO HOMO) ONE1


    jeezy is alright. i wish he would rap faster though. seems kinda slow.

  • Lil tang

    eveybody trippen that nigga is the coldest rapper out there get high and listen to the music I bet you think different about hi music

  • Duh Vay

    Round of applause for the Rush Limbaugh of Hip-Hop!!! You must be related to Miss Cleo because this prediction is dead ass WRONG!!!


    all i got 2 say like jeezy said it best “Snowman bitch respect it ,or check it” cuz “its an open invatation for anybody want sum” haha thats riiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!
    TI iz garbage lil wayne could be da next nigga out da south 2 run thru ny cuz jeezy will only be momenterally

  • Konya

    Jeezy aint no king of New York
    Dipset got that covered

  • Jae Rellz

    Shut up. NO ONE can be the king of new york if he aint from new york. i put 200$ tht jeezy cant touch Papoose, Jae Millz, Grafh, Anyone on Dipset or Lloyd banks ect. Gaurenteed. they are just posting trashy rappers to compare NY to ATL and make New York Rappers look bad. shame on you.

  • Chronobeats

    ya’ll cats is stupid if you think jeezy is the king of new york, nigga can’t hold a candle to my queens niggaz, and fuck this king of new york shit, no rappers here run shit, the real king of new york is in a corp building shootin poison to our people.

  • Chronobeats

    ya’ll cats is stupid if you think jeezy is the king of new york, nigga can’t hold a candle to my queens niggaz, and fuck this king of new york shit, no rappers here run shit, the real king of new york is in a corp building shootin poison to our people. ffff

  • Jae Rellz

    Yea. Why is Jay Z dubbed the Greatest MC of all time over Tupac, BIG and Rakim??? What Down south rapper Sold out a concert in one day like Jay Z did??? yea. i thought so. If it wasnt for BIG, Jay would be the king of New York.


  • Texas flippin

    HA looks like babe the pig in tha face… copy cat … king of new york shit man ….. jayz / nas

  • Rodjilius

    jeezy probably is the king of new york 50 i doubt he is not that hes too bad and jeezy aint gay

  • gnash glory a.k.a gatt boi /A-TOWN


  • jdubb16

    Jeezy runnin shit b-cuz otha artist see dat derr fanz pump Jeezy…cuz Jeezy jus have a hot swagger…n otha artist put Jeezy on there shit…people fell Jeezy…but i disagree i would think Wayne would run da scene befor you can put T.I in the scene!!!!

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  • Chronobeats

    Rodjilius is a retarded ass female who knows nothin about hiphop

    the fuck out of here you dumb dick ridin bitch, just because someone is on TV doesn’t make them the king.

    I’ll rip Jeezy in a battle, watch out for ya boi, I’m bout to come out.

  • Hustle hard

    “aint no king of new york, frank white (BIG) is dead ,stupid” – Tru Life.

    Besides, if Jeezy is king of new york, then Jay Z is king of the south. He holds down the south pretty well, and he’s putting alot of southern artists. Who’s his competition??? TI cant touch Jay Z’s skill. Neither can jeezy, who is so-called to busy being king of new york. Weezy?? Maybe….not. He’s not as lyrical as jay, doesnt have a good enough flow, and lacks the famous punchlines as jay. Everyone else in the south is garbage.

    Now stay tuned next article when i tell you that you’re an idiot for thinking TI, someone who wasnt even there when rap was created, is the king of rap.

    Damn sickamore. You’re slacking man. Listen to some Papoose, Jae millz, or some back in the day BIG or Raekwon. Dont hate on NY man. Not cool son.

  • Hustle hard

    LAST COMMENT OWNS!!! BIACH!!! haha!!! just playin man. B)

  • Shortylightskin

    2006= BUSTA RHYMES
    I hate callin one person the “King” of any thing,but right now Busta is carryin that torch,like it or not. Its a real slap in the face to say Young Cheesy is the King of NY. Busta been holdin it down for 15 years,its time he gets to shine on his own,baleedat! Flipmode Squad rep

  • Hustle Hard

    ………nevermind that last part.


    Young Jeezy is alright but he’s defintely no the king of new york, he doesn’t even rap, he just talks and goes hhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy, or ehhhhhhhhhhhhh in every fuckin song and it gets really annoying, but i like some of his shit.

  • Hustle Hard

    RAMMY, Young Jeezy does rap, but he concideres himself a “motivational speaker”. If he actually Reps New york, he’d prolly be lucky to be concidered a new york lackie. But to be king of new york, that takes alot of talent. Not just giving Long adlibs and rapping slowly and selling records. No. Rap music is not that easy of a genre people.

    If you aint feelin this comment, Listen to heavy metal or something.

    Everyday, more and more of you show me how much you can disrespect Rap, and still listen to it. shame on you all.

  • Evan

    Hustle hard, your stupid rapping is the easiest form of music, he has a beat he dosent make himself then makes stupid lame ass rhymes. It dosent take any talent, some has a little but when these fuckers start making there own words like bling icy and shizzle thats just stupid that just shows you cant use real words to rhyme. and young jeezy does suck, what is that a fucking snowman, does he ride with santa clause and the gang, fucking stupid. maybe he can be the king out the deep deep south with santa and the crew. THIS IS FUCKING STUPID

  • New yORK nIGGa

    i should slap tha nigga who posted this crap that total BS young jeezy sounds like a southern version of camron hes wack he just gets love because he waz in the BMF

  • Katari

    I never realized how sour NY inhabitants have become. It must be sad, that once your region was were all the other people wanted to be. Ny dominated the hip hop scene, we looked up to yall for the latest fashion, then all of a sudden no one cared about NY. Last summer i went to visit my cousin in Brooklyn (His grandmother moved up north in the 1950′s on some the “south is oppresive shit”). I was excited at first, thinking i was going to the most thrilling place on earth ( i live in Atlanta now, but i’m from Brunswick county, GA). Was i unpleasantly suprised. True there was millions of people, but i didn’t know all yall did was sit outside and stand on the corner for real ( i mean i thought that shit was only in movies). I mean hear i am 20 years old and the only thing i did in NY was the same shit i did in Atlanta. I know our little shotgun houses in the south is like some old slave quater shit, but its better than those shitty project buildings in NY.
    The face of the matter is the rest of the world realized NY was basically not has awe inspiring as early eastcoast rappers had you believe. Sure they might always be a “party on the block” but if yall had money yall could go the parties the rap artist attend but since yall don’t yall are stuck to “partying on the block”

  • Sincere

    8 words people…….
    King of N.Y: Nas In 06

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  • Hustle Hard

    “Hustle hard, your stupid rapping is the easiest form of music, he has a beat he dosent make himself then makes stupid lame ass rhymes.”

    Fail. You obviously dont respect rap as a music genre. Like i said, if you dont feel my comments, listen to shitty heavy metal, lackie. But i dont entirely blame you though, so dont cry in sleep tonight. And by snow he means coke, dumbass.

    I Blame most southern rappers, amd some midwest ones too. Rappers like Young Joc, or D4L who make it seem like rap is easier than just rapping slowly and snapping fingers.

    And Katari, whats the deal with posting the same shit on that other article?

  • 110 street

    For real some tell me why sicamore is a writter for xxl please someone any one, missinfo?

  • Chi-Town Representor

    Saying Young Jeezy is the king of Ny is like saying dat D4L is better than Papoose(which aint true). I’m from the chi but currently reside in MIA. I don’t see why people are in love with tha south. All tha south does is snap they fingers and doin tha laffy taffey and party. Aside from Weezy,T.I., and Luda, I don’t see any other southern cats doin it lyrically. I listen 2 young jeezy on a few occasions, but he aint on a lyrical level 2 be even crown the king of Ny or tha south.Tell me any other southern cats that have lyrisicm. I betchu there won’t be alot.But I do have a feeling dat one day, there will be a punchline king out of tha south dat will spit as raw as the lyrical cats outta tha East Coast. Until then, we got Luda, T.I., and Lil Wayne

  • Chi-Town Representor

    One mo thing, I predict dat sometime in the future, East Coast and Tha South r gonna beef with each other. I have a feeling dat shit is gonna occur. The reason I believe dat is because of all dis internet beef saying Which Region is Better.It shouldn’t really matter which region a rapper is from. I mean, a rapper could be from A-Town. As long as dat certain rapper have those punchlines and ill freestyles, then he’s on my list of favorite emcees.

  • jonjon–23

    Jeezy’s rap game is garbage. He has the voice, but that’s about it. I’m from the south and I think right now T.I. is runnin’ shit. I think Jay Z is a genius in terms of promotion and getting an artist spins on the radio. Hova himself was not that great of a rapper but he knew what moves to make.

  • Alex Brown(G.B. Bahamas)

    lets give it to dude he worked hard and got it. Crown him!

  • spitt


  • tha boywonda

    nnnaaaa blood, definetly not, jeezy is a fat faggot, e say e dnt go rnd wit no body guards but e woodnt go deep into the real ghettos, im from uk ye n if e came ere to brixton or the ova ruff areas e wood get smashed not jus 4 his chains but cos e finks e a fukin gangsta dat nigga a faggot
    ….u no wat it is

  • albany, n.y hero

    yo sick cut it out you sound like a hater also if you was a real 80′s baby that mean u like 12 right now

  • Chachwon

    Yo, give some respect to Big Pun during the late 90′s…he was the first to put nikka’s in fully reverse…there’s a reason why everybody wanted him (and NORE) on their tapes during 1998-99. Capital Pun will merck Hard Knock Life any day of the week…hands down…Eat the Sun and swallow the moon.

  • JuwannaMann

    Yo, you dudes is off the hook with this ratings of King of NY. In 93 Meth hadn’t come out with an album and all he was was a backup dancer to real dudes like the Chef. In 94, Nas ran it like none other. If you don’t know yall better take a Halftime to determine that shit. 95, I’ll give to BIG but 96, 97, and 98?!?!? Damn, whatever happend to “Built for Cuban Links” and don’t forget everybody was rocking Wallabees because of someone not named Ghostface Biggie (if you want to talk about gear). 98,99 was Big Puns years hands down…that’s why he slapped Jay-Z at the club with a bottle. But I’ll have to give respect Juvi because he had everyone dancing like schoolgirls in 99. Whoever put this list together better take the ash off their face because the whiteness is really showing.

  • Gutta

    yo,u stupid is hell if u really think jeezy run ny…HE dONT EVEN RUN ATL!!!yall goin too far with this south shit and im not a hater but be real wit ya self please..oh i have to question jayz being the king in 98 or 99 cuz DMX had shit on lock for a minute.

  • dic

    yo jeezy not worried bout dat, he bout dat.peace to niggaz n da penn.S.C. stand da fuck up.its ya boy DicWeed.

  • dic eastbrick finest

    Yo Jeezy not worried bout dat, he bout dat.Peace to my SC NIGGAZ.its ya boy DIC WEED.

  • felisha maxwell

    jeezy is one of the most popular dudes in the game even though he hasn’t came out with a ig hit in a while he still has my vote, and forget what everybody else say jeezy is still one of the best.

  • Hustle Hard

    Jeezy Runs his mouth. Thats about it. Papoose can rip a mike harder.

  • nonofya

    Who gives a fuck

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    Mane jeezy and Ti do run Ny cuz they runnin the entire rap game. they both way better than jay z ever was any way jay z is average at the most. thats why he retired he knew he couldnt compete the south runnin shit If ya dont like it then you can suck the south dick bitches.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    All yeah and nas and papoose both whack ass hell. the south got shit on lock and shit aint bout to change no time soon.

  • Hustle hard

    the south got shit on lock?? Shut the hell up. New York is the south. New York started rap for the south to come and fuck everything up and call it “dominating.”

    If nas and papoose are wack, why do they get respected as MCs and not shitty rappers??

    Why are the legends in hip hop only recognised in NY, like BIG, Rakim nas and people like that?

    Why did rap start in New York??

    Anyone from the south wanna answer these questions?? i thought not.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    Cuz bitch like I said they whack ass hell any body from the south is better than any of those whack ass east coast and new york rappers hell D41 and Franchise sell more records than anybody from New york and they whack ass hell but they still sell cuz they from down here. and I dont never here nothin from new york on the radio down here but our shit gettin played up there more than Ny shit.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    and B.I.G wasnt all that jeezy way better than he ever was hell I bet if jeezy was out back then he would have been the king in 95,96,97 hell biggie wasnt even better than pac so pac shold have been the king back then. and that some real shit.

  • Quita P

    Really y’all say hip hop started in the Bronx well actually no one knows that shit for a fact shawty.Since everything started in N.Y Did y’all know the members didn’t write they own rhymes(talk about trendsetters) guess shit don’t change up there.And bitch if it wasn’t for the south there wouldn’t be a eastcoast for that matter check yo eastcoast neighborhood ask the citizens where they are originally from and the majority of the answers will be the 1& only DIRTY SOUTH.

  • nonofya

    Big put out two fucking albums and got killed how the fuck he the greatest when Rakim and Slick Rick still living. And Jay-Z and Nas wouldn’t get as much love if PAC didn’t die remmeber that shit you bitch ass niggaz

  • Roger Gibson

    Hey Listen Here All You Hatin ass Bitches If You Dont Like Young Jeezy…Then Shut The Fuck Up And Listen To All Them Other Shitty Ass Rappers That Have Made It No Where In LIfe…Look St Jeezy Man…Shit Is Necklace Alone Is Worth More Than Any Of You Hatin Ass Bitches Would Ever Make…So Fuck A Hater….You Cant Ban The Snowman…Member Dat Haters…Hatin Gets You No Where…Bitchs…And The Snowman Has Enough Clips To Spray All You Bitch Ass Haters House…CTE CTE CTE….Fuck A Hater…JEEZY THE SNOWMAN…

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    CTE is the click that I claim Know some real niggas that claim the same thang.

  • Mic4567

    FUCK JEEZY……..50 Cent is King of NY….

  • Mic4567

    FUCK JEEZY……..50 Cent is King of NY….G-UNIT!!!

  • cementprint

    man i dont even want to comment on that young jeezy shit CAUSE ITS A WASTE OF TIME HE NOT RUNNING NY THATS BULLSHIT. but saying jayz was king of ny in 98 man thats hard to say i would have to say he was co king with DMX. and in 93 it was wu tang not just meth the group in it self. someone already said it but the next REAL KING OF NEW YORK NOt some guy who said he the king on the track will be the rapper who does not try to immulate jay or comes with sped up soul samples just a rapper who comes wit his own style A BREATHE OF FRESH AIR AND WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE GAME JUST AS THE PREVIOUS KINGS OF NY DID.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    Fuck Ny bitch JEEZY IS THE KING OF nY FIFTY IS WEAK ASS HELL THE only reason he sell records cuz be fakin about beefs and shit Jeezy sell records because he street nigga spittin bout real shit I bet if he beef with jeezy or anybody from the south he will get murdered.

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  • ATLniggaz

    T.I.P. is king of da south, g-unot will never be like southern boys

  • Mrs.Jones

    50 cent will never be king of new york its Jay-z so fuck g-unit.Young Jeezy can be king of tha south or something.

  • Jay Bee

    okay that’s a descent lil list, but just wanna point out, out of all of them names (jay) the only one that was the king of rap, not just ny but rap…..just want it to point that out.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    No bitches jeezy is the king of new york.

  • What ??

    you can’t beat the south period.

    So deal with it

  • Mic4567

    dat nigga can’t touch G-Unit…50 is king of New York…I don’t wanna hear “He can’t be king, he lived in ct” or no shit like that cause most rappers don’t even live in New York Either…especially Jeezy…Most niggaz lie in they raps n e way and unless you was there wit Jeezy wit all the stuff he said, don’t say he’s the realest nigga……If 50 wanted 2, he would obliterate all the comp like he did Ja…..50 has that much power..he only didn’t destroy Jada or Fat Joe or n e one else cause he tried to sell records, which is a tactic that has been used through out Hip Hop history…That kinda power is enough to get you to be King of NY……Jay-Z started beefs and it help him sell…….Get outta here wit that FUCK G-Unit shit, Give me a good reason y they wack….

  • D Black right, Jeezy nice but 50 is King of NY

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    fuck 50 cent why hell yall sriding his dick so hard jeezy way better than 50 will ever be.

  • LilDeazy

    like peeps said above me….lil wayne is shitn’ on jeezy way hard…that nigga don know shit but his weak ass ad-libs…plus the nigga cant freestyle…lil wayne don write his shit he free’s it….the opening song on the carter 2 the mobb is a 6 minute freestyle…get at ya boi…1

  • http://juke1 audiophile69

    if i hear 1 more idiot say t.i. is runnin the south omg! t.i put out decent albums with urban legend claiming the highlight of his skills thus far. King was a bit wack. jeezy is fkn sick man his first two albums and both his mixtapes rape. every song he’s featured on he outshines the collaborator. this is the hottest nigga on the streets right now

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  • Freakie T.

    DMX should be on one of those yrs prolly ’98 and NaS was not no king of NY in ’02…He killed Jay wit Ether but dat was off Stillmatic in ’01 and the Blueprint sold way more so u r right about dat Jay-Z was King in ’01…matter fact in ’02 NaS let out God’s Son which was da WORST ALBUM EVA!!!!!!! so ’02 is prolly Jay again

  • Lyrical Genious

    man…y’all niggaz is crazy…lol some of y’all got good points though………keep writin’, I ain’t got nuthin better to do….GGGGG G-UNIT….lol j/p

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  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn



    why would anyone post that jeezy is the king of ny dats disrespectful as hell

  • Pingback: » Eh… - XXL


    First off im from ATL and Jeezy is definantly not the king of NY cuz hes not even the king of the south thats between Luda(why is his name never brought up although he does skew more commercial his flow and skills are on par with anyone) Weezy F N baby and TIP Jeezy hot dont get me wrong but thats the truth.TIP been hot since Im serious and Wayne been hot since SQUAD UP
    But on the real tho the south running ish. heres my list of top 10 southern artist of all come up wit this I used sales,longevity,creativity and respect here goes
    1.Outkast-came out in 94 still huge had an album go diamond(10m)top 5 rap groups of all time im talkin with NWA Run DMC, G-Unit,DIpset…(just playin about the last two(calm down)
    2.Scarface-never sold out to go commercial legend status repped south when it wasnt cool.
    3.Juvenile-400 degreez classic sold same amount in same yr as Jays vol. 2(4.5m)
    4.Master P-put south on the”map”made it cool to be country more on list for buisness then rapping skills
    4.Goodie Mobb-real niggaz know about the Mob awesome collection of rappers like Outkast just not as big.
    5.UGK-legends T.I. will pass them in
    future though.
    6.T.I.-when king arguably the best album of 06′ is your worst cd of your career thats sayin something
    7.Hot Boyz-with 2 of top 10 southern rappers of all time on one group plus B.G. who is around 12.13 how could you argue
    8.Luda-to be multi platinum biggest selling solo artist from south still underated.right along Hov as biggest selling artist on Def Jam over last 5-6 yrs
    9.Lil Wayne- wasnt even on the raddar couple yrs ago but is moving up quickly top 5 in entire rap game right now.
    10(tie).8ballMJG\36 Mafia-helped put south on the map in early 90′s\they got an oscar for christ sakes
    honorable mention
    BG,Trick Daddy,DJ Screw,Mystikal

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  • Real Shyt

    Naw Jeezy Ain’t!!!! I thought BIG wuz, no 50 cent, no Jada Kiss, uhm…no Fat Joe, no Cam’Ron, no Nas, well Jae Millz, Papoose, no Jim Jones, I guess Busta Maybe…, no…Jay-Z!!! HELL I DON’T KNOW…… ALL THEM LAMEZ WANNA BE KING

  • fresh

    This dude sounds like a fxcking lame and a hater. Write a hot album, song, or 16, and then talk shit about these nigga’s. Better yet, check out that new Obie Trice(Detroit What?)

  • fresh

    This dude sounds like a fxcking lame and a hater. Write a hot album, song, or 16, and then talk shxt about these nigga’s. Better yet, check out that new Obie Trice(Detroit What?)

  • fresh

    Obie Trice has backing fron Em and Interscope ane is reppin’ th “D” so hard this time out, once you hear you’ll be labeling him KING. Go to and listen to “snitch” and “cry now”, then give me a reply. Give me your honest opinion hip hop heads, hater go give some head.

  • fresh

    What chick wanna give me head. Now that’ll make a nigga feel like a KING! Crown me. No ugly hoes, but a cute rats can reply.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    Bitch Big wasnt all that great. Jeezy the king and thats that.

  • Stax On Deck


  • 420 Dude

    Wtf Young Jeezy, his name should have been Young Cheezy to start with I mean Jesus christ look how pethetic these rhymes are man.

    Patty cake, patty cake microwave(microwave)

  • 420 Dude

    Patty cake, patty cake microwave(microwave)
    These suckas make square got
    damn im paid,(ha,ha,ha…)
    Im so cool but im so hott
    Im so fly and you ya so not(nope!!)

    ^ Here’s the full wack ass verse of And Then What with him and Mannie Fresh

  • 420 Dude

    Obie Trice is a fucking badass the song snitch should be played on the radio not that wack ass old song “Soul Survivor” with Akon and Jeezy. Akon sucks by himself and with Jeezy and any other wackass but him and Obie Made a good team on “Snitch”

  • The Name Skewby

    How can you possibly say T.I. before wayne….. lets be real.

  • stretch

    Come on man… king of New York! He’s not even from New York you feel me!
    First of all the drug game been over since like 1988… all the real niggas getting money by that time was dead or in prison. All these new fake ass niggas
    running around talking about all this drug shit need to be put in an organization that really deal with the shit. NONE of these rappers NEVER seen millions from no fucking drugs
    ya’mean! So for yall to support these rappers and let them make a living telling these lies, yall are fucked up in the head foreal! By the way his flow is so elementary how can you even
    make a statment like that…lol

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia Tennessee

    Fuck obie Trice Jeezy sound way better. Why the fuck would you even say some bull shit like that.

  • Fuck Da Lamez

    A Southern Nigga Runnin Y’All Shyt. Get Em Jeezy



  • Pageone

    Nas is everythang in rap.He’s the king of rap.And his kingdom is greater than just N.Y.



  • jilla

    man jeezy aint neva da king of new york and neitha was 50, somebody need ta fire da nigga who wrote dat shit

  • Sizzla

    i like jeezy but…NIGGA AIN’T FROM NEW YORK!! HOW THE FUCK CAN HE BE THE KING OF NEW YORK AND HE AIN’T EVEN FROM THERE??? WHO FUCKIN WROTE THIS THREAD??? Yall are placin jeezy over jay-z and nas and underrated NY MCs, makes no sense. Niggas out here fuck with jeezy but 2 say he’s king of anything yet is not right.

  • Sizzla

    yeah and y don’t we say game is king of the south then too???

  • Arkansas Boi

    Hell Naw Game isn’t, and Jeezy ain’t either. Niggaz respect Jeezy so it is what iz. Real Recognize Real.

  • that boy dizz

    jeezy is the coldest rapper right now, point blank jeezy will shit on anybody 12-12-06 thug motivation 102 yeeaah!!

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  • Alex, Norway

    Hi… Quit hatin on Jeezy… Even here in norway, people buy his records, and we are not the typical “hood” people…!! Keep on, keepin it on Snowman!!!

  • NYC

    Nas is the King of New York bottom line. Jezzy can’t touch Nas in rap man. By the way that hot single from Ludacris, Grew Up a Screw Up, a sort of “ATL ANTHEM” is based off a biggie line in his song with pac Runnin. And in money maker the back stroke breast stroke line is off of a biggie song One More Chance. New York is still king.

  • pmahallik

    How the fuck Jeezy is King of New York but aint wearing the crown in the South?

  • ROD

    If he claim king, and he claim best
    then I guess you can call me god
    theirs none higher, none flya
    the kingpin is back
    louis vuitton frames hide the face of the supplier
    peek a boo take a look at what these kilo’s do
    air condition and jacob watch its free-on blue
    one hundred thousand it should come with some mileage too
    give me the option to give its service to jiffy lube
    three years gone feds tappin my phone
    rappers downloadin my style im feelin like a ringtone (Ya)
    the hiatus they tried to mini me me
    triple beam to big jeans theyll never be me
    re-up gang known as the kilo shoppers
    riding chevys give us room to reload choppers
    gourmet beef serving niggas filet oscar
    so many bitches screaming we should promote operas

  • drew

    yo, i dont fuckin understand the meaning of “KING” here, For 1, jeezy aint sick enough to be the king of shit…”he’s hot, but not that hot”, let alone a place he aint even come from, look at the list, all new york rappers till today, i dunno wuts goin on but in my eyes…the king has got to rep for the place they king of!

  • B34N3RB0YphukkWHITEY

    N1GGA phukk jeezy!!! Hes from the ATL why the fukk would he be King of New york!!! Pass the crown to the bestt which is “PAPOOSE”! Papoose is the realest nigga kilin it out there with all his rhymes and shit. This nigga is a lyrical monster!! Jeezy cant even rap nigga repeats his shit worse then Mike Jones! Listen to his songs and shit nigga!! prove me wrong!! Papoose deserves it!! im out nigga BlacK Wall Street 4 Life!! 4rm Da Real Queensbridge Murderahs!!!G-UNITTT!!!

  • B34N3RB0YphukkWHITEY

    N1GGA phukk jeezy!!!First off Hes from the ATL why the fukk would he be King of New york!!! Pass the crown to the bestt which is “PAPOOSE”! but on the reel though Papoose is the realest nigga kilin it out there with all his rhymes and shit. This nigga is a lyrical monster!! Jeezy cant even rap nigga repeats his shit worse then Mike Jones! Listen to his songs and shit nigga!! prove me wrong!! Papoose deserves it!! im out nigga BlacK Wall Street 4 Life!! 4rm Da Real Queensbridge Murderahs!!!G-UNITTT!!!

  • Rob

    Rap music these days is just so disposible, don’t get me wrong i like to dance and all but it’s all the same…i can give 1000 reason why ti and jeezy ain’t the king of nothing…with rappers now days it’s so manotness, i know alot of people blame the south, but you can’t blame them because a wack nigga is a wack nigga where eva you go, if you think about now a days you can sum up a rappers entire album with out even playing hopefully it’s just another fab maybe one day rap will come back around to the time where lyrics really mattered and not just a beat and degrading of females

  • atl

    im fronm the atl and i say that jeezy the best right now. thats y new york aint got nutin because they worry about who is kony. think about it ny when u guys were on top did u see anyone claiming anything nope. let us do our thang we aint bugging u so dont disrespect us. the inspiration is proof that jeezy is king



  • Iz

    Please don’t speak for the rest of us. Only supporters Jeezy has here in NYC is stupid white 16 year olds who haven’t been exposed to good music. Jeezy is about as average as any other radio rapper. He’s in the trash pile with the rest of the radio crap. You guys need to get your ideas and perception on talent and MC skills before you start saying anything about anyone.

  • Duke THe MasterMind

    Yo Im From Mount Vernon New york outside of The BX and I Keep Tellin these Niggas that T.I.P and Jeezy Run the Rap Game ,REAL TALK ,Im stuck wit all these Boosie fans in Kat Town NC
    oh And Jeezy new joint drop tomorrow
    ~`~ 36 O’s Sold em all For 5 ~`~


    guyz forgetin killa. killa run shit out here.

  • Bama Boy

    Everybody on here need to kill the self…..Jeezy does actually run NY……The south run the rap game…..Everybody who has a problem with it i tell u what u do…..1.Go to walmart…2. Buy a sack of marbles….3. Swallow the whole bag…4. choke and kill ur fuckin self…………

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  • Baptiste#22

    ay i think Jeezy doing his thang…but ay he young we all know that..but imma wait to see him in another 2 years if he can keep his crazy lyrics updated in 2008…>>chuckle

  • jay

    yo i swear you always suckin jeezy, you are mah gay son. jeezy dont even run ATL how the fuck he gonna run new york? that nigga cant run canal street. then again this is pretty old i bet youre eating your word now with his second album soundin like a copy from his first hahahaha PS youre the worst critic alive

  • DC’S Finest

    Yo how can you prove that TI was better than Jay Z. Come on think before you speak. Ti better than Jay Z. Look at those two names. TI vs Jay Z. TI aint even been in the game long enough to get in the same ring as Jay. Jay might not be the best rapper, but he’s surea s hell got TI beat. People just make me sick. People just mad because Jay Z is a bigger icon in the game than any ignorant rapper in the game will ever be. And not just in the south, even though that’s where most of the son bitches be comin from runnin they mouth, takin New York niggaz material and sample them in they songs, then turn around and talk shit like they on New York niggaz level. How mother fuckin ignorant can a nigga be. People need to speak before they speak. There is a reason why these rappers have gotten big. If people don’t like you in hip hop, you can’t make it in hip hop. In other words, if you don’t sell records, you can’t make it big in this business. If every single Jay Z ALBUM HAS GONE AT LEAST ONE TIME PLATINUM ( EVEN KINGDOM COME) THAT SAYS SOMTHIN. People must be feelin the man in some way shape or form. And another thing, before you say that New York and LA has fallen off in this game, you should think about what falling off means. The last time I checked the motherfuckin map, these two cities still exsited. Which means, they still have the ability to have rappers come out of those two cities and represent those cities. If the south is popular now, they must have been popular forever. I mean, Atlanta can’t just come out of the blue and be like we takin over somethin they had no involvment in startin. Yes I’m sayin that New York started hip hop and has been runnin it for a quarter century. While the south was just sittin at home cryin about how New Yok be callin them dumb and that no one was payin any attention to them. Been overlooked. Let me tell you mutherfuckers somthing, When New York was doin hip hop, the music scene was all about rock and r and b and jazz. It was New York vs the entire country basically. New York didn’t complain, they shut they mouth and showed the country what the fuck they got and look what we have now. We got a mid west, we got a Clai and we got a south. All cuz of what New York has done. Don’t sit there and disrespect New York just cuz they aint dominatin the charts no more, don’t mean shit. Dissin new York is just like dissin your own damn city. New York started it all. It’s just like cussin out your own damn mother and father. Atlanta hip hop hop might not be New York hip hop, but it still is an off spring of New York hip hop. If you have kids you would understand this more than anyone else. Just because your kids aint you, don’t mean that they have no relation to you. Think about that for you ignorant son of a bitches. ANd if someone comes and says that south is runnin shit and New York is just mad, that just proves how elementary their thinking really is. And that is what Nas means when he says Hip Hop is dead. And that’s another thing. Has anyone even takin the chance to think about what that phrase really means? All that ties into all of the shit is goin on today in hip hop.

  • Mello

    “When New York was doin hip hop, the music scene was all about rock and r and b and jazz. It was New York vs the entire country basically. New York didn’t complain, they shut they mouth and showed the country what the fuck they got and look what we have now. We got a mid west, we got a Clai and we got a south. All cuz of what New York has done.”

    “Dissin new York is just like dissin your own damn city. New York started it all. It’s just like cussin out your own damn mother and father.”

    Have to agree with that. What would have happened if Hip Hop didn’t come out of NYC. When we think of the way things were in the 70s, no one was feeling hip hop outside the BX. YoMTV Raps blew up hip hop to the rest of the country and that was only with the “poppiest” sounding tracks, not so much the hardcore stuff. I think it is great that each region got their own sound now, but to DIS NY…….. nah………. this is where it started fams. I think it’s all about reppin’ where you from rather than tearing each other down. All music (good music) has the right to exist. Hip Hop culture is now in every country, thanks to the Elders of the Game.

  • Mello

    I heard Jeezy, but was not really impressed with the words. Since it sells, then maybe that’s why the labels push it…. so be it. Lyrically, to me, it seems like a lot of blah blah blah. But, then that is what I would look for in a hip hop record, but thas jus me. To say “King of NY”…. nnnnnnnnah…. it isn’t, creatively, anything special.

    Personally, hip hop doesn’t seem to be anywhere positive anymore. I remember when Hip Hop was used to get mofos off the streets and out the gangs……. now, it’s back to the same ole okey-doke with artists dissing each other and threatening each other with violence and whatnot. Some artists are trying to give hip hop back its credibility, but in the end it seems as if it’s all about the $$$, unfortunately.

    Hoes, drugs and jail time do not a black man make.

  • http://none seunny

    hey fuck jay z and nas is the best check out hip hop is dead arin’t that great,jay z is too aggresive

  • yurt

    yall nigg@z think u funny or clever wit that @shit? nobody from ny claimin 2 run tha south, so dont even start that @shit. thas y xxl dont even get burn like vibe. real talk

  • Cos1

    Big Pun owns the Bronx wit Fat Hoe as his bitch

    Nas Owns QueensBridge wit Mobb Deep as his bitch

    Biggie Owns Brooklyn wit Jay-z as his bitch

    and shitset owns Harlem by default

    And The Wu Tang Clan still got Staten Island locked down

    there is no king of new york just kings of the boros

  • iogjnio



    fuck bitch ass jeezy faggot shit nigga hip hop is dead if jeezy is the king of new york fuck t.i. too cheezy ass lyrics

  • Stax On Deck

    Mello SHUT THE FUCK UP DUCK ASS NIGGA. We ain’t all from New York. How are we dissin a city we have all never been 2?? Niggaz need to stay off them Skittles (Exctacy)

  • akadimplez

    fuck all that shit…jeezy tha shit…muthafuckas always hatin and shit…i could understand ppl gettin a lil opinionated about crownin him the king of ny but no need to hate on him…and why would he want to be crowned king of new york if he aint from there…fuck nas and jay-z they aint untouchable (even though i like them) niggas act like they invincible – they aint!

  • Sy

    fuck all these niggas man!!! all you napoelon complex havin ass niggas! most of these niggas postin on this shit got Little Man Syndrome in this muthafucka….Jeezy is blowin up because his raps touch everybody. Yes, he strictly talks about slangin coke all fuckin day and all fuckin nite…but, that’s his hustle and he stickin to it. and since he stuck to what he know best, he blowin up. period.

    also, to the niggas who think the south fucked up hip-hop….the south didn’t kill hip-hop….hip-hop lives in the south and it’s capital is ATLANTA nigga…Tennessee, Houston, ATL, Miami, Louisiana (Jigga City a.k.a. Baton Rouge and Choppa City a.k.a. New Orleans) and Alabama…is runnin this shit right now. respect it, don’t get checked or you’ll get stripped bucknaked nigga!!!!

    The South has risen again nigga….fuck with us or get ran over nigga!!!!!

  • u4realz

    he aint even from newyork and claiming to be king of newyork…

    all i gotta say nas is the king.. no words about it..

  • showbiz

    there is no competition,all it matters is who u are and what they whant and not were u from. nobody had ride like the young nigga whit J.s the snow man is the king of NYC and will allways be 4ever is God sent. fuck u all nigga beefing young jeezy ur king.he shll rull us in next 5years 2com. that|IS MY WORD.

  • ny finest

    the south didn’t kill hip-hop….hip-hop lives in the south and it’s capital is ATLANTA nigga…Tennessee, Houston, ATL, Miami, Louisiana (Jigga City a.k.a. Baton Rouge and Choppa City a.k.a. New Orleans) and Alabama…is runnin this shit right now. respect it, don’t get checked or you’ll get stripped bucknaked nigga!!!!

    i don’t understand why all of this division is goin on. I’m confused because I am wondering what type of battle we are fighting. Is is blacks vs everyone else or is it blacks in one region fighting another region. I mean I can’t decide which one to go for. If I hear a Jeezy song on the radio like Go getta I feel proud to see a black brotha doin his thing. But when hear the same dude talkin about how Nas has no street cred and he is just a jealous New York nigga ( which he is not and has no reason to be, public service announcement: he already rich, he got a bitch and he a legend bottom line) its like ok, black or region. I mean you don’t have that region problem to this level with other genres of music like r and b. Every one just black and enjoying each other’s gifts, Why can’t that be the same for hip hop?

  • xxxxl

    If you’re gonna make anyone NOT reppin’ NY King of NY…dat’s stupid. Jeezy is not King of anything. TI however…can be King of whatever he wants. King of ATL, king of NY, king of the whole fcking rap thing. You know why? Cause HE IS THE ONLY FCKING RAPPER TO COME OUT WIT PLATINUM SHT in 06. With the exception of them Gnarls Barkley boys…who did their thing.
    Truth be told, King – T.I. wasn’t even that hot…don’t get me wrong. It was Really good but definitely didn’t deserve to be the only platinum album of 06, even with all the downloading going on. The platinum album of 06 should’ve been. Hell…not alot of things deserve platinum now that you think about it. The fourth quarter albums were all pretty hot still…Jay, Nas, Game, Ghost…I say Lupe should’ve gone platinum. Cause he came out with the most unique sht I’ve heard, in a long time. I don’t give a damn if his single was all about skateboarding. It was hot…him and Skateboard P should team up more often.

    P.S. Nothing killed Hip-Hop. No area, no person. But illegal downloading did kiddys. So STOP BEING UR CHEAP ASS SELF AND DON’T COP IT BEFORE THEY DROP IT.

  • will

    son u buggin statin that jeezy got sumthn in any era on these couple of years. tha niggaz lyrics can not subdue nor come close to any of nas, ja-z, jadakiss, who else shit casidy as well.u gotta convince me on sum reall rapping..meaning real words instead of yeaaaa thats riiiight bulshit…no when it comes to hiphop its bout lyrics….i guess wut the south has well “had” is its on genre that will shortly fall very very soon…guarantee

  • jeezy?

    Jeezy sucks.

    The new king of NY is Ghostface.

    nobody is more consistent.
    nobody is more lyrical.
    nobody is a better story teller, ghost is the best since biggie.

    + he is loved in the mainstream and underground hip-hop community

    even the whack ass laffy taffy crew D4L
    didn’t strike back when ghost dissed the south. He’s trying to bring back rap to what it should be, not fake ass southern club music.

    fuck that shit, ghost is the champ.

  • that guy

    ur a fuck face for writin this u fag Jeezy king of New York?? or u kno what ur face should get fucked for writing this ur a loser!! loser! I like jeezy but king?? ur a loser!

  • grapes

    why the fuck is jeezy the king of ny when he keeps yelling ATL in all of his songs? i agree he’s good, but wrong area. king of atl. t.i. king of the south. cham is holdin’ h-town down. NO ONE can hold the ny crown. why? that title died when b.i.g. and the jay-nas beef did…

    snoop run the west till dre comes back, and GRAPES runs north. i wish. s.i.k. productions run de north, ask about it.

  • M.J.

    Jeezy, the King of New York. You have to be King of your own hometown way before you even begin to attempt New York. Jeezy is a “C” class rapper if that; you listeners need to seriously check your ears before you start saying things of that nature.



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