Will the Gloved One and Curtis ever make hot fire together? It's on. It's off. It might happen. There's no way it's happening. I for one am sick of all that talk. You won't find a bigger Mr. Jackson fan on the planet (don't get twisted I like pedis not pedophiles, but you can't fuck with his catalogue) but the secret's been out: my boy's already made several records with a touch of hip-hop and that's never worked, jerk-offs. It's been written: The thriller and rap just don't mix. Here's the history so you know I just ain't whistlin' dixie, you little pixies.

Michael Jackson feat. Heavy D "Jam" (Epic, 1991)

Swagger jackin' his baby sis, the Smooth Criminal strikes out with Da Heavster.

Michael Jackson feat. Wreckx-N-Effect's A+ "She Drives Me Wild" (Epic, 1991)

This featured "Rump Shaker" author didn't even get a writing credit for this clunker.

Michael Jackson feat. Treach "Scream (Naughty By Nature Remix)" (Epic, 1995)

Thankfully no one remembers this mash-up between MJ and the NJ tongue twista.

Michael Jackson feat. Notorious B.I.G. "This Time Around" (Epic, 1995)

The King of Pop and the King of NY together! Don't believe the hype.

Michael Jackson feat. Shaquille O'Neal "2 Bad" (Epic, 1995)

This misses the mark like big man at the foul-line.

Michael Jackson feat. John Forte "2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)" (Epic, 1995)

This Fugees flunkie should be arrested for his involvement in this mess.

Michael Jackson feat. Notorious B.I.G. "Unbreakable" (Epic, 2001)

MJ takes a Biggie verse from Shaq's album (I sense a connection here) for this posthumous pairing. Shameful.

Michael Jackson feat. Fats "Heartbreaker"(Epic, 2001)

Rodney Jerkins force-feeds his artist on this hot garbage.

Michael Jackson feat. Fats "Invincible" (Epic, 2001)

Politic, ditto.

Michael Jackson feat. Jay-Z "You Rock My World (Remix)" (Epic, 2001)

The King of Pop and the King of Rap together! Still don't believe the hype.

P.S. This doesn't even include unreleased collabos dude did with Run-DMC and LL Cool J.

P.S.S. Next time, extra anchovies!