What A Week…

What a week. I try to marinate in every moment of it, even as hard as that is cuz the next moment is seconds away.  This is what I came here for!!

First off congrats to my man Tip. He had a huge week and I must say he is a hard workin muthaf$#%a. I look at his s#$%, and multiply what my shit would be like times 50!!!!!!   They’re saying he may do 500,000 first week. Regardless of sales, the album is getting rave reviews from the streets and critics alike. 

“I’m talkin to you” was a stroke of genius.  By not actually sayin anyone’s name he sparked up internet chat and DJ interview questions the size of 50 cent’s bank account!!! 


And the ni$$a killt the 3rd verse. For all yall new cats, that’s old school tip rappin that fast!!

And of course ATL the movie.  I saw it, I like it, and I think it’s good!!  Everyone should def check it out at least one. Look for DJ Drama at the house party at Big Booty Judy’s house!!! I’m goin hollywood baby!!! And then look for Big Booty Judy’s (Buffie) BIG OL ASS!! DAAAAM!

Shout to Funk Flex, DJ Enuff, Cypha Sounds, Kay Slay, Lantern, Mister Cee for all the love on Hot 97.  Ain’t nothin like gettin respect from your peers and especially the big dogs. Everytime I come to New York City, my homies make sure they go heavy for me on the airwaves

So, Little Brother Gangsta Grillz has become an instant classic.  I’m very proud of that tape. I felt as though we made some bridge mending.  Lot of people was surprised but then again a lot weren’t.  Good music is good music. Hopefully for folks who don’t necessarily check for my tapes, will now not pass up a Drama tape just cuz the word “Gangsta” is on it.  I eat, sh$# and breath this music shit and like Phonte said on the tape, real recognize real. 

Pharrell tape just dropped. Shout to Rob over at PaperWork Graphics. He outdid his self and should now charge 3 times his original price!!  I think this will be another instant classic. So if my Japanese and European numbers were low before, hopefully I can do my numbers now after Skateboard and LB!!

I had my photo shoot for SCRATCH magazine this week.  They wanted me and Tip to wear suits on the cover… I personally had a lil conflict with it.  I thought it may be a lil too early for Mr Gangsta Grillz to be throwin the suits on on the cover of hiphop magazine.  I get a few that agree and some that disagree from Aphilliates/Grand Hustle/Atlantic/ Scratch. 

Any thoughts people?

Shout to everybody in Buffalo who came out to my party this week!!

I’m off to Mexico at 6am. Wow……

I’ll Holla

FYI- The Real Final Four…..coming soon.

My swagger is at an all time high.  I’m not slowing down.

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  • Casey

    Good read, I agree that you not big enough to be wearin suits on magazine covers yet. Thats 50 Cent and Jay-Z, and u not yet in their class lol.

  • http://www.myspace.com/gomona Mona

    Your versatile.. let’s see you in the suit! Peace and blessings

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ MAIN EVENT

    do the damn thing brotha, see you @ the top. the groupies will love you for the suit, its a good look for anyone who REALLY wants to look like they came up.


    main event


  • http://www.myspace.com/therapistmusic Therapist

    good shit dram… tip shit is crazy indeed…

    all I want to say is, I hope Gangsta Grillz doesn’t become something that just any rapper gets… not referring to Little Brother or anyone in particular (NC on top)

    but to me getting a Gangsta Grillz tape is something damn near sacred… so I just hope you continue to be selective, and don’t let that shit get watered down to where niggas be like, “oh he got a Gangsta Grillz tape coming out? well, who doesn’t?!”

    knock em’ out in 06 my nig



  • http://www.myspace.com/thelowends Anthony Obi

    Don’t let up on the swagger if you got the talent to back it. Keep knockin em down. Peace

  • http://www.crooked-soul.com zilla


    I must admit, I wasn’t fully aware of you or your movement until I copped the Lil’ Wayne Gangsta Grillz CD. I’m a huge Weezy fan, so props for that one–it was nasty! I’m curious about the Little Brother mixtape only because Phonte is such a lyrical monster, I don’t know who else can bring it with him on the whole CD.
    Anyway, keep building bridges with the streets and the underground hip hop scene. You should really really REALLY check out Brother Ali on Rhymesayers Ent. He shits on a majority of major label cats.


  • http://www.schnitzel-n-gritz.com/blog grayse

    LOL @ the groupies lovin you for the suit.

    Do it- show you can be street AND rock the tie.
    Im glad you did the Little Brother mixtape- more exposure for the both of you.

  • Coop

    >And the ni$$a killt the 3rd verse.

    can you write ni$$a, bein a cracka-ass-cracka and all?

  • http://www.des3.net Young Fonz

    YO DRAMA YOU ARE SUPER STUNTN RIGHT NOW!!! Hot article. That Pharell Mixtape is hot! You on top right now! Don’t drink the water in Mexico. Holla at me man, you got my Math. 1

  • Ant Gwop

    Cosign@Therapist. Even though I know the people are throwing alltime high money to get the gangsta grillz stamp. I think we’re asking something of him that we would have a hard time refusing lol. Hopefully it will keep that integrity, but I couldn’t be mad if he made the most of the moment.

  • http://www.myspace.com/arsyn Arsyn

    Dram, that shit is real talk. I copped the lil brother tape. Shit is sick bananas! You been doing nice things man. Gangsta Grillz are a smash hit round here in Tennessee. As far as wearing that suit, you can do it. You ARE big time. When we think of DJs in the south we think DJ Drama. I got so many of ya mixes in my car that I should be sponsored, lol. Keep doing the damn thing. You are truly the real deal. -Ar$yn

  • http://myspace.com/piazo1 Brandan Miles

    Congrats Drama on all the success but let me drop a gem on you that will send your stock through the roof. The Coming Messiah of Hip Hop–PIAZO from the cuts and woods of South Carolina. A Gangsta Grillz featuring PIAZO will do Wilt Chamberlin #’s I’m talking about a mixtape that will go diamond, and that’s on everything I love.

  • SWade

    Man The King was a garbage ass album…

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Good look Drama. On the suit thing I say let people see you in your true element.

    You gotta think this is the first time some cats out there will get to see you so I say let’em see the real you.

    If you were rocking suits from the get go then yeah but not just for a photo op.
    Either way you still got a choke hold on the mixtape game right now…..


  • B. WEBB

    Heat Rocks!

  • Verbal kent

    son you came a long way since walking around campus with a radiop wit dreadlocks. kEEP IT GOING. Secondly if people don’t get the tape cuz it says gangster then they are wack its hot, and they got to repsect it cuz you have always been down with hip hop( the real stuff) so this is nothin new. Mass Influence, and Binkis Records i remember those days and you were a icon in the ATL underground hip hop scene so if they front on you for this one tell them young cats to do they homework.
    trying to make where you at so we can do a gangster grill One hundred

  • http://www.myspace.com/kid_captain_coolout Kid Captain Coolout

    Of all the times i’ve been to your page, i’ve failed to notice that this was an actual blog area. Props to you pimpin… i was beginning to think you only spoke with your turntables. All i can say is that i’m hella proud of you man… whether you make millions in this shit or not, you’ll have stories like these o tell your little ones. Memories last forever, money comes and goes… Loving that new Scratch cover by the way… the Aquemini thing is hot ta def!