So this morning I got an email from one of the TIs at Blogads letting me know the results were in for a survey I put up on my site about a month ago. Only thing is, I only mentioned the damn thing once on my site, in a post I don't think very many people read, so only 49 people bothered to fill one out.

Of the 49 people who were so gracious as to help a brother out, I was rather surprised to find out that 44 of them (i.e. about 90%) were guys. To be sure, I was aware that my readership was mostly male (nullus), but I figured it skewed more 60/40 than 90/10. Come to find out, according to an article today at ClickZ (not that I read ClickZ), this is true for most music blogs.

To wit:

Though younger [than political blog readers], music blog readers are also more than 72 percent male. More than 44 percent are ages 31-40; more than 25 percent are students and over 58 percent have college degrees.

And lest anyone attempts to suggest that these results are emblematic of the Internets in general, it's also mentioned in the article that 77% of gossip blog readers and 90% of mom blog readers are women. (I know. Women are so retarded). Overall Internets usage is split roughly 50/50 between men and women. It's just that women, by and large, could care less about music blogs.

I wonder if this isn't true about music in general. I'm sure if you asked them, most if not all women would claim that they like music. But when is the last time you met someone who claimed to not like music? To say you don't like music is almost like saying you don't like pizza. You don't want to look funny or anything. At the very least, I think it's safe to say women don't like music as much as men.

If this is the case, then how necessarily is it for the hip-hop community, and especially the online hip-hop community, to pander to or otherwise consider the role of women in hip-hop. I wonder if the fact that some bloggers (Media Chin Nuts, anyone?) feel so compelled to even breach the issue isn't yet another example of predatory feminism run amok