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As I write this, XXL‘s favorite cover subject Curtis “Interscope” Jackson is at NYC’s Times Square raising hell. NY Post‘s Page Six has bumrushed the show so our cover’s been blown: XXL is shooting a DVD. That’s right, Smack can’t make all that paper, I want a piece of the action like Mr. Cosby so for the last few months I’ve put my deputy capo V Dot Satten to work. She’s crafting the ultimate street DVD for all the hoodrats and the internet geeks.

Now I’m not gonna reveal all the details because it’s too soon but suffice it is to say it’s gonna be a huge success. This ain’t no rap compilation, chumps! And yeah, since I’m knee-deep in this web shit now, we will be streaming some free previews on-line in the near future. What you thought you sohh-sohh scrubs were the only ones with video cameras? In case I didn’t make my self clear earlier this year: I’m a winner and I don’t even know how to lose. Summer’s ’bout to get hot.

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  • khal

    can’t say I’ve ever bought one of the “hood” DVDs like Smack and stuff. Always wanted to, but never did. I think I’ll have to sink my teeth into a XXL one. I wonder where I can cop these… hell, I spend enough on the mags.

  • Boston’s Finest

    These strett dvd the good ones i.e Smack, Come-up, Chedder are like vido crack for a die hard hip-hop fan and now xxl is gonna step into the game, whoa just dont make it expensive like theses othere ones and not have the same people over and over.

  • K-Brizzle

    as long as the homie Saigon is on it im good. FNF up!

  • iw11

  • bob

    oh i’m sure the dvd will be a success just like the shitty xxl compilation huh?

  • Therapist

    as long as you don’t have any weak ass New York Mixtape losers/rappers on it, i’ll watch it..

  • bob

    fuck 50 cent fuck interscope fuck xxl fuck elliot “im not a man of my own” wilson.

  • Dee

    I know this doesnt have to do with this specific topic but i think its important to this week’s blogs in general

    I have to say that mixtapes are helping hiphop for several reasons.
    I think that rap music has kinda hit its high. If you look at album sells since 50’s Get Rich and Nelly’s Nellyville in 2003 no rap artists ahve hade the commercial sucess of selling 11 or 10 million records.

    For instance 50 and Nelly’s last albums sold significantly less.
    50’s sold 5 million
    Nelly’s Sweat and Suit together i think sold around 3 million

    Even extremely popular rappers with alot of buzz like young jeezy just broke a million (and im not saying that not sucessful, its just not anywhere near 11 mil).

    I even say T.I. with selling over 500,000 in the first week still won’t go past x2 or x3 platinum

    So with the overall decline in rap sells, i would say that mixtapes allow rappers to make some $ on their own. Its a good thing for hiphop and music in general. If you like hiphop then why not buy a mixtape? At least you know that the money u spend on the mixtape is mostly goin to the rapper, instead of going to some company like Universal, Sony, Warner etc.

  • DCMadeMan

    XXL need to be called G-unit magazine.And on the cover every month there needs to be a picture of Elliot Wilson hanging from 50′s nut sack..

  • SOHH Irreverent

    You kinda lost when you didn’t graduate from college. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Belize

    Elliot, i gotta give it to yah, u are a HUSTLER, and i respect that, now if u only fired bol…..haaaaaaaaaaa

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