TI: A true hip-hop activist

It’s the rare occasion when you see the best-selling artist in any genre make a significant political statement, let alone in hip-hop. And you’d expect such a statement from a southern hip-hop artist to be even rarer still. Because I think we all know people from the South aren’t as smart as people from other parts of the country[1].

So you can imagine my surprise then when I read recently that TI, the best-selling artists in hip-hop today, has come out in favor of deporting illegal immigrants.

To wit:

If they came here illegally, man, they might need to, you know… It seems rough, and cruel, and harsh; but to be fair to everybody, the people who trying to get over here the right way, I think they might need to be put back over there so they can, you know, find a way to get over here the right way.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I mean, I could have, but let’s not lose the point here. TI is arguably one of the most important rappers from his region, and illegal immigration has been a true scourge on the black community. If so-called hip-hop activists were really concerned with building some sort of movement, this would be as good an opportunity as any, no?

Unfortunately, I wonder if so many so-called hip-hop activists are really concerned with becoming anything other than Jesse Jackson-style poverty pimps. As it is, you hardly ever hear from these bags except when it’s time to make yet another failed attempt to swing a presidential election for the Democratic party.

On the rare occasion that you do see them take a stance on an issue, it’s something having to do with easing this nation’s drug laws. As if what the black community really needs is more violent, drug-addled criminals stalking our shopping malls armed with AK-47s. Not to sound like my old man, but what the black community could really use is a job.

But to get a job you need an education. How can our children ever expect to learn anything if hardly anyone in the school speaks English? Instead of reading A Separate Peace, like your father did in high school, kids out in Californina find themselves caught up in epic, Jim Morrison-style race wars. It’s no wonder only three black men in this country have a job right now[2].

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If hip-hop activists want to be taken seriously, they should get behind an issue that has real potential to have a positive effect in the black community. TI, one of the best rappers from Atlanta, is leading the way. Now it’s time for the Russell Simmons-es of the world to step up.


[1] It’s true. Face it.

[2] Three and a half if you count Elliott Wilson.

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  • Juice Black

    Controversial… I don’t agree with it all, but hey its your opinion bro

  • They Want EFX

    Dude, you need to seriously check yourself. If you mean this shit, you are being incredibly simplistic and ignorant. If you don’t mean this shit you are being irresponsible and cynical. Blaming black unemployment on immigrants is an extremely weak premise. Please do some research before you pick up a cause.

  • LIFE

    i’ve kept up with your blog for a couple weeks now and haven’t really felt the need to respond to anything. your “true scourge on the black community” comment provoked me to this time.

    i’m born and raised in LA, never had any problem in public school because of teachers trying to cater to immigrants (i say immigrants, because the debate isn’t just about mexicans).. my problem with public school is it just didn’t appeal to me. i graduated with a 3.0 doing the least possible to get by. i wasn’t engaged.

    i guess you could say that immigrants take jobs from blacks… but what jobs are they taking?
    in LA you can’t buy a house let alone pay rent on minimum wage or double the minimum wage. as far as job openings offering above 40k a year- there’s a complete shortage. and i highly doubt that illegal immigrants occupy the majority of those that are available.

    i have to say at least TI sounds like his reasoning comes from trying to be fair, but yours reeks of misguided hate and frustration.

    you called out hiphop activist: “they should get behind an issue that has real potential to have a positive effect in the black community.”

    as a blogger why don’t you get behind an issue that has a positive effect in THE COMMUNITY.

  • iw11

    t.i.’s got a point. i’m a nigerian immigrant who came here legally and waited the standartd 6-7 years to get my citizenship. everytime, ppl mention immigrants they always talk about the hispanics. what about the haitians, jamaicans, asians, and africans who worked hard to provide for their families. everyone struggles. we just have to do things the right way.

    p.s. myspace.com/idubya11

  • lupe

    the same ti that cried on that episode of punk’d? no. you cried when you got punk’d by bun b so we see the similarities between you two. weak.

  • bleu

    corporations are taking our jobs overseas, blame them. ti is a puppet, so is bol. sending all black people to africa based on who leeches off the government the most with welfare and foodstamps would not make everything right either.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Let’s be honest, do you think T.I. really knows a damn thing about Mexican immigration?

    Does he have an idea on how we could tighten up border security?

    If you asked him whether or not he supported a guest-worker program, would he know what you are talking about?

    Is he even aware that many business owners have been coercing Mexicans to come and work here, and that the Government doesn’t take action against them?

    Anyone can take one side of an issue, it doesn’t mean he knows why he even thinks that.

    Food for thought: Aprrox. 70% of the jobs takes by undocumented Mexican immigrants are in landscaping/agriculture. The majority of the race that works those jobs are whites, so how is this negatively affecting blacks?

    Bottom Line: It affects everyone in America, especially whites.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    In addition, since when did someone taking a side to an issue become activism?

    If someone came up to him and asked him to stage a rally or a parade in front of the White House forcing the feds to start deporting undocumented immigrants, he would say no.

    (Him rolling by in a Phanton throwing a duece in the air out the window doesn’t count.)

  • Tipper Gore’s Inner Sex Pot

    Almost all of us are immigrants, some of us just got here late and by the time we did they had changed the rules. So nullus.

    Do you think the black community wants the jobs illegal immigrants hold? How many friends do you have who keep interviewing for positions cleaning hotel rooms at the local dive motel and keep getting beaten out by an alien? Not to many I would predict.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >corporations are taking our jobs overseas, blame them.

    There’s no difference between taking your job overseas and giving it to an illegal immigrant here.

    >Almost all of us are immigrants, some of us just got here late and by the time we did they had changed the rules.

    If you were born here, you’re not an immigrant.

  • 50 Cent

    Let’s please keep illegal immigrants out of this great country.

  • pooh

    fuck you dude,u betta check ur history bitch,u and your hatin ass i’m from the south and i have a master degrre from morehouse where alot of people who arent from the south go.bitch

  • Doc Flav

    Fuck That Mess About TI’s Opinion, This Is What Makes Me Have No Respect For Stereotypical Northerners And Of Your Writing And Opinion. Carter G Woodson, Nikki Giovanni, Booker T Washington And Mary McCloud Bethune, A Few Great Southern Minds. Malcolm X-Nebraska. Aaron Douglas? Country Assed Kansas. Act Like Theres No Dummys Up Top, Kill Yaself With A Butterknife.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lone_Nigerian lone Nigerian

    you know what Bol
    I’m just glad you have something halfway positive to say

  • Doc Flav

    For Every North Born Black Intellect, I Prob Could Name 2 Southern.

  • bling bling

    i love reading bol get ethered! what a loser. o-dub rules.

  • Dee

    I know this doesnt have to do with this specific topic but i think its important to this week’s blogs in general

    I have to say that mixtapes are helping hiphop for several reasons.
    I think that rap music has kinda hit its high. If you look at album sells since 50’s Get Rich and Nelly’s Nellyville in 2003 no rap artists ahve hade the commercial sucess of selling 11 or 10 million records.

    For instance 50 and Nelly’s last albums sold significantly less.
    50’s sold 5 million
    Nelly’s Sweat and Suit together i think sold around 3 million

    Even extremely popular rappers with alot of buzz like young jeezy just broke a million (and im not saying that not sucessful, its just not anywhere near 11 mil).

    I even say T.I. with selling over 500,000 in the first week still won’t go past x2 or x3 platinum

    So with the overall decline in rap sells, i would say that mixtapes allow rappers to make some $ on their own. Its a good thing for hiphop and music in general. If you like hiphop then why not buy a mixtape? At least you know that the money u spend on the mixtape is mostly goin to the rapper, instead of going to some company like Universal, Sony, Warner etc.

  • dontworryboutthat!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^GO HEAD name 2 now.!.!.

    Yo i’m not a hater.
    The truth is perfect cuz the BIBLE say’s so…(THAT’s SUMTHING i learned n the south)
    The south iz full of the most
    SNITCHIN TO THE massa ass,Black ppl
    Police/Oversear freindly ass..
    SLOW casheir having ass,
    NON knowing how to drive ass,
    Every part of the pig eating ass ppl
    I ever met in my life!!
    You ever see the souths educational performance stats in the 52 states?They always @ the bottom do your research b4 u sound even more ignorant^^
    OH & by the way “BOL” is not from the Norf or the Eastcoast he from the MIDwest…
    Oh IT aint over..
    If it was’nt 4 HIP-HOP(which started in N.Y.)there would be a whole lot more brainwashed by the massa/oversear
    Ignorant PPL n the South!!
    Dudez in the south be Hip HOP millionaires
    driving old ass Hooked up POLICE CARZ!@#$^&*

  • dontworryboutthat!

    BACk to the topic:
    This country was built by immigrants
    who came here and completly anihalated
    a complete race of people,after they were kind enuff to teach these newcomers how to farm & cultivate & Till the soil so they could survive!(WHEN LAST YOU SEE An AMERICAN INDIAN?)
    Then went to Africa and KIDDNAPPED another race of people enslaved them and forced them to build there new Nation while they tortured them and fucked & impregnated they wives @ they leisure..
    Then sign Laws that say’s these kidnapped Africans would get REPRIATIONS(40 acres & a mule) then they laugh like it’s a joke when we
    Blacks even think of asking for these REPREATIONS thAT “THEY cO-SIGNED on”

    AND NOW THey THEMSELVES want to turn they Backs on the same immigrants that were there forfathers 4-450 yrs ago!!!
    MEXICANS are not the only immigrants. They are just the only one’s who you see who are wise enuff to Stand up and protest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • st silas120

    how can “Americans” deport anyone when they are actually the illegal immigrants. before they can to america poluting the natives, a large portion of the land was actually mexican. Think of California, when was it actually turned into an american state. Then when you think about it why aren’t they bringing up the illegal immigrants from their “land” europa – europe. So how can someone that stole this land lay claim on who can and cannot come to it, but they can create sweat shops all throught mexico and other lands that so – called minorities reside. T.I. as much as I like homie as a rapper is a damn idiot and i would tell the cat to his face if granted the opportunity.

    P.S. The natives of the americas and those that reside in the islands between the americas are brothers to the blacks in america and we are all israelites the Lords chosen people according to the Bible. if you dont believe as me and ill prove it. And also if you happen to read this T.I. you are a jew because the blacks in america are the real jews, and the statement that you made in regards to the immigrants of hispanic descent are your brothers and sisters . So before you began to make mockery of them think of it on that level.

    St. Silas you can reach me at highwaysandhedgesunit@gmail.com if you want to comment.

  • http://www.latinounderground.blogspot.com books brown

    What’s TI’s view on the flat tax?

  • Doc Flav

    Dont Worry, You Sound Quite Incensed, However In Your Tirade, You Failed To Mention 3 Significant Black Northern Scholars. Blame The Educational System Not The Scholar. Agree It Takes Some Intelligence To Make A Million, Lil Buddy. I Know Where Bol I Mentioned Douglas The Midwest Artist For That Reason.

  • Barkley

    Wow Bol, you’re a fag! that statement about the south is out of line. I’m not even from the south, and I was offended, because both of my parents are from the south. Are you aware that the only two black billionaires in the country, Oprah and Bob Johnson are from Missisippi??? which is beyond being the dirty south, that’s the fucking swampy south. I don’t give a fuck what nobody says, to make a billion dollars, you have to be smart. Some of the most intelligent people I ever met in college were from the south, and ironically some of the most close minded, ignorant people I ever met were from the north, go figure!

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    If I’m lying, explain this list:


    Notice there isn’t a single southern state ranked higher than Missouri?

    That’s not a coincidence.

  • nigg

    ur a racist dumbass

  • gerv

    Bleu blacks are not the top people on welfare fool do some research b4 you open your ignorant ass mouth.

  • Doc Flav

    17. Virginia, 21. North Carolina. Man, Run And Dont Walk Your Ass Back To 3rd Grade Geometry. LOL!

  • Doc Flav

    Lol, Someone Got They Feelings Hurt. Virginia And North Carolina >>>>> Missouri Educ. You Cant Delete The Truth. ***yourjuices are sour*** LOL!

  • Vic


  • Krystle

    I think we need to collectively realize that illegal immigrants are not the enemy here. We need to not adopt the racist ideology that they are the reason for blacks not having jobs or otherwise. If you realize how much illegal immigrants do for our society, you will realize that they are just as important as anyone else. Stop and look at who is busing your table when you go out to eat, who is fixing your roof, mowing your lawn, etc, and I know these seem to be generalizations, but it’s true. If you do not wish to have immigrants here, simply stop using the services that they render. If you do not support them being here illegally, do not support the services in which they provide that all of us use.

    Furthermore, we as a black community need to stop looking to Jesse Jackson’s and others of his time. We need to start creating our own leaders for our own generation, as the problems Jesse and them faced are a bit different from the ones we face today. Racism is still out there, and it still plagues us, and we need not jump on the “immigrants need to leave”
    bandwagon because there are much more important things out there.

    We need to attack the buying and selling, basic prostitution, of our black women in hip hop videos and other misogynistic venues. We need to attack those who promote and condone behavior that is not uplifting for our people. We need to stop worrying about rims and chains and start investing our money into things that matter. Until then, we are still slaves of the white man’s system.

  • Jesse

    First off when you talk of deporting 11 million people you’re talking about making 11 million(about 2 million of whom are children) homeless, jobless and generally screwed which is pretty messed up. It donesn’t seem to me that it is a very good beef to say that poor immigrants are taking those much desired jobs at poultry plants but instead a better beef is against a educational and social system that denies all poor people regrardless of race real oppurtunities. It seems stupid to fight over grueling low wage jobs when a small percentage aof rich white people are reaping all the benifits of these low wage jobs. Maybe instead of fighting over scraps eveyone should get together so we can get the whole pie.

  • Sergio

    I’m not a big fan of T.I., I like most of his music. He obviously is just uttering some trite statement. Does anyone out there know how ridiculous and unreasonable it actualy is to come to this country leagaly. It’s a joke. To be an activist u actually need to go out and be ACTIVE in which ever cause or etc. u support. Why aren’t we trying to put a wall up on our border with Canada? A nice chunk of the people are coming from ther and theyre not mexican, Asian, your Island brothers ans sisters etc. You know all, and I hate this term, illegal’s aren’t just Latin. If there skin is black u still want to put them back on their Island. You’re a moron for even trying to imply that T.I. smartWho saw Punk’d? You people out there who saying yeah they taking all the jobs, I know you are trying to tell you’re lazy as self that, so u feel better bout welfare, babymama drama and the fact you’re pity for your self is blinding the fact it aint bout hurting the economy or abything like that. I’ll point it just cuse the skin aint as DARK don’t think this ain’t bout COLOR. Alot of black people think they are the only ones that face RACISM EVERYDAY. WAKE UP PEOPLE. THIS COUNTRY CAN’T BE THAT EGOTISTICAL AND STUPID. BY THE WAY CHICANO BORN ( LEGAL CITIZEN )IN L.A., U.C.L.A HOSPITAL. THAT’S MEXICAN-AMERICAN, RAZA. TRUTHSAYR I NEVER LIE.

  • Carolina

    This dude is a moron- how he gonna
    say some shit like that-
    It’s real easy for him to say that because neither him or his family are going through this. I come from a Colombian family that “all” came illegally to this country. They’ve earned a living and are better citizens then some Real americans I’ve seen. He’s real ignorant for making a stupid comment like that.

  • Diego

    It’s funny how a few years ago; no one ever saw or talked about Mexicans. Now we are all over the TV. Everyone hates us. It’s great. I didn’t believe my brother when he said T.I. said everyone (illegals) had to leave. But damn. There it is. Oh well. He is just a rapper and not a university professor.

  • Jackie

    TI can’t even speak. He should just shut his trapp.

  • JC

    If you guys actually saw the video about his political opinions, TI did not know anything about immigration. He even admitted to it. He later gives an opinion with out any prior knowledge on the subject and makes himself sound like an idiot. I really do not think he is an activist. You need more than 1/3 of your brain power to to actually have an educated opinion. It seems to me the boy has smoked himself retarded.
    Honestly, I think that blacks in this country are scared that latinos will have more power than them in the future. Its the same bullshit from the past, whites had fear that blacks would over power them. About employment, immigrants have not choice but to get jobs. Unlike blacks, hispanics are humble and would take any job. You can’t look pimp or gangsta mowing grass and mopping floors. That is not gangsta enough. But you can look gangsta collecting welfare and food stamps. Ol’ DB god bless his soul showed us that collecting a welfare in a limo.

  • Fuck Niggers And Crackers

    Fuck Niggers and Crackers, that’s why they be getting punked and jumped over here by Hispanics like us in Cali all day everyday for a living…



  • JC

    If you actually google immigration, you will see that there are alot of article of black people for strict immigration laws. Alot of ignorant black people blame immigrants for african american unemployment rates. Ice cube may have his opinion, but you can’t blame whites for everything. Instead of blaming immigrants for the lack of employment maybe they need to look at other factors. There are things that I can say but I will be labeled a racist. What alot if ignorant blacks don’t realize is that they are racist and envious themselves because an immigrant can come to this country work hard, get his shit together, buy a house and raise family. Its not only that gain success in this country but groups such as asians, africans and groups from the carribean.

  • BTA

    i think everybody (especially blacks) cant say on this immigration shit. right now the punk ass crackers wnat to divide and conquer. they smart. who do you think is next after illegals. legals and blacks and all other minorities. and its bullshit the way people say they take all this money from the government because immigrants pay more than they take. they all pay taxes. all work with a fake social or somethin because no one pays cash. so what happens is they end up getting screwed. getting money taken out of every check but not able to file for a tax return at the end of the year. all yall haters check yo shit befor you speak. lets say they do all get sent back. hip hop its self would go down. T.I. is a fuckin moron. well see how he does money wise once all latinos learn of this. plus the white ompanies will probly end up moving they factories to china or somethin if this goes down. stupid fucks think of the consequences before you make an opinion or help out those IGNORANT RACISTS get they way.point is they tryin to divide and conquer and the succedin. plus all of this isnt an issue cuz nothins gonna happen. the gov. needs us and they know it. they just trying to git everyones mind off iraq. for the record i am Mexican and born here so fuck the haters and ull see what happens.NOTHING cuz it doesnt benefit the US economy.haha yall need us…hahahaha

  • http://www.smarten-up.com James Muhammad

    Who’s advising these guys? That comment was utterly STUPID!!! If what he were advocating were to come to pass, you would have a bunch of law enforcement (mostly white) being paid top dollar to the ‘real’ working people up, not to mention the human and civil rights violations that would occur in the process.

    Everyone has a right to his opinion and he has a right to make one or two dumb statements like everyone else. Who’s advising this guy though? The first illegal immigrants were EUROPEAN. They came to this country, killed millions of immigrants and built the country on the free labor of slaves. They didn’t come and work the land, as a way to buy a peice of it. Now, we have Mexicans who come over to work morning ’til night, sometimes seven days a week for a better life. HOW QUICKLY WE FORGET!!!


    Truth is – some blacks take the side of the slave-master, because sub-consciously some of us are still slaves. Having no cultural root, we try to identify with what we think is high-class and culture. In the case of our love for white people, we’re like a woman with low self-esteem who accepts all kinds of abuse from a man because she thinks being with him validates her existence. He puts up with her, because she’s there when he needs something or someone to bounce on or kick around but he has no love for her because she doesn’t even respect herself. White people should never and will never respect us, until we have enough self-respect to do and get something for ourselves.

  • http://myspace.com LA SHYNEZZ


  • ma

    all you idiot changos dat talk shit about mexicans better check urselves, wake up.. ur country doesnt lub u much havent seen a black president yet legal or not.. so yeah, when u all started out here you had to make your freedom legal.. same struggle different timez que VIVA la raza n FUCK TI burn in hell bitch

  • mike

    fuken nigga eat a d1ck ..your movie suked !

  • Ja Rule

    its nice to see that the minute men are using the blacks for this lil movement ….this where the same guys that put u on the big ship for that long trip!




    viva mexico!


    Funny to hear a comment like that from t.i — a person that supposedly came up off up coke&crack – an illegal substance that he most likely bought off the Mexicans. f*ckin hypocrite! – or a fake… u decide. MEXICANS COME HERE TO WORK – NOT FOR HAND OUTS! GO TO A SALVATION ARMY & COUNT THE MEXICANS – U CAN COUNT THEM ON ONE HAND. AND THE ONES THERE ARE MOST LIKELY BORN IN AMERICA! – THEY’RE NOT THERE BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING – DOING JOBS THAT PEOPLE ARE TO LAZZY TO DO. and by the way — t.i has a good cd out but Young Dro is making t.i. look weak as hell! step yo game up and mind yo business snitch!


    f*ck what t.i. thinks — u cant stop the movement u bastard!! & bol needs to get that dick out his ass and stop bitching about everything! — DTOWN, TX

  • Sal

    Man ur pretty ignorant. Political activist huh? thats kinda funny…First of all, there are alot of good colleges in the South, especially historical Black colleges, are you calling them stupid? I know you said “I think we all know people from the South aren’t as smart as people from other parts of the country” but what an idiot, there are stupid people everywhere, you cant generalize an area as being not as smart. You are an idiot my friend..Anywho, Im from LA, I am an immigrant, I went to a public school, im currently in UC Berkeley, the number one public institution in the World….idiot, im not taking anyones education..and you cant use immigrants as a scapegoat to explain black unemployment…thats obsurd man, on the real, ur not even worth arguin with…u need to educate urself man, u dont know jack…i know so much stuff that would ruin u….anywho there is not black hip-hop activists like the ones u are talking about…Russell Simmons is not an idiot like u, and also what activism? towards what? do u realize that I own 50 rap cd’s….???did i as an immigrant not contribute to the success of people like Ice-Cube, the Game, even T.I, I saw his movie, which sucked by the way…maan TI is just stupid for sayin what he said, from a business perspective he lost alot of money. Oh well, im not the idiot..

  • http://none Wildstylez

    How can T.I. be such a hipocrite by bashing on illegal immigrants when he knows immigrants also go out there to buy his albums?? He should be more concerned about making more fans than enemies. Fuck what everyone else says, but lets get real, this music business is all about moving units and making money and the way you do that is by making good music and getting people to like you as well and when you go ahead and make negative comments about a large group of people, you’re only hurting your record sales. I’m out, peace.

  • SoulSpeak

    The fact that anyone would associate such an inarticulate, uneducated, and unenlightened statement with any kind of “Activism” is embarrasing in itself. TI making a statement of uninformed opinion is not the direction that ANYONE needs to take in their approach to immigration or ANY issue. Black people need to stop attempting to blame immigrants for their unemployment rates. Realizations need to be made, that Blacks in this country need to stop miseducating themselves through false hiphop and Gangsta culture. TI has not yet put out anything that has been controversial, nor distinguished himself in any way from the hoard of assembly line Gangsta Rapper major Corporate music whores, selling ignorance to their own people for the sake of the almighty dollar. Disunity breeds disunity, and as long as the thinking of people remains engrossed in self-interest, more disunity will be bred. I thought the article was as uninformed as the statement, and if TI is truly leading the way for mainstream rap artists in so called “activism” then rap truly has fallen a long way down. (P.S. Immigrants came here to help their families, and if we were that interested in chasing down illegal immigrants, we would chase down the white ones. This immigrant deal is just a scapegoat for the terrible management of our economy resulting in unemployment, thanks to our President of late. Furthermore, while I am for the immigrant cause, do not compare that with the Civil Rights Movement, for the simple fact that immigrants came here by choice, and my ancestors were dragged in chains, losing 75 million in only one section of the journey. While immigrants are discriminated against, never have they experienced the levels of discrimination that my people have experienced.

  • http://www.chopdezol.com OVAWIT

    First of all Bol …you are from the midwest as i understand…you didn’t see N Carolina ahead of missouri? but fuck that, if you listen to these bullshit statistics, you’re dumber than any kid in New Mexico….and for all you hispanics talking shit….don’t believe the hype cause black people really aint got no beef with yall….yet yall come on here calling out niggas….Hmm well Hispanics must only be hard on the west coast cause all the ones i see here in S Carolina look scary as hell whenever i see em…I’ve never seen one over 5 feet tall and they always huddled up in a group looking like they lost….one hispanic bitch talking bout “at least we were never slaves”…bitch i cant tell…yall mufukas the ones i see wearing plaid shirts and corduroys while you’re working on a roof in 90 degree weather…thats a slave job if i ever saw one…and Taco bell makes the best Mexican food

  • Diva

    It’s amazing how many people are petrified at the idea of immigrants taking their jobs and their land! C’mon now…weren’t the Europeans the one’s who “conquered” our lands. Who took our lands, forced th native people out, forced them into christianity and into speaking a new language! I have no respect for rappers now a days…talking about nothing but money and tricks. How can you actually label someone like that an activist? TI has no idea what he got himself into. I won’t hate on him because to me he’s just an ignorant puppet. I have nothing against my black brothers and sisters, because at the end we are all from the same neighborhoods and we are dealing with similar struggles. Can’t you see the white man is trying to put us against each other? Wake up people and don’t give up the fight…but a just fight! By the way…I’m boycotting TI…haha!

  • don juanito

    you know what, iam a fucking mexican and iam fucking proud of it… who the fuck makes u think that we are the reason that the black community do not have jobs… lets be real people, get a fucking education and get off your lazy fucking asses… were all one fucking race black, white, brown, etc, color, class, status aint shit. WHY? because, just how my shit stinks your does too. people you need to see the reality of whats happening, we hispanics are sharing this land with immigrants, i dont give a fuck who u are if u are living in the U.S.A. you are a fucking immigrant. so dont be blaming the hispanic population for bullshit, blame urselfs for ur own decisions, were just trying to survive just like everyone else…….

  • Evan

    T.I. sucks dick, hes a skinny little bitch that thinks he deserves respect. What the fuck has he really done to deserve respect. When he takes out his “phat grillz” and sells that and some of his “bling, bling” maybe ill give a fuking shit. But for now i wont even give him my dick to suck

  • Max Inka

    if you let me to vent a little you NIGGERS and HONKEYS came to AMERIKKKA you were taught how to act like chimps do today, get the fuck back to AFRICA WITH THAT BULLSHIT…


  • 2-3 star

    Yo, I’m from the south bitch, and you up north niggas be dumb as fuck just the same as everybody else. What the fuck, you think yall like extra special cus you from up north? Nigga, when I lived in New York, they had kids 12 years old in the 2nd grade. You aint gonna find that bullshit goin’ on out here in the south… DUMBASS!

  • D- Los

    First off im speaking on the behalf of mexican immigrants. im the son of one!

    ive lived in a community were mexicans and hispanics occupy alot of factory jobs.This is TRUE……BUT u tell me if u’d like to work in slaughter houses, cutting grass, cleaning hotels…….HELL NO! immigrants come here not with the intention of taking anyones jobs THEY just take the jobs NO ONE WANTS! and it aint there fault they get hired!!!

    NEXT if we wanna get specific we are all immigrants unless we Indians. so should we all go!

    I respect T.I. alot and hes just trying to be fair but if we wanna save our colored ppl lets start wit keepin them out of jail and stop killing each other.thats what we need to get behind.

    We aint allowed to come here and work but DAMN if u got a JUMP SHOT u get shipped here quick as fuck.

  • ching


  • marcus

    t.i. sucks. this nigga say he caryn a 44 and a glock and ak47. bitch sit yo wanna be gangst ass down b4 flip punk you again.

  • jonjon–23

    I think illegal aliens should be sent back, but the situation is sort of funny. When Caucasions came to this country they stole it from the Indians and forced Blacks to work for them. I feel what goes around comes around and pretty soon these aliens will be the majority.



  • http://www.lemonparty.org asdf

    Well, we should just sit back and make the best of it, becasue once fantical Islam secures Europe/UK as an Islamic nation, we’re next! Hopefully I’ll be fertilizer by the time that comes.


    Fuck niggers, crackers, and illegal bitches!

  • jOjO(bEe_

    buenOo TI still my sexy papi shulO

  • Flip

    Fuck T.i. he thinkin he all gangsta and shit fuck dat nigga. Lil flips the king o the south bitches and t.i. can go suck a dick

  • sickendbydisshit

    IM from da north, dis person who wrote dis thing about southerns bring dumb is a idiot. its not about where your from its about what you do with yourself in dat area of the world. and about the whole immagrant thing everybody in dis fuckin country is a fucking immagrant, its just that some people got here first and decided to make it illegal to do what they did. what they did is worse than what the immagrants do now because most immagrants i know come here get a job and try to live a better life, unlike the people who got here first who killed innocent native americans in order to live here. so i guess illegal immagrants should have started killing people dat didnt want them here too since thats what they did. oh yeah fuck t.i’s opinion wats he complaning about he gots money so he needs to shut the fuck up and go make another record or somthing stupid ass.ethier way i think that black and brown pride should be kept alive cause they wanna get rid of the hispanics but then they will wanna go back to going after other racis.

  • From Cali Brown Pride

    I just happened to come a cross this website, i used to also think that blacks and us mexicans should stick together but i say that all you bitches should fuck off and get ready. we are taking over and we don’t need any help. fuck you racist sons of bitches you are going down first. P.s. I hate any person using the word “nigga” that isn’t black. Stick with your own style and stick with your pride. BP

  • T

    This whole thing is so fucked !!! The government is getting what they want nobody paying attention to the real issues at hand so they can fuck all of us over some more. Everybody knows there is no possible to completely seal the borders what they are telling you is hey don’t pay attention to the cost of living, don’t pay attention to gas prices or health care or the public school systems or the fact that we fucked your social security up that you not getting any but you still got to pay ours!!! but we got these damn immigrants over here lets get rid of them. WOW!

  • The D

    all I got to say is that you dont know nothing about this issue this..you should do some research before you put things out like this..Im From L.A and il i know is that T.I Just lost a alot of Fans out here..there is radio stations that banned his music..that comment made by him was just plain stupid..one more thing the king of the south is Ludacris Fuck T.I

  • http://rapnews.us/index.php/hip-hop/category/ti-hates-mexicans/ T.I Hates Mexicans – or anything latino
  • http://www.xxlmag.com Mav

    Mannnnnnn Fuck t.i. shit he just a rapper. Shit if these white boys remove these mexicans. I’m slap the shit I of t.i., cause who the fuck going to cut my lawn. And when mothafucka want some ice cream shit all I got to is walk outside. Them mothafuckas be walk pushing they ice (truck)cart. Anybody work that damn hard to survive deserve a dolla. I’m a black bluecollar worker myself work with them it’s good and despite the politically bullshit people try to survive take of they families and shit. These white boy stole this shit we call American. The world belong to all of us. Bushwick Bill told u hoes use them sense to make dollars. Stop blaming roll your sleeeves up and get to work whatever it is and get something. Damn I almost forgot. When the sistas don’t appreicate a nigga the mexican women ain’t triping. Fuck that let’em stay all of em’.

  • osas

    i am a Nigerian who believes in open borders. America was built by illegal immigrants and ti is just a little boy who does not know any thing about suffering around the world.

  • http://DUBCNN.COM rasko one scLA

    listen, it’s plain and simple….the only people who are true Anericans in this country are American Indian. The rest of us are all muthafuckin illegals, or atleast our ancestors were.

    shout out to my ESE folks in LA. …remember niggas…..”It wouldn’t be L.A w/o Mexicans….”

  • reezbo

    Yeah T.I. made his point, and everyone is entitled to theirs, but to say tht immigrants are taking jobs from black people is a “brain fart ” to me. Common, african americans are (generally)the laziest amongst all races, making babies they don’t take care of( even illegal immigrants are more family oriented), smoking weed all day, welfare dependency, illiteracy, black-on-black violence……..and possibly every negative thing one can think of. And don’t tell we(yes, i’m black too) ain’t all like that, cus i know that u know that we all know what uor peoples do. So black brothers and sisters, let’s wake up and change our mentalities, our life styles, and make it happen for our families. Chuch!

  • LatinosStandUp

    I think everyone has a different point of view.. but in this case what does that dumb ass know about that??? He don’t know nothing so what he talkin’ about??
    we ARE NOT here to do any harm to this country most of us just came to work and get a better education…
    and what’s up with southerns being dummer than the northern… that’s just plain stupid…
    back to the pint…Nobody here belongs here only native Americans… the rest from Europe or Africa!! and now us Hispanics…
    I think all this racist bitches should just shut the hell up!!!…

    But again this is just my point of view..


  • http://www.backhousebooks.com/ SCHAKSPIR

    “Yeah T.I. made his point, and everyone is entitled to theirs, but to say tht immigrants are taking jobs from black people is a “brain fart ” to me. Common, african americans are (generally)the laziest amongst all races, making babies they don’t take care of( even illegal immigrants are more family oriented), smoking weed all day, welfare dependency, illiteracy, black-on-black violence……..and possibly every negative thing one can think of. And don’t tell we(yes, i’m black too) ain’t all like that, cus i know that u know that we all know what uor peoples do. So black brothers and sisters, let’s wake up and change our mentalities, our life styles, and make it happen for our families. Chuch!”

    You’re not black, you dumbfuck. You’re a whiteboy, or otherwise non-black posing as one. Most blacks are actually in the middle-class for your information–if you really were black, you’d know that, right?

    BTW, most of these illegal workers are simply doing whitey’s dirty work, deliberately creating social antagonisms where none existed before, or were comparatively trivial. These landscaping companies hire illegals because they can pay them next to nothing. And a lot of them, if not most of them, come from the gutters and shantytowns inside Mexico and Central America, and subsequently, don’t know how to conduct themselves in even a half-way polite society. These creeps don’t represent Latinos–they represent THEMSELVES. Many of them act as if they are mentally imbalanced, and it’s painfully obvious many of them are alcoholics or sociopathic types. This is deliberate. Get the lowest type of worker you can get, pay him or her next to nothing, and give him or her a good house in a good neighborhood to keep him quiet. I do not sympathize with this new, false Latino “movement” because it is obviously underwritten by reactionary forces seeking to create chaos the same way, in the seventies and eighties, those same reactionary forces conspired to make Miami into the shithole that it is today with the Mariel boatlift and immigration of thousands of extremely right-wing white Cubans to Florida(while taking great care to keep Haitians out). Speaking of which, how come Haitians, and other Caribbean immigrants are not hired for these “landscaping” jobs? Why only mestizo types from Central America? Because the honky landscaping companies want it that way, knowing that these mestizos are often very ignorant and prone to prejudices.



  • Emilio

    Please, T.I is not activist, and what he knows, is very superficial and probaly based off what he hears on the news media on television. There are far greater Hip-Hop activist, this is merely an opinion (a weak one at that) I mean must we not forget Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, KRS One among many others, these are true hip-hop activist.
    T.I is only a puppet.

  • http://allhiphop.com DA DEVIL

    who gives a fuck if illegals a here everyone is truly illegal unless u native american. hate the south if u want but thats were u gonna end up when u get old.

  • ITisWhatItIs

    I don’t agree with the comment T.I made but IT’S HIS DAMN OPINION.

    All the hispanics that has posted an ignorant comment about black ppl are just as fucked up.
    T.I is one person, not the whole black population, SO WHY ARE YA’LL DISSING BLACK PPL??!!.

    GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This was fucking hilarious and it blows my mind that everyone here is taking it seriously and missing the point. TI the “hip-hop activist,” combined with that quote that made me laugh out loud. It’s sarcastic in the first and last paragraph: “And you’d expect such a statement from a southern hip-hop artist to be even rarer still.”

    It’s also ridiculous to get defensive about the south when the footnote says, “It’s true. Face it.” I think Bol went over your heads.

  • Al Sanchez

    You just don’t get it. TI was really on point with his rap name cause he is TRULY IGNORANT. His remarks was racism on so many levels. All he does is create more racism with the stupid people that really buy into everything he says. I guess having a platinum chain makes you think you’re the rebirth of MLK right? MLK WAS an activist. He fought for rights for everyone, not just black people. You are lucky enough to have the privilege to have an influence in the community and use it to spew hate rather than hope and positive thinking. Who do you think you are to speak out about another race? You don’t see Daddy Yankee speaking out on reparations for slavery, and if he did, I’m sure you’d be the first to talk shit. You’re Truly Ignorant and that’s the end of it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mcepicvisions Soldier X

    “A true hip-hop activist”

    You have to be kidding me.

  • BklynBandette

    I Don’t Know What’s More Ridiculous:
    The Original Post or Some of These Responses.

  • proud_mexicana

    I find it very amusing that someone like T.I., who has been a violator of the law many times, is all of a sudden concerned with right and wrong. All of a sudden concerned with breaking the law and doing things the right way. You can’t blame an entire race for unemployment in your own. If you want a job get off yo ass n get one. Illegal or not…ain’t no mexican cause no fukked up riot or flown no plane into no building. So lets place the concern where it needs to be. Instead of making excuses for one’s own lack of progression. Except wut is…n wut is…is that we here to stay. Blacks have been hated on for no reason for many years. N they turn around and try to hate on another minority…get the fukk outta here with all that!