As I write this, XXL's favorite cover subject Curtis "Interscope" Jackson is at NYC's Times Square raising hell. NY Post's Page Six has bumrushed the show so our cover's been blown: XXL is shooting a DVD. That's right, Smack can't make all that paper, I want a piece of the action like Mr. Cosby so for the last few months I've put my deputy capo V Dot Satten to work. She's crafting the ultimate street DVD for all the hoodrats and the internet geeks.

Now I'm not gonna reveal all the details because it's too soon but suffice it is to say it's gonna be a huge success. This ain't no rap compilation, chumps! And yeah, since I'm knee-deep in this web shit now, we will be streaming some free previews on-line in the near future. What you thought you sohh-sohh scrubs were the only ones with video cameras? In case I didn't make my self clear earlier this year: I'm a winner and I don't even know how to lose. Summer's 'bout to get hot.