Top Ten Mixtape List Of All Time

10) DJ Drama & TI-Gangsta Grillz/Down Wit The King (2004)
Right on Tip’s verge of superstardom we put this tape out to solidfy his excellence and to slighty tarnish Lil Flip’s street cred. For the record, I aint got no beef with homie altho I did enjoy putting the tape together. Before Trap Or Die, this was what many people tell me was the first time they heard me. I knew it was gonna go far so I tried to show my ass…

9) DJ Clue- The Professional (Official Album) (1998?)
I mean what needs to be said? A mixtape dj goes platinum on one of the hottest labels out (Rocafella/Def Jam). That became a new point that WE ALL SHOULD WANT TO BE AT!!
8) Jadakiss feat DJ Green Lantern & DJ Big Mike- Champ Is Here (2004)
Alotta people say this tape was better than his album. Production was crisp. It also was a good setup for his album which alotta people do now with mixtapes. Lantern and Mike did a great job in showcasing Jada’s personality along with his intense mic force.
7) 50 Cent & DJ Whoo Kid- 50 Cent is the Future (2002)
The tape that laid the groundwork for what was yet to come. Before 50 Cent all rappers used to just rap over beats and spit hot 16s. 50 cent came along and made his song on Your beat better than yours!!! HE CHANGED THE GAME. PERIOD. There was the mixtape game before 50 and the mixtape game after him. The demo was completely destroyed and along the birth of the mixtape mini album. Now maybe somebody did it before him, but obivously do they really matter?
6) DJ Whoo Kid- Smokin Day Part 2 (w/ 50 Cent & Snoop (2003)
Very big tape. Not just that it was basically all exclusvies including a 50 Cent and 2pac song but the real key was the marketing!!! Whoo kid had a full 8 page foldout including sneaker ads and all. He took mixtapes to a whole nother level with the marketing so fuck what yall say about dj skills. He turned mixtapes into an event and one that people will pay to advertise on. Whoo Kid is the shit
5) DJ Green Lantern- Best Of 2Way Thousand (Cornerstone) (2001)
Again, how can you just pick one green tape but this shit just literally blew my mind. When the motorolla 2 way pager was crazy, green lantern somehow found a way to incorporate the early 2way ringtones into his mix and help showcase the best songs of the year. Lantern may be my favortie mixtape dj honorable mention would have to go to to whole Invasion series.
4) DJ Clue-Back To School Part 2 (1994)
A classic clue tape. He got so many so its hard to just give him one. (Especially since he was the first to put mixtapes on CDs) Hate em or love em the game was never the same after clue put his stamp on it. This tape came before the mainstream/underground seperation so Clue had Biggie, Pac, Jeru, and Mary J/Pete Rock Remix on one tape!!! More than anything I used to ride the bus to high school to this everyday and was the first time I heard biggie and pac on a track together (eddie f and untouchables song)
3) DJ Doo Wop- 95 Live (1995)
Doo Wop was one of the early djs to have the top artists in the game to freestyle on his tape (from my era-dont want no old heads to get offended). The classic busta rhymes, “THERE’S ONLY 5 YEARS LEFT!!”. I remember he had exclusive group home (supastar) and mobb deep (shook ones) when it was the hottest shit out.
2) DJ Drama & Young Jeezy-Gangsta Grillz/Trap Or Die (2005)
A very influential tape in the rap game and the mixtape game. Jeezy’s carear skyrocketed, mine skyrocketed and the tape was certified street platinum. U couldn’t go to no hood in any city and not here it….
1) DJ S&S- Old School Part 2 (1992)
This was the first mixtape I ever listened to and studied from top to bottom. I guess u could say I trained off this tape. It came out in 92 and was when a dj would cut, blend and rock the tape str8 thru… stoppin
Anyway, That was off the top of my head, no heavy research involved but I’m sure that’s comin.
Oh yeah- If you in ATL or closeby, my bday party is april 20th at Club Visions. Its gonna be crazy. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Juelz , Young Buck and who knows who else is gonna pop up!!! Here’s the flyer:
Yo Gotti
Young Dro
Nah, u can’t get all that

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  • coilreup

    No doubt some of those would definitely be up for top 10 of all time.

    …But what about the recent Clipse, “We Got It 4 Cheap” volumes? Especially Volume 2 — I mean my knees buckled when I heard them slaying ‘em.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, DJ Drama. Keep it up, yo.

  • djeff

    Come on, U forgot an obvious one :

    mood muzik 2.
    Joe Budden.
    Better than most albums out.

  • G Off

    I agree with the first two posts- both are definitely ridiculous.

    One more to throw in: Jay-Z’s S. Carter mixtape. Talk about marketing, not only was it hot, but it helped his Reebok’s become the fastest selling of all time (or at least that’s what they were saying).

  • khal

    nice up for reppin Green Lantern. dude is on fire, his “Alive On Arrival” mixtape is killin me!

    On a side note, that BBCICECREAM.COM mixtape you and Pharrell did was murda, had that on this weekend… good job!

  • bxconnect

    i was about to scream murder if i didnt see live 1995.that shit is a classic, classic.i remember raekwon rhyming over the off and on beat.i know you remember that “off and on there it is baby paw”.classic.

  • Anthony Obi

    i need to get a lot of the mixtapes on the list but one of my favorites is definitely the Lil Wayne Gangsta Grillz!! thats a classic.

  • GOD

    this list sucks. WestCoast DJ’s are way better.

  • Young Legend

    Drama Can I Tell Em What You Dropping???

    LOL, Or Is That Suppose To Be On The Super Low…

    That Part 2 Gonna Be Big…

    Oh Yea U Need To Get Up With Green And Kill A Tape Together… If That Other One Isnt Coming Out…

  • Jay Smooth

    Yep, my first thought was “there better be some 95 Live up in here!”

    52 Beats or some other Kid Capri is also essential.. otherwise this is a pretty good list.

  • Adam22

    we all know you got a 50 cent gangsta grillz tape dropping, admit it motherfucker and send me a copy for being a prophet.



  • Joel

    But does Jay-z know about Mood Muzik 2? Probably not.

  • luis

    A mix tape list WITHOUT Tony Touch 50 MC Trilogy? C’mon….Sorry buddy but this list does seem to look like it came from the “top of your head” because without tapes as his or even DJ Camilo’s (or even Ron G) mid 90s work, it really isn’t an accurate indication of top mix tapes. Peace.


  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    CLUE’s hev e Components part 3 or 2 was that shit.
    with all Roc the Hot 97 “freestyles”

    Clue 4 President mixtapes were great

    Both Mood Muzik joint

    And your being a lil’ bias with the trap or die number 2 but a it’s your shit more power to u



  • Slang Editor

    Was that Doo Wop 95 Live also the one that had Q-Tip dissing the West Coast, causing him to catch it from Westside Connection and trying to defuse what he started with “Keep It Moving” from “Beats Rhymes And Life”? Ha! Abstract thought that mixtapes couldn’t travel east of the Mississipp’?

  • Slang Editor

    Ummm. I meant, “west of the Mississipp’”

  • Boston’s Finest

    It blows my mind that i actully have almost all those mixtapes you metioned, they definatly classics. But what about the Makaveli mixtapes i know they werent officially put out by Pac’s family or death row?? but those mixtapes were sold out everywhere and were must have’s

  • Boston’s Finest

    Definatly alot of classics up there.
    Mood muzik is definatly one that should of been on there but it is a recent mixtape in away. But what about the Makaveli mixtapes those were must haves when they came out, they kept pac alive on the streets. Nigz were going crazy for them

  • hustlemania

    you forgot 5 deadly venoms…

  • jon longway

    wheres westside reloaded! the game killed it on that mixtape! snoop came nasty too wheres that at!

  • laid bak

    under no circumstances should one of those artist-based mixtapes be included in anyones top 10 lists. unless its something like that old mr cee “best of biggie.”

    & i agree… no ron g? no kid capri? no tony touch 50 mc’s?

  • wretewt

    you don’t know shit about rap and i dont take you or your opinion seriously.

  • wretewt

    PS. how tony touch tape #50 or dj doo wap live 95 were ommitted is indicitive you are a complete phony ass toy “dj”
    you dont have any skills & you just yell track names & segue tracks together & call it a day…

    you might get a pass from other people, but in my books you are a poser.

  • Casey

    No Tupac Rap Phenomenom? No Modd Muzik?

  • jones

    As someone already mentioned, 5 deadly venoms deserves a spot on there. Also, not sure how many people heard it, but the HipHopConnection 8th Anniversary mixtape from around 2001 was crazy (4 CDs).

  • Jae Mitch

    Yo Drama, Sense, Cannon what it do playas, the Texas streets are really fiending for a Pimp C Gangsta Grillz, it’s alot of unoffical shit going around out here. Also “Down With The King” was to classic, “Trap or Die” was one of my favorites also but that TIP is just what it is, should be higher than #10 in my oponion. Keep up the good work playas!!!

  • Mello

    I guess the connect didn’t reach u because it can’t be All-Time without Dirty Harry, Tony Touch& The Kid—d Carpi!!!!!!

  • 50 Cent

    Oh yeah drama, you got some of my wack ass mixtapes up there! *smooches*

  • UK Standup

    Even off the top of your head how you missed Tony Touch Power Cypher part one or two is beyond me. And the 5 Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn… c’mon, fix up, look sharpe.

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  • Nick Chainy

    Yo cuzzo…how you leave off the 2Pac Rap Phenomenon? Or the Clue joint that had the Beanie vs. Jadakiss? Hell the best mixtape of the past few years actually came out of your camp and you didnt mention it…DJ Jamad’s Outskirts(Unofficial Outkast Remixes)

  • Van-Go tha Hustla

    Dope on the list. Also how can we get at you for that production for the album. I know this probably ain’t the forum for that but I’m hustlin on every avenue to get at you and grand hustle.

  • Roc the Trashman

    Am I the only one who could care less about this man’s opinion on anything?

  • Dee

    I know this doesnt have to do with this specific topic but i think its important to this week’s blogs in general

    I have to say that mixtapes are helping hiphop for several reasons.
    I think that rap music has kinda hit its high. If you look at album sells since 50’s Get Rich and Nelly’s Nellyville in 2003 no rap artists ahve hade the commercial sucess of selling 11 or 10 million records.

    For instance 50 and Nelly’s last albums sold significantly less.
    50’s sold 5 million
    Nelly’s Sweat and Suit together i think sold around 3 million

    Even extremely popular rappers with alot of buzz like young jeezy just broke a million (and im not saying that not sucessful, its just not anywhere near 11 mil).

    I even say T.I. with selling over 500,000 in the first week still won’t go past x2 or x3 platinum

    So with the overall decline in rap sells, i would say that mixtapes allow rappers to make some $ on their own. Its a good thing for hiphop and music in general. If you like hiphop then why not buy a mixtape? At least you know that the money u spend on the mixtape is mostly goin to the rapper, instead of going to some company like Universal, Sony, Warner etc.

  • 50 Cent

    Damn DJ Drama, not hating or nothing but you need to put some better mixtapes up on your list. Your mixtapes are good though, Trap Or Die mixtape was good.

  • bkswagger

    how the hell you gonna make a mixtape list with six songs from after 2000? you are essentially gay.

  • 55 PHIL


  • P-Matik

    What? No Ron G or Kid Kapri?

    I ain’t hatin though, the Gangsta Grillz with Little Brother was tight.

  • 50 Cent

    Drama update your stuff sometime man.


  • big family

    How could you not put Kid Capri on your list? 52 Break beats?Or Tony Touch 50 MC’s?

  • mathew

    50 cent chaged the mixtape came, even the haters know that….

  • L.R.N.A.

    Mood Muzik 2 needs to be put on this list yup yup other than that the list is cool…also green lanterns alive on arrival mixtape wuz nothing but fire…u cudda Back Like Cooked Crack Vol. 3 Fiend out on there too that mixtape wuz crazy…also wut bout lil’ waynes Gangsta Grillz mixtape? shit weezy killed dat

    also…FUCK jay-z this nigga talkin all dat shit bout new york new york..but this nigga aint even tryna feed his new york artists this bitch ass nigga signed RICK ROSS BEFORE HE EVEN TRIES TO SIGN A NIGGA LIKE PAP! o man fuck dat dumb nigga

  • collins

    all u guys sayin 50′s album sold 5 mill, u wrong….world wide, it as grossed almost 10 mill….that nigga is the shit. any time he sings over people’s beat, the music becomes sweeter than the original owner’s own…check out he might even use ti’s what u know about that to make a better song on mixtape



  • Tyler Durden

    Where’s Pretty Rickey’s mixtape at? That was the best mixtape ever…”Put It In Our Ass” Vol. I…That shit is a classic

  • westcoast rydah

    tony toca where he @

  • Gimp

    i miss da ol rap hip hop mix tapes from like back in 1982-1989, now that was da bomb.

  • S-to-da-G

    yo, this dj drama is a man i newa, ewa heard of, to be honest he look cool do, pease.

  • j boogs

    you clowns dont know hip hop,so i will excuse you new jacks under 20 years old about mixtapes.for one kid capri changed the mixtape game forever.if there was no kid capri,there wouldnt be a 50 cent or a kay cats better do your homework!!!

  • j boogs

    xxl,you cats make it so hard for me to cop an issue because of lists like are no better than the record companies who control the masses by paying djs to play there hip pop.if i was kid capri,i would smack whoever printed this issue with a copy of xxl!!!

  • 5%er

    Damn fam, u did The Dedication with Wayne and u left that off. No Dipset neither?! Wow…

  • Australian

    Its good seein’ all these comments with tha names of classic mixtapes. Out here, there’s no scene at all. The only way we get mixtapes is tha net. And I couldn’t get ‘em till now, cuz I got a fast connection. So now I can get these fiya joints and appreeciate them, not just tha commercial releases.

  • Thurowe


  • bam bam

    why loso’s way rise to power wasn’t on your list? Along with mood muzik or any lloyd banks?

  • ill will 314REp

    when u go do another st.louis gnagsta grrills? put me on dat bitch so i can kill dat shit. a yall just remember me. 4reel man dis aint a game. DJ DRRAMA keep it gangsta. halla back dirty.

  • lintus

    FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50 FUCK 50

    FUCK GUNIT!!!! IT’s THE BWS TAKEOVER, and IT JUST BEGUN !!! GGGGGGGGG-Gizaz Christ, you fucking idiots!!!

  • Garbage

    That list is TRASH nuff said

  • slim

    where is chamillionaire’s mixtape messiah? classic mixtape

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  • Panther

    The best mixtape I heard for 2007 is the Ricky Ruckus “Most Hated” mixtape…

  • Troy

    Some of those mixtapes are cool but where Lil Wayne at he made like 20 mixtapes in 06 and least two or three should make the top ten.

  • RingTone B

    Where is the Clipse’s We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 on this list? XXL named it mixtape of the year in 2005. The Clipse & the RE-UP GANG kill that mixtape. Hands down. The list need to be re-done. Plus u must have a weezy mixtape in the top ten.

  • choppa23

    This list was straight bogus.. u left out the original Green lantern and thats DJ EV .. that back to back tape with Stretch Armstrong was fire.. Real skills on that tape.. No Doo Wop , ron g, Chill will or craig g? Wack dude

  • letstalk

    Is anyone else tired of the south?
    Coons, if you gonna rap, talk about some real shit.

  • teenager costs

    A pleasure to look at, go on with this! Thanks!

  • New York City

    I send you and your visitors my best greetings.

  • Reano

    top ten lil wayne – dedication 2 – dj drama
    lil wayne – dedication 1 – dj drama
    2pac – rap phenomenom – green lantern, dj vlad & dirty harry
    chino xl – poisen pen – mr choc
    big pun – the best of – joey fingaz, latin assasin
    notorious b.i.g & frank sinatra – blue eyes meets bed stuy – cappel and smitty
    talib kweli – liberation – madlib
    jay-z – the grey album – dangermouse
    nas – nastradoomus vol 1 & 2 – mf doom
    t.i.p – the leak – dj drama

    just to name a few… anyways there should be a top ten mixtape collections list.

    g-unit radios
    gangsta grillz
    purple codiene
    bad guys
    southern smoke

    man there are a lot of good tapes.. dont listen to this list… joke lists made by execs who dont know the meaning of past, future and present…. tryin to trancend time… top ten mixtapes of all time… what about tupacs orignaly one nation mixtape that was never truly released? biggie mr cee mixtape? big puns original demo? eminems original ep? they all mixtapes… music loving people like mf doom, dangermouse and madlib should be considered alongside pro dj’s like drama, whoo kid and green lantern… im laughin at the idea of creating a top ten list of mixtapes. seeing as though most the guys i know who into mixtapes got like 100 at any one time… probably listen to 10 a day..

    peace. keep mixin.

  • George

    Yo… Wahts up with Dedication 2… Lil Wayne is the best. On the low the semi-new DJ Drama and Block Ent. is a killa… Also don’t forget about the Green Lantern, Beanie Sigel Public Enemy #1 that was crazy

  • dj sin from philly

    look, im 27, been buyin mixtapes for over a decade. i dont much mess with dj drama cause he associates with too many clown rappers, meaning lil wayne (listen to old figgaz ish, its all philly raps and homie sounds like a robot when he raps, the only reasons he;s doing these mixtapes is because he needs to use all the raps he paid gillie for), cosmic kev best of beanie (only mixtape i seen re-released after that many years), green lantern beanie deserves a honorable mention, 2pac rap phenomenon is in my top 10 of alltime, the first 2 store funk flex albums (even though i cant stand him), and the mr cee biggie, i got it for cheap deserves atleast honorable, but how did nobody remember the old DMX, CANNABIS, NORE freestyle tape!!!! that thing dropped before all there albums did and i cant remember the last time there was a session like that. clue store shit has some good tracks, but lots and lots of garbage, tony touch store releases were better, and come on kid capri was a god, he hosted def comedy jam. atleast you got doo wop up there. i mean jeezy who i like and t.i. who i dont made the list, nough said.

  • dj sin from philly

    oh and lil whinny, i mean wizzey, i mean weezy wont never show his ass up in philly cause he snitched gillie out. hell yeah i kiss my daddy, hell yeah i kiss my daddy, fuck outta here. you know he a clown cause gillie who aint even got an album out had everyone laughing at him. gillie is a fucking G, spit in jiggas face when he offered him his deal and got black balled, but you cant stop a spitter like that. i was at his allstar weekend party when the nba allstar game was here, years ago, and he bought the bar out, cause he a hustler, 6 coke houses and 80 pounds a green, you do the math.

  • Simphiwe

    Where the F@#$ are any Papoose mixtapes?

  • http://xxlmag deez tha msta

    ant ne of them shits got stack bundles on them this shit is fucked up

  • swankky

    We Got It For Cheap vol. 2 (clipse)
    Dedication 1 (wayne)
    Mood Muzik (Joe Budden)
    Fahrenheit 1/15 part. 2 (Lupe Fiasco)

    all those are mixtapes the made major noise for some of the best artist of the past 10 years. no joke.

  • Squeeze

    DJ Drama & Little Brother ” SEPARATE BUT EQUAL” should be at least in the top 2.Point blank bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    wiz khalifa’s how fly wit currensy

  • blackberry pearl

    Wow We have on To state this can also wonderful. Even writing that submit ought how to have on taken buyers a seriously extended time. Many thanks for the exertion!

  • Anonymous

    should have:
    Everybodys Nobody – XV
    Bar Exam 3 – Royce da 5’9″
    Mood Musik 2 – Joe Budden
    A Kid Named Cudi – KiD CuDi
    Mixtape Messiah 3 – Chamillonaire

  • oskamadison

    Kid Capri-52 Beats. Dude went in on all the classic breaks with no 4 tracks or editing, all LIVE. THAT’S how you rock a tape.

  • double bass

    The Fairest Rose at Last is Withered

  • cramping at 32 weeks pregnant

    That rss page on your blog here is brilliant, you should tell people about it in your upcoming post. I haven¡¯t noted it a first, now I¡¯m using it every morning to check on any updates.

  • Imogene Milling

    Appreciate you creating this blog and sharing your viewpoint. I like reading it during my lunch break at work. It’s nice to consider my mind off work even though for only 30 mins. Cheers

  • Dj Dirty Dubya

    Dj Ron G – What if (1996)

  • strectchedaly

    COME ON YO, SFG (Drake’s SO FAR GONE) has to easily be one of the rawest mixtapes ever to matter how you feel about the nigga

  • Jourdan Scott

    2 Chainz T.R.U. REALigon is one of the best mixtapes i ever heard