What a week. I try to marinate in every moment of it, even as hard as that is cuz the next moment is seconds away.  This is what I came here for!!

First off congrats to my man Tip. He had a huge week and I must say he is a hard workin muthaf$#%a. I look at his s#$%, and multiply what my shit would be like times 50!!!!!!   They're saying he may do 500,000 first week. Regardless of sales, the album is getting rave reviews from the streets and critics alike. 

"I'm talkin to you" was a stroke of genius.  By not actually sayin anyone's name he sparked up internet chat and DJ interview questions the size of 50 cent's bank account!!! 


And the ni$$a killt the 3rd verse. For all yall new cats, that's old school tip rappin that fast!!

And of course ATL the movie.  I saw it, I like it, and I think it’s good!!  Everyone should def check it out at least one. Look for DJ Drama at the house party at Big Booty Judy's house!!! I'm goin hollywood baby!!! And then look for Big Booty Judy's (Buffie) BIG OL ASS!! DAAAAM!

Shout to Funk Flex, DJ Enuff, Cypha Sounds, Kay Slay, Lantern, Mister Cee for all the love on Hot 97.  Ain’t nothin like gettin respect from your peers and especially the big dogs. Everytime I come to New York City, my homies make sure they go heavy for me on the airwaves

So, Little Brother Gangsta Grillz has become an instant classic.  I'm very proud of that tape. I felt as though we made some bridge mending.  Lot of people was surprised but then again a lot weren't.  Good music is good music. Hopefully for folks who don't necessarily check for my tapes, will now not pass up a Drama tape just cuz the word "Gangsta" is on it.  I eat, sh$# and breath this music shit and like Phonte said on the tape, real recognize real. 

Pharrell tape just dropped. Shout to Rob over at PaperWork Graphics. He outdid his self and should now charge 3 times his original price!!  I think this will be another instant classic. So if my Japanese and European numbers were low before, hopefully I can do my numbers now after Skateboard and LB!!

I had my photo shoot for SCRATCH magazine this week.  They wanted me and Tip to wear suits on the cover... I personally had a lil conflict with it.  I thought it may be a lil too early for Mr Gangsta Grillz to be throwin the suits on on the cover of hiphop magazine.  I get a few that agree and some that disagree from Aphilliates/Grand Hustle/Atlantic/ Scratch. 

Any thoughts people?

Shout to everybody in Buffalo who came out to my party this week!!

I'm off to Mexico at 6am. Wow......

I'll Holla

FYI- The Real Final Four.....coming soon.

My swagger is at an all time high.  I'm not slowing down.