saigon.jpgI'm A&Ring the damn project and even I'm asking this question! What the hell is up Sai Giddy? Why is your album taking so bloody long to come out? Is Just Blaze trying to make you sell out? Is Atlantic losing faith? Did the infamous diner incident delay the recording process? You bagging too many Hollywood hoes now that you're on Entourage? Is this gonna be like the Detox album where you just keep us at the edge of our seat forever? What is it Sai?! I need some answers god dammit!

I feel like the girl in the relationship when she says "I need to know where we're going with this". I bought the Yardfather mixtape just like everyone else. I played "Contraband", "Favorite Things", "Come Again", "Stocking Cap" and "Kiss The Babies" to anyone and everyone who would listen(including Just Blaze). I blasted the joints off the mixtapes. I bought the Saigon Vs 50 Cent and thought you bodied him. I got my hands on Warning Shots and I knew then it was only a matter of time. Then Oh Boy, U Don't Know how I had to Breathe when the Public Service Announcement came you linked up with Mr. I Really Mean It; it was Safe 2 Say you were about to Touch The Sky! "Letter P" dropped and all pandemonium broke loose! The Saigon buzz was at a all time high!

Then, crickets.

Well, maybe I'm being a little too dramatic like the DJ. You were the main focus on HBO's #1 rated show Entourage, which you'll also appear on next season. Its was so dope that you got to keep your name in the show AND got to play original records for a huge new audience (including the Nas joint we did for I Can Make You Famous). And sure, there was a couple of mixtapes you served as hors d'oeuvres in the past year plus. We ate up the Whoo Kid/Abandoned Nation joint like candy. Then you left the south with a upset stomach with the Gangsta Grillz dropping amidst the whole "South Is Slow" scandal. But you ironed that all out on the cover of Ozone magazine with the cover line "Why Should The South Care About Saigon?". Great recovery!

Now all eyes are on you once again. All we(your fans) want is the classic album that we all know you're capable of making. Fresh, forward thinking, hard hip-hop shit at its finest. We've been waiting long enough. Let A Nigga Know what's up. We know great things take time, so we don't need the whole album now. Just throw us a freakin bone here(say it like Dr Evil)! Basically what these 500 words are saying is, PLEEEEAASEEEEE DROP A RECORD!