Saigon…What the Hell Are You Doing?!?!

saigon.jpgI’m A&Ring the damn project and even I’m asking this question! What the hell is up Sai Giddy? Why is your album taking so bloody long to come out? Is Just Blaze trying to make you sell out? Is Atlantic losing faith? Did the infamous diner incident delay the recording process? You bagging too many Hollywood hoes now that you’re on Entourage? Is this gonna be like the Detox album where you just keep us at the edge of our seat forever? What is it Sai?! I need some answers god dammit!

I feel like the girl in the relationship when she says “I need to know where we’re going with this”. I bought the Yardfather mixtape just like everyone else. I played “Contraband”, “Favorite Things”, “Come Again”, “Stocking Cap” and “Kiss The Babies” to anyone and everyone who would listen(including Just Blaze). I blasted the joints off the mixtapes. I bought the Saigon Vs 50 Cent and thought you bodied him. I got my hands on Warning Shots and I knew then it was only a matter of time. Then Oh Boy, U Don’t Know how I had to Breathe when the Public Service Announcement came you linked up with Mr. I Really Mean It; it was Safe 2 Say you were about to Touch The Sky! “Letter P” dropped and all pandemonium broke loose! The Saigon buzz was at a all time high!

Then, crickets.

Well, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic like the DJ. You were the main focus on HBO’s #1 rated show Entourage, which you’ll also appear on next season. Its was so dope that you got to keep your name in the show AND got to play original records for a huge new audience (including the Nas joint we did for I Can Make You Famous). And sure, there was a couple of mixtapes you served as hors d’oeuvres in the past year plus. We ate up the Whoo Kid/Abandoned Nation joint like candy. Then you left the south with a upset stomach with the Gangsta Grillz dropping amidst the whole “South Is Slow” scandal. But you ironed that all out on the cover of Ozone magazine with the cover line “Why Should The South Care About Saigon?”. Great recovery!

Now all eyes are on you once again. All we(your fans) want is the classic album that we all know you’re capable of making. Fresh, forward thinking, hard hip-hop shit at its finest. We’ve been waiting long enough. Let A Nigga Know what’s up. We know great things take time, so we don’t need the whole album now. Just throw us a freakin bone here(say it like Dr Evil)! Basically what these 500 words are saying is, PLEEEEAASEEEEE DROP A RECORD!

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  • bluerid

    put the coke down.ok fine i stick to cam.peace.and the fuck you calling me saigon for ok peace.

  • Brandon Hayes

    dude for real. Come on Sai!!! I’ve been waiting sooo long for this album to come out . . . If anytime is good, it’s now — I’ll be checkin for it this summer. Nah-mean?? PEACE.

  • the wiz

    you right man…sai giddy needs to drop somethin…even if it aint the whole album…at least a record…but yeh…
    i actually need that album now…aaaaah

  • Shawn Lawrence James

    Saigon may be a victim of the Mos Def Andre 300 syndrome – start acting a lil bit and never come back. Its true that acting will allure more cash than Hip-Hop but first son needs to establish yourself in your root genre before perople start taking you as serious as Nick Cannon…I mean its the perfect set-up: Just Blaze beats, that red-hot Atlantic distribution (The folks at Warner have the top 4 records in the country not to mention the # 1 album) and lyrical skills that rival any newcomer in the game. I once pitched to do a story on Saigon not too long ago and my editors told me “his buzz is over, lets do a story on SunN.Y instead” imagine. that was a fucked up moment. But according to a Just Blaze article I read last week in the Village Voice, Just is still trying to work things out and make everything right…I hope that wasnt a chiche “producer comment” If thats true then we should wait as long as it takes until its a classic but if not, Saigon, you need to get ur ass in the studio and crank it out…You dont want ur bus to pass you again…Strike while the irons hot!

    Peace & God Bless!



  • Big O

    Yo Sai, whenever you come out is cool with me, just make sure when you come out fireworks and dynamite going the fuck off!!!!! bring the hottest lyrics and the bangin beats, like you working on the chain gang or something, just bang pins in and shit!!!! One. Laurelton Queenz stand up!!!!!!

  • A-Queen

    Forreal Forreal!Actually though, Saigon has an interview in Black beat Magazine (May issue Rihanna on Cover) where he talks about his acting and rapping. My guess is, he’s still coming out, and he hasn’t been shelved ;-)

  • esbee

    LOL good things come to those who all I have to say..

  • Danielle

    Coming from a huge Saigon fan WELL PUT! Great writing.
    So Damn Sai can we get some answers???

  • aNewDay

    Sick…well done (lovin the “girlfriend in the relationship” anecdote)

    Sai…what it is?!



  • louisiana weezy baby

    saigon gets much respect from everyone i let listen to him .


    I can’t wait to see Sai take over the radio!!! I am certainly feeling his whole flavor!

  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    Sai no what he is doing fire music is there. Maybe Atlantic is still looking for a single. Somebody who is nice not, aight will always have a buzz as long as he puts out good music. I’ll wait longer for a great first solo then to fuck up the first time cause niggas don’t give u a 2nd

  • saigon

    Be patient niggas, shit is on the way. youll get that classic album at the end of summer.


    yizzo saigon is the truth ive been listenin to him for awile now and i dont see him fallin off at all.. bein wit sickamore is another upgrade… keep doin yo thing sai

  • Simzz

    Sickam… I mean Mr. Senior Director A&R will not only make you famous, he’ll make sure you drop an album too!

    That’s the way to go!

  • blackman

    Saigon would have been better off going with an established label instead of fucking with Just Blaze.


    shouldn’t the “a&r or favorite a&r” whatever you call yourself know the deal with the album you’re working on? makes you go hmm..a friend of mine put it well, white people don’t know saigon which means saigon won’t sell

  • CIRE

    Yea, I wish my nig would hurry up and do this. Its getting to the point that Im hearin Just Blaze on everybody’s projects and wondering why Sai aint on them beats.

  • Magic Don Juan

    word up….it seems dat Papoose is gon’ come before him….But Saigon came on first!!!!! He needs to do what Pap’s doin’ Drop Mixtapes Constantly…..Cuz I love dis Nigga Saigon (No Homo) He Tha Next One….I be feelin’ Sai more than Pap….I’m not knocking Pap, dude’s Dumbnice!!!! but Sai’s flow’s Sharper he’s ready to blow up!!!! When I heard those joints “Come Again”, “Contraband, Pt. 2″, “I’m Gone” & “Letter P”…Oh dat new joint dat leaked a couple of weeks ago “Hood Life”, I thought he was tha Next Nigga to take NY back to where it’s supposed to be…I hope it is a Classic & I hope ot comes out atleast in 2006


    For real. I been playing damn near all his joints on-air, people wanna hear what else you got Sai. Hip-hop needs this…

  • Edgar Allan Poor

    “Then Oh Boy, U Don’t Know how I had to Breathe when the Public Service Announcement came you linked up with Mr. I Really Mean It; it was Safe 2 Say you were about to Touch The Sky!”

    Datz a creative line.

  • Richard

    Damn, Saigon’s shit shoulda came out in March. Come on Sai. We’re all waiting on that shit. We’re all here.
    I’m in Texas ready to cop dat shit. I’m feelin every song that Sai put out. Dat “Shot in da booty” some hot shit

  • Joijoi


    the governess…

  • Supreme Truth ALLAH

    Saigon came out with a message that only real niggas felt, bitch niggas wasnt . only real niggas was checking for that saigon but it didnt draw up enough support alone by the public. so now the new shit dreddy and all them niggas like tru life tryna do is build up this bringing back new york movement, the south see it as niggas saying fuck the south – its all about us. field mobb said fuck ny in a recent interview, aint that some shit. all NYC has to do to get back on top is make fire records and stop tryna blow up shit shouting out one city (not even the entire state) all over the world, other niggas aint gonna be feeling that. south niggas control the market, thats what these white kids wanna hear, so shit who gonna give it to them? cant blame them south niggas for tryna get payed, thats our fault. we stop playing them niggas like they was slow, they not. we all the same in this shit, theres some real shit in the south like in south st pete florida where niggas will rob you for the sneakers off your feet. you hear about niggas tryna stick brink trucks all the time. we all the same, sai let go that shit and make another favorite things, we dont give a fuck about your beef


  • Supreme Truth ALLAH

    Im sorry but i had to do this one, IM FROM HARLEM — 144th and 8 ave, Hunts point casanova st too. does this look like a new york nigga to you? if the link that comes up doesnt show look at his picture, he look just like them and he representing us haha, that shows aint no difference

  • AD

    If this cat doesn’t change up his content, he will be jut another NY MC rapping about how hard he is. Same ol story, blah blah blah.

  • mathew

    every1 waitin for that saigon album to drop. tired of this South sh**

  • J blaze

    Saigon ain’t shit compared to Yung Joc.Yung Joc is better than saigon (no homo)whether u like it or not.Yung Joc will eat this nigga alive, just for breakfast.

  • Truth speaker

    Saigon pls drop…WTF yo? I copped the first yardfather in 2002 and you became my favourite rapper off of the strength of that mixtape, and my favourite rappers are Cormega, Tragedy Khadafi so for a n*gga to add you to the list you know you gotta be spitting right…but son WTF 4 years later and you still ain’t dropped, i ain’t really mad because I have about 100 songs anyways.

  • L.R.N.A.

    ….the south is slow….fuck….theres only a couple good lyricists from the south and then theres a bunch of bitch ass niggas who eat of off them …niggas need to stop playin …my bad i need RECORD labels need to stop playin..they signin all the wrong artists…now its only about record sales dont even matter if u have talent…SAIGON IS THE ILLEST

  • papadio1889

    thats what i been saying

  • Ray

    Dude i dont know but papoose is taking over..Saigon needs a new Gig. or He needs to go back to the streets or something..and why is he wearing fronts..whats up wit that?

  • Saigon

    Hey,yo. I love da drama man. Yeah yeah, I know I know. Listen, look… Im all about da fans, thats the most important part of dis. Tell ya what Im gonna do, Ill put da actin and women on hold 4now. Ill release a couple of hits. Hold on to your hats.

  • The Voice of Red Hook

    I heard Saigon is doing us all a favor an never coming out with another album, hes also cutting his braids like Kevin fenderloin (you know Mr.Spears)an getting rid of the grillz an hes gonna be the new black cast member of entourage. Arent we happy. yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • R.S_2_DEF

    he dont want it never did ….give up ya spot sai worken artist can use it

  • Messiah

    yea man on behalf of abandoned nation i can say album will be out by sept the latest, sai is a beats, and for all who know his lyrics, u know the combo of just and sai is a cant lose, big ups to sai pap and tru life, for starting that nyc movement, we bout to smash em in they faces with it

  • Gutta

    u got just blaze on ya team, i know u hiding some bangers..lemme hear somethin besdies jung joc and chamillionaire,please

  • Gutta

    yung joc* or whatever his name is

  • input

    J blaze Says:

    May 2nd, 2006 at 8:57 pm
    Saigon ain’t shit compared to Yung Joc.Yung Joc is better than saigon (no homo)whether u like it or not.Yung Joc will eat this nigga alive, just for breakfast.


  • cliff montgomery

    that sai necca is clean and got a message true nuff.but look…this cat talkin in interviews about he hates niggas in new york copying the south….and west coast…and this and that.then why this nigga posing with a diamond grill??thats southern shit nigga!keep it real money.thats the old pot callin the kettle black ,son.your messages is real….joints is hot…….but dont flip flop cousin. a brotha in iraq.