Well that aint really the topic of my blog but I just had to put that out there. See, I’ve learned that slight feather rustling works on this blog shit!

For whoevers wondering or just concerned for some reasons (mostly because of my usage of the word nigguh), DJ Drama (Tyree Cinque Simmons) is mixed. Popz is black, Momz is white. Obviously I missed the melanin bus, but maybe that’s why my voice came out so deep and my swagger so funky!! Haaa!

And for those with the comments (I’m talkin to you-like the song), I’m not the enemy. Please go take your energy elsewhere……I got your back when u find em homie.

Now, I’m an advid internet user (at least twice a day) but I never really read the blogs or the bulletin boards on different websites. Recently, since XXL was so kind as to grant me one, I’ve been kind of interested in what goes on in various website bulletin boards.

Maaan, that shit is a whole nuther world!!! I’ve read the words of oh so many mixtape dj geeks who have lil verbal wars with each other over the dumbest shit possible. I’ve found out some interesting things about what people on the internet think about me. The funniest shit I could have ever read came from the boards in The Lesson. (Good lookin Phonte!) The title was “I Want DJ Drama To Host My Wedding” LOL!! The board went on for 75 comments with my voice in capitols, gangsta grizllz, cannon, and silencer drops included! Hilarious! If u are a fan of my mixtapes or if my hollerin on my mixtapes annoys the shit out of you, you must go read that shit…..

And of course, on these very pages of XXL columns in the last week who could have missed the war of words between bol and bun b. The shit started showin up on other website bulletin boards! I’m hoping homie basically just wanted to raise his stock on his blog, so he made what he knew would spark up dialogue. U kno I rep the south all day every day, so do I even need to comment on my opinion? Exactly. NO COMMENT.

But after missing THE SOPRANOS (twice-east coast and west coast!) last night cuz I was too caught up in how many times I could find somebody talking about me on a damn board, I stand before u ready to attest that “I swear I will not get sucked into the deep other side of hiphop niggas with too much time on their hands” (or I guess for some, a day job where that’s their highlight)

Big shout out to Mike Love (Chi-Town) who actually spoke some real talk on a blog that I will make sure to stand up too. Thanx big homie. Gangsta Grillz on me……

So now my only goal, is to have as many comments on my blog as all those other damn ones I’ve been reading. Its a race to the most comments and views and I’m far behind!!!!


DJ “The Fuck” Drama
Those who kno me can call me by my middle name..

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  • djeff

    Okay Here’s one comment.

  • Adam22

    i’m only commenting so you can tell me when the next g unit south / dj drama tape is coming brotha.

  • Phil

    What’s good Drama? I’m a light-skinned transplant to ATL just like yourself, except for me by way of Detroit. Just recently graduated Georgia State and trying to get everything in order.

    While you’re checking those blogs and feel like you’re missing that Southern Perspective (which is basically non-existent in the blogosphere) check “A Dirty South Perspective On Hip-Hop, Politics, And Popular Culture.”-

    Peace folk…

  • Michelle Ramirez

    I was wondering if you were black or not. Even though the shit is irrelavant, because you doing your thing on the mixtape. I been a gangsta grillz fan for a minute. So anyway keep doing you.

  • braille


    yo…drama, this is braille from that post in the lesson.

    we was clowning but we’re all avid followers of your shit, from the t.i. and wayne jaunts to the l.b. and skateboard p shit. i’m saying…that’s where we got the inspiration. lol.

    but yo, we real proud of you and all the aphilliates/grand hustle click. from one lightskint cat to another, stop by okayplayer anytime…just watch out for them knuckleheads. haha.

    god bless and keep grindin’,

  • Therapist

    mulatto’s on the rise… hahaaa


    which middle name, cinque or “the fuck” lol. yeah, here’s another one for ya. When’s the next time you gettin on your New York Shit? Better yet, MIAMI shit, let me know when you down for a radio interview.

  • ChiCity

    Dj drama what is up. Bump J shit was insane! Whats the next tape? That G-unit shit is hot. I see Dj Drama Presents: Llyod Banks before his next joint. Best tape ever. hes slept on. Keep it up.

  • khal

    Ayo nigga, don’t fucking trip to the point where you miss The Sopranos! I hope you have HBO On Demand! Missing Tony doing his thing is too fucking ridiculous. Do your thing — that Pharrell mixtape is essential! Keep on your hustle, and fuck the haters. I have a house full of mixed breeds, and you’re all lovely.

  • sizzle


    still bangin that cant ban the snowman…

    on the aphilliates tip, jamad’s afromentals tape is heat!


  • dameSTATUS

    Yo Dram, fellow AUC’er class of 00 (morehouse) here..

    Funny that you are just now peeping the blogs, but you shouldna missed that sopranos kid, johnny Sak cryed like bitch man…

    I’ve been reading Bol’s shit up in the office for like 2 years, that dude is sick in the head, no joke.

    anyway, funny you mentioned wedding, b/c you dj’ed my ex’s mom’s wedding like back in 00 or 99.

    if you got time email me back (no homo), and I’ll plug you on who, etc..

    also, we know a couple of the same females, and i guess you saw one of them at Lyfe’s house.. Small world.

    Anyway, love to see my classmates Blowing the fuck up.

    big up you to you sense, and all the Aphilliates.


  • Doc Flav

    Good Read, Love Your Mixes. This Blog Shit Is Addictive Fo Real. Can We Get A Kool G GG Mix? Is That Even Possible? An Ice Cube With WC? THAT Would Be Like Fantasy Football. Lol

  • rellmo84

    Fuck what they talkin drama in atl we love yo mixtapes.But u did say its a outkast gangsta grillz commin we waitin dog be eazy!!

  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    Keep up the good work drama. U and GL are the last DJ to turn mixtapes into albums and put in work not your faverite rapper over some beats

  • Dizzle

    The coolest guy who “missed the melanin bus” – haha – you know i read your posts all the time Dramz… and u KnOw what I think. :)

  • Mags

    Yo man, you should come ta Louisville Kentucky and get some up and comin artists from herre ta do a gangsta grillz mixtapes. We could use dat shit. it would really help put our city on da map and let people know dat niggas herre is serious bout dis hip hop. Im likin da blog too cuz. keep doin yea thang.

  • YuNg World



    im a hip hop journalist in the uk- i have interviewed loads of the southern rappers when they hit uk shores including young jeezy and t.i. would love to interview you- maybe a email interview or a phone interview? let me know if you would be interested?

  • Mermaid

    I remember you from the AUC vending on Thursday’s. You would sell your C.D.’s to the students!
    Look at you now! I am so proud of you!
    You were always a very focused brother.
    Keep on Keeping on!

  • Ru

    lmao at this:
    # Therapist Says:
    April 11th, 2006 at 10:39 pm

    mulatto’s on the rise… hahaaa

    dood…you need to get a new name cuz i seriously though you were
    lol they gonna get you if you do a show and mispell your name on the flyer!!! u r fucked lol

  • Mally

    what up Drama, good looking on the whole Gangsta Grillz movement, You gave the south that perfect outlet. You already written in the history books homie. Thanks for embracing the south with you coming from Philly….Much Respect


    Mixed or not. Doesnt matter. I like the mixtapes and your catch phrase is the hottest one right now. That shit you said is kinda true about niggas on their day job with nothing better to do. This shit is also used by people who may not have a voice in anything else in their lives so this bloggin, forum, and internet shit is fun and important. Plus heres one more comment. Peace. H-Town in the House.

  • QueenVee

    WOW Drama, you got hella personality, i like it! who knew? at first i was like, yo XXL will give anybody there own blog, but bravo. . . its well deserved. and whats up with ur “middle name”, lol . . . [i wonder if ur on myspace ?]

  • Pimpology

    Keep doin your Thug DRAMA. FUCK DEM HO ASS HATERZ HOMIE! 4real

  • DARK

    fuck you drama you wigger white boy sambo call me a nigga to my face cracka.

  • who_these_niggaz_calling_cracka_fuck_that

    dark fuck off. get off the fuckin computer, thats the white mans culture- stop copyin it


    every1 what yall type and say about dj drama is not true even what yall think about him is not true everyone knows hes not white and you dont have to be brown skin to be black FUCK ALL YALL EXCEPT DJ DRAMA IM NOT COMING BACK IN HERE !

  • Cza Shaekwon

    This is an old blog i know but i’ll shout one out. Barack O”Drama been the nigga for a minnit now. I’m chock fulla melanin (bein from Africa and all) and when u droppin gangsta grillz international, u were in South AFrica a bit back and you got a tatse of what the motherland had to offer, so make it happen.