jay1.jpgEl Presidente' had an AOL Chat a few days ago where his fans got to ask him some uncensored, live questions which he had to spontaneously answer. The barrage of hard hitting inquiries from Jay's stans included "What's Your Favorite Movie?", "Are The Nets Still Moving To Brooklyn?", "What's Your Favorite Bowl Of Cereal?", "Do You Prefer The Phantom Or The Maybach?" and my personal favorite, "I just got meat sauce on my pants, what do I do?"(Go Get Your Wet Wipes!).

Since XXLMag.com's most popular topic is "The South", here is Hovito's official stance when he was asked about rap's Dirty Dirty Movement: "I think everyone gets their time to shine in hip-hop. It started in the east, then went west, then came back to the east. Then the south had their say with Outkast early on. I think everyone gets their chance. It’s a great thing."

He danced around that question like a 36 year old Chris Brown.

We also found out some things that no one ever knew, and some we never cared to know, about Sir Hova from Brooklyn. His 2 favorite current rappers are T.I. And Lil' Wayne(take that NY!), he thinks Kanye is the best producer out right now(take that Just Blaze!), likes Life After Death better than Ready To Die (take that backpackers!), and most excited about Rick Ross than any other artist on Def Jam (take that Nas!). Here's some more classic quotables:

  • "I'm really short. LOL. That was a joke. I'm not really short." (Did he just type "LOL"? LMFAO!)
  • "I'd much rather just be rich. Haha. You got a job for me?"
  • "I guess because success or money don't change you. It enhances who you already are. Since I was already cool, I'm super duper duper cool. Hahahahaha."
  • "No. I never had problems with insecurity"
  • "No reality shows for the kid!" (So no "Who Wants To Be Vice President?" on VH1's Celebreality)

Now that Q&A was real cute and all Jay, but I got some real questions for you playboy. This is America and when the President decides to candidly answer some inquiries in a public forum, you make sure you make them count. Some tough Barbara Walter-ish 60 Minutes type jumpoffs that the hip-hop community and my fellow 80's Baby Collective really want to know. Hopefully I'll have some answers for next month's chat:

  • How Do You Feel About Dame Co-Signing And Appearing In The "Wet Wipes" Video?
  • Where's The Cam response record? We know you did one. You responded back to Meeno before for Christ Sake!
  • Did Def Jam Force Ghost To Sell Out With His First Single?
  • Are the rumors about having tension with Kanye true?
  • Is Fabolous a Memphis Bleek Replacement?
  • Where the hell is Redman's album?!?!
  • Is it true that you're dropping an album in the 4th quarter? Before Redman?!?!
  • And if you do come out and do less than 522,000 copies your first week, you do realize T.I. Will be the new king of (credible) rap right?
  • Did you fire the stylist who made you wear that horrible swaggerless ascot? If you didn't, give her 2 weeks notice now!
  • Where the hell is Free??? One minute there's a rumor about her having your baby, next she's off 106 & Park never to be seen or heard from again. What did you do with her?!
  • You do know that Young Jeezy is the King of New York right?
  • How do you feel about Nas saying "I'm like 20 (Def Jam) artists" on you guys' big special?
  • Now that you made up with Nas and Prodigy, will you now schedule a sit-down with Dame?
  • Are you still a chencletas advocate?
  • Is Cam'Ron dissing you going to effect the way business is conducted with Juelz Santana?
  • Why won't you sign Papoose but sign out of town rappers after they only have ONE record? *coughcoughrickrosscoughcough*
  • Out of curiosity, Who do you think is the second baddest chick in the game?
  • Did Puff take offense to that whole "When Puff was in that tube spilling Mo'" line? Cause I sure would of been pissed!
  • What the hell were you talking about on that "Shake It Off Remix" verse?
  • Don't you think the whole concept of "Jay-Z Blue" is selling out?
  • What's up with Sigel's album?
  • How come you stopped pursuing The Lox? Is 50 thuggin you?
  • Can you diss Marbury again? He messed up my whole season and he needs to be punished
  • You're not gonna wear an ascot again are you?


That's all I wanna know for now. That's MY million and one questions. I don't expect answers to all (or any, for that matter) of my questions, but take them into consideration (especially Redman). We all know you're doing the best you can do, and I personally now know all about adjusting to a desk job. I'm just asking thee questions because you wanted people to ask you. If anyone has any additional questions to ask the Prez, feel free to add on.

P.S. And if you guys still didn't believe that Jeezy is the KONY or that the South ruling with a iron fist, check out 2 of the former Rulers Of Gotham Leaning and Rocking With It. Told ya so!