Women don’t like music

So this morning I got an email from one of the TIs at Blogads letting me know the results were in for a survey I put up on my site about a month ago. Only thing is, I only mentioned the damn thing once on my site, in a post I don’t think very many people read, so only 49 people bothered to fill one out.

Of the 49 people who were so gracious as to help a brother out, I was rather surprised to find out that 44 of them (i.e. about 90%) were guys. To be sure, I was aware that my readership was mostly male (nullus), but I figured it skewed more 60/40 than 90/10. Come to find out, according to an article today at ClickZ (not that I read ClickZ), this is true for most music blogs.

To wit:

Though younger [than political blog readers], music blog readers are also more than 72 percent male. More than 44 percent are ages 31-40; more than 25 percent are students and over 58 percent have college degrees.

And lest anyone attempts to suggest that these results are emblematic of the Internets in general, it’s also mentioned in the article that 77% of gossip blog readers and 90% of mom blog readers are women. (I know. Women are so retarded). Overall Internets usage is split roughly 50/50 between men and women. It’s just that women, by and large, could care less about music blogs.

I wonder if this isn’t true about music in general. I’m sure if you asked them, most if not all women would claim that they like music. But when is the last time you met someone who claimed to not like music? To say you don’t like music is almost like saying you don’t like pizza. You don’t want to look funny or anything. At the very least, I think it’s safe to say women don’t like music as much as men.

If this is the case, then how necessarily is it for the hip-hop community, and especially the online hip-hop community, to pander to or otherwise consider the role of women in hip-hop. I wonder if the fact that some bloggers (Media Chin Nuts, anyone?) feel so compelled to even breach the issue isn’t yet another example of predatory feminism run amok

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  • Show & prove


    Damn! That’s some ignorant shit right there. And you wonder why you don’t get any.

  • 50 Cent

    “Because they aren’t as smart as men”.


  • Belize

    HAAAAAAAA, he’s running out of shit to write about….haaaaaaaaaa….still LAMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Boston’s Finest

    You really runing out of stuff to talk about this was so boring to read

  • http://source.com one

    i love women but sometimes it seems like there are no female hiphop heads.
    were they.i,m so tired of meeting females who just listen to the radio
    and only the beats.(true story)when jay-dee passed r.i.p. i was kind of sad. that was my favorite producer.
    i said 2 my girl wow thats fucked up what happen to jay dee huh?she replied you mean jermain dupree?
    this is what i’m talking about.we broke up the next week.where are the real female heads at.i know they’re
    out there someplace but yall must be scarce.please make yourselfs seen.when i was in high school females used to think i was a weirdo because i liked a tribe called quest.
    i hate to generalize all females but it just seems like they dont really care about hiphop.just shake’n thier asses.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >You really runing out of stuff to talk about this was so boring to read


    ^Learn it. Know it. Live it.

  • http://www.ohword.com rafi

    “i said 2 my girl wow thats fucked up what happen to jay dee huh?she replied you mean jermain dupree?
    this is what i’m talking about.we broke up the next week.”

    at least you’ve got your relationship priorities down pat.

  • Danja29

    LMAO @ ONE breakin’ up w/ his girl a week later…

    And yep, I realized this back in the day… not too many women like to venture outside of the radio. In fact, alot of women could see a video or hear a song and not like it whatsoever, until it starts to get play on the radio. I’ve seen women buy a nigga’s whole album just to listen to the single over and over. *SMH* And more often than not, I’ve had to get into convos about why I liked/didn’t like something, i.e. a girl who just couldn’t BELIEVE I didn’t like Ja Rule back in ’01-’02.

    But every now and then I meet a girl who appreciates hip-hop regardless of how popular or how old it is… and that’s just my type. Not that I’d break up with her if she didn’t, though- hahahahahahaha…

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    This makes sense. I think women and men listen to music for different reasons sometimes, esp. hip-hop. Most females are in it for the beats and shaking their rumps, which is one thing to get out of it. I am not saying females follow lyrics or look at hip-hop on a lyrical level, but I have had MORE convos with guys about rhymes and lyrics and such than I have had with women. I mean, females love music, and make mad MCs rich (LL Cool J?), but they aren’t into it for the same reasons guys are, normally.

  • GOD

    women don’t like bol

  • iw11

    we just don’t like stupid music.


  • Roc the Trashman

    Black women listen to hip-hop for the sole reason of giving them something to shake their ass to. And the rappers that they do listen to for content are the women rappers who are complete dipshits who try to get a buzz by sayin some half-whorish shit. ie, Shawna, Trina, Jacki-0(whole-whorish) which is basically the same message male rappers are givin broads around the world. Maybe if we had better women rappers, then black women would take more interest in hip-hop content which may be a long time waiting considering female rap is damn near as bad as gospel rap.(I think this all might allude to all women being morons) Which makes me ask whats worse between gospel rap, reggaetone, and country music?

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    “To say you don’t like music is almost like saying you don’t like pizza. You don’t want to look funny or anything.”

    Am I in 3rd grade again? Am I going to be pushed down the stairs if I proclaim how I loathe pizza?

  • Belize

    Bol Says:

    April 26th, 2006 at 1:28 pm
    >You really runing out of stuff to talk about this was so boring to read


    ^Learn it. Know it. Live it.
    haaaaa, he’s must be getting fired…haaaaaaaa

  • http://www.mikenice.com/ Mike Nice

    Interesting subject. As an avid music fan and collector, I’m going to try to be true to my position on the issue without stepping over the line into sexism. Bol’s got that perspective covered anyway.

    To be honest, I’m of the belief, based on my own lifetime observations, that (on the average) women are more likely to have music playing in their apartments or on their headsets at work than men are. What I observe is (the majority of) men are more likely to have sporting events on in the background than music. (Almost) Everyone listens to the radio in the car, and I find that nowadays, unless you’re under the age of twenty-five/thirty, that space makes up the bulk of where people listen to music. Practically every woman will listen to a CD or iPod or even terrestrial radio. Men will to, but as they get older, there’s a greater tendency for them to tune into Sports radio, which greatly cuts into their music time, and I say gives the edge to the ladies regarding who listens to more music.

    HOWEVER, here’s the other trend I’ve noticed. I don’t want to say that men are choosier about which CDs they buy, because I know a lot of guys who listen to shit, but of the types of music fans that end up becoming “collectors” or “connoisseurs”, they are far more likely to be male than female. That’s not to say that I haven’t known some women over the course of my lifetime that knew a lot about their favorite genres of music and the artists that make up the scene. I’ve worked with other female DJs, music journalists, marketing managers, etc., who know their music way above and beyond (or beneath) what’s in the hot rotation on BET or Billboard magazine, and I’ve been schooled a few times myself by women who knew a little more than I gave them initial credit for. But (unfortunately) far more often than not, the music junkies are male and not female.

    Why? Beats me. I’m not sure. It’s probably related to why men are far more likely to become comic book collectors, or some other type of pop culture archivist than women are. I think there might be something about the culture of collecting that either goes against their (or most women’s) genetics somehow. Something about collecting isn’t appealing to the vast majority of women, and when they do collect (which isn’t very often), other than the select few that get into collecting something cool like music or movies, it’s something bizarre like stuffed animals or unicorns or everything they can find relating to some male celebrity they have an obsession with.

    It doesn’t surprise me that most women don’t get into collecting hip hop. If I were a woman, I definitely wouldn’t listen to it (for obvious lyrical reasons). However, what I also notice about (most) women’s music collecting habits is they claim to “like everything” but most of their collections are made up of…

    1.) a whole string of albums by a (or multiple) male act(s) that they have a crush on.

    2.) whatever’s big at the moment (or was big in any given year from the point which they started buying music) and is (was) being pushed hard on the radio or on music television outlets.

    3.) music by female recording artists who sing about women’s issues.

    4.) some respectable music, but when asked where they bought it, they don’t know because they borrowed it from a guy they knew who was listening to it, and they haven’t returned it yet (and aren’t likely to).

    But nonetheless, I think women listen to music far more than men do, and it’s no wonder genres like hip hop and r&b court them hard as a consumer base.

    Sorry for the long-ass post, but it’s an interesting question, and I’m trying to kill time while waiting for my girl to get off work (BTW: Her collection is filled with Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Pearl Jam, Prince, Guns ‘n’ Roses–all bands/acts who contain members that she’s had lifelong crushes on (and if Johnny Depp ever recorded an album, you can bet she’d have all of those too).

  • d.GUTTA

    I believe women and men listen to music differantly which would make sense as generally men & women think in differant ways.
    We as men are into the technical aspects of music. (rhymes, metaphors, ect.)
    Women mainly like the vibe or feeling that music puts them in. (happy, depressed, sexy, ect.)
    that might not explain it all but im sure it has something to do with the question at hand.

  • Ru

    ugh..i wasnt gonna but now im gonna comment.
    im a grown ass woman. ive been a fan of ALL kinds of music most of my life b/c ive traveled all over the world..but as the current state of rap decays..i can no longer relate to it..so i go else where: DAVE MATTHEWS BAND FUCK ROX..anyone agree?? lol I dont have friends who are strippers (knowingly) or ever seen/been in a damn “tipdrill” i have morals, a college degree and self respect plus i gotta mom who will kick anyone’s ass for dumbshit..including my own.

    i dig music INTENSELY..i go to music blogs and there is a STRONG presense of knuckleheads (50 cent stans and Jay z nuthuggers)and sometimes feel like im alone but thats not to say girls dont like music. we may see the emotional value of needing more from our music..nelly (or any other lames out there) is not the answer..i dig metaphors and wordplay, beats and all that too so to say that doods like the technicality of music and girls like the feeling can kinda go both ways…

    thats why i say its hard out here for a female rap music fan and we should be smart enough to decipher the bull from the real.
    oh, read my music profile here at lastfm:
    add me!

    you suck bol.

  • Ru

    oh..who was at SXSW and saw Ghostface rip it???

    ME! and i loved it!!!!

    there were girls there too AND they were white girls so it was FUN!

  • Doc Flav

    I Think Some Women Read A Lot Of Music Sites But Dont Comment Due To The Often Personal Attacks They Recieve For Liking Certain Artists Or Having A Varying Opinion From Some Hip Hop Super Geek Internet Thugs. How You Gon Call Gal A Bitch Cause She Like Fab Or LL or 50? Lol!

  • http://www.djjazz1.com Jazz One

    SXSW Ghostface show? The Fader party right?
    I was there. When I first got there I was told he missed his flight on that and his set was canceled. I later heard that Def Jam flew him there on a private jet.
    It was a good show, it would have been better if I hadn’t been gigging and doing 20 hour days.

    Women. Love’em to death. Most lack a passion except for the size of their ass. I don’t blame them though. There is a lot of marketing dollars telling they are fat, lonely, smell and ugly without product X.
    I really dig women who are about something. Women that have a passion about…. something besides vanity.
    My supe at work, I have nicknamed Ms Rock and Roll Jeopardy. Her knowledge runs deep on music. I think that is awesome. Be about something.

  • 50 Cent


    I resent that last comment about 50.

  • Ru

    @Doc Flav
    i agree with you TOTALLY..that used to scare me but now i dish it out as i can take it b/c its all in good fun…nobody every got shot over a blog comment lol
    i know the difference..plus its just the internet.

  • jimmy


  • Doc Flav

    Thats Whats Up Ru, Most These Dudes Wouldn’t Pop A Pixel In Reality. Yo Fif, You Know They Wanna Be Ya Best Friend, Keep It One Hunnid Curt. Lol

  • Miss J

    If a lot of women were into hip hop then women like me wouldn’t be so damn tyte.

    Well…I’d probably still be.

  • DCMadeMan

    who cares about that shit dawg. All the shit going on in hip hop, and you talking about how women don’t like music as much as men? Fuck outta here!!

  • Tipper Gore’s Inner Sex Pot

    Actually,I think it’s IS safe to say that most women wouldn’t waste there time reading music blogs which are for the most part, some random unqualified persons personal opinion about music (but more frequently about the bullshit going on in the music industry an not so much the actual music).
    However, not reading music blogs and not enjoying music are two totally different subjects and once again you are grasping at straws to shock people into readership. To bad you can’t use this tactic with women and shock them into fellatio!

    *Also I cannot remember the last time I read your blog and it was about music, real hip-hop, as opposed to teenage bickering or industry gossip or your puffed up ego(none of which anyone needs to enjoy music) so I hope you do not include yourself in the “music blogs” category. Yes Bol, I would say you are in a category all your own.

  • daesonesb

    The only hip hop concert I’ve been to where over 25 percent of the audience was female was atmosphere…

    All the chicks at my work get WICKED pissed when I turn the radio to the saturday night hip hop show. Every single one of them also likes James Blunt. Except one asian girl who doesn’t talk and has an obsession with nu-metal.

    Shit was funny Bol, though I dont think music blog readership is too representitive of people who like to listen to music. More like people who care about music news/gossip…

  • Krystle

    As a woman, I can say that I absolutely love music, when it is not calling me a bitch or a hoe or referring to some random violent act directed towards me. The state of commercialized hip hop is extremely misogynistic and sexist, and why the hell would I want to participate in any of that?

    I am not a hip hop basher, I enjoy songs that have a great beat and arent completely degrading in any fashion. But I can not accept nor support something that basically sells my body like a cheap piece of clothing to support some man receiving a chain or some rims or whatever.

    Black women have been used as sexual toys since the beginning of slavery, when white colonialists traveled to Africa and captured African women with big booties. They went so far as to collect them as freak shows and parade them around Europe for all the whites to see.

    This is what music is doing to women. And I wish to not be a part of it.

    Of course, women play a role in this just as much as men do. But what’s worse- the desperate mother trying to feed her children, or the man who is in control of what she does in order to make that money? I guarantee if men in the industry did not exploit women in the way that they do, women would not be forced to do the things that they do.

    So, this is why I do not “listen” to music.

    oh yea, http://myspace.com/krittlej

  • http://xxlmag.com dat313girlshakenitlikea24

    how stupid can u be
    waz he serious when he wrote this
    i hate stupid ppl

  • Angel

    I can’t bring myself – to listen to Hip Hop music – I hate it – I hate what it does to black women. I can’t help but wonder why any black woman would want to listen to a man who isn’t educated, more than like has a felony, a suspended license, 4 kids by 4 different women and doesn’t love him self disrepect her. Not sure – Help me understand.

  • Hustle Hard

    I would say this is terribly offencive to women everywhere ‘cuz i’m a gentalman like that, but this….i could seriously care less.

  • True woman to the bone!

    WOW, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Not only that, but you are also a SEXIST PIG. WOMEN ARE JUST AS SMART IF NOT SMARTER THAN MEN. I FREAKING LOVE MUSIC and COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. I think that you need to set your mind straight (a woman will probably do that for you, but with your luck you won’t be lucky enought to have a woman who loves you or will even look at you). WELL HAVE A FREAKING LONESOME SUMMER! ADIOS.

  • Ace

    As a woman, I was extremely offended by this article. I, for one, love music. I used to also enjoy hip-hop a lot, that is, until I found how much it degrades women. You wonder why there are no female readers? Go over and read your acticle again.

    Not every woman is the same. Do not place a stereotype based on a few that you know personally. All it does is show your lack of knowledge. It doesn’t help that you’re receiving feedback like this, “You really runing out of stuff to talk about this was so boring to read”.

    Go ahead and continue to post sexist posts on this site, but I can assure you that it will not gain you any popularity. This world is changing, and if you can’t accept that (along with other changes) then you are going to be left behind.

    Use your brain next time you write something. Thank you.

  • Ace

    Also, your article isn’t supporting the whole “woman aren’t smarter than men” idea that you’re putting out. Try to have an unbiased article next time, alright?


    BOL- U need 2 B laid or sumthin

    Those percentages about those men & women w/ college degrees & musicblog readers don’t mean a fuckin thing in the real world.

    BTW- when U wrote this, were U using ur brain or ur sac?!

    Way 2 sterotype ur female audience, U donkey!


    W8 til Tara Henley reads this. Man, is she gonna open a can of whoop-ass on U. Soon nuff, the rest of the female audience will follow.

    As the saying goes, “hell hath no fury like a woman’s fury.”

  • \sjios\deio\shnd

    bol stfu

  • Mrs.Jones


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  • kaykay

    I love music–just about all kinds of it—rock,rap,jazz,r&B,punk rock,rock ‘n roll—even a little country—plus I’m always been interested in how music is made,the technological advances in it, and I’ve always been and still am very interested in how artists (male or female) approach their creative processes and what inspires them into making music in the first place. Also I’ve always liked hip-hop,not just because I wanted to shake my ass to it, but also because back in the way,it always had somehting to say about society and black folks’ place in it and how we should stick together and help each other–that’s a thing of the past now. I’ve also been collecting records for years, mainly because I was into the music of a particular srtist–I’ve never wasted my money buying some make artist’s record,casette or CD because he was cute–that’s for teenage girls–I’m a grown woman in my ’30′s–but because I had a criteria for buying cassette/CDs: if the artist had at 3 out of 5 songs on the radio that I really liked,then I would buy it. I also have listened to alternative music on public radio stations for years, and consistently heard a lot of great/weird/hard-to-catagorized music that’s virtually unheard on the mainstream radio stations—some of which I can’t stand because they play the same shit over & over. So,once again your streotypes about women & music are blown somewhat.