Ryan Adams is the King of the South

Last week, when Bun B “ethered” me (my cubicle hasn’t been the same since), he put forth the point that the South has been supporting hip-hop for over 20 years by buying albums by groups like De La Soul and, um, the Gravediggaz if I’m not mistaken. Which is odd because I always thought I was the one who was supporting hip-hop by not spending any money on this garbage.

First of all, I wonder how much buying some d-bag’s CD actually serves to benefit hip-hop, or even that particular artist for that matter. We know for a fact that if you purchase an album by an artist on a major label, the vast majority of any profit made on that sale, once you subtract whatever it costs to produce and distribute the album, goes right into the pockets of the tall Israelis that run hip-hop. The average artist is lucky to see any money at all from recording.

A case could be made that in the “ethered on the Internets” era, the real revolutionary act is to not give these assholes any more of your money. An album can easily be had, even by most southerners, without actually paying for it. I know personally the last time I did anything to directly enrich the likes of Jimmy “Double Fantasy” Iovine was when I couldn’t help but buy the remastered version of Biggie’s Ready to Die two years ago. Other than that, you’d probably have to go back to the 1990s to find any examples of me “supporting hip-hop.”

[For what it's worth, the remastered version of Ready to Die does sound a bit better than the original, and it includes a bonus DVD with rare footage of Biggie performing "Unbelievable" in what looks like someone's back yard in Atlanta (which is in the South) and also the ridonkulous unkut version of the video for "Warning."]

Regardless (or as they say in the South, “irregardless”) of the fact that these TIs are stealing from their artists (because who gives a fuck about the artists anyway?), I try not to transfer any of my wealth, such as it is, into Lyor “The Bulldozer” Cohen’s pockets because I know it would only serve to even further ruin hip-hop on an artistic level.

In case you haven’t noticed, the TI’s main tack this decade, as far as hip-hop is concerned, has been to promote what can only be termed “lowest common denominator rap” (individual styles would include trap hop, snap, crunk, hyphy, etc.) to the detriment of all other styles of hip-hop. Spending money with these corporations hardly benefits the artists (who could care less about you anyway), and only helps fund crap-hop uber alles.

If you bags are really so adamant about supporting hip-hop, as if it was your father or some shit, my suggestion would be to a) not spend any more money on this shit than you absolutely have to (ideally none) and b) lend your support (I may have to get one of those PayPal donate buttons) to my new hip-hop activism movement Rap Against Fence Jumpers.

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  • NastyNasir

    i dont buy albums, i dont have money is my reason but i aint wasting money on these albums that black people dont eat off. white people make money of these “black” music. Lol, you’d think there were black distribution companies by now to distribute these albums and make regenerate money back into the black communty but as Chris Rock as said, us niggas are just dumb likme that. probaly go and buy rims or jewellery or something.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Yeah, it’s worth noting that I couldn’t actually buy any CDs if I wanted to.

  • http://djxplicit.blogspot.com http://djxplicit.blogspot.com

    haha you managed to throw better than ezra and ryan adams into a discussion of southern hip-hop. i applaud that. (no homo?)

    which also raises the question: is, like, texas making any good music at all?

    i mean i know there was pantera and uh, zz top, but i dont think either is making any more music (not to mention pantera disbanded).

  • http://www.abitnice.com/canibringmygat noixe

    spoon. neutral milk hotel. the secret machines. if you’re into that sort of thing.

    and every time there’s a texas discussion, someone’s gotta bring up that the DOC and premier are both from texas.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Texas is a legend. Don’t hate.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    interesting take on the discussion… industry rule #4080, anyone?

  • SWade

    Now you’re just rambling on son…

  • nocal

    If you want to support an artist, see a live show. A lot of artists tour year round because that’s how they actually make money.

    You do realize that some of these people you’re “supporting” in hip hop already have more money than you’ll ever make? And all because you supported the idea of support, and not because you actually wanted to support the shitty music?

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    I have to agree with everything you said, but it is not anything true hip-hop, or any genre of music enthusiasts already knew.

    This may have put new ideas into the CD swallowing mtv kids of the burbs, but after a week of Sam Goody abstinence, they’ll break down back into their old habits.

    Nice article, now there’ll be 3 random BS articles to stir up some controversy, then a fourth that states valid points and conclusions.

    (That is the ratio, around 3-1?)

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    *already knew=weren’t aware of
    (yes hetero)

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Only thing is, going to see a live show doesn’t really do any damage to the label.

    For that matter, you could just get your favorite artist’s address and mail him a check.

  • Che

    Bottom line, you got fuckin ethered son. Guess it runs in the family, being that your parents got ethered the fuck out of when you were born.

  • http://myspace.com/cirespot Yung “Cee-Eye” So Fly

    Thank You nas for making “Ether” the new “served/sonned/ridiculed” in the new Milli. And by the way, Bun B didnt Ether you just a few Ether spalshes thrown your way. LOL!!

  • Doc Flav

    Lol @ This Guy Thinking Bun B Made Him Famous, Yet Still An Unpaid Blogger, With Delusions Of Journalist’s Stature. Lol * 2 @ A Hip Hop Writer Stating He Cant Afford To Buy Cds But Can Form An Opinion On A Whole Region! I Apologize You Really Are Comedic Blogger. I’ll Keep Hitting Up This Blog, In Appreciation Of Harris Pimpin Ya Publishing. At Least Get A Free Subscription Or T Shirt Off It Dude. Smh

  • Gerald

    Hey Doc Flav, let me ask you a question.


    and by the way, bun-b hasn’t even responded to Bol yet, so I declare Bol the winner.

  • Che

    bun-b said his piece and left bol without a leg to stand on. bol rides dick, anything that causes a little drama and a little gossip he’ll say it, like a bitch. a big hairy bitch. sickamore and that tara chick’s posts are cool. check em out, fuck this oaf.

  • Sach

    I ain’t got no problem with agreeing with the lowest common denominator point…but how are you going to diss a Prince Paul concept record in the same post? Can’t have it both ways (no homo)

  • dj diputz

    What’s up with this bullshit about Tall Israelis. I’m Jewish and I take offense to that. I don’t care if there are a number of Jews or Israelis (Do you actually know the difference?) that are heads of labels. What does their ethnicity/religion have to do with it? There’s plenty of WASPS and African Americans peddling lowest common denominator rap music too. Also, as far as I know, Jews didn’t create southern rap like UGK, 3-6 mafia, Master P, etc. This music became popular because of fans from those regions. And last, I’m not sure what you think you’re doing with this column but you’re certainly not raising the bar in terms of music criticism. I bet you’ll accuse me of only saying something because you’ve insulted my ethnic group. You’ll say that I don’t get your column. What I do get is that you’re perpetuating a really old stereotype and making an ass of yourself in the process. How can anyone take you seriously?

  • http://XXLmag.com Brendan

    that cubicle shit kills me!

  • Doc Flav

    Im Not A Hater, Im A Critic. Can You Call Me A Liar? “Im Just Doin My Thang On The Internet.” I See You’re A Lover Though, Give Him A Kiss If You Think Im Hurting His Feelings. Lol!

  • http://www.fuckxxl.com The Real

    All I have to say is that you are by no means ready for the repercussions of what your mouth has and is about to get you in. I hope yo pussy ass come out the house to find a pistol in your face. If you can be seen you can be touched. If you can be touched you can be killed. Think about that one! We know what you look like homie X-(

  • http://djxplicit.blogspot.com http://djxplicit.blogspot.com

    > spoon. neutral milk hotel. the secret machines. if you’re into that sort of thing.
    > and every time there’s a texas discussion, someone’s gotta bring up that the DOC and premier are both from texas.

    meh ive heard of spoon and ill check out the other two. as far as the others, i mean DOC can hardly speak anymore and premier hasnt really done much since “ownerz”

  • Southern_Drama

    You know what Bol…for the first time I have to at least halfway agree with you. I mean, truthfully, I am from Texas but I have a genuine love for Hip Hop than for some bullshit over a beat. Niggas down here ARE extremely simply minded. UGK is fucking trash, Lil Flip is trash, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and all them others niggas are TRASH too. *shakes head* And PIMP C can’t fucking rap to save his damn life! In any event, I am embarrassed 99.9% of the time to even say I am from TX, let alone down south! Sad….sad….sad….

    And before my fellow “dumb ass” southern niggas take a minute to get all on the offensive, if your love for Hip Hop was that serious you would stop DICK RIDING and realize that the South ain’t making no fucking movement, the south is putting out TRASH and has been for a while now! The exceptions to the rules are T.I. Lil Wayne, Ludacris (maybe)and uhhh…. *scratches head* Damn, that’s all I really listen to, everything else is T-RASH!

  • Southern_Drama

    P.S. And I ain’t purchasing shit! Unless your shit is HOT (and yes, I do mean more than one or two fucking garbage ass singles) (Sorry Lil Flip, D4L,)Welcome to the age of DOWNLOADNG bitches!

    Oh, and for you “internet thugs” please don’t come at me acting all knowledgeable and spitting that gangsta bullshit. Get the fuck out of here……….

  • Big Murf

    southern drama u say ur from texas but have u heard of Z-ro or trae or chamillionaire dose mcs are raw im mean shit if u embarrased of sayin u from texas get da fuck out ill agree some of dose rappers are trash but being a garbage rapper has nuthin to do wit were ur from every city got trash shit being garbage is universal and im from texas and i know there are alot of mutha fuckas out here dat are intelligent well articulated people jus with alittle accent being simple is also a universal thing shit if you suround yourself wit simple people dats u homie and again if u dont like texas get da fuck out

  • Jae Rellz

    The south is killing hip hop (in a bad way you fucking ass). Seriously. In the good days of BIG, Jay Z and Nas, i never heard anyone arguing over Heavy metal being lightyears better than hip hop. Now that garbage southern rappers are influencing rap with talentless acts (Mike jones, Yin Yang twins) Lyrically stupid songs (D4L, Dem Franchise boys, Yin Yang twins) And sex rap (David banner, again, Yin Yang twins and bubba sparxxx) that gives rap a less popular look and a more talentless look. I’ve said it once, i’ll say it again:

    Being King of the south is NOTHING to be proud of.

    And i do know what i’m talking about. I’m Genre Literate, unlike other idiots down here who cant even tell me the diffrence between “Gangsta rap” and “hip hop”. One person down here even told me Trick daddy was “gangsta rap”. idiot.

  • Hustle Hard

    Dammit. Hip hop is hip hop. Do we really need to be divided?

  • Quita P


  • SportsJunkie

    Industry Rule #4080…
    Record company people are shady.