Lupe Fiasco quit yer bitchin’

No rapper has been genuinely surprised about his album being leaked to the Internets since the days of Jay-Z’s Vol. 3 album, and that was back in the 1990s. Your father was barely out of high school. In fact, not that I follow these sorts of things, but I can hardly remember the last time an album wasn’t widely available on the Internets before it officially hit the streets. Best case scenario, the album might make it all the way until the week before it comes out before everyone has it, like the most recent TI album.

In case you haven’t heard, Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated (by Hashim Warren) debut album Food and Liquor was recently leaked to the Internets. In statements that have popped up all over the hip-hop Internets, he either doubts that the album will be released now, or is looking to go back in the studio to record some features with Jill Scott and the Academy Award winning Ben Affleck Three 6 Mafia. Seriously. Not to ruin anyone’s marketing plan, but I can’t help but think that this is all an elaborate publicity stunt.

First of all, you can hardly opt to not release an album that’s already floating around on the Internets. Dave Matthews tried that shit back when I was in college, and he only ended up having to give that album an official release. And that was back before today’s youth was as sophisticated as it is today, what with MySpace and what have you. Niggas was tradin’ shit on CD-r, son! If Lupe Fiasco, or Atlantic Records or whoever opted not to release Food and Liquor, they’d be stopping basically no one from hearing the album, but they’d be forgoing $8 per from the type of stans who would buy that shit anyway.

To support the artist.

That said, I’m sure there’s a business case on the part of Atlantic Records, and whoever else has a stake in this[1], not to sink much more money into it if they think there’s now a significant chance the album, in its official FBI-approved form, doesn’t stand to make much of a profit. As Elliott “Money Pants” Wilson proved in his most recent industry shattering column on this site, rappers aren’t moving that many units these days anyway. And certainly, there’s no shortage of stories of rappers whose albums never came out for whatever reason.

Since it was announced, by Lupe Fiasco himself, that Food and Liquor is readily available from both Limewire and Bittorrent (who are they?), stories about Lupe Fiasco and this album have popped up on seemingly every hip-hop site there ever was on the Internets – except for this one, of course. Also, interestingly enough, this leak happened to coincide with the video for “Kick, Push” being featured on “TRL,” which I’m sure MTV is just doing out of the kindness of their heart. Could it be that this is all an elaborate attempt to a) generate way more publicity for the album than he would have had otherwise, and b) guilt trip people into actually buying it?

Slick move, Mr. Fiasco, but I can tell you right now that I’m not about to spend any money on an album with Jill Scott on it.

[1] If Lupe Fiasco is signed to Atlantic Records, how come he claims his album is being executive produced by the alleged president of Def Jam, Jay-Z? This serves to lend further credence to my theory that there’s only really one major record label, which is run by Jimmy “Double Fantasy” Iovine.

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  • jrs-one

    I think Lupe Fiasco came out with his own Reebok’s or some shit. I saw him on a billboard. Who would buy the shoe of Kanye’s Jesus piece handler?

    • matthew

      Kanye’s Jesus piece handler…what are u talking about? Lupe is the savior Hip-hop if it wasn’t for him Common and Kanye I wouldn’t even like rap no more…Lupe s got his own flow and hes killin ur favorite rapper…keep that in mind b4 u open ur mouth and let the Bull shit out…BITCH ASS.

      • Fuck common and lupe they are garbage, trash, litter

        fuk cmmon AND LUPE!!!

        EMINEM IS ON TOP!!!!

        • BEasy

          SMH@u both

  • Therapist



  • sasukespecial

    see, this is actually a good article. maybe you should post good ones like this on your site instead of reviewing honky music albums and doing your best daily show rendition with the mexican shit

  • RandomName

    For real though Bol, the leak wasn’t a stunt, one of my guys is down with FNF and Lupe was mad heated. Thats’ why Atlantic has been monitoring sites like Sohh and AHH, has been snatching down/killing all the links. They even got it pulled from boxed
    in. I don’t know how they’ll ever do anything about the torrents though. Also I really don’t think this leak got him any more buzz of any kind outside of the net so far. But who knows ?

  • Carl

    It’s a pretty underwelming debut.
    Doesn’t come close to living up to the hype in my perspective.

  • funkdigital

    Who wouldn’t be heated? However, whe you got major news outlets carrying a story about a leaked album that’s a definite upgrade for the album. He can name drop and tell his story while talking about the leak. Good promo.

    As far as his beef goes, yeah this might have been a story in 2002. How the hell it’s getting coverage right now is beyond me. Music corps runnin’ things, even the press.

  • janice

    Bloody right it’s a publicity stunt! Atlantic with Lupe’s knowledge leaked the album themselves to generate some much needed buzz, and it’s worked. The internet’s going CRAZY!, and you have Illseed over at allhiphop racked with guilt, confessing that he downloaded the entire album. Everything’s going to plan.. this is just what Lupe/Atlantic were hoping for.

  • suckitmarshall

    Another controversial stance (yawn). Bol you get me so riled up that I might just…fall asleep….but before I pass out, riddle me this: Why would you leak a piece of shit album to generate pub? If you wanted to create interest, wouldn’t you leak something someone would want to listen to? Besides which, don’t you think, given that Lupe is an unproven artist, likely to go platinum only in the Ukraine (maybe Austria and Saipan too, if he’s lucky), $150,000 (roughly the cost of recording, mixing and beat costs on the 14 or so songs that leaked) is a lot to spend on a pub scam that gets him covered on a bunch of websites for maybe 3 days, about 3-5 months prior to his album release?

  • Walloz

    Who really care if it is a publicity stunt or not? The fact you have an article about it is creating the stunt in itself. Kid’s pissed his album leaked. What’s the big deal?

    The stunt seems to be that Lupe got people like you to write about it…

    “but I can tell you right now that I’m not about to spend any money on an album with Jill Scott on it.”

    Not surprising coming from someone from XXL.

    Download the music, if you like the album enough, buy it. If not, delete it. Simple. No need to write a novel.

  • MLK

    sasukespecial, You’re a racist bastard. Honkey music???


    are there any rappers u like u condom suckin faggot for someone who doesnt like the music u sure know a whole alot about.
    why your mother let you live is beyond me u fuckin douche

  • Zilla

    I’m the only person posting so far that actually IS interesting in hearing Lupe’s album–what with the complete lack of actual rap available in mainstream society, a ’90s throwback like “Kick Push” snags my interest immediately. Sorry.
    Anyway, this is definitely a publicity stunt. Eminem did this crap with his god awful “Eminem Show” album a few years back, claiming the internet was covered with tracks from his half-assed album. Interscope was “bullied” into putting out the record on the FRIDAY before the actual release date, causing absolute pandemonium for retailers and fans thinking they were getting an “exclusive” new Eminem album 4 DAYS BEFORE ITS RELEASE DATE!!! Needeless to say, it sold like cooked crack.
    But Lupe is only known in the mainstream world for his ho-hum verse on “Touch the Sky,” not for rapping about his daughter/mother/wife over fake Dre beats, so will this same formula work?

  • khal

    the reason Jay is exec producing it is b/c Jay has been down with Lupe for years, apparently… I think it was reported in XXL earlier this year? Jay wanted to sign Lupe to the Roc in like 01 or 02? I guess they are just good peoples… I wouldn’t highlight my album being exec produced by Jay, though…

    I like the beat in Kick, Push but the lyrics… I’m still torn. I don’t know. Didn’t even realize he had a video for the song. Is he skateboarding in it?

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    lol jrs-one @ jesus piece handler

    That’s good stuff, I wonder if he carries it wrapped in a pastel colored cardigan inside a Louie Vuiton backpack…

  • Belize

    still lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 50 Cent

    Hey Bol, can you make 50 Cent Quit Yer Bitchin next? I would be very happy if you did

    *turns on Lloyd Bank’s dvd*

    *busts out lotion*

    *closes door*

  • G Off

    Co-sign: Zilla. Well said.

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Both sides have a good argument on this one. I didn’t plan on coppin it and I could care less either way but I could def see this as a publicity stunt.

    Then again if it’s not I say fuc it finish it up, get the features done,
    add a bullshit dvd
    (in his case he could have some skateboard dvd or some sh!t)

    put it out and let it do what it do!



    50 Cent Says:

    April 19th, 2006 at 4:10 pm
    Hey Bol, can you make 50 Cent Quit Yer Bitchin next? I would be very happy if you did

    *turns on Lloyd Bank’s dvd*

    *busts out lotion*

    *closes door

  • GOD

    bol is still ethered by bun b

  • youngn

    not surprised that a magazine like XXL would try and get mad at a good up and coming artist like Lupe Fiasco

    if u dont like the leak then go and finished blowing 50 cent and the rest of the gayunit camp…….seems like theyre the only thing in ur magazines nowadays anyways

  • youngn

    oh sorry forgot to mention something…..before u write an article on something u obviously have no idea about do ur research……the album that leaked was merely an advance and the REAL Food & Liquor will still be released JUNE 27th!!!!…… executive produced by jay-z.

  • HipHopHead

    Smh at the commenters. Go listen to D4L and continue your goal of destroying hip-hop.

  • fuck da south (xcept luda)

    wat rappers do u like…sounds like byron hates all rappers…every blog of his i read he’s hating on somebody


    oooookkkay..LUPE is RELOADIN!!!!

  • Ru

    you dont know about torrents? bitorrent is the best thing since sliced bread.

    and ill thank the whole torrent system for MY copy of lupe’s album.
    thanks toyota~

  • Ru

    @ khal
    yep there is skateboarding in it.

    im with torn on the song myself.

  • Belize

    bol is really gay. google it

  • OrangeGinger

    Some of you are really simple. Why the hate on Lupe? Ok, long live Dem Franchise, D4L and Jeezy.

  • projectnrm

    Bol only talks about rappers he hates because it gets people to read. No one would touch this column if he spent every post talking about his favorite new CD.

    (Unfortunately) We only read this thing so that we can hear what “controversial” thoughts are on his mind, dissing artists who are just trying to sell some albums.

    Its a brilliant system. He clowns your favorite MC, and you can’t clown his, because he never mentions anyone that he likes. To the best of my knowledge, the only musical acts that Bol likes are crappy alternative bands from the early-mid 90s.

    I’ll be very suprised if Bol ever actually name-drops some of his favorite rappers (and no Bol, Third Eye Blind does NOT count because Stephan rhymes on “Semi-charmed life”.)

  • jimmy

    ^bol likes biggie, but i don’t know how far talking shit about b.i.g. will get you in terms of refuting his argument here.

    i’m going to ask all the kids here to learn how to read before you think you’re entitled to an opinion.

  • shayla g

    Publicity stunt??..Lames love living on their computers and beleiving most of the dumb shit they read on the internet.Byron Crawford is the crown prince of lames.Yes I said it!!…Not saying that lables havent had elaborate plans to leak records but it usually doesn’t satisfy the artist. Thats like Byron (or whatever the fuck his name is) getting his chance to interview his favorite artist and working hard and dweligent on the project and then some paparazzi hungry thirsty dipshit gets a hold of it and posts it, with al the typos, wrong fonts and misprints in red all over it!!..Why would he do that??..exactly…The songs that were leaked were not even mixed down.!!!!…And any entry-level artist would curtail the masses from gaining access to a premature project!!…So in short…FNF up..SHUT THE F UP!!!

  • JadedDudeWithAPlateOfFood


    What does THAT mean?

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Are you dumb? Even If lupe made this out as a plan (and I hope it aint like that) why trick people? He got attention cuz of his skills…not cuz he mad people feel sorry for him?

    I would understand if lupe had no skills an dhe did this but he has wordplay, speaks the truth on reality and lif eitself but yet xxl magazine i think its a black magazine that is own by black folks or the author us black…i think…is disrespecting lupe why? cuz he’s getting attention? or is it becuz you want ya newspaper to sell? either way more people will stil buy lupe’s album than they would by xxl magazine anywayz….

    and by the way…arent yall idiots liek in bankruptcy or somethin?

  • Heinz

    do your research dumbass…he doesnt “claim” that jigga is executive producing it,…he just is..if u knew when hov jumped in to help the project then wouldnt have said that..research homie…he wasnt on Atlantic when that happend..he was on Arista…lame.

  • lone Nigerian

    it’s kind of funny Bol that you’re telling people to stop complaining when that’s basically all your blog is about

  • JediJon

    Fiasco’s wordplay is crazy. His intricate rhyme scheme shits on anything any other current rapper is doing in the mainstream. The beats grow on you with the songs. The development throughout is great. Haters just don’t need to pick up a copy. Its whatever… negativity’s so 2001

  • ric

    nice ignorant report obviously by a man who thinks he is intelligant, sadly not.

    you seem to go out your way to dislike music,quite sad to see that is your only aim.

    and to the kanye with the kanye jesus peice…

    doesnt really connect…kanye was not even on his album…nor is lupe on his label…lupe is also much more prevelant in the fashion industry..and will be releasing his own style of shoe soon….not just the reebok classic release that h had to do with the likes of lil wayne

  • Ant

    This is the reason why the state of Hip Hop is the way it is. If a dude wants to rap about skateboarding and he’s tight cause his album was leaked then so what. You can’t deny the fact he’s nice. Yo do something better with your time and stop hating on dude. He’s nice, keep ya damn $8 dollars so you can cop your metro card. I’ll throw another $8 in it to cop one for the whip, B*tch!

  • Rod89

    lupe talk real shit.

    he’s different than other rappers

    he reminds me alot of nas

  • Modi

    Byron Crawford, you are the biggest gump on the Earth. Lupe made the statement on Atlantic’s sake. He knew that albums can be leaked and whatnot, and obviously he is a G because he has several mixtapes, all packed with lyrical heat, so it wouldn’t be nothin to the young man to come up with some more bangers to add to the album. He also had planned to record those tracks with Three 6 Mafia and Jill Scott and Pharrell, etc. BEFORE the album was leaked, he just hadn’t made those moves yet. Why do you have a blog that is straight hate? Oh yea, and I co-sign what DJ Drama said on his blog. You suck balls. Come see me on MySpace if you have any problems.

  • Unbiased

    I don’t know why so many people are hating on Lupe. People should be happy that a rap artist is offering something different than the same song with a different beat, like much of the industry right now.

  • KayCtheFuture

    all i have to say is FNF up…all day everyday

  • Dinero


  • LIES

    you should be fired because all the Hot Cd’s get leaked and people need to move on and make another one and be more careful.Lupe Fiasco is one of the best lyricist in the game with his broad vocabulary.

  • Mikke


  • Idris

    shut up all yall.
    No one said he wasn’t nice. He is complaining about the “supposed” stunt that is being pushed.

    I think the columinist is just being cynical though. And if you really did your studying, you would know that Jill Scott got skills on the mic. That is like saying when Reasonable Doubt came out, “I’m not buying it because Mary J. Blige is on it”.

    Who cares?

    That’s sheer foolishness, man. Anyways, the Executive Producer spot is only being filled by Jay-Z as assistance, friendship, a bit of marketing and because Lupe’s man who was going to be in that spot was in jail. So, basically, Mr. Fiasco’s buisness situation at Atlantic might be tighten it’s grip around the record because of expectations.

    Don’t know why everyone is pointing at Lupe like he was whinning or anything. He calmly stated that he displeased with other aspects of the leaking, not the leaking itself. He thought the leaking thing would happened a lot later, aswell as possible bootlegs happening much closer to the release date. As said before, it’s all Atlantic expectations on the project’s pan-out.

  • Gutta

    nowadays nobody id gonna risk wasting they money on a wack ass album…ppl wanna here it first then if its good they will cop…them freestyles and mixtapes arent enough anymore,why u think artists say that rap is the new drug game,hey LUPE…..YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE RAPE!!! lol (lox album,we are the streets)

  • lupe fiasco




  • ace

    byrons a fag…to me it sounds like u just knockin the mans hustle at the same time stirrin shit up…i dont believe it was a stunt…its not needed…people are going to cop the album out of respect if its hot regardless of a leak…but really tho..who the hell is gonna by an album just cause they feel sorry for a niggas album leaking…nobodey,,like i said if its hot its hot…some niggas is gonna download that shit cause they cheap as fuck…and some niggas understand the importance of supporting artist they like by coping there albums…all in all if it was a stunt…the out come would still be the same…u either lik the nigga or u dont…i feel lupe tho…cause when the albums leaked it just fucks the hole moment up when u cop the album…cause songs become boring….on some radio shit

  • ace

    fnf up…fuck BOL

  • FaniDaKid

    yea well this is Lupe’s Debut album
    i dont remember being able to get “get rich or die trying early”
    or “the massacre”
    and u cant forget Lupe albumb leaked like 2 months early
    2 Months
    so even if u did get it it was like the week before or 2 weeks before

    u gotta imagine how devastating that would be to someone who has dropped anything yet


    lupe fagottassco is wack as fuck,just wack rap that will appeal to nerdy white kids cause he talks about skateboarding,not to mention back when I went to high school didnt all the black kids beat up skaters cause skateboarding was a white thing?. but there was a few black kids who were into skateboarding cause they wanted to get with this one white chick they liked. so they thought that by being a skater they would appeal to her,dumb niggers.his wordplay is wack and boring and he raps slow and has the same mumbling voice that all rappers now a days have thanks to 50 cents and what the fuck is up with the name “lupe” is he latino,trying to appeal to latinos? seems to fake to me. underground hip hop is a dumb genre that was started in the late 90′s by a bunch of nerdy white kids to feel special and think they have ecclectic music tastes,this thought process reeks of queerness………….wack wack wack nigger shit!!!

  • DARK

    shut your cracker ass up bitch

  • silk.wire

    ya’ll quick to jump on bull shit he need to kick and push and coast the fuck away

  • wigga_hata

    niggas skate bordan even white boys know how gay dis lupe fiassco dude is i don’t know what part of chi-town dis nigga comen from.i thought at first dis dude was like a 15 year old kid but he actually older.dis dude don’t need to be rapen at all espacially bout some gay ass honkey skaten many lame fucks and wiggers in da rap industry today.rap is dead ,fake, and stupid today.

    • Matthew

      Bitch u cant even spell…all u proly listen to is some shit form the south anyway…u fuckers are dumb as ass.

  • alyahs

    I cannot believe this ignorant a– article! Lupe Fiasco is one TRUE Hip-Hop rapper. His album leaking is NOT a publicity stunt at all. I would be upset too if my stuff was leaked before the actual release date. Also, I can’t believe people are actually dissing him b/c he likes to skateboard. Well excuse him for being himself! Just because he doesn’t rap about guns, bling bling, cars and hoes and has his own style doesn’t make him wack. Open your minds, people! Open your minds! It’s time for real Hip-Hop to come back anyway.

  • DARK

    man i agree with wigga hata to many stupid fucks in the rap game today and stupid ass wiggers and other bitch ass fake fucks.i just stick with old classic westcoast gangster rap.

  • June

    Man you guys hating on lupe are gay.
    Besides that you have a few things in common like : You cant spell or capitalize. You say nigga 3 time in each “sentence”. You probably are failure in life and are gangbangers.
    Too bad thats only cool in your neighborhood,huh?
    And who gives a fuck hes rapping about stakeboarding IN ONE SONG. All of his songs arent about skate boarding. Im not syaing you should like him but at least give good reasons, not “skateboarding is white white stuffaint niggalike my nigga” Fuck off.

  • Jewie

    This guy sounds like he just started using the internet the way he keeps saying it in plural form. Weak article.

  • DARK

    fuck you june you live in the suburbs you punk ass white bitch you are gay stupid mothafucker go suck lupes dick you fag.

  • JB

    fuck u dark, ur really are a fucking loser. hating on people to pass the time by. why dont you, bryan crawford and malcolm x have a big shag and talk how much you hate white people

  • DARK

    Not this faggot again why don’t you kick push the fuck away bitch lil white suburb bitch.

  • jb

    and why dont you stop trying to be a gangsta when u live in the suburbs too u diksuker

  • jb

    dont be mad at me just cause ur wack ass rap career never started

  • DARK

    suberbs yeah right you stupid little bitch first you was talkin like a racist bitch now you actin like a wigga again.go watch bet or something you lil bitch.

  • jb

    haha why dont u stop actin hard.

    you are either a spic who thinks he black whcih is lilkely

    or a 10 yr old black kid from the suburbs desperate to become a part of g unit.

    and i dont wathc BET, its shit

  • DARK

    Hey dumbass dude why would I be a spic when I’m tired of them bitches tryna act black.All you honkies can say is call me a spic a spic what the fuck?shut up white boy go become a dipset grpopie or somethin.

  • AO from the OC

    hahaha…man it’s funny how yah talk about albumns being leaked and lupe fiasco being wack. what do you mean ” your not spending money on an albumn with jill scott on it”. pssst…apparently you haven’t heard the albumn and don’t recognize a real lyricist like lupe. point is, mainstream hip hop is garbage, especially coming from the east coast, man it’s all about the beats. no need for lyrics cuz they all repeat the same f***in thing…but lupe…dude is underrated and should be credited more for what he has created!! BACK TO THE LYRICS MAN!!!!!

  • ~Feel Tha Breeze~

    It’s sick that XXL, one of my favorite hip hop mags (and that’s speakin 4 a lot, seein as I’m a female, and all they do is tits ‘N ass on their mag) has a fuckin racist and dim bulb workin’ on their website (yes, the LOVELY Byron Crawford…). , Jill Scott is UNDOUBTEDLY one of the best singers (if not the best), and gets extra kudos cuz I grew up a few blocks from her.
    , Lupe Fiasco is FOR SURE the best newcomer; especially when you have him in a catergory with Rick Ross, Young Joc, and DJ Unc, all of which REALLY blow ass.
    , Lupe is the best rapper for our TIME (yes, I said it.) which is in crisis because we have NO TYPE of music scene. Think of any current rapper…..Oh, U can’t. THEY SUCK. T.I. & Game are prolly the only ones I can give respect to thass new(er).
    Who matches Lu’s flows?
    Who else besides fuckin MF DOOM (who gets bucu props) uses a real multisyllabic flow and isn’t following the same word up with an adlib?
    , Lupe is on of the REALEST mh’fuckas in rap history…Do you know any rapper who owns up to skateboarding, geekin’ all day, and reading his Sin City book along with his Koran? Hell no. He could be another thin persona, but he is a real person; he doesn’t have to lie about selling drugs, he don’t gotta lie about toting heat, and rollin purple piff @ night. He is himself.

    And he gets megaprops, no matter what any nigga says about that dude. I’m young as hell, growin up in this fake ass generation, but I still understand that I have to be true to myself.

  • chi town guavera

    everybody hatin’ on lupe. hes havin fun and got passion. i like him. at least hes not out droppin crunk atl shit with clap tracks. snap ya fingas? fuck that. give lupe some props for bein a creative lyricist AT LEAST!!

  • Unik2

    Get a life Bol while your over trying to damage the mans image he is putting in the work as one of the few to bring back meaning to real hip hop

  • kelvin

    Its quite obvious that most of the comments to this article,were made by Minstrel show rap groupies. To the few who are not caught up the matrix,do not let these trend followers frustrate you. For you know what real music is.

  • Ki-4rm-Tx

    First off, yes i’m an southerner and i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lupe Fiasco’s whole movement(includes: music, swagger, ideas, & various projects) needless to say this Boil or Byron or whatever your name is…yes your entitled to your own opinion so i’ll give you that but no i don’t agree with you in the sense that Lupe’s album is not good or that he “bitched” about it being prematurely leaked. And not to get of topic but Southern music is not all snap & bounce music! There’s a place for every artist that makes their particular music! Music should not only mean something but there’s room for music who’s meaning is simply to mean nothing at all! Just what the HECK r you supposed to dance to in the club, “American Terrorist”? LOL

    -oh yea was that THE SHAYLA G who commente? KEWL!

    -Southern gurl

  • MARS

    I hate when faqs like you go try and mess up lupes’ image if you dont like him keep it to yourself.

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