I’m Talkin’ To You

overconfidence1.jpgAin’t gotta say it—you know what your name is.

Business. . .

Just like in the streets, you gon’ deal with niggas you respect. You not gonna deal with no nigga if you think he a punk nigga, if you think he a snitch nigga, you think he a hoe nigga. You don’t fuck with him. I try to fuck with real niggas—anybody that’s really on they grind for real. I don’t wanna fuck with no nigga who just wanna pay a nigga a hundred—I don’t want to take no nigga money. They can give me a hundred thousand dollars to do a verse, but, shit, if he ain’t serious about what he doin’, I don’t need your money. I don’t want that shit. I got 99 problems and that ain’t one of them. Before I do a record with a nigga and fuck up my name and everything I work hard for, for a nigga who ain’t serious about what he doin’ just ‘cause he got some bread.

—Jay Jenkins

Sometimes Personal. . .

I can’t convince everybody that my way is the right way. If it were meant for them to know it, they would know it. If it were meant to be, they’d feel it. I wouldn’t have to convince them at all. I shouldn’t have to stand on my soapbox to say “I’m real and he’s fake.” It’s just real recognize real, and real already know everything understood—ain’t gotta be explained.

I think a problem should be dealt with between two men; or however many men got a problem. When you start doing these tapes and beefing on records and shit, that put everybody else all in your business—unnecessary comments and questions. Where I would commonly say, “Why don’t you stay out my business?” But then I go think: Why’d you put them in your business? You ain’t want ‘em in it, you shouldn’t never put that shit out. You told them what happened, which made it, gave them the opportunity to comment.

But really, I only see one which could really be considered a beef ‘cause it actually got into the physical. I mean, it actually went further than music, rather should I say. Anything else, man, it wasn’t no beef—misunderstanding, disagreements. Beef is “I wanna hurt you, I wanna do something to you, bad. I can’t wait ‘til I see you.” That’s beef. On site. No questions. And it’s only been like that with one person.

—Clifford Harris

P.S. . .

Niggas so tough they gotta walk around with they face all twisted up. Nigga, I could smile and bust y’all shit. That’s what it is with me. You feel me? I could smile, I could be happy. I could make people feel like the sunshine is a great thing and shit on niggas. The sky ain’t gotta be grey. We ain’t gotta be in a fuckin’ Section 8 project to rep the truth in the hood. Niggas sometimes be overdoin’ the fuckin’ ice grill like that means something. I’ll smack the shit out a nigga just because you tryin’ too hard to be tough. And tell him, “I ain’t slap you because I’m thug, I slapped because I just want you to fix your mannerism, homey.” Like, you ain’t got to act like that, you ain’t gotta look like that. Appreciate your blessing, homeboy. It ain’t that bad out here. We blessed. The fact that you could eat a bowl of cereal, smoke a blunt, come up with idea, make money—appreciate that. You ain’t gotta fuckin’ run around and front so much that you’re now being taken out of who you are to live up to something that you ain’t. That’s corny to me.

—Trevor Smith


Had it out with ‘Cris, but he still my nigga. Sat down, civilized, talked about it like niggas. So I ain’t never been served—get your facts right, nigga.

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  • http://myspace.com/cirespot Yung “Cee-Eye” So Fly

    So I take it you had a didnt like the song”talkin to you”? I feel what you’re sayin tho. Why even make all those references to say who your’re NOT talking about and just make the we are the world record that you really wanna make. Or just say Fuck lil’ Flip and get it over with.

  • Rome

    I don’t think “i’m talking to you” was about flip, if it was he woulda said his name. if you listen to the song it sounds like he’s talking about Lil’ Wayne.


    Im listing to it now and only thing i found about weezy f. plz say the baby is where he sayz the real prez. carter. and your in the video in ur white t. on the carter 1 weezy wearin a white t. but i thought they where spoused to be cool cuz of the boyz in the hood project. someone needz to explain who hez talkin to. he namez just about everyone in the south incept weezy and lil flip.

  • Rome

    he also says “im a do in 06 what took em half of their life”. Lil wayne got signed when he was 11 and has literally been rapping half of his life. it’s not alot of evidence but it’s the best I could come up with.

    I heard he could also be talking about Rick Ross, but I don’t see how.

  • http://www.hotmail.com SlientSequence

    if you listen to the song carefully it could be anybody not saying he is i aggree with the people are taking about it and it could be lil wayne or lil flip but still what he said “im a do in 06 what took em half of their life” but the funny thing is when he talked about cloverland he never said lil flip because hes from there but the point is like others said he’s talking about flip and wayne thats said

  • Ian

    He getting at wayne, or at least I hope so, but if you ask me it’s just a ploy to sell records.

  • the real fuck ti

    man fuck t.i he aint shit lil flip is runnin the south

  • the real fuck ti

    like i said fuck t.i eso bitches ti

  • the real JMAC

    the game is a wanna be blood-
    the game said it himself after he was done suckin ti’s dick
    LIL FLIP runnin the south
    ESO repin the world

  • Hurricane Escobar

    IT aint dissing Lil Wayne. Buz he dont got beef wit lil wayne, he went on tour wit him and did a song called ” Stand Up” wit him and he did the ” What You Know RMX” with him.

  • Big Murf

    wat the hell is goin on

  • Bmore Stand Up

    Man Lil Flip wack ass shit and he aint no where near running the south..People down in H-town don’t even fuck with him, go and get the lastest issue of the ozone magazine and listen to the end of im sraight..pay attention to what Pimp C is talking about..T.I. is talking about Lil Wayne and Rick Ross…For the record T.I. is running the south so u haters “fall back and do what the song say and Be Easy or else it will be a long day”

  • Don McCray

    Shawty, I was rollin down Bankhead and the track came on, and i listened to the shit for the 100th time. I had a feelin he was speakin on Wayne but if u listen it sound like a Cam diss. he say “the real pres. carter, gave me diplomatic IMMUNITY U dont een know why i bothered, all i gotta do is go buy my nigga a charger, and HE gonna gone in his office aint een gone wanna ROB YA” then he’s like “like DIPSET BITCH they tryin to get with us” think about it

  • j

    He’s talking about Ludacris.

  • http://www.myspace.com/the_throttled_one N Tsangaris

    I’m thinkin it isn’t about lil wayne (though that would be interesting because of the half-life hint thing) because of the reference in the end about mannie fresh. As you know wayne and mannie did all kind of work together.

    My guess would be Killa Cam becuse of the diplomatic immunity thing, etc.

  • dizzle

    Ha this nigga got ya’ll wonderin!!! mission accomplished…That nigga is tight..And whether he’s blastin out Cam and Dipshit or not.. they still a bunch of non-rhymin ass niggas..

  • b dizzle aka lil columbia tn

    yeah Ti is the shit he da real king of the south fuck flip he aint no clova g ccg c-town clova gs Columbia Tennessee Bitch

  • Junior

    i dont kno wats goin on TI did say “I aint talkin bout jigga cus das my nigga, the REAL President Carter”…eva since weezy became president of young money he has been sayin President Carter…and Wayne said on one song off tha carter 2.5 “theres many kings down here, but im tha boss”….TI claims himself 2 be tha king of tha south…and bout dipset…cam n jim jones wack as shit…but 40, writer and santana can flow plus Hell Rell’s Hardest Out hands down

  • Gutta

    t.i. is cool wit dipset…he got a couple of songs wit them…i think hes talkin about ludacris wit the word of mouf reference plus hes never done a song wit luda when they were both in the studio. also,theres no way he talkin bout flip cuz flip is done,ti ended his career,its beatin on a dead dog at this point but i wanna see a wayne and ti battle

  • b dizzle aka lil columbia tn

    mane he talkin bout flip and flip only cuz everybody that he names in the song he say he aint talkin bout em its just flip punk ass

  • Chiyosuke

    J, he is not talkin’ about Luda. He says it in the last verse that he and Luda were cool. I’m thinking it’s Wayne…

  • noland

    It could be weezy f. baby or rick ross. in an interview, wayne said t.i. was the king of the south, but he (wayne) was the best rapper in the north, south, east, or west. T.I. is pretty sensitive, so he coulda taken offense at that. Also in his song fireman, wayne says “if you a king, then where tha fuck ya palace at?” which might or might not be at T.I., but T.I. would probably take it that way even if it wasn’t.

    T.I. had beef wit Rick Ross a while ago, and Rick Ross just recently said that they cleared it up, so this coulda been at ross, but now he wont say that since they are cool.

    wayne will eat t.i. lyrically, but t.i. knows how to make music much better than anyone at cash money, now that mannie fresh is gone. his c.d.’s are nothin but hits.

  • http://www.redhotchilipeppers.com Rocker

    Fuck Rap

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    Mane fuck rocker I bet you some fuck ass white boy keep yo bitch ass off this site fuck rock you bitch ass pussy mane he talkin bout flip this the last time ima tell yall mane wake up Columbia Tennessee Im out this bitch

  • MoneyMakin’Mitch

    What’s the fuckin’ point of the song if u gon’ dickride everybody the whole record and talk about who u not talkin’ about on a song called “I’m Talkin’ 2 U”. TI a cool lyricist but I don’t respect him because he always back down from real beef. He pop shit like he a static-addict, but when Luda dissed him “they sat down and talked”, Luda didn’t give a fuck ’cause he had already ripped him on Young Buck shit. Then Rick Ross dissed him…no response, but u make a whole Gangsta Grillz 4 Lil Flip. Stop sayin’ u the King. A king dictates and is the ruler of all he surveys. King of the South??! The nigga ain’t the best nigga n his city. Andre 3000 better than him, Cee-Lo better, Luda better, and then outside the “A” Wayne better than him. Understand when I make these comments it’s from a lyrical standpoint. Fuck sales, who u down wit’, endorsements, etc. U 5th best n the South at best and I’m not gon’ disrespect Scarface and even categorize him wit’ this nigga. I mean, on some real shit, what r u really sayin’ when u say u the “King of the South”? On some real shit, the ratio of nice rappers to wack ones is crazy down South. If y feel different holla at ya’ B-O-Y. Open forum…

  • tis_loveinterest

    Man,i’m one of TI’s biggest fans.His music is fire.I don’t think this song is for Flip becuz all the other songs TIP made towards him TI didn’t hide the fact that it was for Flip(99 promblems Lil Flip Ain’t One) and then it could be for Lil Wayne becuz made a song wit Flip dissing TIP.Now the rumors that he was talking to Rick Ross…how??I have heard Rick Ross’s diss song (Beautiful Moment) but then Rick sat down and told AllHipHop.com that him and TIP is cool & they did the remix for “What You Know”….point blank:leave TIP alone!!He da King and ain’t nutting u can do…like Pharell said he the JAy-Z of the South!!

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    mane that shit is the truth

  • Scatman

    Man he TI is not talking about Chris aka Luda

    “Had it out with Chris he still my nigga
    sat down,civilized talk about it like niggaz
    so I ain’t never been served get ya facts right nigga”

    He talking about Lil Wayne.

    Get Ya Facts Right Nigga!!!

  • A.M.B.

    Ima big luda fan but lets get things right when luda tried ti on buck song luda got on the song afta ti had put his verse in. He dident have a chance to respond. Watch beef 2 or 3 they talk about it on the movie.know what you talkin bout b4 you speak “moneymakinbitch”

  • http://www.myspace.com/ariztacraft ariztacraft

    yo ti is talkin bout wayne for sure he has to be becuz ti has got in it with everyother southrapper except wayne nd has squashed it with them or sum bullshit but ti dont like the attention wayne is gettin wayne has made mad guest appearances on joints lately the concieted remix dj khaled chris brown jus 2 name a few hes gettin way more exposure then ti n in the dj khaled joint wayne says “nigga imma young king”
    plus wayne got dat song best rapper alive ti dont like this its niggaz sayin wayne is one of the nicest in the south n ti dont like it ti has supposedly crushed every1 except wayne
    so he doin this subliminal joint at wayne 2 see wut wayne is gonna do if u read the lyrics u can tell he is definitly talkin about wayne
    wayne gone crush him though n wayne dont even battle

  • Bronx-Fury-biatch

    wayne is going to murder simple as that, catchy rhyming wont save ya this time.

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    to all yall dumb asses that dont know he talkin bout flip this the last time tellin yall niggas damn.

  • http://I Little Rock Nigga

    TI iz a real nigga speakn real shyt

  • ababy

    He talkin about Lil Wayne T.I. just ended his career

    I put the main words in caps the words that describe who he talkin to

    I’m talkin to you
    sucker nigga you can STUNT all you wanna STUNT
    I know you won’t bust a gun (Yeah I’m talkin to you)
    fuck nigga you can hate all you wanna hate
    I know you a fake-make no mistake I’m talkin to you
    youz a lame uz a shame to the game
    I say it you know what ya name is (I’m talkin to you)
    we can shoot it out whenever you wanna
    whatever you wanna do boi I’m talkin to you

    Ay I’m the best you ever heard about, fresher than you heard about
    yeah I’m strapped now pussy nigga this ain’t just word of mouth
    for niggaz wit DIRTY MOUTHS, I got a lotta clean pistols to wash ‘em out
    I’m really finna give yo ass some hotter shit to talk about
    the goons hit the room now you askin what’s this all about
    fo’ you know it ya noggins split ya bottom teeth is fallin out
    got a problem wit patna -I see him in the city and call him out
    it wasnt for the chopper ain’t shit I’m gettin all of mine
    pop ‘em drop ‘em call the plan a wake he out forever more
    I give it to you straight nigga I don’t need a METAPHOR
    how many different ways is it to say I’m getting cheddar more
    a nigga twice as old way mo’ popular need to set at all
    Man I just SAY IT TO MY POPS, maybe he could tell ya better boy
    patient in the afterlife I’ll waste ya in the after life
    even after my life haters be after my life
    cuz I’ma do in 06 WHAT YOOK HALF OF THEY LIFE( Lil Wayne been in the Game for half his life), man I’m talkin to you


    I ain’t talkin to Jeezy cause thats my brother
    ain’t talkin to Face cause that’s my father
    ain’t talkin to Bun cause that’s my uncle
    ain’t talkin to Kast cause them ma patnas
    ain’t talkin to Jigga cause that’s my nigga, the REAL PRESIDENT CARTER
    gave me Diplomatic Immunity you and me why bother
    man all I gotta do is go buy a nigga a charger
    and he only come in to offer he don’t even wanna rob ya
    you done fucked up and started shit wit some real shit starter
    you don fought with a chopper holla what it is patna
    you better keep it proper you know what it is patna
    this some lightwork ain’t even gotta call godfather
    Mobsta, had the old phantom now the drop son
    3rd the king of cloverland, Slim thug is the boss son
    Paul Wall made me the hardest grill I done bought for
    for a 100 K ,a 100 carat paul don’t wanna talk bra
    nigga wouldn’t buck won’t dare, you just talk tough
    don’t try to run from me now whatchu thought bra I’m talkin to you


    I ain’t talkin to Buck cause he a real nigga
    ain’t talkin 2 Pimp cause he a trill nigga
    ain’t talkin 2 BG cause he like me, with old cases and will kill niggaz
    I know you wannabe just like me since you got ya new record deal nigga
    But I don’t give a fuck if you like me no second diss ya not trill nigga
    ya in ya video WEARIN WHITE TEES that don’t make you no dope dealer nigga
    But I ain’t talkin bout no bankhead, carver homes, no adamsville nigga
    you dealin wit a lil gorilla nigga
    10 mill later I’m still the nigga
    Killer Mike, Yung bloodz, David Banner
    Bonecrusher they remember when y’all ain’t feel a nigga
    Had it out with Chris he still my nigga
    sat down,civilized talk about it like niggaz
    so I ain’t never been served get ya facts right nigga
    for this 40 cal make ya ass act right nigga
    coming against the king get ya stats right nigga
    wanna talk about nigga, wanna be a hot nigga
    gonna be a shot nigga, yeah I say’d it what nigga buck nigga
    like Lil Jon I don’t give a fuck
    I give a God damn if I never sell another milla
    I take my ass right back to sillahillabilla
    compound come down everyday sell yay
    Just like the old days stack another mill up
    niggaz ain’t ready for the dust that we kick up
    go talk shit forget they get hit up
    You better be bout that shit you kick
    Like DIPSET BITCH YOU TRYNA GET WIT US (Lil Wayne cool wit dipset now)
    I don’t Politic, don’t even speak see I don’t kiss up
    gotta be styles and sheek Jada diss us
    diss us…that’s goin piss us..see I love it when the government pick niggaz
    if you don’t hang in the air by the name a swizz beats
    told mannie fresh he the skateboard P
    Clay J-G and Just Blaze taking basically I’m talkin 2 you

  • http://www.xxlmag.com pimpalicous

    he iz talkin bout rick ross

  • http://www.kiyana_is_hotyahoo.com TI.wifey


  • Arkansas Nicca

    He talkin bout Flip. Ti in Boyz N Da Hood With Lil Wayne

  • derrick suggs

    man ti i thought you was a pimp nigga you go worry about what a ho saying and a tape? you ain’t do nothing dog but lose units in north carolina nigga and give flip units. you know flip last shit was garbage but since you worried about what a ho say and what he said you made yourself look like a bitch and that shit gon sell. TIP i thought you was smarter than that man!

  • G


  • lilde

    i think he’s talking about ludacris lil flip and rick ross because he say’s (yeah i’m strap now pussy nigga dis ain’t just word of mouth)ludacris album was called word of mouth he also said (gotta promblem wit partner i see em in the city and call em out)him and ludacris stay in atlanta he’ talking about flip cause he said (slim thug is the boss of clover land)we all know lil flip from clover land he talking bout rick ross cause i know yall seen rick ross in that hustlin video when rick ross had that white tee on and when he said (man all i gotta do is buy a nigga a charger)rick ross also was riding in that all white charger in that video wit that white tee on in the begining of the song he says i can’t catch all of ya but i can make an example out of a couple of ya meaning he’s talking about more than one he also said i’m the muthafuckin dope boy if u remember rick ross verse in holla at me baby (dope boy ever since know that i’m a veteran million dollar residence)in this song he’s talking about rick ross ludacris and lil flip

  • TOmmy

    HE’s talking about lil wayne, lil flip and dipset. Not ludacris or rick ross. IN a battle though lil wayne would kill t.i.

  • K.O.T.S


    ***RICK ROSS is driving a 745 BMW White on WHITE***

  • Biks

    IDK but from the reading I been doin and the words I say he’s getting at Rick Ross because he said “i know you wanna be just like me- since you got your new record deal- nigga” and Rick Ross just got signed and also Ross got at him on that wack ass freestyle but was talkin saying TI got served and shyt like that. As far as TI gettin at Weezy I doubt it because Weezy don’t write his own shyt…if it wasn’t for Gillie Da Kid he would’ve never killed that “I’m a solider” beat so I doubt Weezy would ever try and stunt on my nigga TIP. But ey do ya research on Gillie on youtube.com…makes you think different about the so called “new weezy”.

  • clover gang bitch

    listen up ti punk ass anit got shit on flip alot of people said ti won dat fight in texas but how in the hell u come out of a fight beat tha hell up wit a black eye,flip woundnt running from shit cuz when ti called him out to cloverland on tha radio flip showed up and didnt run and z-ro knocked his lil ass out then he got stomped and while tha beef waz going on ti went and got a grill like flip he just wantin to be like flip yall all need to relize ti is a pussy dats all im gonna say!

  • AzRealAsDeyCum

    The comment about Gillie Da Kid,Gillie is lying.He may did some of the ghost writing but not all of it.Not even the majority.I seen that bitch shyt he had on you tube.Im from new orleans,uptown the 12th ward.I use to see that nigga rolling with cash money.Nigga all tensed up around the duplex.some of these rappers talk shyt,knowing they hoes.gillie down bad,he aint as real ass he portraying to be.real recognize real and a gangsta know a gangsta.i aint go expose nobody hand though.all these wanna be azz gangsta rappers talking shyt on tracks,need to shut they mutha fuckin mouths.

  • Black Murda

    he gettin at wayne cuz – ” since everyone’s a KING /Oh Where da fuck ya palace at? ”

    Dipset Cuz_ they goin at jay

  • daereron

    he is talkin boujt lil flip kuz t.i. n wayne kool as hell n it isnt about ludacris kuz he said him n chris sat down and talkd about it like men
    and he said sillahillabilla thats in texas

  • http://someshit gkid

    they talkin bout bow wow he diss t.i. last album real talk!!!!!!!! Put it On My MYSAPCE!!!!!!!!

  • Tiff

    He’s talkin bout Rick Ross and Flip if u don’t know, now u know!

  • matty21

    MANNN goood shit!! good post! i think a couple people didnt get the idea of the post(da 1st comment i read at da top), if i even got it right lol, i got it…good shit…and to speak on da song: dats da whole point of the song, “aint gotta say it, u know what your name is” he dont even gotta say it… n he speaks on all da real 1s in da game that are stand up and that he fucks with, he says all their names DIRECTLY! n all da suckaz n fake ones, he aint even gotta say their name….he shouts out all da real ones dat he knows, 4real….

    AND this is one of my favorite T.I. songs of all time 4sure and one of my favorite songs of all time PERIOD, overall not just t.i. …. but this my top 5 t.i. for sure for sure…. “sucka nigga u can stunt all u wanna stunt, i know u wont bust a gun, yea punk i’m talkin 2 u!.. fuck nigga u can hate all u wanna hate, i know u a fake! make no mistake bitch im talkin 2 u…u so lame, u a shame 2 da game! AINT GOTTA SAY IT U KNOW WHAT YOUR NAME IS! im talkin to YOU! IM DA TRUTH, we can shoot it out whenever u wanna, cuz its whatever u wanna do, fuck boy im talkin to YOU!” he’s talkin to all da fakes in da game, callin em’ all out straight up n down and dont gotta say their name, they know it…it aint bout lil’ flip, wayne, ross, whoever else people might say or think he’s talking about, he’s calling all da suckaz n fake ones out on this one, ALL OF EM’! AND SHOUTING ALL DA REAL 1S OUT AT DA SAME TIME!….

    genious, and da flow is DISGUSTING! ONE OF DA SICKEST FLOWS I’VE EVER EVER HEARD, IF NOT ARGUABLY DA BEST FLOW ON A SONG EVER MAN 4REAL and its da realest shit ever, it dont get no realer, u can reference every single bar: “fuck u, I’M da mothafuckin dope boy nigga! im da truth!”… “AYE i’m da BEST you EVER heard about, fresher den u heard about, yea im strapped now pussy nigga dis aint just ‘WORD OF MOUF’ “…”im really fixing to give yo ass some hotter shit 2 talk about!” … “i give it to you straight, nigga i dont need a metaphor! HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS IS IT TO SAY IM GETTIN’ CHEDDAR MORE DEN NIGGAZ TWICE AS OLD, WAY MORE POPULAR AND EVEN SELLIN’ MORE?… “MAN I’LL JUST SEND U TO MY POPS! maybe HE can tell u better boy… i’ll waste u in da after life, even after my life, hataz gonna be after my life, cuz im gonna do in 2006 what took them half of dey life!”…. “I KNOW U WANNA BE JUST LIKE ME SINCE U GOT UR NEW RECORD DEAL NIGGA…in your video wearing white Ts, that dont make u no dope dealer nigga! AND I AINT TALKING ABOUT NO BANKHEAD, COLD BOWEN HOMES, ADAMSVILLE NIGGA!… KILLA MIKE, YOUNGBLOODZ, DAVID BANNER, BONE CRUSHER: DEY REMEMBER WHEN YA’LL AINT FEEL A NIGGA!”…. “I GIVE A GOD DAMN IF I NEVER SELL ANOTHER MILLA, I TAKE MY ASS RIGHT BACK TO CENTER HILL?, COME ROUND COME DOWN EVERYDAY TO SELL YAY JUST LIKE DA OLD DAYS, STACK ANOTHER MILL UP!” …. “I AINT TALKIN TO BUCK CUZ HE A REAL NIGGA, AINT TALKIN TO PIMP CUZ HE A TRILL NIGGA, AINT TALKIN TO B.G. CUZ HE’S LIKE ME WITH OPEN CASES N WILL KILL NIGGAS” “I AINT TALKIN TO JEEZY CUZ DATS MY ‘BROTHER’, AINT TALKIN TO SCARFACE CUZ DATS MY ‘FATHER’, I AINT TALKIN TO BUN CUZ DATS MY ‘UNCLE’… AINT TALKIN TO JIGGA CUZ DATS MY NIGGA ‘DA REAL PRESIDENT CARTER’, GAVE ME DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, U AND ME? WHY BOTHER? ‘MAN ALL I GOTTA DO IS GO BUY A NIGGA CHARGER’ N HE ONLY COMING TO OFF U, HE AINT EVEN GON’ WANNA ROB U! U FUCKED UP N STARTED SHIT WITH SOME REAL SHIT STARTERS!” AND ^^^^^ da one my man quoted: “Had it out with ‘Cris, but he still my nigga. Sat down, civilized, talked about it like niggas. So I ain’t never been served—get your facts right, nigga.” and could “quote” da whole song lol >>>> realest shit ever, genious….wrong: it aint bout ross, not wayne, no flip, its bout all of them n he payin homage to who paved the way for him! and callin out names! lol hypothetically speaking… disgusting flow tip, dunno how u do it

  • http://luxemb.info/ cooca

    About this i can say that He begins to die that quits his desires.