New rule: Rap fans are no longer allowed to threaten to kill people over the Internet and then whine like bitches when some rapper gets shot in real life. Unless said rapper is really good, in which case it's obviously a tragedy.

RIP Chris Wallace a/k/a Notorious B.I.G. 1972-1997

In case you haven't heard, Eminem baggage handler and D-12 member Proof was "ethered" in real life yesterday - shot and killed outside the kind of night club that's open till 4:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. Another guy, who people thought might have been Bizarre, was shot as well, but it turns out he was in Georgia at the time. Once again, the South saves the day. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Bizarre, and not Proof (RIP), was the most talented non-Eminem member of D-12.

But as history has taught us, now is not the time to discuss whether or not an artist was actually talented. Unless you're planning to claim said artist was the greatest of all time, which is somewhat understandable, even in cases when it's not true. After all, a man has died here. Yesterday I mentioned on my own site that whoever it was that shot Proof (don't expect 5-0 to actually find the guy) fucking sonned his ass. Then of course no shortage of d-bags emerged from the proverbial wood work to proffer that a man just got shot here, god damnit.

Amusingly enough, a lot of these bags who are whining like bitches now that someone has been killed are the same assholes who have been going on for the past week or so about, "You don't want to see so and so in the street, because he'll fucking shoot your ass in the face; here in the South, or in the ghetto or wherever, we shoot niggers for talking shit about people." Apparently, it never occurred to any of these walking abortions that there's an actual connection between always going on about how someone's going to shoot someone, and someone actually going out and shooting someone.

Furthermore, I suppose I'm to assume there's no connection at all between the black community at large and the hip-hop community in particular harboring violent criminals, and motherfuckers turning up shot every weekend as if this was Iraq or somewhere. Like the hip-hop police, I have no idea who shot Proof or why, but I can't help but think that his killing is part and parcel of the kind of bullshit that's celebrated on the Internet day in and day out by so many of you d-bags.

Now that one of your chickens has come home to roost, spare me the fucking sad panda routine.